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  1. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    There's not much else to say, except that security took her down. Fun Fact: All of this is happening at a Catholic Hospital. I don't know if something so incongruous has been seen before. edit: @Deliiiiiightful, I have no idea, and most of me hopes that I never will.
  2. I never expected my first Code Silver (armed person) to have been caused by an obese old woman hiding an 8-inch-knife in her fat rolls. :mellow:

    I don't know whether I'm entertained or disturbed,

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    2. Assassin in Burgundy

      Assassin in Burgundy

      Wait, you got attacked by an old fat lady with a knife?

    3. Assassin in Burgundy

      Assassin in Burgundy

      And is this the same place that you met someone who grew pot in her backyard and gave it to her parrots to get them high?

    4. Cognizantastic


      @Assassin in Burgundy, I was not personally attacked, it was just in the same building as me. :P 

      And yes, this is the same place.

  3. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Time for another addition to COG'S TALES FROM THE HOSPITAL: Last time, I told you all about the old woman I work with and how she causally admitted to growing marijuana and feeding it to her birds. Now, another elderly lady is causing trouble! This woman was dropped off by the sheriffs to visit someone, and because she was old, they didn't check her for illegal materials. Lo and behold, this woman happened to be morbidly obese, and she pulled an 8-inch-knife out of her fat rolls, hence causing a Code Silver (armed person). And that concluded this episode of COG'S TALES FROM THE HOSPITAL.
  4. Question 20

    @Edgedancer, I find it funny how Shiny declares it a good day less than an hour after she had a testicular explosion redirected at her. OH, and what happened to the squid?
  5. Question 20

    I'm not sure, but hopefully not a Nighthound.
  6. open for business Honor Spren draws OCs

    My character is Adelmo, an operative for the Dalles from the Reckoners RPG. He has light brown skin, dark eyes, and short black hair. His build is average, but fairly well-defined through extensive training. When on assignment for the Dalles, he wears dark clothing and a black backpack with no brand label. His bio is up first on this post: And here is a breakdown of his history I sent to Twi, a while back: I shall be honored if you choose to draw him.
  7. Question 20

    I had a dream that @Edgedancer posted a video of himself, and he was a screaming German man. When the clip ended, a dog had begun messing something up and Edge yelled "NEIN" and turned off the camera. Yep, that happened.
  8. I'm beginning to think that everyone is a monster. Perhaps our only differences are how well we suppress our hatred and cruelty.

    1. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      Have you read Hyperbole and a Half? Her "Identity" essays examine this. 

    2. Cognizantastic


      @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, I have not. I shall look into them.

  9. Out of all the high schools competing in San Bernadino county, I was named Best Pre-Trial Attorney for this year's mock trial season.
  10. police sketch artist game !!

    OK, that is amazing.
  11. police sketch artist game !!

    *jumps excitedly at having got here before others* I am a somewhat short male of average weight with extremely dark brown hair, brown eyes, and caramel-ish skin. I'm Costa Rican and Filipino, or Costapino, though my facial structure does not adhere to either ethnicity's defined standards. I have a small nose and average sized other facial features, which are spaced in an unexciting, standard fashion on the backdrop of a rather oval face. I wear wire-rimmed glasses with a large frame. My hair is on the shorter side, not covering my ears, but has a defined cowlick on the left. edit: I am also consistently told that I have "sad/mournful eyes", whatever that means.
  12. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Alright, guys. I have an idea. If I win and go to Texas, I'm going to buy a Mexican poncho and maracas. Why, you may ask? So that I can run into crowded places and yell "I'M HERE FOR YOUR JOBS" while wearing stereotypical garb and shaking the maracas.
  13. Question 20

    Fun fact: the same day she gave me this, she also stole my phone while ice skating and then glided away. Let me explain. We and two other friends were taking a picture on the rink, and the moment after the picture finished, she grabbed my phone and SKATED AWAY while TAKING PICTURES of my CONFUSED/ENRAGED FACE all the while. I gave chase. Of course, I then fell and slid on the ice as she continued snapping photos. was a good day.
  14. Question 20

    OK, are you guys ready to see the best sparking thing ever? Of course you are. Well, one of my best friends is into some plotlines in Portland and the Dalles ( @Kobold King and @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, you will be proud to know that she particularly likes Lightwards and Funtimes). She has read all of my posts and the various threads of story that they are part of. For Christmas, she decided to make them into a book. Every single one of my Portland and Dalles posts are in there. I'm... glowing. Anyways. I thought some of you might be interested.
  15. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Dallas, I believe. I sort of visualize Texas as an endless hellscape of dust, heat waves, and cowboy hats where I risk being lassoed and tossed over the border because of my Latino looks. This is innacurate, I know, but still mildly intimidating. EDIT: @Kobold King and @Briar King, would you like to regale us with an equally absurd view of what California is like?