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  1. I just remembered that someone asked about the whole movie deal thing, and Brandon gave a more thorough explanation. What happened is that DMG, which is a chinese company, came to him first about the Emperor's Soul, because they wanted to make stuff that has more asian characters and they wanted to do it in hollywood because Hollywood's seriously lacking in representation of asians. So he sold that to them first, and then they called him back a couple months later asking about the entire cosmere. At that time, Mistborn was still optioned by another group, but brandon sold all the other stuff, and they started on Way of Kings right away, and then as soon as Mistborn became available they bought that up so that they had the entire cosmere. And he said that Way of Kings is ahead right now, but Mistborn will likely be first, because it'll be easier to produce and stuff. Also, I asked whether Aluminum blocking investiture is simply an on/off situation, or whether different amounts/different alloys would inhibit it in different degrees, and Brandon said that it was theoretically possible
  2. Ok, so I just got home from the event. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately I didn't record anything, but I can certainly type up the questions that I asked him here. Q: If the technology for 3D printing, CNC milling and the like existed on Sel, would a Forger be able to use it to create stamps, or would they have to do it by hand. A: They would be able to, but since they have to still create the stamps themselves, they'd have to be the ones to model/draw the stamps. (I take that to mean that a forger couldn't just download someone else's stamp and print it out and use it) Q: Does TenSoon look like an Irish Wolfhound (which is how I've seen a lot of people draw him) or more like an actual wolf? A: He looks more like a large wolf-like dog, such as a husky or something (though more wolflike than a husky, he was just using that as an example) Q: Will we ever get some sort of dictionary/guide to Aons or Forging, one that tells us how they're made, with what all the various parts of a seal mean and how we could theoretically design them? A: We might, but it would be a ton of work for him to put together. He compared it to when people ask if we'll ever get the full text of the Way of Kings (the in-universe book) and he said that we might, but all he has is an outline. Q: When a spren changes into a weapon, are they locked into one specific design for that type of weapon? Like, if Syl chose to be a longsword, could she only become that specific longsword? A: no, they can become whatever they want/need. Q: Who has the best and worst handwriting in the cosmere? Hoid's is just terrible, but it can also be really beautiful when he wants to, but Brandon said he didn't have a real answer for this one. Q: Can you tell me anything new about the force or whatever that opposed Adonalsium (this was what I had him answer in my personalization) A: "I would count groups of people as a force"
  3. I'll be there. It's not too bad a drive from Philly, I think.
  4. Out of all the characters in the cosmere, who has the best and worst handwriting?
  5. How many planets are in Scadrial's solar system? What kind of a Command would someone use if they wanted to Awaken a suit of armor? Would they have to Awaken the whole thing as one unit, or do it in separate chunks? How much would it take if it was made of something formerly alive, like the Carapace stuff that Bridge 4 used?