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  1. Last night, there was a breach discovered in a large number of sites including Cloudflare. Some major sites, such as Discord, Uber, and Yelp use Cloudflare. In total, there were up to about 4.5 million domains that could have been affected. Luckily, it appears that Google discovered the leak and informed Cloudflare before the hackers discovered the bug, so the number of sites actually affected seem to be minimal. To search for potentially affected sites, you can go to this website and search up any sites that were potentially affected. It's been recommended that you change your passwords on all the Cloudflare based domains you can think of/remember, just to be safe instead of sorry, as there are a residual number of password folders, etc., that have been residually been left on search browsers such as Google and Bing as a result of this leak. Note: The Shard does use Cloudflare, but I got confirmation from the admins, who got confirmation from Cloudflare, that the Shard was not affected by this leak. P.S. For those who don't really understand what Cloudflare is, or want to know more about the Cloudbleed leak, this provides a relatively good explanation. Or, for the more technically minded, you can read Cloudflare's official statement.
  2. This ends right as I get back - I'll sign up as 39214, the agent that has a bizarre fascination with the greatest apparel known to man - the bow tie. He has bow ties of every variety - both non-lethal, and... well. Nont-non-lethal. Because lets face it. Bow ties are cool. Clarifications: How will you count the 100 words? Ifwewriteonegiganticwordwithnospacesdoesthatcountasmanywordsorone? Will you allow strategies and analysis to be posted before the game and before you know your alignment? I'm not completely sure I understand "C" - If A's regular PM's are with B and... D, say. They may or may not also have a special contacts/Elim PM with E. If C redirects A's PM to F, will that close B's,D's, or E's PM's? Will it not work unless A creates a PM with someone that turn? Or if someone creates a PM with A that turn? 'Scuse the tired idiot not understanding... Is the thread told who voted for who in the GM writeups? If the Bureaucrat tries to cut off A's PM, and asks for the PM to be cut off with B, but A doesn't have a PM with B, does their action do nothing, or does it still cancel a random PM between A and someone else? If it does nothing, is the Bureaucrat informed of this? Other notes: The Double Agents get a Doc to discuss in?! o.o (Sheep - Also, I'd ask Alv or an experienced GM whether they think this rule - or any other rule, for that matter - is unbalanced.) Hmmm... there are a couple other things I'd say here, pending your answer on the strategies and analysis thing. Dunno.
  3. Sorry... Although... You really think you can kill me? I had protection yesterday... You really think I don't have protection today? Or I won't tonight? Humans... So predictable. *sigh I'll let you in on a little secret. Right now, the earliest you can kill me is Night 9 (Well, actually, we can control all the Night kills right now, so Day 10, really, but let's be optimistic her). The game is currently on track to end Night 8. It could end this turn, even, if only @Arinian sides with us in the lynch today. Survival? The quicker this game ends, the less likely it is you're caught in the crosshairs by Odium or someone else. We're promising to make the game end this turn, which is better for both of us. I think we should kill Dalinar Kholin. I'd put reasoning and all, except I'm kind of an eliminator, and I'm also busy, so I can't be bothered.
