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  1. This Southern Californian is in England as well. I'm currently sitting in London Gatwick airport, actually. edit: Check out the first section of this document for WHiO-related graphs and charts. I think it's pretty cool, if I say so myself. AP Stats Part 2, 3, and 4 PDF.pdf
  2. Woke up to a parade of around 50 British elementary schoolers marching down my tiny street.

    Good times.

  3. Imagine how hilarious it would be if Metronome then successfully hunted down Upgrade, having his powers upgraded to complete control over time. Metronome, now the physical god of everything temporal, is the one to finally destroy Oregon. More seriously, I like that idea as a uniting factor to set everything into motion. How do the rest of you?
  4. Ooh, I like this. @Kobold King, how do you feel about a fight between Lightwards and Corpsemaker's parade after Chimera gets quashed?
  5. I'm using the rate of posts in two-month intervals for a statistics project (you guys will see soon if interested), and as a consequence have been sifting through old Question threads. Found something funny. I wish I had joined back then, to have experienced the madness in its heyday. edit: Yes guys, I'm the one upvoting your ancient posts.
  6. Maybe Baxter wouldn't be a threat, but Neko? Even after a reincarnation, Koschei the Cat must be something of a threat... Everyone, it's settled: Neko will destroy Oregon.
  7. I agree with you on Lightwards defeating Chimera. It'll probably take just a post from you of his creatures being killed and resurrected to make him surrender. Do you think a Lightwards post is on the menu, then? That makes much more sense that he won't turn on the Jagers. Thanks for pointing that out. And the Upgrade thing is very true, too, and would be awesome to read. Like @Voidus says, Upgrade motivators could exacerbate the destruction of Oregon a great deal... @Voidus and @Mrs. Voidus, how likely is that?
  8. The British people are melting, constantly reminding each other to drink water, and hiding out in the shade. 

    I'm from Southern California. It's like 74 degrees Fahrenheit here. This is hilarious.

    1. Slowswift


      74 degrees is on the hotter side of perfect. 

    2. Zathoth


      By then the heat has stabbed me and stolen my wallet long ago.

  9. I like the provoking of Arsenal into destruction of the Dalles. What if things get so bad, that when Vondra comes to talk to Arsenal after "putting him in his room," he just snaps and finally puts an end to things? The Slivers going on a rampage could definitely contribute to that. I like the idea of finally having open combat between the City Guard and the people they've been hunting down for so long, if that fits in the characterization... what say you, @Voidus and @Edgedancer? That would indeed be funny. See, telling you what you need to write is something I don't want to do, because it's your ingenuity as a creator that got me into this story as a first place. That began it, and it'd be the last thing I want to do to end without it. Whenever I explain this RP to someone, when we talk about our hobbies, Lightwards is always the first character I mention. That being said, I think the threads we should focus on with both of our limited time are Lightwards v. Chimera and the Arsenal/Vondra escalating tension. If you want to bring the Panda back into play (skip Rowena and just have his expanded army return to mess things up even more?), that could work too. If you agree with what I think we should focus our writing on, where do you think the plots should be pointed?
  10. Primary Portland Plot Threads I. The Empire of Light 1. Lightwards v. Chimera: likely will end with Chimera's defeat in a few posts, high-priority 2. Nighthound being Satan's role model: @Edgedancer knows where he's going with it 3. Funtimes & Shiny Sparkle: On hiatus until Twi's return? We need some way of extracting Funtimes for any big Empire-wide thing, though. 4. Backtrack's Potential Defection: up to @Kobold King, @Voidus, and myself if it wants to be pursued further. Not fundamental to Oregon's destruction II. Thoughttown 1. Working with the Empire to engineer the Dominion's downfall. As Altermind's writer, I'm assuming @Comatose has something to say here. III. Dominion 1. Corpsemaker's Tour o' Terror: @Blackhoof's stuff, but he's not here. Not sure what to do, I think that we can work to quickly resolve these big threads, then synthesize the character plot lines into something that can seriously mess Oregon up. What are you guys thinking?
  11. That sounds like an excellent idea. I think that as it'd be too big of an undertaking for any one individual, we should split it up amongst some players. If you and the others I suggest are OK with this, I have a tentative list. Portland: Me, @Cognizantastic. You all might remember how nerdily I know the nuances of Portland from my two fairly recent rereads of it. It's OK if you want it to go to someone else, as the first and most prominent thread, but I still volunteer. The Dalles: @Kobold King, the almighty Dalles GM. Kobold, if you're too busy or just don't want to, I think @Aonar Faileas or @Quiver would also be great here. Astoria: @Edgedancer. No explanation needed. Salem: @Voidus, undisputed master of that city's madness. Corvallis: @Comatose, for the same reasons as Voidus. What do you all think of this?
  12. The schism in the Empire of Light has been a plot point for a long while now, so I think it's entirely plausible that the current issues in Portland could finally cause the split that leads to Nighthound's death and a subsequent explosion of destruction from the Astorian Epics. My idea on how it might go down: Chimera is beaten by Lightwards, who subjugates his creatures. Nighthound does something to irk Lightwards, who, ego bloated by a new death and a fresh victory, decides to end his impertinence once and for all. Even more amazing repeat of the street fight with scales tipped by dinosaur/chimeran warriors, Aldo & Cricket, etcetera — ATND. Astoria is even more destabilized, rampage begins. @Kobold King once wisely told me that outlines have "a slug's chance in Idilthia of surviving in this RP," but maybe this will help. What do you guys think? I really, really like the idea of the Dalles' death blow coming from the City Guard itself. Do you think that Arsenal is in a state of mind that could lead to such a thing? How would you feel about writing for destructive, prominent characters whose owners aren't around? Epics like Corpsemaker come to mind.
  13. If the owners of prominent characters agree with it, I can totally imagine you helping by writing for some important Oregonian figures who have lacked much representation lately. @Kobold King, I swear that I am not directing that at you, it is a general comment on a potential solution, please don't sic your lizards on me.
  14. @Voidus, @Edgedancer, @Kobold King, @Comatose, @Blackhoof, @WarriorMark16, @Quiver, @Aonar Faileas, @Blaze1616, @18th Shard, @Mckeedee123, @Mestiv, @RippleGylf, Hello, hello, however many of you are around. @TwiLyghtSansSparkles's (hopefully) temporary absence has made me realize something: if we want to give WHiO an ending other than the sad trailing-off of posts which seems likely now, action needs to be taken. As much I appreciate this RP for how it has improved my writing skills, given me an always-enjoyed place to joke around, and simply been a continually lovely story, I am not naive enough to assume that it would last forever. I am not definitively saying that now is the end. I don't want it to be. But I think that given the easily observable pattern of decreasing activity, even amongst prominent writers, steps need to be taken to do things the right way. Since our beginnings, the goal of this RP has been a largely ambiguous, "Destroy Oregon." That worked really well when we had a constant buzz of activity, but now that we're struggling to settle just a few plotlines, creating a good, manageable closing for the big ones is what matters to send this awesome RP off the right away, if you all agree that's what needs to happen. I don't want to go any further until I know where I stand. Thoughts?
  15. Reckoners RPG needs its own choice. There's a difference between us and SE (I err on the side of @Kobold King and his zombie dinosaurs).