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  1. look at this fool
  2. I got a speeding ticket late October and just now finished my online defensive driving class had to pay $50 versus $25 because I waited so long to do it though and the regular shipping won't get here in time :)))
  3. disco spoiler under the cut.
  4. Star Trek Discovery. Its gotten super predictable and honestly kinda disappointing. I want more Orville.
  5. if anyone's having a bad day i hope this picture of an aplomado falcon cheers u up
  6. I work at a vet clinic, kenneling dogs. For finding the job, or any job, I asked around. My former job at Papa Murphy's I got from a friend who was already working there; they needed someone else and she put in a good word for me. For the vet clinic, I already had extensive experience working with dogs and cats at a shelter, not to mention my work with raptors intrigued my boss enough to get an interview. Pretty much, apply everywhere you possibly can. It took me months to get my current job, but I applied at every vet clinic within ten miles of my house, some even twice. Its a serious commitment and I know it can get discouraging when people don't call you back but keep at it.
  7. Yes. In the United States a falconer may take a juvenile bird from the wild with a state issued falconry license. Your permit class (apprentice, general, or master license) determines what birds you can and cannot take from the wild, and this varies state by state. As an apprentice the sponsor also has a final say in the bird (ie: my sponsor told me specifically no kestrels, even though I can have one as a Texas apprentice). Rev and I hit the road this weekend to the Texas Hawking Association meet in Abilene! We saw tons of raptors, met falconers of all classes, and found some potential hunting partners not too far from home. All sorts of birds were there, mostly red-tailed hawks, harris hawks, and peregrines, but there were also ferruginous hawks and even a gyrfalcon! We had super fun. Didn't catch a thing, though, on all the hunts I went on. We met up with another group of falconers for the day and helped them flush game for their cast (group) of harris hawks, then they helped me fly Rev. The harrises had three quail chases and one bunny chase, and Rev had two awesome rabbit chases and he... well. Caught an armadillo. Didn't kill it; it got away completely unscathed, leaving my confused hawk in the middle of the field.
  8. What a cutie! Honestly, I don't work with Merlins as they aren't common in Texas, but a quick google image search and I think its a female? but they're close to identical. It could also be a young bird, or passage, which would have a different plumage color than an adult. I really don't know, though.
  9. Well, I've long since left that really bad wheel of time rp group but A few days ago the really bad admin gave me a deviantart core membership for my birthday. As much as I love free stuff, I seriously wish they would leave me alone, as its obvious I'm never coming back to their website anyway. :/
  10. As mesBefore said, its in the FAQ. He comes back to me because I feed him. However, its important to note that its a gamble every time I release him. Depending on the weather (temperature, wind, etc) and his weight, he might not come back no matter how hard I try to call him. The hotter it is the less he needs me to feed him (metabolism of birds slows in the summer), and if its too windy he could catch a thermal, which carries him up, to a point where he wouldn't respond to me anymore.
  11. I don't let him fly around the house! He has his own enclosure in the backyard where he can move around, and I fly him free in fields and the like. When in the house he is either tethered to me or tethered to a perch. Edit: in the beginning of the training, I had him fly in the house but he was attached to a tether called a creance. he was never unsupervised on it, so nothing was broken.
  12. DAILY ROUTINE: weight Revali requires daily weighing, sometimes twice a day if I do not weigh his food. What he eats is closely monitored, and this makes sure he is ready to fly and hunt. If he is too heavy, he won't respond to me as easily. If he is too light, he might not have the strength to hunt. It is a careful balance. Today we also caught another rat!
  13. Thank you for making this clear! I'll refrain from posting photos with his kills! If anyone would like to see them, let me know.
  14. welp, here they are! Please let me know if this type of stuff isn't allowed, as I don't want to offend anyone, and I'll take it down! Falconry is, after all, a hunting sport, and this is natural behavior for hawks and other predatory birds like Revali, and a skill he must hone if he is to survive in the wild. Hawk that caught a rat under the tag
  15. We caught a rat! I'm going to refrain from posting images from today, as I'm not sure if they fall under the "explicit" category (it has blood and gore, nothing bad in my opinion but I've also seen a lot of stuff so it seriously doesn't phase me anymore)