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  1. All the pop YA! And while we are at it, the Chronicles of Narnia, too!
  2. @officiumdefunctorum Great, so because you OD'd on Bakker, you'll never trust another one of my suggestions!
  3. They are all pretty bad
  4. Pffft, I don't get out of bed for less than 20 fbombs!
  5. Children are not cute.
  6. Have you tried them in a box? Have you tried them with a fox?
  7. It was a printed article I was shown, so that might be difficult. As a result, I only present now as a reason why I don't read him and completely understand if people dismiss that reason until I can back it up Fan fiction: I mostly want to read the author's version, and not a fan's rendition or hopes for the story. I understand that it's good fan interaction for some, but I can't do it and leave it to those that can. Comedians: I don't think they know how to transfer their humor to the book medium. So, I enjoy their talents in the medium they excel at. Suzanne Collins et al.: there are just some story lines or genres that I know I will not like. Pop YA is one of them. It's better for everyone that I say, "I don't read that" instead of "Yes, I remember that! It sucked!" Not reading popular books also allows other people to talk with me about books. I can ask questions like, "Oh, what's your favorite book by So and So? What would you recommend?" And so forth.
  8. I will not read fan fiction. I will not read Stephanie Meyers, Tom Clancy, Suzzanne Collins or Dean Koontz. I will not read broad audience political books (so anything by Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O' Reilly, Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, etc) I do not read books by comedians. I certainly do not read anything from Orson Scott Card since he voiced his opinion that all books contrary to Mormon beliefs/ doctrine should be banned and or censored. It does not help that he is a pile of chull dung amateurishly sculpted into the form of a human.
  9. Lord of the Rings is no where near the peak of fantasy literary excellence. J K Rowling is just a merely competent writer at best. Ender's Game is garbage. Breaking Bad is unwatchable Early seasons of Family Guy are less funny than later seasons. Bernie Sanders would nearly be as detrimental a leader as Donald Trump.
  10. This is why I'm an under fellow. Like any body with a soul, I like cats and hope to have more around me.
  11. It's a park, clearly there would be children screaming in play!
  12. I prefer my toilet paper to be absorbent.
  13. Honestly, @Kobold King and @Anarkitty? Except for Feist, I was thinking of all those authors when I made that statement. Especially Lovecraft. I feel that they are significant genre writers. I also believe that the genre needs to move beyond them. Vapid may have been too strong a word, but so would, I think, calling the classics canon. But, as Kobold pointed out, there may be a better place to continue the discussion if a continuation is desired.
  14. Yeah, if the point of having Columbus day is to celebrate Italian American culture, call it Italian American day and quit requiring that any celebration of your culture needs to be done in the name of a horrible, worthless human being.
  15. Because people don't know better