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  1. Precisely! If a spoiler ruins a book, that book is not that good. Or, if all you are interested in is what happens and not HOW it happens, the writer (or reader) did not do their job right.
  2. He has no idea about the layers involved in foreign policy and does not have anyone around that does either. Between those comments and the trade wars, he seems determined to destroy the liberal order that helped shape the US into the power it is today. But knowing that requires reading and thinking and where's the glamour in that?
  3. Sanderson does tend to be generic with romances. My favorite is the Steris-Wax one, but Siri-Susebron is undeniably one of his better ones. Maybe he can only write romance if it's between two people that were forced together and yet grew fond of one another?
  4. Sounds fantastic!
  5. Elantris is squandered potential. There could be something exciting there, and that's what I find appealing. The book, by itself, does not mean much right now. Leaving it without a sequel for so long has been a mistake on Brandon's part in my controversial opining. Warbreaker will have that issue as well. It's better than Elantris, but still suffers the same "this is a standalone, but not really" syndrome Brandon has with alot of his books. That's actually a big reason why I think Emperor's Soul is his best work: it's a standalone that actually stands alone!
  6. Touché!
  7. Star Wars as a whole is revered too much. It prevents alot of folks from enjoying it for what it is.
  8. More emotionally rewarding than the end of Paths of Glory directed by Stanley Kubrick?! I am simply scandalized!
  9. First thing's first, I have yet to read it and I feel like I have a reputation to uphold, soooo... To further clarify, the preceding gif is not actual criticism. Having to surround it with these clarifications seems to indicate that it is also a bad idea, but I got another reputation to uphold
  10. And it's your right to defend a monster.
  11. My opinions of him are based almost entirely on his own writing in lots and lots of articles. So between a random internet stranger claiming to know him and Mr. Ed himself, I'll take the evidence from the horse's mouth.
  12. He is a Mormon celebrity. As such, many mormon parents and youth feel he is a "safe bet" for reading books that don't break guidelines. Orson Scott Card was viewed much the same way when I was growing up. Main difference is that Card is a terrible writer and awful human being. Another interesting tidbit? There are about as many atheists here as there are Mormons
  13. Speaking of cats named after Malazan characters, here's Quick in another fine mess.
  14. In General Discussion? You bet that's one of the points. This isn't Thanksgiving with the family where religion and politics are off limits, this is where a debate on almost any topic can occur provided the proper decorum and it follows site's rules.
  15. Firefight was kinda...*looks around for ambushing Reckoners fans* bad. Particularly coming off of reading Words of Radiance. I tend to take a break from the book causing me trouble. Sometimes, it just is not its time, yet. You can try reading something else that seems more exciting or what you want right now. Sometimes, short stories help me a lot, too.