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  1. These are great. I'm worried some of this will get stuck in my head cannon! Anyway here is my pathetic attempt at a scene. Jasnah sat alone in Urithiru’s library. She had sent the scribes away that have been busy transcribing the last of the recordings from the gems Renarin had discovered. She had already listened to most of the recordings. “Something is here. Something wrong. The Lightweavers feel it too and say they have a plan” She was still amazed the Knight Radiants of the past had the forethought to create an alternative method to record their history. Did they somehow know it would be millennia before this place was discovered again? Her mother was still hard at work discovering Urithiru’s secrets. She believes the entire structure is a giant fabrial. The recordings seem to verify this conclusion but there is more. Deep in thought she was completely oblivious to the new arrivals in the room. A man with a scared face wearing the finery of a high prince. With a chicken on his shoulder? Behind him two men in green and yellow waited at the door, Sadeas livery. Obviously a henchman of Ialai. Despite Dalinar’s protest to the contrary that storming women will need to be dealt with. Good evening Queen Jasnah the man said with an exaggerated bow. Jasnah cursed her guards under her breath for allowing the intrusion. Those storming bridgemen are worthless. To whom do I owe the thanks for this disruption of my solitude? Ah I apologize my Queen for the intrusion. I have requested a audience with you for a month now to no avail and felt this the only way to discuss an important matter with you. What do you want? Forgiveness my Queen. Allow me to introduce my self… The man was cut off mid sentence by the site of a shardblade mere inches from his throat. Oh I see you already know who I am the man said as his chicken hissed at her. Jasnah hissed back, give me one reason why I should not kill you where you stand? She had spotted the mans signet ring. More importantly the a symbol on it, three intersecting triangles. The symbol of the Ghostbloods. I have information my Queen, information you need. You people tried to kill me! Fortunately for the both of us an unsuccessful attempt my Queen. Please I am clearly unarmed and no threat to a Knight Radiant of your skill, you needn't have even summoned your blade to dispatch me before I would have time to blink. Talk chicken man! First allow me to introduce my self properly. My name is Mraize and as you rightly guessed I am a member of the Ghostbloods. I do apologize for our overzealous attempt on you life. You see at one point our goals did not entirely align and you were an obstacle if you will. They align now and I am supposed to simply forget you tried to kill me? Uh yes and no to your first question said Mraize. While our goals may not completely align currently they are no longer quite as conflicting now that the preverbal larkin is out of the bag. To your second question forgiveness is what I seek or at the very least a reprieve long enough to explain our actions before you turn me in to a crystal statue. The man had a point Jasnah thought. If she felt threatened in the least she would have not bothered summoning Ivory, he would already have been dead. Ok I will allow to explain yourself Mraize. By the way what is your name? Mraize is a title. My name is not important but if you prefer you may call me Hunter. Now you sound like Wit Jasnah said. Wit? Oh Hoid! Yes we do have a mutual acquaintance. I’ve never actually meet the man in person but we do travel in the same pack so to speak. On with it my patience is growing thin! Right. We know you have captured a couple divinities. I’d hardly call them divinities retorted Jasnah. That’s right you wouldn’t would you. Never the less you are barking up the wrong rockbud with your plan for them. They are a very valuable asset though if used correctly. Are you bargaining this information for my pardon of your crime? Why would I trust you? I do not need your trust just your cooperation and access to the Heralds. As an act of good faith I have another bit of information you may find interesting. Your ward Shallan, I know her as Veil which is an appropriate name for how she hides her secrets.
  2. Fair enough and I agree it is a distinct possibility. I’m a little hesitant to jump on the Autonomy and Odium being allies mainly because I think for the same reasons Odium fears Harmony Autonomy seems to be dropping aspects of herself around the Cosmere building up realms. We don’t know the exact mechanics of this though so hard to say for sure Odium would fear this. Now Odium may be playing Autonomy and the very fact she’s spreading herself thin makes her want to seek his assistance. It’s all fun to theorize on hopefully next year we will have some more knowledge. I just keep thinking Brandon has a bigger baddie in the Cosmere than Odium.
  3. This made me laugh.
  4. Typically on his birthday December 19th Koloss Head-Munching Day. I'm 39 just a couple years younger than Brandon. If it is 3 years a book I'd be 60 but I think there will more than that.
  5. I know! I thought the exact same thing as in two of the back 5 flashback characters will claim they are Heralds. I do not think he means the flashback characters though just that there will be two characters that will "claim" they are Heralds. I am totally on board we will get new Heralds.
  6. In last years State of Sanderson he predicted a fall 2020 release so thats 3 years from now. We will soon get the 2017 State of Sanderson and see what he says then. I would assume there will be a little longer than usual gap between the front and back five because he plans on writing the MB era 3 trilogy during the break. They way it is going I will be in my 60s.
  7. Nope I completely get it even though this relationship creeps me out (like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell hooking up) I understand why people like the idea of it.
  8. Fair enough but I don't get it from that scene. It seems pretty clear the person he is reminded of is Tien. The rest of it sounds the same as any of their other interactions so I did not read into that anymore than the previous ones.
  9. What about Azure?! They have the soldier bond and stuff
  10. Not me. He showed her the rock like Tien use to collect. Tien cheered him up when he was around he is saying the same thing about Shallan.
  11. Yeah they did I just don't think that has to do with her mental maturity. She was bonded to a KR before Kaladin and slept because of the pain of here KR dying.
  12. I thought her current mental age was because of her being in the PR and regaining her sapience slowly. Also just a point of correction 4 millennia would be the breaking of the oathpact so it is probably close to 2 millennia after the recreance not that there is a huge difference between 2 and 4 millennia.
  13. Yep Brandon said the back 5 are pretty much all about the Heralds. I think he said something like some are Heralds and some think they are Heralds. Edit here is the WoB I was thinking about.
  14. Same way I took that that he was thinking of Tien which fits with the rock. Ok for some reason the Syl and Kaladin romantic thing completely creeps me out. I'm guessing because she was introduced almost as childlike. I know she is REALLY old in actuality but it still creeps me out.
  15. @Stark you just beat me to the punch I was going to say Lyn. Ash is interesting as well but I think they are two like each other to work. Ash seems to be traumatized for letting the people of Roshar (or at least Taln) down by abandoning them. At leas that is my take on the whole destroying likenesses of her self because she doesn't feel like she should be worshipped.