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  1. Question 20

    Sweet Calamity, Edge.
  2. Question 20

    I got access to the school gym's speakers, and blasted the Shia Labeouf song throughout the building. Imagine the faces of my fellow ambassadors as setting up curtains suddenly becomes overlaid with "You're walking in the woods..."
  3. I got a 1490 out of 1600 on my SAT. While I was hoping for 1500 or above, I am fairly satisfied with this, as it's within my ideal college's range and places me in percentile 98.7. So, yeah, today was pretty good.
  4. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I broke the news to the club today. Now they know that our advisor is leaving, that we can't find a new one, that the days of 3 wishes a year are over. We'll continue outside the school. Throughout the year, I'm proud to say that the club members have come to really care about what we do, if they didn't already. My question of whether they are willing to participate outside of school was answered with a resounding 'yes'. But it'll never be the same. There are some pros to moving out, but opportunities and ability will still be more limited. ASB and PTC have already divvied up our events like war spoils. I feel very quiet and somber inside.
  5. Today my best friend found out that she's the #12 soccer player in the entire United States, according to whatever national organization manages all that data. I'm not even her, but this is freaking cool.
  6. Question 20

    This seems like a pertinent time to ask @Kobold King if the City Guard is still on vacation.
  7. Question 20

    Speaking of Purple Phoenix, @Voidus, what are Jeff and Saccharine going to do with those samples of Backtrack and MV blood?
  8. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    COG'S TALES FROM THE HOSPITAL, PART 3: In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, one of the women I work with decided to make chili. One small issue: she decided to make the chili at the front desk, where all the visitors come in. So, as people walked in to visit their hurting loved ones, they were greeted by the wavering odor of greasy meat and beans. I don't even know what to say anymore.
  9. I can't tell whether the meme I just made is a blight upon this Earth or the ambrosia of every Internet-fluent millennial Sanderfan.

    ...probably both. :P 

  10. Sanderson Memes

    Ladies and gentlemen, my masterpiece has been created. Hopefully you're familiar with the meme this is referencing.
  11. Sanderson Memes

    ...yes, that is supposed to be Shallan's red hair.
  12. Do you guys remember the $5000 scholarship I won, for a speech on water conservation? Yeah, well, the Agency held another one this year, and the winner is one of my closest friends. Oh, and I'm emceeing for their annual summit, where she will be speaking alongside some professionals on the subject. So yeah, one of my closest friends won, and now we get to work in conjunction to speak in front of hundreds of people. Suffice to say, I am very happy right now. I am so looking forward to writing my introduction for her...
  13. Question 20

    Arsenal: Operative Espinoza, for this training exercise you need to select either a yet-unstated query, or a challenge of your nerve as an agent. I'm told the civilians call it "Truth or Dare". So, soldier, what do you choose? Adelmo: I choose the yet-unstated query, sir. *Arsenal leans intimidatingly close* Arsenal: Were YOU the one to introduce Florist to marijuana, leading him to plant that Satan's Cabbage in near-every open spot of soil in the Dalles? Adelmo: ... Arsenal: ... Adelmo: I shift my request to challenge of nerve, sir. *Arsenal reclines in his seat with a devilish gleam in his eye* Arsenal: Request accepted. I challenge you to ride to Portland with minimal support, alone in an war-torn city where you will likely be murdered by resident Epics or starving locals, all in pursuit of a target of minuscule strategic value. Adelmo: ON MY WAY, SIR. *Adelmo hops on a motorcycle and rides away without another word* Arsenal: ...No excuse for the Devil's Lettuce he got spread everywhere, but Calamity is that man a soldier. ...wait, this sounds suspiciously like something that could have happened in canon.
  14. Question 20

    This is hilarious. We must continue. @Edgedancer, tell me of what would happen if Nighthound played LIFE. @Kobold King, tell me of what would happen if Arsenal played Risk. @Voidus, tell me of what would happen if Bioterror played Operation. Anyone got any for me?
  15. Question 20

    You've thought out this scenario perfectly. Now, tell me what would happen if the Financier played UNO.