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  1. Someone should ask Brandon if mistspren are due to you-know-what (the mists) bleeding over from Scadrial's Cognitive Realm, and taking sapient form because that's what happens on Roshar.
  2. I kind of wonder if this absence is going to be very relevant for one particular reason: [Humans] cannot hear Roshar. The exact implications of that are probably going to be significant, which is probably why it was introduced so late into the book, which I'll wager is tied to Venli and Rlain's roles. There's also another "little" problem that will undoubtedly arise that will draw the focus heavily on the non-Fused singers: Ba-Ado-Mishram.
  3. The reason I claim Navani potentially bonding with the Nightwatcher, is that she's encouraging talents in other people. Cultivating their expertise, you might say. She has been gaterhing people to work together, using their personal gifts, knowledge, talents, and so on, to accomplish goals. The biggest demonstration of this would be in her proposals for how Azir and Thaylenah would fit in to the coalition. "You guys are good at this, you can use it this way." Fabrial science is the most prominent way she's done this, but Oathbringer showed it's not just 'for science' with how she operates. She even encourages people to defer to others' expertise, in that coalition meeting. A boon ('you get sovereignty over this') and a curse ('but you'll accept that they get to do that'). On a completely different note, I have this strange feeling that the Sibling is going to be a conjoined twin; half Honor, half Cultivation. I find it strange that the Stormfather says "There is … a third sibling. They are not with us." Why plural, since the subject of that response was the Sibling?
  4. Honestly, I see Navani as more likely to be a Bondsmith with the Nightwatcher (since the Nightwatcher is basically confirmed by the Stormfather to be the second 'god spren'). Navani plants the ideas, stimulates mental development, looks at the underlying structure to see how it works and will develop. Dare I say, she "cultivates" joint innovation and discovery. Her behaviors have been rather along the lines of the Second Ideal that Dalinar swore, albeit in a more subtle way. I say this with the understanding that I'm making a very big assumption that Bondsmiths have similar Ideals. I suspect the underlying themes are the same (unity), but the Siblings each have their own very different interpretation on how that is accomplished. That said, it's still just as likely she could potentially end up bonded to the Sibling, but there's so much we don't know about the third Sibling that it's really us shooting in the dark. For one, why did the Sibling go dormant? The gemstone (Stormlight?) archive suggests the Sibling did not choose to do so, but something led to it. So many questions, and so many years before answers.
  5. That's not the same though. Those who fall in battle (because they couldn't be saved, perhaps?) versus those who have been ignored and cast aside by their peers is the distinction I'm making.
  6. Or it's far more tragic: I will remember the fallen.
  7. My personal thought is that Spiritual Progression helps repair damage caused by the Unmade, and various other things. I also wouldn't be surprised if it could be used to prevent someone from becoming a candidate for a Nahel bond. I think a better answer would be that it functions similarly (but not exactly) to Allomantic aluminum.
  8. @StrikerEZ The reason I don't think the bonds themselves are the foci is that Odium's usage of bonds is presumably a "corruption" effect of another system, due to the prevalence of red eyes. This sign doesn't seem to manifest with regards to the Fused utilizing the Surges, which I find rather interesting despite the fact they've fueled some of them via Voidlight. However, it's hard to say here, as the Fused (and Yelig-nar's hosts) have each manifested the red eyes. Venli will likely be the settling point here, being in possession of a bond with Timbre and a Voidspren simultaneously, yet curiously not manifesting red eyes. One of the reasons I say that the Unmade are Voidbinding, is partly because they're Splinters of Odium, and partly because they're doing things that the Surgebinders we've seen so far can't. We haven't seen any indications of anyone's thoughts being easily influenced, to name one very common example. Another would be Sja-anat's ability to Invest other Shard Splinters (spren) and align them (polarize them?) with Odium's Shard. Third: precognition (I'm obviously not counting Renarin). The closest to this would be Shallan drawing scenes of Ash's vandalism and possibly survivors from the Wind's Pleasure, and even then I got the impression of "present" rather than future.
  9. theory

    I'm basically echoing RShara about Ba-Ado-Mishram and how the parshmen were nearly all Spiritually mutilated: Ba-Ado-Mishram Connected with the Listener race (presumably during the so-called False Desolation). Given that the Unmade have a rather heavy touch (virtually all of them "consume" in some manner), I think it's safe to say that this Connection she made was parasitic at best, taking control of them "as Odium once did". Once she was captured, her Connection with them was completely ripped away, leaving nothing but a big gaping scar where their Identity and minds used to be. She "consumed" (overrode) the part of them that facilitated transformation when bonding a spren, and the removal of her presence effectively neutered them, completely severing their Connections. This damage was likely passed on in offspring Cognitive/Spiritual DNA all the way to the present day. The Everstorm repaired that damage. If anything, reading between the lines hints at what Ba-Ado-Mishram's powers and reputation are, as far as human contact is concerned. The folklore about Voidbringers possessing people probably sources back to this particular Unmade.
