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  1. This thread turned out to be really interesting Great work, I also pictured Syl as pretty hot, but didn't remember where I get the impression. In fact, when reading the Shadesmar chapters I kept expecting someone to point out how ironic was that grumpy Kalladin is always being followed around by a pretty and cheerful girl in a revealing dress...
  2. Wouw! new crewmates! Welcome everyone! This is starting to establish as a firm possibility. I´ve been thinking, if the skybreaker´s 5th ideal is "I am law", could the other radiant´s 5th ideal be "I am Honor", "I am truth", "I am unity" (I know! the last one was dismissed by Brandon saying Dalinar only swore one ideal, but It still bugs me!), etc? You seem to be in the first stage of grief (shock). We are on the second (denial)! This is not the end, sailing before landing my friend... I used to think Fleet´s story was a foreshadowing of Kaladin´s death. I don´t exactly know when or why did I change my mind, but right now I´m more inclined to the new heralds idea, so he won´t die, just go to damnation (?). Talking seriously, I think there will be a new kind-of oathpact, similar but with different terms. We´ll have to wait and see... The thing about Shallan is she is full of potential. Deep down, I think she is a great girl, intelligent, funny, empathetic, kind, brave, etc, etc. Why don´t we actually see this Shallan? And now we have her literally divided in 3 lesser-Shallans... I get she has tons of issues, but it´s frustrating and sometimes she really annoys me; which is sad, because I like her. I´d like to see them all as Heralds 2.0. I agree with most of this, but I don´t think Kaladin encourages her with her coping mechanism. To say the truth, back in the chasm when Shallan was in a good place and Kal was at his bottom, she surely sold her coping methods as the best. She made fun of his depression and then sayd with a smile in her face that her life was crem, but she kept positive. First she convinces him that her method is The method, then she convinces herself that Kaladin encourages her method........................ Hhahaha this was a great way of summarizing it! After rereading this post I realize I am a little sarcastic right now, sorry
  3. hahahha I don´t want to subject Kaladin to that misery, I just think it´s inevitable! (even after OB). Luckly this will surely happen when they are in a better place with themselves so there won´t be misery. You have a point. I read many comments regarding this scene about people thinking Shallan reminded Kal of Syl, not Tien (which is silly, IMHO: why would Kal need to be reminded of someone who is omnipresent in his life..but it makes sense if they didn ´t remember the rock). I read it as Kaladin taking Tien´s clue and trying to find happiness in little things, the way Tien did; instead of placing his happiness in others. Though I also loved @DeployParachute interpretation, and think it makes a lot of sense. It´s amazing how different people read different things from the exact same lines. As you say, we were totally baited with this big romance. I thought, and still think, that´s were the story is going, the endgame. Why would Brandon set up all Shalladin if he intended to go definitely for Shadollin in the 3rd book of 10? The funny thing is, ignoring the fact that none of them seem ready to commit in a relationship (except maybe Adolin), the two ships read as Epic Romance vs Real Life. So maybe in the end this is about what each of us want to see in a romance... Thank Adonalsium this isn´t the main focus on the story! You may have a point, though I think the issue with Sadeas´s death is that we have this incredibly good guy, who happens to "snap" and kill that hateful piece of crem. Does the fact that Adolin is good diminish the crime? Does the fact that Sadeas is bad? I personally think No, it was a murder, there are valid justifications. In my mind there is Nice Adolin and Dark Adolin, and I think it´s pointless to try to reconcile one with the other, because neither "mindset" (for lack of a better denominator) invalidates the other. Adolin is good and is a murderer. I do think the murder could be the beginning of Adolin turning dark, mainly because we don´t see consequences ant that´s just too suspicious...but that is just speculation...
  4. I think this is implied in one conversation between Dalinar and Lift. The one when they meet personally and Lift eats Dalinar´s breakfast. Unfortunately I don´t have the quote right now, I´ll try to add it soon. But I think you are right, Cultivation gave Lift her boon., not the NW.
  5. Hello @Ookla the Feathered, welcome! I´ll keep it short, mostly because @Dreamstorm already said everything I was thinking and I could´t agree more. I think you are indeed oversimplifying. I don´t blame you, given the dimensions of this thread, but I felt a little underestimated. The Shalladin Ship may be passionate, but it´s definitely quiet. In fact, many of us are reluctant shippers or mild shippers. No one wanted them to end up together at the end of OB (I personally am really happy with Kaladin being single right now) and we all acknowledge the issues that relationship may have. Besides, Adolin is universally liked and we are not the exception. I wholeheartedly agree with your interpretation of the two scenes you mentioned, specially with the boots episode. I also think your take on the triangle is fun and makes sense, though I don´t think it´s Brandon´s style. We are still on the 3rd book of an and of 5, and we´ll have 5 more after that. We can´t consider any plotline closed right now.
  6. What I love about Moash is that he is grey, and there are meny ways to interpret his actions. I could argue Moash didn´t murder Elokhar: he sided with the Singers in a war against humans, he found the leader ok Alethkar in battle and killed him, just as any other soldier would have. By far a lesser crime than, say, Sadeas´s murder. It doesn´t matter if he had his son in his arms. Remember Dalinar feeling ashamed for not killing a child (and an heir) in battle. This is he Alethi Way after all... The salute could have been a sign of respect to the one who put him back on track and taught him how to fight. After all, who would Moash be without Kaladin? I wonder if he still has the Bridge 4 patch..? After killing Elokhar, he feels empty inside, and that is when he finally gives himself up to Odium, and does whatever the Fused ask without questioning, but he still has a sense of right and wrong, so I still think he may come back to the light side. I really don´t know where I stand regarding Moash, but he is really compelling, and a great way to contrast other character´s action. The kind of guy you love to hate.
