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  1. Nightblood being what he is, I think plate is going to be pretty effectively obliterated. Much the same as the Thunderclast was. Nightblood definitely consumes what it strikes. When he turns things into smoke by hitting them, they're being turned into investiture.
  2. Just asking here, because I'm curious here... Why is this the case? In my mind the coinjoining is purely in respect to the gems fabrial device itself, and that's why so many sets of gems were built into the platforms. I pictured it as you have the paired gems, set into a device set into the platform, and the gems/fabrials themselves are acting as a transference point. So basically, all of the mass of both items is pushing on both halves of the gem, which are being treated as a single item (half of which has the application of force inverted). The "baseline" as I see it would be equilibrium between the two gems themselves, and all of the extraneous mass attached to them is built within the constraints of the gems themselves, requiring multiple gems to keep them from being crushed/shattered under the forces being applied. I feel like activation of any conjoined fabrial, whether a standard conjoiner, or especially in the case of reverses would cause massive sheering and destroy the device.
  3. While I get that you're agreeing on the deserving part, I have to go on my standard rant about Adolin being broken... Or would have if The One Who Connects hadn't just linked multiple threads containing my rant.
  4. mistborn

    It would increase your allomantic strength with that metal. The higher your strength the faster you burn the metal, which increase speed proportionally, and it also increases efficiency, so you'd get more out of the metal. It could theoretically make you superman levels, but you'd probably burn through pewter so fast it wouldn't be worth it as pewter is already a quick burning metal. The trick would be finding the balance point, fueling the nicrosil Feruchemy and tapping the right amount to stay at a level that's well above a normal allomancer, but not burning through pewter so fast as to be unsustainable.
  5. In the example of Preservation and Ruin, Preservation still wasn't able to "steal" Ruin's investiture. It was just locked into a form that it was inaccessible to Ruin. It didn't become a part of Preservation.
  6. As I just mentioned in your oh her question, it's not something only Odium can do. There are just consequences. It would either take time and effort to remove the investiture from the system, or they would have to leave a portion of their power behind.
  7. Ashyn is in the same system. Additionally, shards invest into a planet through staying there over time. It occurs naturally. Odium never settled anywhere until he was forced to in the Greater Roshar system. He'd have trouble picking up and leaving now, but back then it wasn't a problem.
  8. I highly doubt it. Again I doubt it. Hemalurgy requires knowledge. I don't think that that's going to be granted through simply burning a metal. Hemalurgy itself doesn't require anything in the Spiritweb of the user.
  9. Yeah. He didn't choose to let Elhokar die. He sure as hell failed, but it wasn't intentional. I don't have issues with that scene. Between his internal conflict regarding both sides, his severe depression, and everything else, his breakdown makes sense to me, and frankly it was needed. It went through the Shadesmar sequence, and his failure to say the fourth oath led to a much needed development for him in which he was made to realize that the burden is not all on his shoulders. "maybe it's some else's turn to save you." Compared to the recon to the ending of WoR, in I have no complaints there. Yes Elhokar died. Yes it was Kaladin's fault. No, it was not a issue for the bond. If he had made the decision not to intervene that would be different. He'd be actively choosing not to act.
  10. As the WoB that Shqueeves just posted says, humans on Roshar are from within the same system. Three planets, Ashyn, Braize, and Roshar. The human inhabitants of Roshar fled from Ashyn after it was devastated. Which makes sense. In the event of a planetary evacuation, your not going to have a lot of supplies to support anyone for a long journey. They went somewhere close.
  11. I am also of the belief that the focus on Taldain is water. Water forces the lichen to give up its investiture, and sand mastery consumes the water in a user's body. I believe it is the "key" It's an older post of mine, but here's my rushed thoughts on Foci.
  12. Navani answers this in book. I don't remember of its in tWoK or WoR. Prior to gems being added the blades could not be dismissed. Someone attempted to add a gem to the blade out of a desire for ostentation and the blade changed shape to accommodate the gem. The ability to bond blades was discovered through "an accident of ornamentation."
  13. The purpose was to show both a bit of world building, and Karma. Sheler, the man being bound to "wrestle the Hog" was the company leader of the troop that sent Tien to die. In Kal's flashback to Tien's death he finds out that Tien has been pulled into fighting in "Sheler's company."
  14. Felt is from Scadrial, and in Dalinar's Nightwatcher flashback it is said that he must have some Shin heritage because of his eyes. As far as we've seen, the epicanthic fold is a Roshar thing. I mean, odds are it exists elsewhere in the Cosmere, but Roshar is the only place that it is the dominant/prevailing trait.