  10. One comment I want to make pertains to the matter of how everyone is saying "this is a Void version of X". While there's probably a grain of truth to that, I think if we take a step back, one thing makes matters a bit more clear. To do that, I'll just make a direct comparison: The Scadrial system has Metallic Arts. The Roshar system has Surge Arts. As Scadrial's magic systems and science are based on the metals, most Rosharan magic is based on the Surges. Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy are powered by assorted metals. Similarly, Surge Arts are powered by assorted "light". This is consistent with what we've seen with both Radiants and the Fused. We also haven't seen any major alterations with respect to Surgebinding when other Light is powering it. Lashing from a Fused does not seem to differ from a Lashing from a Windrunner or Skybreaker. Also, and more importantly, humanity used the Surges before ever going to the planet Roshar: The one part that's unclear is whether or not humans were Surgebinding while still following Odium. The implication is yes (because the Fused can use Surgebinding, and they are Invested by Odium), but it could also be they had to "learn how" after humans gained Surgebinding from spren reverse engineering the Honorblades... which muddies the timeline a bit. Anyway, I'm not trying to say 'Void Tension' or the like don't exist, but I think saying something like that is like calling bronze "the detection metal" when we know that isn't the whole story about it, magically speaking. Its core state is bronze, but what it does is going to matter on which system is using it. Right now, we've seen Surgebinding as one of those systems; directly using the Surge for a given effect. I suspect the Unmade are still the primary practicants of Voidbinding currently*, and even then I suspect that some of their powers technically source from the Surges if not a mixture of multiples of them. Arcanum Unbound does more than hint that there's mix-and-matching going on. Just from what we've seen and "been told" (quotes because some of that is second hand so I consider it untrustworthy in the first place ;)), we can assign certain Surges to some of what the Unmade are reputed to do: Yelig-nar** -- Connection to all 10 Surges -> Spiritual Adhesion or all ten Ashertmarn -- Emotional fixation -> Cognitive Gravitation ("gravitates"/"pulls" you to a specific emotion) Moelach -- Precognition -> Illumination Sja-anat -- Enlightenment -> Transformation Re-Shephir -- Midnight Essence -> Cohesion, Tension Ba-Ado-Mishram -- Adhesion, Transformation (Connection forming, "facilitating forms of power") So yeah, I think there's a bit more going on with the Roshar system. * I'm not going into Renarin because he's in a very unique position. Also, I would say it's likely that the Fused we haven't seen yet "awakened" are going to demonstrate Voidbinding, to say nothing of the role of the Unmade with respect to the listeners and possibly humans. ** Yelig-nar is weird. It's hard to say whether he is controlling the individual who ate the gemstone (implied to be possible by Odium) and using the Surges directly through the surrogate, or if he's just simply providing power (Connecting the person to those Surges) at the cost of corroding away the imbiber's soul.
  11. I think the major question with the Diagram, is whether Cultivation can tamper with Taravangian at will without being detected, since the Nightwatcher "blessed" him. Having her super spren do things that open people up to Cultivation's influence (while it looks like the Nightwatcher's work) would be rather sneaky, to me. In other words, the Nightwatcher's blessing is a Trojan horse, and I mean that in almost every respect (including and especially the computer science definition). I definitely like the idea that the Diagram is basically an extraordinary ruse, though.
  12. I thought it was pretty clear that it was Yelig-nar:
  13. It's from an interlude in The Way of Kings.
  14. We can answer at least one of the things that was different from then vs the present: Then The Fused were forced back to Damnation when killed. (This is implied in Part II.) When the Heralds broke, the Fused gradually came from Damnation to Roshar, but not all of them immediately. The Unmade were presumably all freed and able to do their thing, including certain forms of power. Now The Fused return with each Everstorm, rather than one death each. The Everstorm brought them to Roshar, rather than the Fused making the trip back themselves. The parshmen were unable to accept bonds with the Fused; the Everstorm had to repair the damage first in order for the process to occur. The Unmade are not all running rampant; some of them are/were imprisoned. Ba-Ado-Mishram is at the top of the list for why this matters. Forms of power are more limited in occurrence. Now, as far as what Jasnah learned from Wit, I will wager there's quite a bit that we won't see until her book. Among those (and this is strictly me guessing): Pre-Odium humanity and Roshar. The Dawnshards What's really happening with Dalinar. Is he still a Bondsmith? A Sliver? Something else? The 411 about Adonalsium.