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  1. First I was happy that my shoulders actually exist. Then I was horrified at how my arms look like devilish lengthy-long noodles from the pits of hell.
  2. That was a stellar post. I mean... it was fantastic. @Kobold King, if you're not planning on responding to it, would you mind if I or someone else wrote for Deathwish, Arsenal, or Vondra?
  3. As much as I despise Pepe, this meme opportunity is too good to pass up.
  4. I and my best friend/mutually-reciprocated-crush had just finished a quiet argument. We sat silently next to each other, both feeling a little hurt and contemplative. At this moment, a senior girl passed us by and said, "You guys would make a cute couple!" Our faces were basically this emoji: It was a pretty funny moment.
  5. I've been considering dropping the college I want to go to in favor of something cheaper, but... that doesn't fit into what I want to major in. It's not actually sociology. I just say that because it's a good way of summing up what I want to do. The thing I want to major in is a Pomona-specific course called PPE: philosophy, politics, and economics. It's an overlap between the three separate fields with a lot of flexibility (I want to emphasize economics), perfect for a career in public service, especially in an organization like the UN. I just say "sociology" instead because anything "philosophy", no matter the details, usually results in a reaction of "oh dear, this clever young man is going to end up under a bridge." The tuition situation in the US is absurd. I feel like a rat scrounging for funds, desperately trying to find a way to live my life without being saddled with massive debt. I guess I could try to go into office here, but the gauntlet of politics isn't something that calls to me. Oh, and @TwiLyghtSansSparkles, what happened to psychology and Mars? I realized psychology is too squishy and oversaturated of a science for me, and space travel sucks because people go blind from radiation.
  6. Pomona College, In Claremont CA. I want to major in sociology with a minor in economics either there or McKenna. I want to work for the United Nations.
  7. The college I want to go to is $60,000 a year including room and board. I don't know how much will be written off as a result of my financial circumstances, but my expected tuition will still be a lot. I don't have $20,000 currently, only the opportunity to obtain it. As of now, I have $10,000 in scholarships I've won. Let's say my tuition is slashed down to $40,000 a year... 40K x 6 years = 240K, of which 10K is less than five percent...
  8. I won another $5000 scholarship, this time for a speech contest. The next level of the contest is an additional $6500, and the championship is another $10,000, which would bring me up to around $20,000 for this scholarship. It's all a drop in the bucket for a Master's degree, but it's something.
  9. I actually think that's really cool. Do you have any more details? edit: @Edgedancer, with every depraved dehumanizing action from Nighthound, we stray further from God's light. I never expected myself to feel bad for an Epic. So, good job!
  10. I like how Jack, Lyla, and Autumn are just chattin' as if Quicksilver isn't in the middle of a brutal, all-out assault on the Dalles. Lyla's excited about Vapor Snake not doing anything while just seconds ago, magically conjured missiles were flying through the sky.
  11. Beneath the slushy machine? No, Twi. Inside the old slushy machine, with a broken-up Firefly DVD and some snack foods mixed in, for authenticity. ...of course, if he doesn't want to smell like that, the obvious alternative is to ride into Portland while cosplaying as a Firefly character so that Backtrack will come running to Papa.
  12. Come on, Adelmo's better than that. He knows that too-intense smells might scare Backtrack away. The most likely way he'd stink is if he rolled around in our favorite retrocog's old 7/11, to attract Backtrack with the scent of familiar things.
  13. With puns exhausted, the logical next step is to classify our characters with disease themes. Florist: poison ivy rash Chimera: lice Adelmo: Vick's Vapo-rub because he thinks he's helpful but is ultimately ineffective edit: @Kobold King, I hereby decree that your renewed connection to the RP shall begin with telling us what your characters would be as infections.
  14. ...was that another stealth pun?
  15. Guys. If Epics were infectious bacteria, what would we call this RP?