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  1. I understand systemic racism. It's rampant. Viewing everyone on the side that benefits from the systemic problem as a contributor to that problem is exactly what I was speaking about though. Alienating people who are sympathetic to the plight of the oppressed group is problematic, because the very systemic issue makes those people more likely to be able to enact changes. It's why I keep referencing the Kaladin example. If he weren't growing past his issue he wouldn't be in a position to work with people and become proof that the very concept of darkeyes being lesser is wrong. Dalinar, and other lighteyes in power who are sympathetic are far more capable in the current system to enact change, because they are already accepted by the flawed system. Tearing down the system from the bottom up is both much much harder, and much more likely to result in an equal flawed system in the opposite direction. As Sigzil said to Kaladin, and Moash agreed, would you set yourself in their place? The point of fixing things is to make a system that is truly equal. And for that both sides need to come together and only the actual people who continue to push for imbalance should be punished. To paint with too broad a brush just puts a different group in power and creates and different group of oppressed people.
  2. This would completely undermine the Maya arc that was just introduced. Adolin is a good man, and Sadeas deserved what he got.
  3. The rule of perception still applies. Stump cannot heal anything that the others couldn't. Either it is injury that the person views as a part of themselves, and cannot be healed, like Rysn's legs, or Kaladin's brand, or it is something that was not accepted, despite the passage of time, like Lopen arm, or Renarin's vision. The limitation is in the person being healed, not the one doing the healing.
  4. Larkin feed on investiture, period. As to whether they could forcibly take it... I don't think it would be an issue. Stormlight being held is keyed to the user, it's the same reason that Stormlight being used by Shardplate would be hard to draw in, and yet a Larkin could feed off that, so I don't see why breath would be treated any differently.
  5. Siri and Susebron will definitely have a continued impact... But the story were getting of Nalthis isn't planned to be about them.
  6. All Cosmere healing always heals the larger portion of the body. Decapitation results in a new head.
  7. As a blood maker, unfortunately, his healing ability would revert him to human flesh even if this were viable... Which I doubt it is. Although Kandra Wayne is a freaking terrifying idea. He'd run around being different people all the time, even more than he already does.
  8. @ROSHtaFARian2.0 I've taken nothing personally. I'm well aware of issues as the stand. And as they come more and more to the forefront if current events I agree that in more and more instances that it is a choice. But blanket statements as a whole bother me, because the moment you assume that every individual who is unaware is unaware by choice... I'm in my mid 30s, and prior say... A decade ago I was far less aware than I am now. As I opened my eyes to things I was startled at just how oblivious I'd been prior. Not all ignorance is willful. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment to cure that problem. But if someone is truly ignorant and treated like an enemy for something of which they are literally unaware.... Yes, all of the information is at everyone's fingertips, but if someone is truly ignorant they don't even know to look. The moment they do, their perspective changes.
  9. @ROSHtaFARian2.0 my issue, is that in most cases, it's not hatred towards someone who sees that you're on fire and refusing to help. It's hatred towards someone in another room, unaware that you're on fire. They know that people set a lot of fires in the past, and that some groups still do, but they think that the majority of the fires have been put out. Our entire society has been structured to keep people mollified. Pacified and distracted, and uninterested in anything outside of their interests. It sad, and frankly disgusting. Willful ignorance is different, and anger towards people who simply deny truth because they don't want to face the truth I completely understand. People who look at you, see the burning and then turn away are deserving of scorn. I just disagree that it's always a choice. Too many people believe that the fires are dying, and those people aren't worthy of hatred. I understand completely if you want the conversation to end. I honestly mean no offense by any of this. I just see hatred as an impediment to solving the issue. Active oppressors should be fought. Those who are willfully ignorant should be scorned and shamed. But the truly ignorant? They need to see the truth. They need to see that the idea that this is all in the past is a lie.
  10. About computers/machines and spikes... If it's sentient, it could probably be spiked.
  11. I guess in that, you're actually applying what I'm trying to say, but only to one side. No one is innocent. Just ignorant. No one is without hate. Most of it is just slight interactions that people take for granted, completely unaware of their own bias. I honestly believe that if someone truly believes that they are guilt free in this matter, then they aren't looking at themselves hard enough.
  12. @Llarimar exactly. In the initial stages yes, it is completely the fault of those creating the imbalanced system, but once the impetus of momentum is in place, both sides need to work together. It's what makes these kinds of issues so storming hard to overcome.
  13. Yes, I was speaking of his future sight. When we see it from his PoV it appears like windows that form in the air, some with writing below them. I suppose it never calls them windows, but that's my visualizing panes of stained glass.
  14. I strongly disagree. When did I say anything about "pure" hatred? If anything it's rare for there not to be some level of it there. It shouldn't be, but humans are bad at regulating our emotions, and when something is done to us, the emotions we feel towards the perpetrator are expanded out onto those who remind us of them. As such, yes the hatred born in oppressed peoples is perfectly understandable, but when it expands beyond the perpetrators it is still wrong. As I said originally, Kaladin is a fantastic example of this. His anger spilled out beyond the people who wronged him, until it reaches a point that he assumes that all lighteyes are horrible, even if they aren't aware of it. How is that any different than someone like Amaram assuming that all "Darkborn" are somehow lesser?
