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  1. If the owners of prominent characters agree with it, I can totally imagine you helping by writing for some important Oregonian figures who have lacked much representation lately. @Kobold King, I swear that I am not directing that at you, it is a general comment on a potential solution, please don't sic your lizards on me.
  2. @Voidus, @Edgedancer, @Kobold King, @Comatose, @Blackhoof, @WarriorMark16, @Quiver, @Aonar Faileas, @Blaze1616, @18th Shard, @Mckeedee123, @Mestiv, @RippleGylf, Hello, hello, however many of you are around. @TwiLyghtSansSparkles's (hopefully) temporary absence has made me realize something: if we want to give WHiO an ending other than the sad trailing-off of posts which seems likely now, action needs to be taken. As much I appreciate this RP for how it has improved my writing skills, given me an always-enjoyed place to joke around, and simply been a continually lovely story, I am not naive enough to assume that it would last forever. I am not definitively saying that now is the end. I don't want it to be. But I think that given the easily observable pattern of decreasing activity, even amongst prominent writers, steps need to be taken to do things the right way. Since our beginnings, the goal of this RP has been a largely ambiguous, "Destroy Oregon." That worked really well when we had a constant buzz of activity, but now that we're struggling to settle just a few plotlines, creating a good, manageable closing for the big ones is what matters to send this awesome RP off the right away, if you all agree that's what needs to happen. I don't want to go any further until I know where I stand. Thoughts?
  3. Reckoners RPG needs its own choice. There's a difference between us and SE (I err on the side of @Kobold King and his zombie dinosaurs).
  4. Given that after 1.5 years of being best friends and six months of mutual attraction/confusion, we reached a conclusion that it's OK that we initiate something provided that we strive to avoid the shortcomings which we both despise in the relationships around us (e.g., loss of independence, extreme publicity, etcetera), ultimately resulting in us happily dating for the past month or so onwards, I'd say that what I did about her... Worked out well, to say the least. It's just a bummer that I flew thousands of miles away for the summer, only a few weeks after we finally stopped being so uptight.
  5. Of all your characters, I think that Arthur is the best, and would recommend that you go with him as your first character. How do you feel about this?
  6. Thanks, man. That means a lot. Do any of you know where @TwiLyghtSansSparkles is, though?
  7. If @Voidus is fine with it, then I'd love to hear something from Backtrack's perspective. It's good to read your characters again, Kobold.
  8. I might be in England, but I'm back to Oregoning. ;)

  9. Hey, guys! After far too long (I won my fight to transfer with the school, if that's any excuse), there is a new Adelmo post up. You might notice I make reference to this post, which I link to in case anyone has forgotten about it. I hope you can forgive me for the details about Backtrack carrot-munching, @Kobold King. I wanted to facilitate movement of the plot, but not to god-mod. If there's any problem, I'll happily fix it. Also, hello from England. I'm currently interning at the University of Essex.
  10. Before meeting Backtrack, Adelmo had never realized there were quite so many flavors of fear. The retrocog seemed to have all of them. There was the the rapidfire chatter that marked his garbled fright during the Epic pair’s debacle with Purple Phoenix, and the rabbit-like run-and-hide terror of the beginning of Adelmo’s interaction with him. Now, to the soldier’s relief, Backtrack’s fear seemed to mellow into a subtle, wide-eyed nervousness, more receptive to being wooed back to the Dalles. With his quarry’s next words, Adelmo smiled at the prospect of the target’s fear disappearing altogether. “Uh... you wanna go inside, or find somewhere, or... I dunno. I always sucked at making meal plans. Uh... wherever. You and MV decide. But I... do want to talk about this." Adelmo took in his surroundings, moving his head in a broad sweep. There had to be a good place somewhere... “There,” he declared, gesturing to an abandoned grocery store. “Let’s get out of the sun, and have this if you want to get started now.” Adelmo handed a tupperware container of carrots to Backtrack, who he already heard prying it open and starting to munch. He chuckled to himself, then walked towards the store. Moments later, Adelmo stopped cold. There was another building on the way to their destination, a tailor’s shop. The windows were huge, so passing customers could see the raggedy clothes that were common in the burnt-out husk that was Portland. But Adelmo paid no heed to those — he had eyes only for the dozens of dead-eyed zombies who filled the shop, surrounding a single desk where the former owner slavishly sewed what looked like a coat of bloody scales. A few of the Warriors turned their heads to look at the horrified Adelmo, but soon reverted to mindlessly staring forwards, deeming him no threat. Then, he heard a carrot crunch behind him: Backtrack and MV were there. Stupid remember the mission don’t just look turn this to your advantage comeon. “This is what Lightwards does, you two,” Adelmo suddenly said. “Murder and slavery. Suffering. If you want freedom from that, come to the Dalles.” Save for Backtrack’s munching, all was silent for a moment. Adelmo tried not to think about how long that freedom would last. “Now come on,” he said, ending the silence. “It seems like you enjoy those carrots. I bet you’ll like the sugar beets more, when we’re talking next door.” The operative cleared his mind of disgust with the Empire. It was time to go to work. Adelmo took a few steps, then entered the grocery store.
  11. I'd like to see you join, and I'd especially like to see some human characters. How familiar are you with the plot, and what kind of characters are you thinking of making?
  12. Hey, guys. Just checking in to say that I haven't forgotten about my characters here and still love being involved, but am just very busy right now. I hope to get some posts up soon!
  13. For yearbook superlatives, my school voted in a dude with a lazy eye for "Best Eyes." Teenagers are horrible and hilarious human beings.
  14. Guys, I found the real-life version of the Financier's religion : Oh, and @Kobold King, I'll try to get an Adelmo post up soon, but with finals beating down, it might take a little bit. Sorry!
  15. Your prediction, uh... It came true. Mestiv, if I had your address, $10 would already be on their way.