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  1. I was 13 when I started sanderson books, 14 when I finished words of radiance (in one day!!! listen I had no wifi that day okay) English....really isn’t my first language at that time. Now I consider as such, but my English was so bad when I was 13 lol Reading Sanderson as an adolescent is definitely doable.
  2. Since Nightblood's sheath is made out of aluminum, can you use an aluminum glove to handle Nightblood and not get consumed?
  3. Happy Ookla Season to everyone!
  4. uGH mine isn't downloading either!! THIS IS TORTURE
  5. IT. LOOKS. SO. GOOD. (michael whelan is such a blessing to mankind. what did we do to deserve him.)
  6. So, I started a doc on the House War Q&A one. Currently verbratim, but I might make mistakes. Help is welcome (Yes, I should be doing work. Yes, I'm transcribing and you can't stop me.) **edit: well I finished the parts with cosmere tidbits, and left out the general/how to write a book questions. Gaps still needs to be filled, though. But most of it is done Time to go back to buffer calculations. Ugh.
  7. I didn't like the characters as much. They feel....flat. And they felt similar to Wax and Wayne. But I liked the plot very much. I had suspicions about Davis being a dupe in another Snapshot, but I did not expect Davis planning to kill Chaz at all. The Brandonbot never fails to deliver plot twists. I do hope to see more of this world, it's one of the most interesting worlds among his works. Is this a Core Possibility? (omg is Rithmatist one?)
  8. I live in asia so it's very hard for me to ask feel free to ask mine Is there any race in the cosmere that can survive on a gas giant? Can any spren, splinter, cognitive shadow, shade? Someday when worldhopping is common knowledge, will there be immigration customs or something that resembles an airport on earth at Perpendicularities or on the borders of CR? Or is this already happening? How did the Vessels know what their intent is? Is this an instinctive thing? Hypothetically, if any other shard invested on Scadrial, would the resulting God-metal have it’s own shard-electron? like how Harmonium has Ruin-electrons and Preservation-electrons? Is Stormlight just invested Neon? (Element 10?!) Can Atium and Lerasium react with other substances? (AiF or LeCl or smth) Will they still hold investiture? What will happen to the allomantic/feruchemic/hemalurgic properties? Do the Sleepless(Dysian Aimians) possess prophetic abilities or superior intelligence? Is there any significance to the 10 gas giants in the Rosharan system? Does Silverlight have a central government? Does Silverlight happen to be anchored on a shard? Is there a shard that encourages adventure/research/science?
  9. Oh so that's why. I was so confused. Hi fellow Taiwanese So many juicy tidbits! Kudos to everyone asking questions and transcribing
  10. I'd be willing to transcribe too
  11. WOOOO SOMEONE NOTICED(It was intentional )
  12. Aaaaand......done! (Such bad camera quality)
  13. when this happens instead of studying for a test (work in progress )
  14. Question. If I buy the Elantris kindle e-book right now, will it be the new version? Since I can't get the paperback in my country that fast......
  15. Here's a picture of it on Brandon's store.