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  1. I've have these books on my list to check out. I had to look up what "silkpunk" is but it does intrigue me. I'm about half way through the last book of the Unhewn Thrown trilogy. This one has been much more difficult to get through than the first two books. One thing that just seemed odd
  2. I like Adolin. The 4vs1 duel is one of my favorite scenes in SA and made even better when Adolin sat in jail for Kaladin. He's a standup guy and one of the type of people you would want on your side. I was ok with how the whole love triangle thing worked out in OB and think Shallan ended up with the right guy. She's crazy and needs someone like Adolin to balance her out. I like that he offered to step aside for Kaladin and then later as king. I hated how the whole Sadeas murder thing was handled. This was such a pivotal moment in WoR. In OB it seemed like it was going to be a big deal with the investigation and the irony of Adolin being charged to investigate the copy cat murders. Ialai involvement looked promising as well as a source of tension. Then it just gets covered up by the Re-Shepir plot. Pretty much gets dropped from there until the end of the book and the reveal to Dalinar was pretty much just a passing comment that he dismissed as "we all do bad stuff". I guess it is possible it may come back to haunt him but at this point most of the tension created by the scene in WoR is lost. So I am pretty much indifferent to Adolin now because that seems to be what Brandon wants us to feel. I think I am one of the few that do not care about the Adolin/Maya deal. I guess it will be cool to see a dead Shardblade resurrected but it is pretty low on my things I am excited to see.
  3. Welcome! Yes this is a great place to discover some of the things you may have missed and read all kinds of wild (typically wrong) speculation!
  4. Sorry let me explain. The previous discussion was why the characters were not questioning how, why and who were attracting spren. Which in Adolin's case seems worth questioning because his current skill sets would be well suited especially if you are trying to put together a force of KR to defeat Odium. Also most of his family members are becoming KR. I may have interpreted some of the previous comments incorrectly but I took self-evident was referring to the in-world characters. As in none of the characters are questioning this because it is self-evident to them how, why and who are attracting spren. You said it was self-self evident because of Adolin having a dead shardeblade which my counter was that has not precluded other characters from attracting/bonding spren. So it would not be self-evident to the characters and is not a justification for them to not question these things in particular regarding Adolin. I may have misunderstood in which perspective you meant self-evident. Regardless I do not feel it is self evident either by our or in-world perspective. I agree WoB can be left to some interpretation but even if you interpret it your way Brandon has said text in books trumps WoB and in the text we have a specific case where someone has attracted a spren and has a dead shardblade. Edit: @insert_anagram_here That is correct about Dalinar he did not have Oathbringer when he bonded with the SF but when do you consider he attracted the SF? I consider it once he started getting the visions which was before he gave up Oathbringer. I'll admit the SF is a special case and not as clear cut but that would be my assumption. In Elhokar's case he literally had it right before he died. He was stabbed in the arm by one of the queens guard and dropped it. He then gets the drawing out and holds his son before Moash kills him. Edit again: here is the actual scene.
  5. Forgive me if I am not following but the "self-evident" part is meant to mean in-world correct. I am saying why would this be self evident in-world when it is directly contradicted. Also no one is disagreeing with the fact that spren do not like KR using dead shardblades several characters have been told this by their spren as you pointed out. If i recall correctly Syl also told Kaladin about it. As seen though this becomes an issue after the KR attracts/bonds a spren.
  6. I have to give the nod to Oathbringer just because of the size/scope of SA even though it is not a perfect book. I do love Mistborn (where I got started with the Cosmere). BoM was really good and the Cosmere implications at the end were awesome. I wouldn't say MB Era2 tops the original trilogy but it is an amazing follow up and I've enjoyed all the books a lot. It makes me excited to see two more MB eras. I think this was a really cool idea Brandon had to show the same world/magic as time and technology progresses. It's a unique approach to fantasy.
  7. Agreed. That WoB means Adolin does not hear the screaming because he has not attracted/bonded a spren not that he is precluded from the possibility because he has bonded a dead shardblade. Now one may argue that because of his deeper connection to his blade it may make it more difficult to attract/bond a spren but we really do not have anything to substantiate that argument and we certainly shouldn't say that anyone bonded with a dead shardblade cannot attract/bond a spren because we have evidence of the contrary.
  8. Elhokar had a dead shardblade and attracted a spren to bond with him. Maybe I am missing something because I am not sure where this assumption that if someone is bonded to a dead blade they are precluded from being able to attract/bond a spren. We have an example with Elhokar that it does not. Obviously once they do the spren is going to want them to give it up but I am missing the proof that it prevents attracting a spren.
  9. Welcome! Which Sanderson books have you read besides Stormlight?
  10. Huge loss to humanity as a whole. He's a great example of not giving up the fight surviving more than 50 years past his diagnosis. R.I.P.
  11. I may be off base here but I don’t think maxal is neccesarialy saying Adolin should be a radiant but that people like Dalinar, Renarin and Jasnah should be questioning why he hasn’t attracted a spren. Obviously they need more KR and there is no discussion about any of this in the books. No one is questioning why Renarin got picked and not Adolin who’s a master duelist and military leader. These questions would be logical yet they are completely missing.
  12. @maxal I agree 100% regarding Valyn and Adare but giving Kaden a little more slack for the moment with the stipulation it is entirely possible he will let me down when it is all over. Speaking of the succession to the throne I did not realize until I happened upon a comment on goodreads that Valyn is actually older than Kaden but Kaden was the heir apparent due to his eyes.
  13. Whoa Stormfather is way behind everyone vote! I have Hounded but haven't read it yet so no idea of this Oberon's skills but I doubt he could beat the Shadow of the Almighty. . I bet TenSoon could beat this dog too.
  14. The end of the second book had me scratching my head for a while. I’m still not completely sure what happened when but that’s part of the fun.
  15. Yeah that is what I don't get about the new WoB. "He should stand out more".My first thought was lightweaving or Kandra. If he was using lightweaving wouldn't he choose look more Rosharan? Same thing as a Kandra seems like he would pick some native bones. So not sure what that is supposed to imply. Edit: Yeah @RShara I get that now.