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  1. Spoiler tagged for girly TMI. You have been warned! I am so so so so happeeeeeee!
  2. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Thing I Have Learned This Weekend: Taking my Kindle with me has made a marked change in exercise motivation. Instead of dragging myself onto the elliptical three times a week, I am now eagerly bouncing downstairs for a 30-minute run daily. Behold, the power of books! Yay, Zathoth!
  3. Dreams

    Dreamed last night that I was back in college band. And for some reason we were getting ready to start on a piece that started with the jazz number "Take Five" that then segued into "Axel F". And I was stuck on my oboe, but really, really wanted to play my saxophone for it. But I couldn't, because reasons? Then I also dreamed that I was on The Walking Dead, helping folks deal with the Saviors. And they captured Carol, but for some reason left her with me, and there were some other folks there, and I was scheming on how to get everybody with me to the Kingdom safely. And then I got covered with tiny red bugs and had to shove myself into a water sluice to wash them off. And then the bugs were dead, but I still had to scrape them off my skin and honestly the bugs were way more disturbing than the murderous people I was scheming against. Takeaway from this: "Take Five" would be pretty awesome to steampunk up and throw in some electronic beats.
  4. Oooh, I have attracted a pile of random trolls on Facebook!  This...this is going to be a fun weekend. 

    :D :ph34r: <_< :rolleyes:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaymyth


      I got called the rudest word that is a synonym for female genitalia! Today was the best day!

    3. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      A real mature bunch, aren't they? <_< Also, yikes. I'm sorry :(

    4. Kaymyth


      Heh, don't be sorry, I'm actually rather enjoying this way too much. I think that many of our Sharder friends would be shocked, shocked I say, to see how utterly snarky and ruthless I can be off the forum.

  5. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I have this. Lactaid milk is my friend. (Almond milk and soy milk are disgusting.)
  6. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Derp. Can you tell what instrument family I'm least familiar with? Corrected! Heh. Oboes are almost as bad; we have two different octave keys, meant to be played with totally different notes. And I have three different ways of fingering an F. But I think we didn't get loaded down as badly as bassoons just by virtue of having smaller instruments. Have you ever heard the P.D.Q. Bach bassoon quartet? There's a spot in the piece where the 4th bassoon has to play a note that's a half step lower than a bassoon can play. So one of the other players has to stand up and stick a cardboard tube into the 4th bassoon's bell.
  7. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I have a Lasik consultation scheduled in a week! OK, so Western music is based on twelve distinct tones. Each scale utilizes eight of those tones, with half and whole steps in between them. Your standard major scale starts on a specific note (referred to as the "tonic"), and then progresses whole step, whole step, half step, whole step whole step whole step, half step, and ends on a higher version of the tonic. The start and end notes are considered to be one octave apart. This is, incidentally, why the piano has white and black keys. The golden standard scale is "C" - and so to play a major scale in C on the piano, you use nothing but the white keys. Starting a major scale on any other note will require the use of one or more black keys in order to create the correct pattern of whole and half steps. Minor keys use a different pattern, but they're a bit weird, as there are three versions of each type of minor key - natural, harmonic, and melodic. Honestly, there are textbooks out there that explain the differences between these better than I can off the top of my head. There's actually a lot of mathematics and physics at work in music. If you take, say, a properly tuned violin, and pluck its A string, it will play a A for you. If you place your finger precisely halfway down the length of that string and pluck the string again, you will get a A precisely one octave higher. Each successive octave requires halving the length of the remaining string. Then with brass instruments, things get really fun. Ever noticed that a trumpet only has three valves? Did you think, perhaps, that each note has its own unique valve pattern? Nope! Brass instruments work on a musical concept called "partials". Basically, when you hear a note, you're almost never only hearing that note. There is a set and series of overtones that vibrate within that note, giving it richness and color. Brass instruments take advantage of this. When playing a note on a brass instrument, each fingering has a base note. Each note above that is a partial; by adjusting and tightening your embouchure, you can change the note you are playing without ever moving your fingers. From the base note, the next note above that you can possibly play is its octave. Above that, and it goes to a perfect fifth, and then to the second octave. The higher you get, the closer together the partials get. Incidentally, the F horn (often incorrectly referred to as the French horn) is a tenor instrument played in the alto and soprano range. Horn partials are notoriously close together, and thus players must have very good ears and a sensitive embouchure in order to play the instrument well. It can get complicated enough that most college-and-above horn players use a "double" horn that has a second set of piping that you can switch over to with a thumb toggle. It's set in a different key and offers a different partial sequence. Technically, woodwind instruments have partials as well, but they're very difficult to access. I can get a couple out on my flute, but generally the instruments aren't designed to take advantage of it. And...I think that's enough for you to chew on for now.
  8. Pokemon Go!

