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  1. I can see Feruchemists with being able to store Weight, Senses, Warmth, Wakefulness, Breath, Determination, Nutrition and Age they might as well store for their whole lives then send one out in a pressured capsule in a general direction. Feruchemy has so many uses
  2. I can definitely see what you're saying, and am half there... but Elhokar charging the Chasmfiend in TWoK seemed to me like something pretty adventurous/erratic to do. All in all though, we haven't really seen enough of Elhokar to determine what radiant order he'd be in (if he is in one at all).
  3. I understand, trying to not spoil is like..... avoiding the temptation to have a cookie, I'm actually lending out three books (WoK, Steel heart AND Mistborn)you know you're a sanderfan when you compare cookies to.... well anything really
  4. You know you're a Sanderfan when you spent copious amounts of time trying to get your friends who don't read at all to read Sanderson. (and succeed)
  5. Windrunners do, it mentions it in WoR, Kaladin was already talented from what I can tell, the bond just amplified it.
  6. I seem to recall a time when that Jedi precognition failed.... Execute order 66....Also, even though it was mentione Windrunners get a serious combat skill buff simply by being wind runners. Also I don't think anyone has really brought in the factor of where they're fighting. I lean towards the Shardblade for various reasons, but I think this is turning into a Radiants vs Jedi post at this point.
  7. Alright, it looks like the wiki hadn't been updated for a bit. Do you know if he means bonding as in being able to summon it (we saw Szeth summon it, so definitely the bond does that), or that it is possible to unlock the power that I assume the Heralds could achieve with an Honorblade, though they may just be more powerful in a sense.
  8. He's already made a semi-amazonian/tropical type story, it's called Sixth of the Dusk, while it may be a short story it's pretty awesome (as with all of Brandons work). Welcome to 17th Shard!
  9. Sorry to nitpick, but on the Stormlight archive it stated this; Similarly, at a book signing, Brandon stated that a Honorblade cannot be bonded to anyone; only given.This raises the question though: What does an Honorblade do when bonded? I assume that this is how the Heralds threatened the potential Radiants into the order (seen that somewhere, can't find the source though). As for the question you actually asked, I can simply say that during the fight between Kaladin and Szeth at the end of WoR seemed pretty evenly matched, with the exception being Szeth consuming more stormlight.
  10. Huh, maybe-do they come in double [spiked] chocolate? thanks though, guys
  11. What I suppose could be done is that the Steelrunner could have the gun made mostly of aluminum, but have a little open-up compartment to an inner core of steel. Not sure, but I believe that anything coated by aluminum is protected from allomancy, this raises the question of how a large an aluminum hat must be to prevent the effects of emotional allomancy.
  12. Granted- Your bane is to see all things your mind define as letters or words upside-down I wish to be able to understand why people say a statement, and all the thought behind it.
  13. Hi! Well I'm doing a post on introductions. Fun times, anyways you may have seen a couple posts by me (Forgot this was a thing). I've lurked around a bit, unsure really what to post on and what not to post on. My favorite series include: everything Brandon has written so far and... actually I don't have too much of an opinion on other books anymore.. some other Epic Fantasy? Anyways, I'm here.
  14. Hmm, Calamity. I think (if The Reckoners turn out to be in the cosmere) that it would be the result of someone collecting Odium and Endowment and putting them together, but maybe not Odium...? I think we just don't know enough about Odiums exact intent.... I.E. what does he hate? Everything? People? Life? We have very little idea.
  15. To mess with our minds, as per usual. Quite honestly though, I think what occurred was that whatever this force was, either attacked or was attacked by Adolnasium, and they both kept pushing until both of them shattered. This is assuming the opposing force to Adolnasium was a being capable of being shattered, or it was suicide, or PERHAPS it was something similar to the recreance, after which the force swept him away. This raises the question though, Where did that force go?