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  1. I believe that's what in the current text, yes. I guess I'm wondering if it's possible he changed it while retooling the story.
  2. With all the names that begin with Va and "Aether of Night" showing up in the State of the Sanderson for the first time in years, could it be possible that Aether takes place on Vax? And he's trying to work it into the cosmere before he does anything with "Aether" officially? Is there any other possible evidence for this? How about against it? Thoughts?
  3. Wait, why can't Kelsier have gotten a physical body somehow, done his Sovreign duties down south, and then gone back into the Cognitive Realm and wish per in Wax's ear. He wouldn't have to lose his body to go to the CR, as world hoppers have been going there for years and not dying. Also, supposedly there's a shard pool somewhere near where he built his temple, in the southern mountains.
  4. WoB are unclear whether atium has regenerated or not. I don't think anyone's asked him lately because it was RAFO'd last time.
  5. I think that Hoid wants to splinter Odium and kill Rayse. We don't know what he has against him, but Rayse didn't sound like a very savory person prior to becoming a Vessel. Again, that's from Hoid's perspective, however. I don't know how he'll do it, probably with the help of the KR and any other groups he can get to help him, but I think we'll see Odium splintered and Rayse dead at the end of Book X.
  6. So, what does that say about worldhoppers? That they've cut off all Connection with their own planet? Or is it harder for Scadrians because they were a shard-created people?
  7. I guess I really need to watch it. I didn't know merely mentioning a place that isn't even in the novella in the title was a spoiler. I'll be really careful in the future.
  8. I just wondered if anyone had a guess, based on some aons or something.
  9. So, Yolen is now hidden somehow in the cosmere and Khriss is searching for it. Could this be her main motivation for all her travel and info gathering? Is Yolen her end-goal?
  10. Wait,, do we know what I R E stands for?
  11. I'd agree, but for 'Realm' being capitalized. That bespeaks cosmere significance to me.
  12. Aren't we supposed to be getting one in the Short Fiction collection this fall? Did say that in a post somewhere or was that at a signing?
  13. My bad. I definitely didn't read the post before posting myself. That's all on me.
  14. I literally am just at that part, so I don't know if she shows up again or not, but. Who else thinks that's Khriss? Nazh is also on Scadrial at this time. He's the haunted man in the broadsheets.