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  1. That is in reference to each individual story in the Cosmere, not each book in a series. Which is why I constantly get on people about how they think hemalurgy is going to be a big part of SA, or Kelsier is going to secretly be the leader of the Ghostbloods. I've not seen anything from him saying that every book in a series should be self contained.
  2. Except Stormlight predated shattering. It's fundamental to the ecology of Roshar, and Roshar was created by Adonalsium. Honor did change Stormlight, somehow, but I don't believe it is purely of Honor, just as the Stormfather isn't purely if Honor or the Nightwatcher purely of Cultivation. And Voidlight, whatever it is, is a dark violet color. Not red. So whatever it is, it is not just red (co-opted) stormlight.
  3. It's more than just that. It's something they teach in almost all fiction writing. It's basically the reason that the chekovs gun thing exists. When you present certain things to a reader you create expectations, and failure to address those expectations is a "broken promise." The issue here is that not all expectations are if readers are intended. Brandon can't be expected to keep "promises" that people think he made. It's like getting mad that someone forgot your birthday when they never knew it in the first place.
  4. I disagree for multiple reasons, primarily based in Identity. But lesser spren are sentient. They aren't sapient like Nahel Spren.
  5. All I really have for that is a test run. He'd already splintered D&D and Ambition when he showed up on Roshar, and I'm guessing he wasn't unscathed from those. He had to find some way to fight his battles that risked less of himself directly, and so he tested out the method of expanding an existing magic system. The only other idea for it would be that it was his intent to drive humans to Roshar to create some kind of conflict for Honor and Cultivation as a distraction. None. I've dug through every WoB I can find searching for anything that would even hint at the Dawnshards. There's not enough in the text to go off of. We have the Poem of Ista, Tanavast's mention of them in the vision, and what the Stormfather gave us in this book, and a ton of RAFO's. I got nothing. Edit: hell, this is the only WoB about the Dawnshards that I can think of right now that's more than a RAFO, and it just makes more questions.
  6. And I'm not disputing that part. As I said earlier, I think what Odium did is the same thing we've seen him do on Roshar. Push his investiture into the existing system to create something new. In this case, a new strain of a particularly destructive disease.
  7. And I guess this is the point that is the heart of our disagreement. I see the diseases developing a pathway to Investiture as a very different thing than that being a persistent effect either written into the spiritweb of the person. The Spren may seem similar at first, but the progression of the bond to the point of the spiritweb of a person merging with a Splinter is also very different to me than a temporary infection that serves only as a transmission vector for the diseases continued survival.
  8. What about it? The God Beyond could have developed the universe. Adonalsium may have made it from what started as only the spiritual realm as its awareness developed, or it may have developed exactly as ours did only with three realms instead of one, and Adonalsium developed sapience or gained a Vessel later. That does not contradict the recent WoB I posted above that says that all investiture was a part of Adonalsium. It makes no reference to Investiture, only that most people believe that Adonalsium created the Cosmere, which falls perfectly in line with Brandon's saying he wants to leave the idea of true divinity up to the reader.
  9. @Thanatos All of those WoBs have implications towards the God Beyond, which is the Cosmere equivalent of "God" both in its nature, and in the fact that Brandon has said it will not be addressed in the books ever, as he wants to leave the idea if a real and true "God" and the Beyond itself up to the readers to decide, so as not to impose his own beliefs on anyone. They say nothing about investiture. Which as has been noted in the WoB above, is all attributed to Adonalsium. As to the God Beyond issue...
  10. Until recently I would have used Patji as an example, but that has since been shown to be untrue. And other wise I would have used Ashyn as an example, but seeing as that's what we're discussing it doesn't really work. I still think there's no shard requirement here though, let me explain. Here's the WoB on the difference between the two systems. That WoB says that your not going to find Mistborn. Not that people can't manipulate the magic. The magic just won't be an inherent part of the person. And on Ashyn it's not. It's a part of the disease. When the disease is over, the person has no power. And they wouldn't be something "like Syl" as that WoB differentiates, because they wouldn't be a sapient being. I suppose this needs to be directed @RShara as well here. Why not? We know that the naturally higher investiture on Roshar has boosted the immune systems if humans, making disease in general rare. Add in the desolations repeated decimating the population (and under circumstances that those with powers would be priority targets) and I see no reason why the diseases couldn't have been eradicated. @Vortaan actually had a thread about this that I agree with. Surgebinding as we know it didn't exist until after the Spren mimicked the Honorblades. The Honorblades are part of the Oathpact, which was made in reaction to the desolations. So how then were the authors of the Elia Stele aware of a magic system from the humans before surgebinding was known? By carrying the magic system from Ashyn, which was eradicated over time due to conditions on Roshar. If humans had gained surges from spren originally, there would be no need for the Spren to mimic the Honorblades, as they'd have known that the bond was possible.