  4. Gah. Sorry. Went out, and then came back and was being lazy. I don't think it's wise to reveal too much about what roles we have - I don't want the Hoidites targeting any more of us - but we have an Awakener who scanned all of them. Doc made our investment fail, but showed up as a Nalthian non-Shard, which means they had to be Hoid (note: due to RL reasons noted below, I'll advise going for Len and Alv first so Doc has a chance to defend themselves - I didn't know there was RL stuff going on when I started this post). Alv we were less certain about - they showed up as a Rosharan Shard - which could either be Cultivation - in which case why would they imply Mage would be Cultivation, unless they had an ulterior motive for doing so? Odium, we discounted fairly early, because it seemed to be up in the wind, and we didn't think Alv would be inactive if they had a kill role to use. Len was marked as a Selish Shard, which meant with Devotion Shattered, they must have had Dominion, which we'd suspected was in the hands of the Hoidites anyway. Then Len also pulls this out of their hat today to try and get me lynched. That, combined with the fact that they've been voting together quite consistently the past few cycles has made us relatively certain about their alignments. There are a couple others we suspect - we're waiting to see how they vote and react in thread to confirm or possibly deny our suspicions. Odium - target Alv, please - he has a Shard, and he's a Hoidite. 2 problems solved in 1. Actually, he's also Alv, so make that 3 problems solved in 1. Then we have 2 Hoidites out of the way (assuming we can still swing it to Len today), and we can lynch Doc tomorrow when he gets back. Hopefully, by that stage, I'll be able to get back to you on the other Hoidites. Unrelated to everything above, Doc just posted on Discord, and wanted someone to pass on that he probably won't be able to post at all tomorrow due to a RL tragedy for a friend of his.
  5. Wow... Much of a bandwagon, anyone? OK, so people don't believe me. Fine. And, for the record, I don't think Hoid is Elenion himself - he probably got converted at some point. If it's not too late, lynch Len the moment my alignment is revealed, followed by their buddies Doc and Alv, and... 2 others, who we haven't worked out yet. If you don't believe me, just look at their voting patterns the last few cycles, and you'll see they consistently voted with each other... We think Doc is the most likely to be Hoid right now, but it could be any of them - we're not exactly sure. Ruin seemed to agree with us though - I imagine Doc used his Survival charge to save himself if he was Hoid. Honour Invested in me last night - that's why Odium's attack had no effect. Honour is in a convert of Autonomy's hands right now. So, yeah. Len, that's how your logic is flawed. I could have been, and was, invested by Honour. Alv - you are not an Autonomite. I was trying to work out whether my suspicion of you was paranoia or real, but your lie just confirmed that for me. Thanks, I guess. You want me to prove my claim? Fine. Autonomy will convert anyone you want tonight. They can confirm that they were converted - and that I am an Automite - this Night Turn. Put your votes in purple.
  6. Elenion. I don't know where this is coming from - the real Hoid, I suspect - but it won't work. Shame on you, trying to get the village to do it’s dirty work for you. We both know I can’t be Hoid, and I don’t know why you’re pretending I am. Part of me wonders why you choose me, of all people, to try and get lynched. My activity is probably part of it - active enough to send in orders, be a nuisance, but not so active that anyone will have a village read on me and want to object to my lynch. What I don’t get is what you get out of it - the game won’t end so quickly that they won’t lynch you, and that puts your team and mine back in equal positions... You know what? Village, here are your choices: I was converted by Autonomy. You can side with the group that can maybe, possibly win with you, or side with the eliminators, who you can’t win with. Your choice...
  7. I guess Drake seems to be the bandwagon of choice. Feels kind of... anticlimactic, and definitely unfair on Drake, but... at least it's only one cycle, and 2 deaths... Drake, I hope you sign up to another game - most of them don't end up like this, as you might have guessed. @little wilson - This was... definitely not the way I'd expected this game to turn out, and it's slightly disheartening, but I am certainly looking forward to seeing how the next iteration unfolds... Hopefully we'll eventually get a version of this game where one or more Eliminators don't reveal and then go on to survive and win the game... That seems to be a bit of an MR10 specialty...
