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  1. This is amazing fanfilm. The detail, the scene, action, quality just breathtaking.
  2. If there is gravity manipulating powers in cosmere like we saw, anything about it is possible with sufficient research. I remember Brandon confirming mass increase power as higgs field manipulation In our universe, black hole mass loosing radiation happens incredibly slowly btw.
  3. please check what nasa have to say about black holes " Even if a black hole the same mass as the sun were to take the place of the sun, Earth still would not fall in. The black hole would have the same gravity as the sun. Earth and the other planets would orbit the black hole as they orbit the sun now. " A black hole in a reasonable distance from earth would not suck everything. http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/k-4/stories/nasa-knows/what-is-a-black-hole-k4.html We do not have clear information about the limits of compounding, human compounding may have limit because the compounder is living being, a machine however can do much more a human.
  4. theory

    I can agree on this one but this is based on a assumption that Hoid is inherently not evil himself. I myself believe he is pretty selfish and focused on his goals and do not care about the people of cosmere at all. He does not seem to be a force of good, may be not pure evil too but somewhere in middle. Yes, I still can not forgive him beating Kelsier
  5. A black hole size is very important. A mini black hole is no more dangerous than a normal space object with a same size. The only difference is black holes have an event horizon. Exactly. I guess the method you explain is more reasonable than mine. Connection tapping should be used to connect 2 ends of the wormhole during the creation. Black hole do not require infinite mass but it requires almost infinite density, A limited mass increase can still make a black hole within small enough size.
  6. I had this FTL idea since I read bands of mourning and secret history. My idea is based on feruchemy using machines similar to the one we saw in Bands of Mourning. We need a iron compounding machine fueled by self burning metal. We need a lot of fuel to be effective because we want to create a singularity with great amount of mass. If machine can focus enough mass in a small area it should be able to collapse space time but we still need another exit for this method to be viable as wormhole. We create another singularity at the same time with 1 difference. It will be tied to a strong Connection filled machine which is filled in another planet. When machine starts to tap Connection during the creation moment of second singularity it should theoretically create the singularity near the target planet rather than the original planet. The Connection filing device should be taken to target planet through normal worldhoping ways and will be filled there and brought back before we attempt wormhole creation. I think there should be some ways to stabilize wormhole and use it a stationary travel conduit between 2 planets.
  7. newsletter spoilers

    This is a great idea.It makes more sense in weird Lift case
  8. Can anyone link the released newsletter please. For some weird reason I cant get myself registered in newsletter for quite some time.
  9. Thanks for analysis stink. Some people around here may know from my only eliminator experience(lg19) that I am very bad at lying. My only vote on Lopen was just a hunch which I removed later and voted Luna which was wrong but based on meaningful reason at that time. I always worry about minimal communication in every game. What is wrong with that