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  1. it can still be. A book doesn't need to be limited to a single theme. it's possible one could have imagined since youth that they'd write (or dictate) an auto-biography... And then after the starting the book later in Life to name it after their shardblade. Doesn't need to be mutually exclusive.
  2. I still do not think jasnah. Too obvious. I think it is a glimpse into the past of the original oath bringer owner. And it is world building to help us understand space between desolations.
  3. I agree and suspect something magical. An incredible immense and complex building that was somehow built by radiantly cross using thier powers (or whatever you call what Dalinar did to Shallan.). Just like he amplified the light weaving to make vr video. Some how the past radians did that with soul casting to form the tower.
  4. Kalidan lashed subconsciously as a bridgeman (so arrows never hit him, only the bridge.). So that distinction of resonance=subconscious, and surges=conscious isn't that crisp and rigid.
  5. I got the impression Pattern disappeared (or hid) anytime anyone but Shallan was around. I need to go reread.
  6. Agreed. So no morality in keeping or abandoning the oathpact. And the the heralds could have been making a morally good decision when they abandoned the oathpact.
  7. Does a big metal shard-fork count as a talking tool?
  8. Ok.. Kalidin. but what is you winning? Elokar becomes a dustbringer?
  9. This is the most astute most concise observation I've seen here.
  10. Answer is easy. Read them all. mMy preferred order depends on what I think the reader likes. My sons read mistborn first, and loved the action and fighting. My daughter... Warbreaker... And liked the 2 princesses strories. People I don't like... I tell them to read elantris first. (J/k... But it is a hard one to start with.) I think mist born has the biggest payoffs... As its up to 7 books already, and you get to the best character trio of all time... Wax, Wayne, and Wayne's hat)
  11. Yeah, seems like a good place for a friendly wager. You seem 99%+ convinced he cannot become a radiant . I think there is still a good chance he can and will become one. I think the shard stalking, as well as the fact that KRs seem to run in the family, and our attackted to broken people outweigh the justification that he hasn't healed super quickly. I totally honor (ha) that you have a different opinion than me... That's why I think it would be fun to have a friendly wager... I.e the winner gets to pick what the other names one of their children. (Thinks in my head... "What's a short cute nick name for a baby named Adolin? Al-D?")
  12. I'm hypothesizing that perhaps the shard honor has a character flaw. That he'd rather honor an imperfect oath, than break an oath when it is morally better than keeping it. I don't know if honor is a case of good vs. evil, as much as it is keeping a commitment/oath... I.e. Integrity.
  13. Yes, but healing in the cosmos seems to to be tricky, or nuanced. For example, Kalida's shash brand. If for some reason someone thinks they should not be healed, or somehow their identity is associated with an injury, then it will not be healed. I'd suggest this is at least partially the case - that elokar at least partially subconciously has a victim mentality around assassination attempts. And so it's possible he may not subconciously auto heal. I'm not claiming it 100% true. But it's a probably, and because of that I can't use his lack of healing as evidence that he is not proto radiant.
  14. Not necessarily. Patern and Syl are both KR Spren, but the don't like each other, or at least are uncomfortable with each other. So doesn't necessarily mean the Kings prototype-KR stalkers aren't KR spren.