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  1. Enjoyable 66% Stoneward 66% Bondsmith 56% Skybreaker 55% Windrunner 25% Edgedancer 22% Willshaper 0% Truthwatcher 0% Lightweaver 0% Dustbrinder 0% Elsecaller I knew it
  2. Granted but they are burnt I wish to be the Luckiest man on the world.
  3. I think that there are more metals and the 16 by using the two god metals to make different alloys of metal. and is there a metal that allows one to world hop?
  4. I wonder since Kelsier's soul was ascended and his body was dead and him appearing in the physical world at the end of Bands of Mourning is Kelsier's body ascended?
  5. Agreed but the Shards power has to recharge so it wouldn't be end positive at all. BRIDGE FOUR!
  6. Granted you are the most misfortune person alive and everything around you crumble to nothing and you die. I wish that I can have Honor's shard repaired and fixed so we can stop Odium.
  7. It has been confirmed by Brandon Sanderson that Nightblood will consume your soul like a shardblade severe's it. What are your thoughts.
  8. I came as a Bondsmith and Stoneward they match me I am stubborn and trustworthy as well as leading others in combat from the back lines 47% Bondsmith 41% Stoneward 38% Skybreaker 29% Windrunner 19% Edgedancer 16% Willshaper
  9. My question was since Shardblades can sever your soul and turn it gray. In Warbreaker the priest who held Nightblood and lived his hands were gray. so does Nightblood consume your soul. Answer: Yes since your soul is investiture.
  10. I prefer Kaladin I want to know what happened to his family and Hearthstone.
  11. In the first chapter in Stones Unhallowed it talks about
  12. What do you call a Mistborn with full Feruchemy and a knight Radiant?.
  13. Thanks 1 is Stormlight 2 is Mistborn and 3 is warbreaker.
  14. I am scared of Vin she is a Monster.
  15. Hi I'm a Stormlight Archive fan. Which cosmere series is you favorite?