  7. @DeployParachute you brew my mind with that stone. Great catch! I think the fact that we are having flashbacks from dead characters (Eshonai, but I wouldn´t be surprised if Ash, Taln, Renarin or Jasnah die before their respective book) may open more room to keep exploring our main beloved characters. Hahaha Really? Do you have the WoB? Btw those Adolin WoB were great. I still hope we´ll get something more juicy from Adolin. through the books we have explored the actions, consequences and underlying morality of so many characters, I refuse to believe this plotline will be left open. I wonder where did she go... You read my mind and worded it better than I could I loved Oathbringer, but it gave me a middle-book-feel of incompleteness.
  8. Hello! I don´t really have time to elaborate a post, but I´s like to point something out quickly. Here we have a sort of cognitive dissonance. We have a great guy, who we know does great things and is caring, friendly and kind to everyone. AND, he "snapped" and killed a person. We all want Adolin to go on being this incredibly good guy, and there are a lot of good interpretations about the morality of that murder. But it is still a Murder.
  9. I agree they are not really similar, but I think the backgrounds weren´t the same. Yes, they both were darkeyes and their lifes were ruined by storming-lighteyed-cremlings. But the main difference in their backgrounds is their respective families. We don´t know much about Moash´s grandparents; but we know Lirin and Hesina are very unusual people, and Lirin is a great influence in Kal´s moral sense. I personally don´t know what to think about the salute. That scene, though absolutely great, was too much for me, I haven´t reread it yet. I do believe Moash still sees Kaladin in a positive light, even if says he was protecting a murderer. And I think he has given himself up to odium and doesn´t question anything anymore. But Moash is not a mindless killer, he still has it in him to care, and to do the right think. I wouldn´t be surprised if he redeems himself at the last moment. To me, Moash is an incredibly interesting character, I don´t know if I hate him or not, but his perspective makes a great contrast to the other arcs.
  10. Exatcly this is the main reason why I don´t think he will become an ED. Glad you mentioned it because I was begining to think I was alone in this matter. I´d like to add a comment on this. Who was the Chasm´s Shallan? She was: Funny --> Princess Shallan Naive, proper --> Princess Shallan Brave --> Veil Independent ---> Veil Passionate about beauty and nature ---> ?? some almost forgotten trait Heroic --> Radiant Compassionate --> Veil Positive --> Princess Shallan True, sincere, broken --> True Shallan Self confident --> Veil / Radiant Etc (you are welcome to add adjectives too) Funny thing is, Shallan sees herself as insecure, and this is a treat she associates to Princess Shallan, but I don´t think Kaladin ever sees her being insecure. I ´d say she is at her best around Kaladin (except when she snaps at him, and I associate this to Helaram´s death) Adolin recognizes Princess Shallan, wish is currently the persona Shallan identifies with. But she can be so much more!!! -this is when I get frustrated at her all over again... Welcome and don´t worry. Read the thread and you will find your way onboard again! Funny that at the end of WoR people said Shalladin shouldn´t be because it would be unfair to ask Shallan to be Kal´s light. Now their arcs are reversed. He, as well as Adolin, are in relative good places: Shallan is a mess. I don´t think I´ve read much about how unfair is for Adolin to "anchor" Princess Shallan... We should throw a party when we hit the 100 pages! Violet wine for everyone!
  11. I loved Bridge 4 POVs too. In WoR Kal seems to feel uncomfortable when they sort of worship him, so it was great to see how the members of Bridge 4 know he has a lost of flaws, but tries to overcome them, can often be soft and tender, and though they have faith in Kaladin, they also know he is not unbreakable. I loved their perspective
  12. Hello Ize, welcome! Congratulations (and thanks) for reading our awesome thread! You blew my mind with this little bit! More hints, more hints Seem´s like we have enough crew to repair our sinking ship and keep on sailing I´m still reading Phineas´s essay, so I´ll comment on this later.
  13. Hello Maxal. Your love for Adolin is one of the cosmere unyielding forces, like Time or Highstorms! I see a lot of wishful thinking in yor post. I kind of think it is a lost cause, as Adolin is (specially after OB) definitely a side character with a POV. Like Navani, he is great and he gives a refreshing "normal" perspective. I don´t think we will see him grow, and that is the boring part. I wouldn´t like him to be reduced to comic release... Having an unchanging character in the dynamic world of SA is suspicious. And the scenes when we see him ostensibly avoiding responsibility in OB really unnerved me. I´d like to ask you what do you think about: - Adolin avoiding responsability from killing a highprince - Adolin avoiding responsability from becoming king In a different contect, I think I wouldn´t mind so much, but after reading Moash, Amaram talking about bad thing that weren´t their fault, Odium trying to tempt Dalinar into giving up his responsability for every sinned he commited while being the blackthorn.... I just can´t ignore it
  14. Mmmm maybe he´ll die a la Elokhar, trying to say the oaths? Personally I don´t think he will turn into an Edgedancer. I don´t buy the evidence, seems to be wishful thinking (LOL) Maybe he won´t completely revive Maya -because the only one who can do that is her KR-, but he will half revive her, and ease her pain.
  15. Again we are building a whole new theory based on hints and foreshadowing. This sort of disregards the Adolin-Proto-Edgedancer theory (that I personally don´t buy). I do not dare to say this out loud and use it as evidence yet (as I don´t have the book on hand to check) but I find myself doubting if Adolin´s scene with the prostitute was an active act of kindness or cockiness against the guy who was harassing her... I always read that scene in the context of Kaladin´s arc, not Adolin´s.