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  1. Literally haven't logged in in months, but since this is going on might as well join in on the hype . . . Gavilar is a lot more cuckoo than I anticipated.
  2. Well, Eshonai might be a bit of a missing persons case right now (no body!) but perhaps Rlain might still . . .
  3. I would reckon that, as a scholar on such matters, Khriss may have more in-depth knowledge on the mechanics of investiture, various planets' biospheres, etc. The sciency stuff. But Hoid would know enough to get by from past experience alone, and he almost certainly knows history better. Especially pre-shattering knowledge . . .
  4. Well the blade's cutting and plate's self-protection are active whether you like it or not, but I'm not sure the physical strength enhancements could actually work (so the plate is too heavy anyway) and the blade needs a soul to bind to for obvious reasons.
  5. Interfacing with cognitive aspects would logically be an innate function of Transformation (which causes soulcasting), and popping your senses over there to pick out the aspect seems like the most intuitive way for a surgebinder to experience it. Soulcasting can't really be completely cheap but clearly one fabrial's worth of infused gemstones is enough to get the job done several times in a row on simple changes. Elsecalling to its full limit would entail using up massive amounts of power to instantaneously create a perpendicularity and force your physical aspect through, and I don't think even the books have shown it done it more than . . . once? They don't even directly mention it, because the viewpoint character didn't know it happened.
  6. The way I'm kind of seeing it, while feruchemy does sort of preserve parts of your innate investiture (or whatever they actually use for odd things like muscle mass and calories), it outright separates them from you in the process to store them externally. Preservation through a ruinous means. Allomancy keeps your innate investiture completely untouched and is if anything trying to plug investiture into a gaping hole that was left in your soul (which does actually damage your soul further if continuously flared, but user error can't really be blamed for things like this). Hemalurgy being the indisputable one that just tears souls apart.
  7. . . . but the microorganisms on the sand ARE the plants. So they're clearly supernatural from the start regardless of the water.
  8. I saw nothing in the paragraph to suggest the water is invested. The ability to transfer bodily water into the plant seems fairly supernatural, but the phenomenon seems inherent to the plant. Wouldn't be the first time a species in the cosmere involves investiture-drawing bonds as part of its life cycle. We have a whole planet's worth of those on Roshar, though those are fauna and not flora.
  9. Uh, not at all really. There's nothing suggesting that allomantically unviable metal doesn't glow. I mean the vast majority of metal isn't allomantically viable. The strictness of composition is so high that I doubt anything but gold could possibly work straight out of the ground. Yet entire mines can glow.
  10. To begin with Allomancy basically does not mess with innate investiture of the person. Souls or what have you. Whether you kill your physical body using it is a completely different problem entirely; you can burn the right metals and still die from misuse stemming from sheer idiocy. Burning the metal is what shapes power, so it's still part of using the ability. It is merely a heavily automated aspect. If you mess up even something this basic I imagine Hoid facepalming somewhere out there. On that note, Mistings can't seem to burn at all past a certain margin of error in chemical makeup. Mistborn literally have all "safeties" off in this regard, and since they're a naturally all but impossible irregularity using them to judge the system hardly seems fair.
  11. That's . . . almost a given to be honest. That Roshar was Adonalsium's creation. Hell, most things in the cosmere are in that category. With that said massively altering planets or even moving orbits is not very difficult for Shards, assuming they actually know enough astrophysics to do it without ruining it all.
  12. One is a very painfully distorted human-ish thing from what I can tell, while Midnight Essence seems very much like what the name suggests; jet black and filled with/made from smoke.
  13. The problem with gold feruchemy being that as far as physical bodies work, conscious thought is logically connected to the head, so the body being able to tap at all with no head would be bizarre compared to making the head grow a body. Reconnecting a severed head should be simple though, but you'll probably have to do it mid-severing before your head comes clean off.
  14. Well, they were untouched the first time and somehow didn't burn to death or die from breathing ash or anything. Harmony could've figured they'd be fine as a population for all we know. Sure, civilization would likely crumble and most of them dead. But hey, nothing new for them after the first orbital shift.
  15. Doesn't ettmetal actually deplete somewhat though? I was under the impression that it did. Also, using metallic arts as the basis of technology, while allowing for many otherwise difficult or impossible feats, would make you more reliant on metal production and supply than industry based on natural sciences (which still uses absurd amounts of course, but your vehicles won't stop running because the local iron mine went dry while electricity and gas would carry on fine). Actually, past a certain point of development, wouldn't their metal industry need more metal itself to use even more metallic arts to mine metal fast enough to keep up? They probably use more than the north by a significant margin. Where ettmetal comes from notwithstanding.