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  1. I accidentally touched an Imagine Dragons album today! Gross!
  2. Sometimes, I see people post about war and airstrikes and imperialism, and I think to myself: "If these folks had read Malazan Book of the Fallen, maybe their opinion would not be so stupid."
  3. That's because the reading level of the general population has fallen dramatically
  4. Yuck, I don't even like first day lasagna!
  5. Didn't they get the license to release Gravity Falls? That, in particular, is a big deal!
  6. That's Royal Assassin, right? One of the best fantasy sequels out there, and that ending!
  7. That seems to be your theme song
  8. And, for a special Easter edition of controversial opinions: I am of the opinion that Jesus never existed.
  9. I believe the Incredibles 2 will be awful.
  10. Worldcon is huge. World Fantasy Convention is pretty big.
  11. You shouldn't use the 17th Shard when you are hungry
  12. People saying, "Bueller."
  13. Having these conversations are important because then we can determine what is moral ahead of time. So that when the time comes, you won't be part of the group history judges as being cowards. For example: Saying your family has more value then the lives of other families is incredibly problematic. If you have to destroy other families so that yours is "safe" or succeeds, a massive failure has occurred.
  14. The Taqwacores by Michael Muhammad Knight.