  8. Len - you're right - I have been more inactive lately, rather than less as I'd originally thought. I apologize for that. Part of that is due to unforssen RL stuff coming up, and part of it is just my own laziness, procrastination and nervousness of acting with so little information. This one Cycle delay in information is really throwing me - normally I think I'd have more of an idea as to what's going on, but I have almost no clue. We've actually had a surprisingly low number of deaths (what with only Odium and Ruin intermittently killing), and with the one cycle delay, its even worse. I feel starved of information - but I'll give it a shot 1. Assassin in Burgundy - First of the Game Bandwagonned easily just then, but in general seems relatively uncertain about what's going on. I think if they were an Eliminator, judging from LG25, I think they'd probably hide until it was time to bandwagon at the very last cycle, which its not time for yet, so I'm slightly less suspicious of them for that... But only slightly. Too little to tell. I'd say weak suspicion, mainly because I can't always follow their train of thought in voting habits. 2. Master Elodin - Second of the Signups Don't think they're an Eliminator. They were under scrutiny towards the beginning of the game, and I feel like they reacted as village Elodin would. I think they'd have been a bit more... forceful in their arguments? 3. Jondesu - Quintus 17th Shard Worldhopper Died too early for any connections to be made :/ I looked through Night 1 again, and very little comment was made about Jondesu's death. Didn't especially associate with anyone, nobody seemed to push for their revival... In short, theres nothing here to incriminate anyone else, so far as I can see. 4. AliasSheep - Kelen Taldar Returned Held Devotion. Didn't have any particularly strong views in thread, before apparently using his Breath up for something. Did he say anything to the people in his World PM about his intentions? Who else was with him? 5. Darkness Ascendant - Kaldain Selblessed Inactive. Too little to tell. At least we know they're not lurking and sending in orders - they haven't even been online. Leave them alive - I don't honestly think we can afford 6. A Joe in the Bush - Jack Tormander Returned Agent of Autonomy I don't understand why Joe was converted to Autonomy, knowing he would commit suicide. The only thing I can think of is that Auto thought Joe had information. Maybe Auto thought Joe was 17th Shard, and therefore knew who the Shards were? In which case, I strongly suspect Auto is someone who voted on Joe Day 1. Which coincides with what... someone, sorry I've forgotten who you are, said when they accused Alv of being Autonomy. That's all I could get from here. 7. Doc12 - Silence I've had a bad gut read developing on Doc over the last Cycle or two - I really should have posted before, but I've been busy. I'd like to do a more detailed post analysing Doc's posts... but not right now. Probably one of my top picks for the lynch right now. Either they're a Hoidite or possibly an Automite at best, I think. I find it highly unlikely that they're village. 8. Kynedath - Desten Kyde Inactive Lurker. I'd be OK with killing them, but they said in MR19 that they were on mobile and had RL stuff, so wasn't doing many posts, or lengthy ones. That could explain his behaviour here too. 9. TheMightyLopen - Kaloo Vessel of Odium I also had a relative village read on Lopen. I think Lopen's too good a player to have an obvious champion. Odium, whoever you are, I think the only chance you have of completing your win con right now is to work with the village against the Hoidites. 10. Straw - Malum Farcimen Errr... I think they were pretty clearly the Threnody Shard, by the looks of things. Assuming the Threnody Shard didn't have it's own alignment, they're village. 11. Young Bard - Serol Slightly inactive - will probably work things out 'eventually'... *sigh 12. Magestar - Magestar I'll wait to see Mage's info after it's revealed in the writeup to talk about this. I could break down and explain what it means if Mage were in every faction, but I think I could do better things with my time. One thing I find interesting is that Mage died and then Odium starting killing again - I think it very possible that Mage could have been the Champion of Honor to Lopen, and recieved it after he died. When he passed on, it was moved again and given to someone who actually killed. 