  15. There is a big difference between anger and resistance, and blanket hatred. I did not say that racism/discrimination should not be fought against, because it absolutely should. But there is a vast difference between resisting and fighting back against a systemic problem, and responding in kind and assuming that all people of the dominant class/race/etc. are part of the problem. One of those options is hate, and is a problem. The other is standing up against hatred and should be fully supported. Don't conflate the two. They are not the same thing. Edit: to be clear, I'm just say there's a very large difference between anger at perpetrators and the system that causes the oppression, and hate like we see with Kaladin, in which anyone who benefits from an imbalanced system become perpetrators themselves. When it no longer matters if the person is prejudiced. When it no longer matters that they have done absolutely nothing wrong, but you hate them simply because they are born into the class/race/etc. that happens to be favored, then they are still be hated for something outside of their own control and it is no different. The system may not support that hatred, but it is still blind hate. My entire point was that that kind of blind hatred alienates people who would be allies in the fight against oppression, precisely because there are people who would see equality in justice in every group. And hate prevents those alliances from forming. So yes, hate is hate.
  16. Yes, and their surges seem to work remarkably similar to surgebinding, so similar in fact that I think they're the same thing. Renarin's windows, in contrast, are drastically different and he's been completely unable to use the surge of illumination as Shallan does, despite the fact that he should have access to it as a Truthwatcher. I think that his windows are the Voidbinding expression of the surge of Illumination, and that other voidbinding surges will function just as differently.
  17. After the end of Words of Radiance, we'd been told we hadn't seen Voidbinding yet. From February 2016 I agree with @StrikerEZ in that we haven't really seen it yet. I think the only instance of voidbinding we have seen is Renarin's windows.
  18. One thing that I want to add to this that tends to bother me, and I think Kaladin's viewpoint shows exceptionally well is that hate is never valid, even when justified. Kaladin was (and still sort of is, though he's getting better) extremely prejudiced against lighteyes, and after everything he's been through it could be argued that his viewpoint is justified. But just because there is not a systematic racism enforcing his hatred, does not make his hate right. In situations like his, prejudice actually reinforces the oppression that his discriminated people are placed under. Darkeyes assuming that all lighteyes are terrible and refusing to work with them means that they will alienate people who are sympathetic and could be in positions to create actual systemic change. Just because a systemic prejudice is not on the side of your hatred, doesn't make that hatred any better. Hate is hate is hate. For it to end, both sides have to be able to get past it. The oppressed holding to their own hatred, no matter how justified it seems, just creates situations that the oppressors can use to validate their positions, while it also keeps relationships that would be beneficial from forming. All hatred is problematic. All of it. Systematic racism/prejudice obviously favors one side, but just because someone is on the oppressed side doesn't absolve them of guilt. Unfortunately, life just isn't that fair.
  19. @Xtafa it was only the disease magic. Enough time had passed by the Recreance that they didn't have a memory of the powers, they just knew that "the surges" destroyed their previous world. It was a different magic system. The system was the diseases, but the effects produced were still manifestations of the same forces.
  20. @Llarimar I fully believe that on the parts of the humans, both the plains, and the destruction of Ashyn were unintentional. The magic users on Ashyn were not the Knights. The Orders developed after the Honorblades were made, which was in response to the desolations beginning. The magic on Ashyn works on similar principles, but there are no spren and no orders. These are things that are intrinsic to Roshar as a world and would not have been present. I do think that the destruction was intentional on Odium's part. I believe that he foresaw that the destruction would lead to the exodus to Roshar, and thought to use the events in order to facilitate his attack on Honor and Cultivation. As to the enslavement of the Parsh, I don't believe it was intentional due to the gem archive. The Knights meant only to deprive the Singers of Voidlight and forms of power, and the lobotomization and enslavement were unintended side effects. I believe that those side effects were considered horrendous, and a grievous abuse of power that directly contributed to the Recreance.
  21. @jefftucker0525 there is a difference between allowing someone to use his investiture, and investing in a planet. As with Allomancy, or Stormlight usage, the investiture in those instances is not tied up, it flows through the user and returns to the Shard. Investing into a world is different. That power is bound up in the world and only retrievable through serious effort. Odium has avoided investing in world precisely because of that. Any power bound up in a world is unavailable for his use, and any power unavailable makes assaulting another shard more difficult. There's absolutely no reason Odium couldn't have temporarily used his investiture to supercharge an existing magic system, hich is what I believe happened on Ashyn. But creating his own is not something he wanted to happen because that requires power being bound into a world and unavailable for his use.
  22. Except he's only done so because he's trapped. His presence over time forces him to invest. If he were able to leave, he wouldn't put any power into the system he didn't have to. Every ounce of power invested is power unavailable to be leveraged against his targets. Prior to being bound he'd remained on the move. He did not invest in the Rosharan system, or any of its planets, willingly.
  23. The magic systems are not just "The Shard," but an interaction between the Shard and the planet in which it has invested. Assuming that Odium had invested into Ashyn (which I don't believe is the case, as he wouldn't want to diminish his power in any way, or tie himself to the system), the magic system that developed would have been something unique to that world. Seeing as we know what Ashyn magic is, the disease based powers, and there doesn't seem to be any of that on Roshar, I don't think that this is accurate. I think that the system on Ashyn was designed by Adonalsium, as was the rest of the Rosharan system, and was not altered by a Shard post shattering, but that is merely my opinion. It may have been temporarily pushed by Odium to cause the cataclysm, but I don't think there was a full on Odium based magic system that developed there. It would have cost Odium more than he's been shown to willingly invest.
  24. I guess from the Warbreaker annotations, that the sword was made by Yesteel, and he's dead between the events of Warbreaker and SA.
  25. @Diomedes I don't believe that it's one or the other. It's both. A spoken oath is not enough without that oath having been truly and completely internalized. Even then, as we see with Lopen in the infirmary, after that point, the oath must still be spoken. It is a combination of both words and actions that are necessary to advance. In breaking an oath though... When is a oath broken? When you say it is? Or when you act? I believe that someone speaking of breaking their oaths, or having questions about them is perfectly natural and would be something to be worked past that does not in itself betray the oath made. The moment that an action is taken in violation though, the bond is severed and the Spren dies.