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  1. Hoid has Perfect Pitch, he almost certainly has breath to spare. Plus I wouldn't put it past him having developed the trick. Just because you're on a planet with stormlight doesn't mean you have to use it for everything. Especially if you haven't figured out how.
  2. He's apparently tried, and hasn't figured it out, IIRC. I imagine it shouldn't be impossible but . . . well science doesn't find the one way something works until you get over the thousand ways where it doesn't.
  3. Using Breath to sustain himself was, to my knowledge, the primary reason he came to Roshar in the first place.
  4. Do we actually know voidbinding uses voidlight explicitly? The Fused seem to use surges with voidlight as well . . .
  5. "Found that he couldn't be bitter" does not at all refer to finding bitterness. It refers to finding out that he couldn't feel bitterness from seeing what he did, in spite of expecting to have felt as such.
  6. He's a big mystery close to the most central mysteries of a canon that has had enough mysteries to attract a community of theory-loving fans.
  7. Adhesion does in fact function based on pressure and vacuum as its basis for sticking things. It's a pretty bad name, but then again "lashings" cover two completely different surges outright, so I suspect they originated from people who never studied their powers in depth . . .
  8. I thought it was established fact?
  9. Literally haven't logged in in months, but since this is going on might as well join in on the hype . . . Gavilar is a lot more cuckoo than I anticipated.
  10. Well, Eshonai might be a bit of a missing persons case right now (no body!) but perhaps Rlain might still . . .
  11. I would reckon that, as a scholar on such matters, Khriss may have more in-depth knowledge on the mechanics of investiture, various planets' biospheres, etc. The sciency stuff. But Hoid would know enough to get by from past experience alone, and he almost certainly knows history better. Especially pre-shattering knowledge . . .
  12. Well the blade's cutting and plate's self-protection are active whether you like it or not, but I'm not sure the physical strength enhancements could actually work (so the plate is too heavy anyway) and the blade needs a soul to bind to for obvious reasons.
  13. Interfacing with cognitive aspects would logically be an innate function of Transformation (which causes soulcasting), and popping your senses over there to pick out the aspect seems like the most intuitive way for a surgebinder to experience it. Soulcasting can't really be completely cheap but clearly one fabrial's worth of infused gemstones is enough to get the job done several times in a row on simple changes. Elsecalling to its full limit would entail using up massive amounts of power to instantaneously create a perpendicularity and force your physical aspect through, and I don't think even the books have shown it done it more than . . . once? They don't even directly mention it, because the viewpoint character didn't know it happened.
  14. The way I'm kind of seeing it, while feruchemy does sort of preserve parts of your innate investiture (or whatever they actually use for odd things like muscle mass and calories), it outright separates them from you in the process to store them externally. Preservation through a ruinous means. Allomancy keeps your innate investiture completely untouched and is if anything trying to plug investiture into a gaping hole that was left in your soul (which does actually damage your soul further if continuously flared, but user error can't really be blamed for things like this). Hemalurgy being the indisputable one that just tears souls apart.
  15. . . . but the microorganisms on the sand ARE the plants. So they're clearly supernatural from the start regardless of the water.