13. Alvron - Lorna I agree that Alv is probably Autonomy. Which makes me very nervous, but the Hoidites are the bigger threat at the moment, so I'm hoping that we can side through mutual necessity. Alv, I never thought I'd ask this, but any pieces of information you could reveal, that would be very valuable right now. 14. Dalinar Kholin - Sanya Posted just then in response to a claim of inactivity - they didn't contribute one line of discussion. 15. Harambe - PUNisher Elantrian Nothing that I can see to be learned from this, unfortunately, except that Harambe is a particularly chaotic player. 16. I_am_a_Stick - Stic Not much to say here except a mild gut good read? Dunno. 17. RubiksCube - cubefright archive Not enough to go on, unfortunately. I haven't noticed them playing especially different to how they usually do, but I think it's possible they are an eliminator. Neutral. 18. DroughtBringer - Ralar They've been playing well this game - I don't know if that's a sign that they're getting help, or if I'm just growing paranoid. If this is their own playstyle, then they'll be a player to watch in the future. Weak suspicion. 19. Araris Valerian - Aralis Difficult to tell. Araris has always kept their cards close to their chest. I think they might be slightly more inclined to post either more or less if they were an Eliminator, and I haven't seen either so much, so... Neutral, with a slight evil bias due to paranoia, knowing I probably couldn't catch them if they were an Elim or an Automite. 20. Arinian - Arinian Dunno... Arinian, have you claimed Survival to anyone before this Cycle, like was suggested by Joe? I was in your World PM's the last... 3(?) cycles, and you didn't claim there. I understand being afraid of Odium, but Survival is the easy claim role when you're about to get lynched. 21. Zephrer - Tardeick True inactive. Let them lie - lynching them won't solve anything, except having one less villager to count to the eliminator win con, I imagine. 22. Conquestor - Farallen Oniz Vessel of Preservation Conq's death combined with Sheeps, to me, made me think that Odium was working with the Hoidites, because otherwise it was a very lucky guess. But... there's no sign of further co-operation, which gives me hope. 23. Sart - Sam Trudite Hmmm... I'm slightly suspicious that Sart didn't mention the attack... With the write-up, I think Sart sounds like a Feruchemist. Is that right, Sart? 24. Aonar Faileas - Nilan Izenry Paranoia + Lurkishness makes gives me a slight elim read. Dunno. 25. Elenion - emissary of Mandos I do think Len isn't a Hoidite, assuming they're telling the truth about causing Preservation to leave the game. They still could be an Automite or an Odiumite, but they're not my primary concern right now. 26. Kasimir - Tenth of the Dusk Uhhh... could definitely be evil... Again, someone who I'm slightly paranoid over because I know I couldn't catch them if they were an Eliminator. Pheww.... That took a while. And I didn't find someone to vote for... I think Doc is probably my best bet, but I don't want to do all the analysis now for that, so I'll put a placeholder vote on Kynedath as well until I've prepared my analysis post on Doc. I should get to that in about 8-10 hours or so at most.
  9. I guess I'd better solidify the lynch, just in case... Sart. Now it's just a matter of hoping the vote manips don't strike twice... Also, I think we're going to have a bunch of inactive deaths once rollover comes around. Which, hopefully, will balance the numbers between the factions (and doesn't kill the Bondsmith, hopefully...)
  10. Oh, also Sart, because I just said I was going to go hunting for Diagrammists on the other team first, and I know Lopen, at least, is on my team, so... Sorry Sart... And Wilson, I guess, for a last minute change to the lynch. (I'll warn you if I do that again, Wilson - kind of ran out of time today.)
