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  1. Obviously this doesn't apply to me, as it is a well-established fact that I am actually the unicorn in my avatar picture.
  2. It tracks with the previous thread we had on gender; yes, there are more males than females on the Shard. But there are still plenty of us lady-types floating around. Welcome to the Shard.
  3. My friend is out of the country on vacation. On the one hand, yay! He's getting to tool around a neat country and see all the things! On the other hand, he has very limited time on the internet, is 13 hours off from me time zone wise, and I am sooo boooored. He is my Facechat buddy. We ping each other constantly with random musings and stupid jokes. It's lonely without him. On the other other hand, I should be way more productive at work than normal for the next week-and-a-half.
  4. Gravitic time dilation creates some weird effects. The light isn't actually going faster than the speed of light, but from an observer's point of view it can look like it is. There are a number of different accepted terms to describe a group of puffins. My favorite: "an improbability of puffins"
  5. Those dratted do-gooding otters!
  6. Much better today. And I picked up some antacid tablets to keep both at work and at home so I don't have to just sit and suffer if it happens again.
  7. Today has just been hell on earth for acid reflux. It feels like my medication just evaporated out of my body for some mysterious reason, despite the fact I haven't missed a dose in weeks. Ugh.
  8. Not yet, but one of us will wind up starting one. There are several of us going. I look forward to meeting you!
  9. There are almost certainly more Sanderfans in that region even if they aren't all on the Shard. Do you attend JordanCon? Atlanta isn't terribly far from you.
  10. I already did hunt it down. It's not being released yet for a week.
  11. I'd probably leave off the headpiece, but the rest of it is amaaaaazing.
  12. Oh. Oh my gods. Oh my dear sweet everloving gods I NEED THIS.
  13. Bad double-posty Briar King. Also, kind of hate humanity now. Lose the game, the fans burn things. Win the game, the fans burn things. Why can't these idiots just say, "Yay, we won! Yippee!" like sensible sapient beings? It's no wonder nobody else in the universe wants to talk to humanity.
  14. imma thump you