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    Reading, Writing, Band, Web design, Art, Animation. I play flute and piccolo, and have been drawing for six years. My favorite shows/books/movies include- Sanderson's novels (obviously), Star Trek (TNG+VOY, mostly), Doctor Who (New, seasons 1-5), Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Lord of the Rings + the Hobbit. Favorite past time: poking things with stick I work in a pizza shop and rehab birds of prey.

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  1. i heard adam scott and im back from the dead
  2. Its just. I don't care that I'm banned from chat bc the only reason why I stayed on was to laugh about this group of people who obviously have no lives outside of the website. The only thing I'm really and truely mad about is how they had the gal to try to get a new user to not talk to me in order to alienate me.
  3. Ya know that site i was having issues with the mod team with? They actually permabanned me today on discord because i jokingly called them mean. And even pmed the one who got offended by my statement and told them I was being sarcastic about it. They said "not everyone would take it that way" and I made the mistake of telling her "you don't speak for everyone" and poof. I banned. Apparently they also told one of the newer members not to try to help me bc I have "issues" and that frankly has made me the most mad about this. Like. I bet y'all can see why.
  4. But like. That was when you were 12. I'm gonna look 12 my entire life. Yay suffering.
  5. All people do is laugh at my anger. I don't know. I don't like it even being brought up but I don't know. People won't notice me if I'm short.
  6. Yes. Or they just remark about me in general. Maybe its not malicious, but it still stings. I'm pretty sure thats all i am to people.
  7. I don't have the switch. Botw is the only nintendo game for the wii that I've bought in two years. None of them have interested me enough to buy. I have it on wii u. Its the first wii u game ive actually, like played in my wii u. The rest have been old wii games. Apparently battery life depends on the game. Botw is a massive map and takes a lot of battery, I've heard.
  8. I'm just worried it'll hide my figure even more. I have to be so careful with what I wear and how it looks on me, otherwise I just look even smaller.
  9. But I'm not tho. I still have a terrible mullet bc I'm trying to grow out my hair again bc this stupid pixie cut made me look smaller and more like a child. I never should have done it. Honestly I'll always look like I'm twelve.
  11. I heard Breath of the Wild
  12. Man, all y'all complaining about growing. I wish I'd grow. But I haven't for quite a while and I think I'm done. Life sucks. I'm so short and ugly.
  13. Depends on the time of the year. They're everywhere in August, but come February they've all died off except for that lucky 10%. The life of a raptor is hard. To give you an example of how long we've only seen one during the two days we spent looking. If we don't find one soon we'll have to wait until August to get one or else the bird won't be trainable due to the rising temperatures. They respond better in cold weather.
  14. I'm very much an upset egg. I finally got my falconry license, ready to trap a red-tail. But wait. Not yet!!! We've been on the hunt for two days for a passage (less than a year old) bird, and... no luck. None. Out of every ten birds that leaves the nest, maybe one will be alive right now. So that means we have very few pickings. We saw a ton of mature birds, but only one passage. We almost got him. He approached our trap but didn't foot it. He was maybe two feet from a trap that was making distressed calls with a big ol' rat inside. Nothing. With the length of time its taken me to get my license, and now this, I'm starting to think there's some supernatural force preventing me from becoming a falconer.
  15. Not if you look like an actual child.