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  1. I haven't yet started to read the book, but I was struck by how thin the pages were. It feels kinda cheap.
  2. Yeah, that's what I'm waiting on. Hopefully we get some news on it soon...
  3. And Brandon mentioned in his blog post that they'll reprint the book as needed. I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford a single $100 book now, so it's great to hear that I won't lose my chance forever one it sells out.
  4. Bondsmith and Skybreaker tied at 47%. Windrunner 26% Stoneward 25% Elsecaller 21% Truthwatcher 19% Willshaper, Dustbringer, Lightweaver, Edgedancer all at 0%
  5. I love the Shadows cover, especially with the fox in the background. I'm still waiting for an announcement for a (cheaper) physical copy of Perfect State to surface, so I can't comment on that cover (other than that the giant robot looks really cool).
  6. Yes, I am aware. But as others have mentioned it's not easy to find; not only that, but the author's website is the last place I'd look for such information, since it's rarely there. The covers aren't super informative, either: you can generally tell what language the book's even in, but that's only for the obvious ones.
  7. Is there any interest in possibly putting together a cover gallery, hardback and paperback, of all the different releases of Brandon's books across the different languages? Publishing information, such as publisher, publishing date, and ISBN, could also be added to help those who may want to find a specific book. It could also be used as an easy identification tool if someone's found one of his books but are unsure as to which country it came from.
  8. Lurcher~ Not bad, I've always wanted to fly. Though part of the results don't seem finished: I was trying to guess what I'd get as I went along (while still answering truthfully); I was a little surprised at my result, since I thought my answers were a little boring.
  9. I was curious about that as well; makes me wonder about the topic he's been asked to talk about.
  10. These are a bit random; I've been re-reading the trilogy and a few questions popped out at me. I keep seeing people say that Marsh needs Atium to keep living, and I assume this was from WoB, as I don't recall seeing anything regarding this in AoL. Could someone point me towards the right one, or perhaps elaborate? How was Ruin able to affect memories stored in copper? We know that he was unable to read thoughts and and unable to see things set in metal, so I would have thought that thoughts set in metal would have been double unavailable to him.
  11. Nifty! I'll have to give it an extra special space on my bookshelf then, haha.
  12. I got it! Bought it off of a third-party on Amazon, but it's very nice indeed. I love the cover art, and the little "This is copy #______" page was pretty cool, too. Speaking of numbered copies, mine says it's copy #PC. (I believe. I don't have it on me, and I read it a few weeks ago.) Anyone know what that stands for?
  13. The event details for the Georgia stop mentioned receiving a wristband of some sort. I guess this would be used as admission to the event? In which case, would store staff be handing them out? Or Brandon's staff?
  14. Thanks for the help, everyone; I appreciate it.
  15. I also subscribe to the "David is an Epic" theory. But I think his gift(s) are going to be more in-line with, as others have mentioned, inpsiring people (or manipulating, potentially). He wouldn't notice it immeditaley because it's not something visible or manifests anything, and several people in the book had already commented on his persuasiveness. According to Regalia, Calamity did say that David's gift would be "thematically appropriate". I always thought it was odd that Regalia would assume that meant water powers, as Epics don't appear to be gifted powers in line with their fears/weakness. Not only that, but water (or large bodies of it, if you prefer) was a relatively new thing for David, and hadn't played a major role in his life up until this point.