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  1. I think it's either Dalinar telling the Nightwatcher, or someone telling one of the Unmade (or Unmade-controlled listener/human) that.
  2. So after reading all this, I just have one question to whomever: Anyone want to wager on Kaladin finding out firsthand where Nergaoul is? I think it's pretty obvious the listeners are being guided toward one of the Unmade so as to be properly shackled and transformed by their "gods", and the most likely candidate for the Alethkar region would be Nergaoul (because of the Thrill's strength). For the next topic, I'm going to go with pridespren for the 'species' of Voidspren that speaks to Kaladin. The reason has to do with her overall mannerisms in how she treats Kaladin. It would also explain how she found these listeners, because it's very clear that they think themselves as better than slaves for sure.
  3. Pretty much. She said as much during WoR as well when she created the illusion of herself curled up and ... empty inside, in effect showing who she really is. However, she doesn't want to admit to herself that's who and what she is, so she lies to herself by way of saying "I'm this person", even though it's nothing more than a mask. She buries the broken and emotionally destroyed version of herself with lies about who she is, via adopting personae. Even "Shallan" is a lie, the quotes signifying that we're still seeing a facade, one that she's corroborated somewhat (again in WoR) "in the name of survival." The problem that Pattern is tuning into ("can't you tell?") is that she's taking it too far, building a web of lies around the truth at her core and trying to pass it off to herself as the real deal, enough so that she's even starting to question whether she's deluded herself in other matters. In other words, interpreting actual truths (memories of things she's done) as if they were fraudulent as well. "Did I tell myself this is what happened when it didn't?"
  4. While I logically think Ialai Sadeas or the Ghostbloods are the most likely, I had to click on the 'Adolin doesn't know it yet' option, because something's niggling at me but I need more time to brood on it.
  5. Not a squire, no, but something specific to Bondsmiths that could only happen with Dalinar. I think it's more related to the Bondsmith's Resonance/Order-specific ability. I'm of a mind that they can literally make binding oaths, especially if the other party reciprocates.
  6. Something I found interesting was the nature of the wedding ceremony. It was literally an exchange of oaths, before a being who is effectively the arbiter of the system of Radiant advancement. Anyone want to go on a limb with me and say that a bond was forged between Dalinar and Navani, and that there will be interesting side-effects from it? (For example, one knowing where the other is.)
  7. One thing I will say in passing is that with the confirmation of the Unmade numbering nine, you can probably categorize them in groups of three: Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual forms of destruction. Physical - Yelig'nar, Re'Shephir, ??? Cognitive - Sja'anat? Dai'gonarthis? Nergaoul? Spiritual - Moelach, ???, ???
  8. Jasnah already seems to know where the Kholinar Oathgate is. This info is buried in Words of Radiance in one of Shallan's later chapters, however I don't have the exact quote on hand at the moment. Also, nine shadows to destroy them all, and in the Void bind them. Because I'm totally wanting to make Tolkien references.
  9. My answer to this poll was 'multiple choice'. I know I won't be able to get it on Day One, because our primary bookstore (Hastings) went out of business and so there's nothing to fill the void. This means I'll have to see if I can get it delivered from ordering online, and that'll take time. Cue the need for placing a hold at the library, answer number two. This is what I had to do for Arcanum Unbound; the library had it ready before my order arrived. >_>
  10. I did say it was wild speculation, didn't I? But yes, I too think it was an arranged marriage; I just wish we knew more about Restares in general, since he seems to be heavily in the Vorin-Alethi pot.
  11. If we want to go down the speculation path of the hints to the end of the series, I think it's been given in a much more obvious manner: a Death Rattle. A ketek Death Rattle, to be more precise. I feel it has answers in it, but I haven't really set about putting my inner rambling to cohesive thought (forum posts) yet.
  12. I've been meaning to post a topic about Aesudan for a while, but I haven't been able to really come up with anything aside from a VERY wild piece of speculation/theorizing, that being: Is Queen Aesudan the daughter of Restares? There have been two major points that have led me in this direction: 1) The fact that Aesudan is clearly of high standing in Alethi/lighteyed society, and that she thinks VERY highly of herself and "proper" behavior (ref. her reaction to drunken Dalinar in WoR's prologue). 2) Jasnah and the ardent Pai both consider her a threat, in their own ways. For Jasnah, she found and recruited a notorious assassin to be a spy and sleeper on this woman. For Pai, she considers the queen of Alethkar unsuitable for her position, self-indulgent, and more (which apparently has to do with Odium's influence, which probably means one of the Unmade working on her over time*). And yet, she was the one that was allowed to marry Elhokar. I say "allowed" because I get the feeling that convincing Gavilar (and especially Navani) was at best an uphill climb... if it wasn't an arranged marriage. Her standing in society (to say nothing of the dowry) was the prime factor, but it doesn't strike me as unheard of for a marriage to serve as an agreement between two parties for something completely different. If anything, a "proper Vorin marriage" would only legitimize the Sons of Honor more in the eyes of the Alethi, indirectly. * Any takers on it being the same one that was corrupting Lin Davar?
  13. I'm thinking it's because it has ALL of the Orders' glyphs on it, which is being implied to be ... distinctive. Off the top of my head, we haven't seen any other Shardblades with that characteristic.
  14. I've been wondering about this, but I had virtually no ideas as to its significance. My only serious thought on the subject had to be discarded due to the "Bondsmiths never had Shards" statement.
  15. If Jasnah is on the front cover, will we see Dalinar on the interior art as we did with Kaladin/Shallan for Words of Radiance?