  11. Continuing on to where I was before... Lightweavers - Not too many ideas here. I'd suggest doing a pointless vote manip. this cycle so we know how many of you there are totally. I'd suggest performing your action swap from someone you trust to someone you don't trust... I feel like I've badgered Wilson with enough questions, but here's one more... What happens if a Lightweaver redirects a scan/PM reading role? Is the scanner told they were redirected, and if so, to whom? Are they still told the scan results of the new player? If you could accidentally alter a scan or PM reading role, then I don't think you should use your action redirection without very good reasons. Where there are cycles with a clear majority, stack up the votes to be doubly sure they get lynched, etc. If you have information that the thread doesn't know, you should act on it, but don't do it recklessly based on mild hunches. Elsecallers - Seriously, if you start messing with dead players alignments, I'll assume the worst - that you're a Diagrammist. Aside from at least one PM maker, I think this is the most likely Diagrammist role in the game. Dual protect/information hider - it's a Diagrammists best friend. If you are by some miracle a village Elsecaller, then stick with protecting your most trusted villager each cycle. Whatever you do, don't hide a players alignment. Surgeon - No real advice... Do your thing - remember to send in actions. Whatever kind of player I think the Diagrammists will attack, they'll change their tactics to avoid attacking one I post, so there's no net gain. Runner - If you know an Edgedancer, team up with them to get words between them and the leader of their faction directly, because its the easiest way to test PM's between players. Also the other role that I most suspect is Diagramm-y, seeing as the Diagram doesn't start with a Doc, they'll need a Runner to communicate (or else dupe the Bondsmith into linking them up, but I think it's a bit unlikely for Wilson to expect that...) Artifabrian - Save it for the late game, I think. This is handy as a protect role if you think a villager with a useful role is about to get attacked - but it only works once. I think throwing it away in the early game is a mistake. Ardent - Same deal as the Lightweavers. Do something that doesn't affect the lynch this cycle (bit late now, I know... Sorry :/ ) to let us know you're there, then try and prevent vote manips if you can. Only actually change the result if you're sure that what you're doing is right. Cook - I'm... honestly not sure about this. Part of me thinks it would be contradictory to support a lynch and not a vig kill, but... you don't learn as much about players opinions from vig kills. In the end, I think it comes down to how good your intuition has been historically, and how strongly you think you're right. Veristapodifjasfum Scholars (seriously, how do you spell that...) - Is this a counter to the Elsecallers? I'm not sure I understand what good this does. Scan the dead, I suppose... If this is a role, then I'm basically now 100% certain that at least one Elsecaller is an Eliminator. Explorer - send in actions & stay alive, I guess. The non-assassinating Assassin - Hmmm... Interesting stuff. I'd like to think about this one some more, but I won't post before rollover if I do it now. So, sorry, and IOU right now. :/ Sorry this whole list wasn't as informative as I was hoping - I think I probably raced through the second half too quickly to be useful, but hopefully this will at least help some of the newer players, and the Radiants, who are the most important roles, at least. If it isn't clear, I am going for the Primary win con first and foremost. That doesn't mean I won't search the other sides team for Diagrammists first (), but I do think that that was the problem with LG23 - everybody ignored the larger threat to stop the smaller one. From what I've seen, MR10 had a similar issue.
  12. I think I'll poke-vote Drought. Alright, time to post some strategies: Bondsmith - My advice? Start PM's with yourself and two players you trust most in the first couple cycles - claim early, use your Adhesion ability to prove to both your targets you're telling the truth. I'll be very annoyed if someone claims Bondsmith just as they're about to get lynched, and then they get lynched because no-one believes them. If one or both the people you claimed to die later on, repeat the process. Your primary goal is to stay alive - avoid the Diagrammists as well as you can, but tell everyone else your win con (easier said than done, I know). Edgedancer - Your friction ability is our best chance of finding a Diagrammist - if the Diagrammists are so nice as to label their PM's as such. Don't claim immediately (which might be a bit late, I know...) - wait 3 cycles or so, targeting a different person each cycle. Once you've done that, offer up what you've seen to your captain/commander/leader (hope that none of them are Diagrammists :/ - I'm not sure how to fix that... Restares/Thaidakar should eventually be able to see whether any of those players should not have PM's together. Although, now I think about it... it's quite likely Wilson would have put a Diagrammist in your chain of command to prevent this exact thing, so... I don't know. Maybe just try and work out as many Diagrammists as you can... Hmmm... Dunno. Wilson, are Edgedancers allowed to self protect? Can they use both actions on the same night? The final option, where the Edgedancer reveals and then hopes that another protect role is protecting them, makes me extremely nervous. I wouldn't put it past Wilson to leave out protect roles or something just to defy expectations... (I mean, the chances of that are extraordinarily unlikely, but it could happen...) I don't have any ideas for you for Progression, sorry. Just... try to keep people alive, I guess. I just discovered that I have to do something now with no notice, so I'll leave this here for now. I think I'll be able to get to all of the Radiant Roles at least tonight, but I'm not sure about the minor roles. Sorry I couldn't do more... Anyway, bye for now.