    So far, my experience with pinap berries is that they guarantee the Pokemon will hop out of the ball on the first roll. Yeeeahhh, I think that's not so much the RNG as the game is preprogrammed to balance itself by giving a high IV Pokemon less than stellar movesets. I've noticed a pretty consistent pattern there. You're more likely to get a better moveset in the 70-80% range.
  9. What Do You Look Like?

    Weight loss is tough, because our bodies are programmed to freak out and assume that we're starving. The body's desire is to get back to that "safe" place where it started, because it's stupid and doesn't understand that we don't have to fight bears for our food anymore. I use a calorie tracker app. It's helped so far; I lost and kept off 10 pounds in 2016. I'm moving into high gear now, with a goal to drop at least 20 by July. It's hard. I want to eat all the things. But I look at my tracker and say, "No, Rosemary. But you can eat some of the things! And you can exercise and eat a little bit more of the things, but not so much more as to completely negate those calories you burned." Things to remember: 1) Don't try to lose too much too quickly. My goal is doable; the average would be a pound a week, which is perfectly healthy and sustainable. 2) If you can successfully reach your goal and then maintain that level for a year or so, your body will eventually reprogram itself to acknowledge that as its new "safe" weight. So it's not just about losing - you have to be just as diligent about staying there.
  10. Pokemon Go!

    Yeah, they've defaulted the Pokemon to being closer to you than before. It's going to take some recalibration. Also! If you catch higher evolution Pokemon, you get more candy! This needed to be in the game from the beginning, IMO.
  11. Pokemon Go!

    Thanks! It was good to meet you, too! So far, I think I've just caught fairly common Gen 2s, but It's fun to see new things skulking around out there. And some of the other updates are really nice - that XP bonus for catching on the first throw, for instance. Verra nice. S'just been pining for the fjords. No, seriously, there's still a fairly substantial dedicated player base. The holiday events have been helping a lot, and the release of Gen 2 has infused some new life into the game. I imagine we'll see another big uptick when the weather gets consistently nice.
  12. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I'd be a good resource. I took almost all of the coursework necessary for a music degree; there's some stuff that I've forgotten, but music theory, aural skills, a lot of the basics about how and why different instruments work the way they do - I have tons of knowledge.
  13. Pet Peeves

    It's really a matter of safety. I can't adjust for other people on the path if I don't know they're there. Same with people on foot (or slow riders) that I'm about to pass - if they don't know I'm there, they don't know to keep from wandering into my way. If callouts trip your social anxiety, a bell or a horn are acceptable notification noises.
  14. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Y'all are silly. I blame a fellow I dated briefly back when she was a young pup. He kept referring to her as "KITTY!" I think it gave her an identity complex. Also, other dogs are things to be feared and distrusted, but cats are potential BFFs. And I must say, you've never truly seen a feline expression of ultimate disgust until you've witnessed a dachshund enthusiastically lick a cat on the face.
  15. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I would not dispute this. Point of order: Leia is a dachshund. Though I'm fairly certain she thinks she's a cat, she is most definitely a dog.