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  1. Firefly was not that good and its cancellation was not a travesty.
  2. There are two main considerations you want to have: 1) What's your budget? How much does it cost to have fun? How much to be competitive? 2) Do you have a thriving local community? Can you consistently get games? FFG has a few LCGs that are fun and alive and don't cost as much long term as Magic, though the initial buy in can be quite expensive.
  3. I'll be re- reading this soon because of the movie coming out. Figure I'll post my thoughts here.
  4. Will be snowed in for a bit, so I'm making an Epic Scum Squadron that will hopefully do well against my friend's Epic Imperial squadron. He has the Raider, and we decided on 150 points, so hopefully I'll just be able to throw more stuff at him.
  5. There's an FAQ in the first post that addresses this question
  6. Got Grace of Kings for Christmas, so will be starting it soon!
  7. B-but they're books, not radio dramas!
  8. Oh boy! Terns! Also:
  9. That's exactly the sort of cliched family life scene that I want avoided!
  10. I thought Stormlight 1-5 took place before Era 2.
  11. Shallan has enough arcs to resolve without adding generic child/parent scenes. To be sure, they can have children without ruining the series, but there needs to be some development first. Even a generic "how can we bring children into this world" arc would serve to prepare the way.
  12. I honestly think Memories of Ice is his best book because technology forced him to do a rewrite
  13. That's my main question, too. We all ready have at least two different forms of Lightweaving, can that be extended to Surgebinding? And if there is a difference, would that difference address environmental dangers?
  14. Meyers-Briggs is just terrible. Mostly for the reason Maxal pointed out, also because you might as well post your horoscope sign. It does not really give useful insight into your personality like any label/name. I'm a melancholic Sagittarius, by the way
  15. That's some good advice, @Ammanas. I will only add a bit more. You should assume that you will not ever be able to make things "better" or "easier." So do not make that your goal. If your friend open ups to you, let her, but be a compassionate ear, not a dispenser of platitudes and tired aphorism. Be there for her. Try to read the situation. Things are going to get real stressful for your friend, recognizing when you can help her and doing so will be appreciated. It's hard for me to come up with an example, since it's circumstantial and I don't want to get personal.