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  1. Finished Dark Tower, book one. Now reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Literally alternating between tearing up and raging at Harry.
  2. Little thing about introverts
  3. Okay please do so
  4. Literally my favorite Star Wars character, ever.
  5. Can anyone explain book one of the Dark Tower to me?
  6. Ever have those moments when you are falling asleep and and jolt up in shock?
  7. I'm a huge fan of Worm, by Wildbow (if you haven't read it, spend about half your time for the rest of your life and finish it) and I was interested in starting a roleplay about it. Not using our well known characters, Taylor, Brian, and my favorite: Lisa, but perhaps in another time period or even another earth. What do you say?
  8. Well, your name is amazing, disciple of Torak. 

  9. When my phone recorrects badass to badchull.
  10. Well, you know us, best of the interwebs. My grandmother asked me what a meme (Pronounced mem-mey), and I laughed for about 10 minutes before answering.
  11. Literally everything from Hamilton.
  12. Never thought this thread would get as big as it is.
  13. Thank you! It is nice to be back on the best online community ever. I have been hanging around Youtube comments a bit too much.
  14. Hey guys. I'm slightly back, from a long hiatus. I owe the 17th Shard an apology. I said several rude things before leaving for months on end, and I'd like to say sorry for that. thanks
  15. I would wager that @Quiver is a lot quieter than he is on the shard, and keeps his amazing knowledge to himself, only sharing when it is needed. Could this mean Quiver is Yoda?