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  1. Love love love Adolin. Especially after OB. Love him when we see him at his youngest, wanting to be a warrior making his own armor... Telling his dad he will earn his own shard and plate. Love that he has his moms gentleness and kindness. Love how he gets along with his brother. Love his chivalry towards Shallan, even offering to bow out b/c of how she looks at Kallidan. but especially I love is interpersonal awareness... When Shallan is keeping to many secrets and how he gently gets her to feel ok about herself. And also especially how dealt with Kallidan after they lost the battle and ended up in shadesmar. He knew how to recognize depressed warriors, and he helped Kallidan through it. in wok, Kallidan was a side character to me. Now he's one of my favorites.
  2. Sounds like many teenagers I know. Both back when I was one, and today. They don't know everything though they think and act as they do. They act irrationally, even paradoxical with their own values and beliefs. They don't know out of multiple choices who they truly love. They care a lot about what people think of them, and will say and to things (esp shocking/blunt things) do get social credibility/reputation. They will avoid doing homework for a fun night out on the town. seems to me she is very well written... And that's before adding in all her trauma, environment of abuse, and mental challenges. i did skip her chapters eight years ago first reading WoK. Found hem boring compared to the Kallidan chapters. But now I easily prefer hers to his. And pattern is just frosting on the cake.
  3. great, so 9pm pst monday?
  4. what exact time and time zone is the kindle version available for download? 12am est?
  5. can't wait for... more radiant powers. if kalidan can do that with the wind, what else can the other orders do beyond thier obvious surges. what is dalinar doing when pulling /amplifying shallans power, and what more can he do? how are renarins two powers different from how we've seen shallan and lift use them? what can jasnah really do with transportation? there's still 3 surges we haven't seen at all. what can mr T's dustbringer do?
  6. while there are 10 books, and ten orders, and Brandon has said each order will likely get a focus of one of the books... He also said that the character with the flashback focus won't necessarily belong to same KR order the book is focusing on. He's also said the flashback character may not even be alive during the present timeline of the book. while Brandon calls himself an outline writer, he also teaches that you need to let the story take itself where it needs to go. He said while he knows who the next 7 books are about, he could change that too. He's already changed already written cannon, when reprinting WoK. I've decided to let the future story just reveal itself as it comes... You know journey before destination.
  7. definitely evidence. See nale in wor & edgedancer, and jasnah dealing with thieves in wok.
  8. right, Szeth had an honorblade... Then he lost it to kalidan? And got a new one from nale? And didn't taln have one? (that dalinar baited amaram into trying to steal?). So isn't shinovar short at least 3 blades?
  9. What's curious to me, is that some of the heralds have their honor blades (nale) and some do not (whosever Szeth was and is now using.). And Sanderson said the heralds do not have their radiant like powers without their blades... So seems like half of them are roaming Rosar nearly powerless, while the some have powers... Which is especially intriguing given they seem to be having a belief/values schism among themselves.
  10. Whoa you're right. Mind blown. Like why Syl thinks killing elokar is not honorable, but killing parshendi is. Intention and belief is huge in what reality (the physical realm) is projected as from the cognitive beings. What those beings believe is hard to change, even when wrong.
  11. Although we've seen a couple of the interludes in Sanderson readings.... So still a little longer until new material.
  12. it can still be. A book doesn't need to be limited to a single theme. it's possible one could have imagined since youth that they'd write (or dictate) an auto-biography... And then after the starting the book later in Life to name it after their shardblade. Doesn't need to be mutually exclusive.
  13. I still do not think jasnah. Too obvious. I think it is a glimpse into the past of the original oath bringer owner. And it is world building to help us understand space between desolations.