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  1. We can answer at least one of the things that was different from then vs the present: Then The Fused were forced back to Damnation when killed. (This is implied in Part II.) When the Heralds broke, the Fused gradually came from Damnation to Roshar, but not all of them immediately. The Unmade were presumably all freed and able to do their thing, including certain forms of power. Now The Fused return with each Everstorm, rather than one death each. The Everstorm brought them to Roshar, rather than the Fused making the trip back themselves. The parshmen were unable to accept bonds with the Fused; the Everstorm had to repair the damage first in order for the process to occur. The Unmade are not all running rampant; some of them are/were imprisoned. Ba-Ado-Mishram is at the top of the list for why this matters. Forms of power are more limited in occurrence. Now, as far as what Jasnah learned from Wit, I will wager there's quite a bit that we won't see until her book. Among those (and this is strictly me guessing): Pre-Odium humanity and Roshar. The Dawnshards What's really happening with Dalinar. Is he still a Bondsmith? A Sliver? Something else? The 411 about Adonalsium.
  2. This is the exact scene from Words of Radiance regarding the Shardblade that isn't Taln's Honorblade: This Blade isn't mentioned in Oathbringer to my recollection.
  3. Hat(e)ium.
  4. It's very likely (per Lhan's interlude, WoR) that by the time the first Everstorm hit Kholinar, that Ashertmarn had taken up residence in Kholinar, or had been imprisoned there and released. When Sja-anat and Yelig-nar entered the picture is the unclear part.
  5. I got three (ironic?) words regarding Nightblood's role: Consuming the Unmade.
  6. It's probably a very simple explanation. Until Bridge Four, Renarin was, and still kind of is, considered different and partly ostracized by the rest of his kind. Plus, he had a form of epilepsy, or a "sickness". Glys is probably in a very similar circumstance, with his Investment changed by one of the Unmade. Syl considered corrupted spren in Kholinar as "His", so Glys is probably in the same boat, even though he's clearly granting similar powers to Renarin as a normal Truthwatcher. I think here's it's clearly an attraction of Renarin and Glys being two peas in a pod, on top of the normal criteria. Now, on the subject of how this affects things, Glys being 'Enlightened', I think it's going to prove to be more in the nature of enhancing the regular repertoire, that he can do more with those Surges. Part of the reason why I don't agree with him 'Voidbinding' Illumination, that he has half-and-half, is that he's sourcing it with Stormlight still, at least he did so in Thaylen City. (This is explicitly stated on p1181 in the hardback.) I'm talking his general uses for it and Progression, not his precognitive visions. The other reason is that I think Voidbinding is something completely different from the Surges. We've clearly seen the Fused fuel the same Surges that humans get, albeit powering them with Voidlight, but their general effects haven't really been different from Stormlight-fueled Surges. They can Lash themselves and others; they can manipulate friction with 'Slickness' as Lift does with Abrasion. In other words, I think the Fused we've seen are the counterparts of the Radiants and have identical powers. We have not, however, seen any Fused rapidly changing forms or anything like in the WoR songs about the forms of power. From the sounds of it, it's the Unmade that cause this to happen, and they are where we're going to see Voidbinding rear its head. Could Renarin be a nascent Voidbinder, due to Glys? Sure, it's very possible, but aside from the precognition I don't think we've seen him do it yet. One thing I hope someone asks Brandon, is about whether there is a fundamental difference in the Surges the Fused and Radiants use, and whether the Fused Surgebinding are just using Voidlight as the power source.
  7. Yeah, I thought it was pretty clear it was Venli, just based on what she thinks throughout a good portion of the book, to say nothing of what happens to her at the end of her interludes.
  8. This is my assessment too, as it sounds like Odium is largely barred from tampering with the world when the Oathpact is still in force and preventing the Fused and more from unleashing on the world. That said, Odium does seem to have some control over the Unmade, which makes sense as they're Splinters of his Shard and the Vessel is Cognitively intact. I don't think he micromanages who is affected by the Thrill (since it goes for everything from the looks of it), but there is evidence Odium can nudge the Unmade to do things: Sja-anat states she was "compelled" to touch/Enlighten the spren of the Kholinar Oathgate. She seems to be mostly in control of her actions, and even lies to Odium from the sound of it (or lies about lying for her own ends), but she still corrupted the Oathgate all the same. Nergaoul's and Yelig-nar's presence at Thaylen City was a bit too coincidental, to say nothing of Nergaoul being yanked fully into the Physical Realm and going straight for the Alethi troops to open them to being bonded-and-controlled.
  9. Urithiru existed well before the last Desolation, though. That's pretty much fact from the visions Dalinar had. The point I'm trying to make, or perhaps the question I want people to answer, is would it have been "expected" for Urithiru to contain accurate depictions of the Heralds?
  10. I personally had thought the drawings of the Heralds had actually been due to Shallan recreating what was found in the core of Urithiru: I don't see Urithiru having false depictions of what the Heralds look like, do you? Of course, Ash's viewpoint suggesting that Midius had personally drawn them, and distributed them, does lend weight to it being Hoid.
  11. theory

    This is what I've been wondering about myself, as well. Iri seems to have a fixation on reading the tides and whatnot, so this interlude was rather surprising to introduce and made a bit more sense with respect to Cusicesh having a water motif. It made me wonder if we'll be seeing human souls that can't die, that were Invested by Odium. I have to go looking for the specific page, but there was a mention somewhere about how the Origin might well be a seal of its own.
  12. My vote is actually going to Dai-gonarthis, but I'm still working on notes for why I say this. It's an upcoming thread/theory of mine, because I think we have a bit of evidence on how Dai-gonarthis influences people, now.
  13. Yes. - She had a wreath of black smoke start winding around her and began growing amethyst crystals throughout her body. She even says "Yelig-nar serves me." - Amaram was given "a proper housing for Yelig-nar", which was a smokestone he swallowed. - Amaram exhibited the same smoke-like aura and crystal growth as Aesudan.
  14. Honestly, I'm thinking Adonalsium isn't as dead as the participants of the Shattering thinks. Dalinar likely did something that only Adonalsium was able to do, which is my personal guess. We haven't(?*) seen any indications a Shard can create a perpendicularity at will. I believe Syl calls it Honor's Perpendicularity because it was Connecting the Physical and Cognitive Realms to Honor's power in the Spiritual Realm. Either that or that's what came flooding through since Dalinar was using Honor's Surges to do it. I'm curious if Brandon will give details on what specifically happened here, but something strongly says "not gonna happen". * I have not had time to read literally every cosmere book / novella / story yet, so I could very easily be wrong here.
  15. I think we have the answer to this too, which I'm planning on posting about some time or other soon. That being: the story of The Girl Who Looked Up. I think this basically describes humanity's change from Odium to Honor and the beginning of expansion throughout Roshar.