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  1. My two cents: I vastly prefer a good, relevant thread necro to the forums getting cluttered up by a zillion people asking the same question every eleven-and-a-half weeks on the dot like clockwork...
  2. For apparently being a lot more familiar with me than I am with you. o.O I'm slipping, guys.
  3. You're how old? 15 or 16? No. 1) You're still a kid. Your parents are adults. You are not responsible for whatever relationship failures they may or may not have had. And if they're blaming you for that, then they're terrible people and also possibly idiots. 2) Your mother deserves to have her mom card revoked for saying crem like that. As the long-ago elected Forum Mom, I can declare that. So mote it be.
  4. For having a username and avatar that could turn a Red Dwarf gag into a horrifying (yet still hilarious) nightmare. S'cool, so long as that wasn't the only thing you said.
  5. OK, yes, that cover is amazing, too. And my apologies; when I said "both" I was referring to Whelan and McGrath, who do the Stormlight and Mistborn covers respectively. @Mestiv - As I said, I like the Polish Mistborn covers. I haven't seen the other two Stormlight covers, but that one for Oathbringer is just so...generic. It's like someone looked over a synopsis, seized upon the term "Knights Radiant," and decided that meant they could slap an ordinary medieval knight on there and call it good.
  6. There's an official 17th Shard Discord now! The link is on the sidebar of the main forum page.
  7. I turned 40 last month. I'm on a cane-shaking gerroff my lawn kick right now.
  8. 1) The cover of a book isn't always a perfect depiction of a scene, but it should give you an idea of something about the book. Not spoil major plot points, but show you something cool that you can expect to see. While Jasnah may not be the central character of Oathbringer, it's reasonable to expect that her return is going to be a Big Deal, and this reinforces that. Plus, she's just looking completely badchull there. It's not just that it's Jasnah, it's Jasnah being awesome. 2) I actually like the Polish covers for Mistborn Era 2. They're lovely. So it's not a matter of style so much (though I do like both of the American cover artists' work in general) as this particular cover is just so...generic. It's a stark contrast of content when you compare the Mistborn covers with the Oathbringer one. 3) I guess that's supposed to be Dalinar? In...armor? Maybe Shardplate? But if it's Shardplate, it's either completely inaccurate for what the book should contain or it's a major spoiler for the growth of his relationship with the Stormfather. The former strikes me as lazy, and the latter is a cardinal sin for a book cover. 4) Yes, I'll admit, I find Dalinar to be a lot less interesting than Shallan or Jasnah. He's sort of...there. Driving the plot along and having his moments of existential angst, but not really capturing my interest that much. So yeah, I'd rather see Jasnah on a cover than Dalinar, because she's a much more interesting character to me.
  9. For unwittingly bringing my love of pumpkin spice out of the shadows and into the light, thus horrifying the Shard. (Whoever responds to this is not allowed to make a crack about pumpkin spice. :P)
  10. It is not sarcasm. I adore pumpkin spice. If you don't, then that's just more for me. IT IS THE DELICIOUS But...but...Jasnah! How can you not love the cover with Jasnah on it the most?
  11. OK, that makes me feel better, cause that's my definition, too. And I generally agree, though I do admit that some of the more Beach Boys-esque stuff is fun every once in a while. ...and now I feel old again. Really, 80s music is kind of in its own genre. There's just this weird quality about it that makes it so quintessentially 80sish. It's like nothing that came before it, and stuff that's come after that sounds like 80s music is automatically declared 80s retro.
  12. I now find myself wondering what counts as "oldies" to kids these days.
  14. Oh, the bad oboe jokes have begun! (Every oboist knows that there's no such thing as a good oboe joke.) I do remember noticing that the jokes disappeared in college. Because that's the point where we start learning reed adjustment techniques. Nobody wants to mess with the only folks in band or orchestra who are allowed to carry knives. You know, it's actually not difficult to play a flute in tune. It's just an instrument that has an unfortunate tendency to attract timid players who aren't putting in enough breath support to keep it steady.