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  1. You get to make sword wielding, necromantic abominations with sharpened bones that tirelessly hunt anyone who's fresh blood you have. Sounds fun!
  2. Me, going about my day. Get new coworker. Coworker begins talking about needing new books to read and enjoying fantasy... Me: have you heard of Brandon Sanderson? Him: I've heard the name... And there goes the rest of the day...
  3. Why would this exclude silver and lead?
  4. Yes, and this is shown repeatedly. There were believed to be 10 allomantic metals. This was wrong. It was the accepted truth of things... It is what everyone believed. That does not mean it was accurate. It goes well beyond simple magical mechanics into the much deeper workings like the entire "end-positive/negative/neutral" mechanic. This isn't the magic changing. Just people's understanding of it. Yes. And nicrosil contains silicon. It is still a metal alloy that changes the structure of the metal. There are 8 base metals, and an alloy for each making 16 allomantic metals. Considering Leras chose that number for his sign not because it was something special to him, but because he said it was some kind of unalterable Cosmere constant... I don't think we're going to find more. If that's proven wrong later too, so be it. But we've been show that metals can be allomantically inert.
  5. Chiri-Chiri, ravenous eater, Devourerof of of Light, Fused beater, While she eats all that glows, She surprisingly grows, Her saddle will be a five seater.
  6. The past few days on the Shard have been kind of slow. So here's a ridiculous time waster. There once was an ardent swordmaster, Whose speech was a vibrant disaster, He'd grumble with hues, While training bridge crews, He most certainly wasn't named Vasher. Wax has a friend who likes hats, Who battles with bubbles and bats, His accents are "borrowed," His history sorrowed, That Wayne is the oddest of cats.
  7. We know that they don't. Silver and lead are two examples in Era 1 of allomantically inert metals. Outside of an allomantic alloy they do nothing.
  8. I'm aware of that, but that doesn't mean it's not on a planet. Spren cities exist only in the Cognitive as well.
  9. I beg to differ. They may share a linguistic root, but there's no story connection beyond them all being descended from the same peoples.
  10. I'm well aware, and that was kind of my point. Naming something after Peter is obviously not an in world connection. We have multiple characters named Cob, Aon Ati and Ati, and multiple versions of "Shash" in writing in the Cosmere, all confirmed as coincidence. I don't personally think "Kenton" is one. But the multiple instances of a name does not necessitate a connection.
  11. There's also an "Ahlstrom square" in luthadel, and "Ahlstrom promenade" in Elendel. I'm not saying it's purely coincidence, because this is Brandon, but it's existence, in and of itself, doesn't have to mean anything. In this case with Kenton... I think it does, but without asking the question or getting some other in world tie... good luck guessing.
  12. As far as the magic system itself goes, I don't think perception plays a very large part. I doubt the power of atium came to be because people believed that's what it would do. Allomancy was unknown pre-Rashek to the point that Alendi didn't know he was a seeker, and he was still a bronze misting.
  13. In this case I don't think it's a matter of the "concept." A spear could be made of solid metal. A sword as well. A bow and arrow are two distinct objects. If a Pen would be hard for a spren to be, a crossbow would be difficult as well, and those are at least parts that work to make a single whole.
  14. This one predates this WoP And is mainly going off the inversion idea, because the traits "brave and obedient" are interesting for an assassin. This one I still question. The WoB is there in Arcanum... But we've been trying to get the picture of the signed book it's from since Arcanum launched.
  15. Eshonai referred to the Stormfather as the Rider of storms, and speaks about how he had betrayed the listeners and chosen humans. I believe that the Stormfather has always existed, created by Adonalsium along with Roshar, and has been changed multiple times. First when Honor and Cultivation arrived and altered the system, and again at Honor's death. None of this is said explicitly anywhere, but between the "betrayal" of the Rider of storms, and these two WoBs... I believe that Adonalsium made the Stormfather as a delivery system for Stormlight as a key part of Roshar's Ecological system.
  16. It's one or the other, and the need to be a single solid piece. Being two separate items is effectively splitting the Sprens soul in two. So... As to the type of weapons, this is the most recent thread I could find.
  17. The only non-human Vessel confirmed is Ambitions. Uli Da was Sho Del.
  18. Could be as simple as Kramer being a professional who does his job well, but doesn't actually care entirely to much about the things he's paid to read. Him pronouncing it in the seemingly obvious dual shard/dishardic meaning would mean him caring to remember the references to Shards. And seeing as this was Arcanum Unbounded, in which the essays actually do reference the Shards...
  19. I'd say about 50/50. A lot of the things Brandon has flat out said is coincidence (shash in both SA and Warbreaker, Aon Ati and Ati, multiple characters named Cob) and some of the things are intentional seeds. Which are which? No clue. Have fun with that.
  20. Nale had nothing to do with it... He already had a spren. He had surges at Thaylen Field because he was no longer just a squire. Edit: as to the question about division, that follows soon after he swears his third oath.
  21. Szeth had no surges at all at the beginning when he chased the convict in the Purelake. If he had, he wouldn't have waded through the water to chase the convict. He was then accepted as a squire and flew for the next test. By Thaylen Field, he already had a spren. It is mentioned when he swears the third oath. The Honorblade had nothing to do with it, and there is no conflict with the way squiredom has been presented.
  22. It's this. He has no surges before being accepted as a squire, and he only gets gravitation. Nightblood has not granted him any surges, and he doesn't use any at all prior to becoming a squire.
  23. I honestly don't know. I mean, there is definitely a thinning in the moment of transformation where all goes still and the spheres infuse, but I don't think that the Highstorm is Honor's perpendicularity. There was no storm in Thaylen city, and this WoB implies that that is what Jasnah used to return, and there was no storm in the Unclaimed Hills when she returned.
  24. It's the actual physical structure of the metal. It plays a similar role on Scadrial as the Aons do on Sel.
  25. Not on a planet. It is a place/city that exists completely in the Cognitive. At least, that's our best guess.