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  1. My rebuttal: https://aeon.co/essays/your-brain-does-not-process-information-and-it-is-not-a-computer
  2. I'm pretty good roasted and covered in butter!
  3. Current mood:
  4. That works so much better, let's go with that!
  5. To answer your question, I would have to decide what you are actually referring to: the use of the reference itself or Pink Floyd's The Wall. In the later case, it's suppose to be unsettling imagery. To go further then that would require some familiarity with the album/ movie. As far as the first... perhaps @Oversleep is right: Jokes aside, I just wanted to post a gif of marching hammers. @Mestiv becoming a moderator (along with a few others) was a convenient excuse since some corners of the internet refer to moderating as "bringing out the mallet" or hammer. A very tenuous connection.
  6. @Mestiv is a moderator now? Well... there goes the neighborhood!
  7. Sooo... you're making a lettuce wrap?
  8. It's pretty much the culminating story of Hydra Cap. Also, for you DC fannies out there, Batman # 21 was pretty good, too!
  9. Hail, Hydra! The Secret Empire event for Marvel had begun and currently, it is sooo good!
  10. Nah. It's not Roger Waters or Iron Maiden, so what could we be missing out on?
  11. Gugs.
  12. Guys, Animism, Magic and the Divine King is a Freudian analysis of religion... obviously!
  13. Apparently you can mix barbeque and sweet chili sauce you get at McDonald's and have a close approximation
  14. TV Tropes in general is a pet peeve of mine. From its early days of, "let's use a system where all the tropes are named after Gargoyle plot points or characters" to its modern "let's call everything that occurs in a narrative a trope, thus rendering the idea of tropes meaningless! "