  11. And as I've said in other threads, if you discount everything not in the text, then you discount 90% of what we know. For one, your assuming that Ashyn has a Shard at all.
  12. Considering the topic, there's no way I could be speaking of anything pre OB. While it is not in a published work, Brandon has spoken about Ashyn's magic system consistently for years. As to the surges... Again it's another vague term. I think that Rosharans would call all manifestations of investiture "surges" so again... Fairly meaningless
  13. It was all from Adonalsium, and it's all now associated with a respective shard.
  14. Or as I pointed out early in the thread, it could be nearly anything, as the term "spren" is nearly meaningless. The disease based magic that we know exists on Ashyn could easily be described by their terminology as spren, because you can't see bacteria or viruses. This isn't the only thread that I've seen this come up in, but I'm honestly curious why we're attempting to fit Roshar's magic system into Ashyn, when we already know what Ashyn's magic system is built around. As we've seen throughout the Cosmere, shard or no shard, each world's magic system is distinctive. Odium's involvement on Ashyn is, in my opinion, the exact same thing we've seen him do on Roshar. He showed up, used his investiture to change an already existing infection, and it spread and lead to the destructive events.
  15. If it is literally, it's still a conflating of the Nightwatcher and Cultivation. Personally, I don't think Cultivation is sentimental enough for it though. Cultivation is ruthless and all about developing what is. That which has been removed or has passed on is either no longer capable of growth, or an impediment removed.
  16. Not could. They do. They have had a piece of themselves ripped out. They aren't complete.
  17. Yeah, as R said. I see nothing in that quite that connects the Dawnshards to Odium's binding. Just Tanavast lamenting their loss as something that could have been used to continue the fight. Edit: I'm well aware of the poem of Ista, it's been key as to why I thought that Moash's dagger was a Dawnshard though that's been refuted. I highly doubt that anything other than another Shard can completely bind a Shard. I would want some other evidence, as I doubt anything in world, which equate shards to gods, would hold them in the classification of the word "creature."
  18. As far as I'm aware, we only know it was by the design of Honor and Cultivation. The means by which it was achieved is not known, at least from what I've seen.
  19. It's speculated to be the ability to enhance/co-opt/work together with another Radiants surges. With how little info we have, it's not clear.
  20. RShara wasn't implying that Odium created them. She was saying that Odium was never their God. Odium was heavily involved in the events on Ashyn, and humanity was somewhat open to him, but his role as their God was a perception of the Dawnsingers due to the timing of his arrival, not fact.
  21. You're padding your numbers here. This wasn't insinuated until the beginning of WoR when Jasnah set up the causal. @Mage of Lirigon I completely agree with your points.
  22. Nightblood being what he is, I think plate is going to be pretty effectively obliterated. Much the same as the Thunderclast was. Nightblood definitely consumes what it strikes. When he turns things into smoke by hitting them, they're being turned into investiture.
  23. Just asking here, because I'm curious here... Why is this the case? In my mind the coinjoining is purely in respect to the gems fabrial device itself, and that's why so many sets of gems were built into the platforms. I pictured it as you have the paired gems, set into a device set into the platform, and the gems/fabrials themselves are acting as a transference point. So basically, all of the mass of both items is pushing on both halves of the gem, which are being treated as a single item (half of which has the application of force inverted). The "baseline" as I see it would be equilibrium between the two gems themselves, and all of the extraneous mass attached to them is built within the constraints of the gems themselves, requiring multiple gems to keep them from being crushed/shattered under the forces being applied. I feel like activation of any conjoined fabrial, whether a standard conjoiner, or especially in the case of reverses would cause massive sheering and destroy the device.
  24. While I get that you're agreeing on the deserving part, I have to go on my standard rant about Adolin being broken... Or would have if The One Who Connects hadn't just linked multiple threads containing my rant.