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  1. The people who where going to change the lifeless troops command and then commit suicide?
  2. Your paper is done well. Your boon is that you can never hold a pen or type a character in a keyboard anymore. I wish for 13% stronger muscles
  3. Granted. As for your bane, your life becomes like that dream where you try to run but you move really slow and you can't get nowhere I wish for 13% of NASDAQ
  4. Spook?
  5. Granted, you can tell your Mona Lisa right away, but you can't do anything else art related thing better, just recognising it. I wish everybody on earth used the metric system and drove on the right hand side.
  6. Granted, but the translation is all wrong and it makes the book not particulary good. (If you haven't read A Song of Ice and Fire or The Wheel of Time you should try those) I wish for 7 more of my favourite outfit so I can wear my favourite outfit everyday!
  7. Just finished the book and I have never been this satisfied in my whole life. Megan finally pointing out David used similes all the time! Should I thank Brandon for this or?
  8. Granted, but you'll only get it every 5th of may(o) I wish for sun tomorrow
  9. I think you can order them easy from uk amazon, but I wouldn't know really, take a look at it though.
  10. Kabsal?
  11. Sazed, TenSoon or Human
  12. Correct!
  13. I'm not surprised you have not found anything, came into my head and made sense really. Think The Lord Mistborn.
  14. Nope
  15. Nope