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  1. It sounds most like Taln to me, which makes sense considering he's one of the main characters for the back five.
  2. Maybe after they realized the first few didn't work they kept doing it because they hated the idea of humans carrying dead spren around.
  3. IIRC we haven't, but we did see Nalan use a regrowth fabrial on Szeth. Besides, we know that Kaladin can use stormlight to heal from shardblade wounds, it wouldn't make sense if the more powerful version of such couldn't.
  5. When you respond to people calling you a nerd with "And proud of it". Gotcha.
  6. And the lightweaving hung around constantly for years making shady deals, beating up maids and ultimately killing Shallan's stepmom all on it's lonesome? Unlikely.
  7. When you immediately recognize that the guy sitting next to you in class is wearing a SA shirt, and start a conversation with him about the cosmere. Edit: That depends. How much of a sanderfan are you?
  8. Except in order for something to be investiture like how it was as part of Adonlasium, it would have to contain intent from all of the shards. The energy analogy fails because it doesn't have any consideration for intent.
  9. Also, this WoB seems to imply that the surges themselves are part of Roshar magic in general. If this is the case, then surgebinding Dalinar did wouldn't drive out Cultivation's influence. (Source)
  10. Surgebinding seems to be a very 'mixed' system. I don't think it's correct to think of Honor's surgebinding in opposition to Cultivation's surgebinding. It's a cooperative system not a competitive one.
  11. When she soulcast the goblet in WoK pattern asked what she was and she replied "I'm terrified"
  12. WoB tells us that Shallan is one level ahead of Kaladin at the end of WoR. Not all orders get shardblades at the same level. (Source)
  13. In the cosmere, would Einstein's relativity equations have to account for investiture as part of energy density?