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  1. Agreed. Else caller. Especially if you get Jasnas's personality and Sass.
  2. When sly brings poison do Kal to make him happy, right before he jumps to his death.
  3. This is my biggest fear/concern about Brandon's TV/Movie deals: I don't want someone else's view of the world/story to superceed Brandon's vision... just like is happening w/ Martin's. It's totally true that for most the world, the TV version of the Game of Thrones is cannon... more so than the printed version. Please don't let that happen to the Cosmos Brandon. Please maintain creative control and oversight.
  4. Right... 16 for preservation. 10 for Roshar. i expect one for autonomy.
  5. For BS to say demigod level... That's interesting. Mentioned them right next to shard bearers... And grouped them together, but called out that they have different levels. Maybe Hoids quest is to go around the cosmos trying to get to demigod level... Knowing becoming a shard bearer means killing a shard, and taking it, and having it change you. But demigod... It's also deific level, but a shard doesn't change who you are?
  6. I like this theory. I never thought of voidbring. I guess Lift should be telling Wendell to "voidbind" that... Instead of "voidbring" that.
  7. "nim" is the honorific in Korean (which Sanderson knows)... And attaching "I" at the end of a noun is a grammatical marker in Korean... putting "nimi" at the end of a proper noun in Korean makes sense.
  8. I always wondered if what really made szeth no longer truthless... Was that the truths that he was accused of being false... And thus sentenced him a truthless... This truths were actually true. And because of the realization that he wasn't really truthless... But still did all those terrible things... He let himself die as the natural end to justice. and since death met justices need, he thinks of himself as free now.
  9. This is where I thought all the shard blades came from
  10. Wait. Odium knew investiture would gain sentience how? Because he saw it before somewhere? Have we seen it before? (Unmade I guess?, but was that before shattering D&D?) Seems like what Odium did to D&D on Sel was not a rash plan... but a well though out strategy. He didn't just "pop" over there and do the deed... he really thought out in advance about how to kill them, who to ally with, and where to stash the bodies.
  11. Exactly - he's already leveled up twice in this thread. I wish I could level up that fast.
  12. Sure. What I was calling out - is that it is less about healing old injuries; and more my hypothesis that proto-radiants seem to not accidently heal things they subconsciously think should/could not be healed (kalidan's slave scar, Dalinar's battle scars -which he probably thinks of as trophies that were earned.) I bet as full radiants they could consciously heal them if they wanted to. They just currently have mental blocks subconsciously - because they identify who they are with those scars; and so are not accidently subconsciously auto-healing them.
  13. I like it. I like the insight in the oathbringer flashbacks into Dalinar's character, and how his feelings towards Navani affected (rashly) certain decisions he made. I think many people's characters are shaped by wanting things they cannot have; and I like the twist of wanting such a think for so long - and then all the mixed emotions of finally getting it (betraying his brother, public perception, feelings for Navani). Love how Navani shows up as a character... she doesn't care what anyone else thinks.. She has a confidence and ego to go about her business the way she feels she should. And I love how she chases/pressures Dalinar... which eventually climaxes in Dalinar telling off Elokar. One of the top scenes... So yeah, I like that.
  14. And in both the Kholin's case... and Shallan's case, the spren are choosing multiple people in the family (assuming speculation on Shallan's brother being a proto-radiant). Makes you wonder what the back story on Lift's parents will be.
  15. Although not always that simple, black & white. I.e. Kaladin's slave scar on his forehead. Kaladin seemingly has been healing himself a long time. But not his scar, because he thinks it should be there. Perhaps Dalinar is the same - he been unconsciously healing himself; except for things he thinks should be there (like battle scares)?