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  1. Is Vasher older than Khriss. The reason i ask this because from a recent WoB its seems Vasher and the other Five Scholars were apparently early Cosmere scholars and were some if the first. The thing i find intriguing about this is that as of Warbreaker Vasher and co can't be any older than 500 because of Vo. White Sand in the other is one of the earlier Cosmere stories, happening before Elantris.
  2. Kill Chromium, heal Lerasium 1. Tin--6 2. Pewter--5 3. Iron--6 4. Steel--14 5. Copper--4 6. Bronze--6 7. Zinc--4 11. Chromium--0 12. Nicrosil--5 14. Electrum--0 15. Cadmium--6 16. Bendalloy--13 17. Atium--16 18. Lerasium--10
  3. Yeah, if their are going to be other stories my guess it would be heavly supervised by brandon to make sure nothing contradicts. Though Issac does work closely with Brandon and their good friends so it might not be that much of problem. Also was'nt there a WoB that says that coworkers and family can ask him anything and won't be worried by RAFOs?
  4. So Nazh is originally Isaac's character. Wow for that just seem's awesome. Does this mean that the Cosmere could open up to other peoples stories?
  5. Yeah thats the impression that i was getting, to me this is a hint of what kind of being Adonalsium was exactly. My theory that i was thinking of was that the 16 intents were a part of Adonalsium and wasn't just something that was created during the shattering. Each one was a distinct and independent part instead of just a division from a singular source. Sort of like parts of a machine, each part distinct and different but all is needed for the machine to be functional. At least thats my interpretation.
  6. Great questions & answers. can't wait for a more detailed summary but that would have to wait until you guys are more rested. Awesome reveals, heres a upvote.
  7. So if Sazed decided to produce atium again it might be a little different from from Ati's atium. Is this what you mean?
  8. Kelsierium? thats a thing?
  9. Yesh that would be funny but i doubt that would happen, though Ssnderson has changed names of books of what they had before being published so who knows ,☺
  10. There also missing metal number 7
  11. Hurt Malatium, Heal Gold. 1. Tin-5 2. Pewter-5 3. Iron-5 4. Copper-5 5. Bronze-5 6. Zinc-5 8. Brass-5 9. Aluminum-5 10. Duralumin-5 11. Chromium-5 12. Nicrosil-5 13. Gold-6 14. Electrum-5 15. Cadmium-5 16. Bendalloy-6 17. Atium-5 18. Lerasium-5 19. Malatium-3
  12. Odium knew of Harmony and the fact he has two shards despite being trapped in the Rosharan System, And from the fact that he has only been able to send his servants during Desolations i don't think he has an agent in Scardrial. (Unless of course you believe the Trell=Odium theory.)
  13. I believe kelsier is a selfish man who whole rebellion was fuel by vengence. I also believe that while that may be true he did care for other people and felt smypathy and truely wanted to help them, but he would still manipulate them and use them in his own ends. He can feel guilt for the things he does to people as was shown when Vin was almost killed by the Inquistor, he just won't let that slow him down. He cared for his friends and in a way helped them in a way, by making them better people and give them dreams for better lives and inspiring to be more selfless, something which he could never do to himself. EDIT: Ultimately i believed Kelsier to be an Egotistical mastermind who carried a darkness in him that could drive to do terrible things, But he was also someone who knew compassion and when it gets down to it will do the right thing.
  14. I don't think so, from what i gather the Lord Ruler changed them so they had a greater chance to survive the new climate but not in a way they had to be dependent on it. Don't remember if you at that point but there is an epigraph that mentions the Ash is not normal ash. Other than there is something at the end of the book that might provide better answers.