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  1. Muahahaha! My patently ridiculous My Little Pony fic is now officially out to beta readers. I'm one step closer to unleashing it upon an unsuspecting world.
  2. For your Ookla name actually being amusing this year, instead of annoying like last year, despite the fact that the name was exactly the same.
  3. Fruit flavored candy canes. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't somehow taking over the market. It's getting harder and harder to find properly minty ones. I are distress.
  4. Traditionally, when the State of the Sanderson comes out is the absolute latest. Many people will choose to revert earlier than that.
  5. I am going to shock you all now... I identify deeply with Lift here, because I dislike bacon. (The food, not the Sharder.)
  6. But where's the fun? The adventure? The joy of discovery!
  7. I would also point out that these hints were dropped well after those two had made it into the stratosphere. The ranks don't have to be attainable to exist.
  8. I failed NaNo this year. Too many irons in the fire. On the bright side, I have an MLP fic that is now almost ready for beta, and I am gonna force myself to finish the final revision of Swift as Steel in December. It's gonna start going up in January ready or not so I'd better rusting well be ready.
  9. I imagine you'll see that even out considerably once the Oathbringer activity settles down.
  10. Somewhat similar, though I imagine to a lesser extent.
  11. However she's doing it, touching sapient spren may be opening her up to corruption by Honor/Cultivation's power in return. This would go a long way toward explaining why she's starting to help the other side; she's starting to look at the world in a new way, thanks to the "contamination" by other Shardic Investiture. The Unmade in general seem to have a very strong drive to understand/connect with humans. They have twisted ways of doing it because their nature is programmed by Odium, but that drive seems to remain consistent. The introduction of bits of new Investiture into her psychological makeup may be giving her new insights, which she is now acting upon.
  12. I think we don't have enough data points regarding all of the KR spren, as each of them has demonstrated differing behaviors. We'd need to have another Truthspren to observe and compare him to, and even then we're not sure what corruption does to a spren's nature. Disclaimer: I do not ascribe to the theory of Glys being a Voidspren. I believe that he's a corrupted Truthspren who doesn't really understand what's happened to him. (And I also think that messing with him and the Kholinar Oathgate spren have in turn corrupted Sja-anat enough to turn her from Odium.)
  13. Chaos has dropped hints here and there that there may be one or more ranks past God Beyond.
  14. Here is your dose of random weirdness for today:
  15. Run free, little dragon Ookla, run freeee!