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  1. Nope. Give me a break, I had a busy year. Too many costumes to make, and amigurumi to make for convention Guests of Honor! Not to mention actually needing to read some of said GoHs books so that I had a halfway decent idea of what they were about. WoR was rather a lot of book. I needed a solid block of time to dig through it.
  2. F-first time. *hangs head in shame*
  3. I finally finished reading Words of Radiance yesterday. I mean, if ya gotta take a sick day, might as well make the most of it, right? Right. So. Four months till Oathbringer...
  4. Their logic does not resemble our Earth logic. I get what you're saying, but I thought that the primary function of a gap year was to give the person a chance for extended decompression before ramping up into secondary education. A lot of folks hit college and burn out because they're so run ragged from four years of intense study in high school. I mean, Elsa's basically got two options here: 1) Take a gap year. 2) Go straight into college. Given the sheer magnitude of stress she's been under in recent months, a break seems like a really good plan.
  5. ... "Not mentally ready?" For a gap year? Isn't that supposed to be a breather to destress from high school before going on to college/university? What kind of idiot drugs have they been smoking?
  6. One I saw earlier today on another forum: "Dance like nobody is watching. Email like it will end up in a deposition."
  7. Well. OK. But beware, spoilers for the latest season of iZombie lie herein! Also, there is discussion of the less pleasant aspects of zombie-ism, so squeamish people might not want to click. I AM SO EXCITED! They have literally been teasing this as a possibility since the 80s. And the Corsair, the gender-switching Time Lord that Eleven talks about in The Doctor's Wife? S/he was actually originally mentioned in the Fourth Doctor story Shada, which never actually aired due to a BBC strike.
  8. James and I watch iZombie. It's a hilariously fun show, and we enjoy the heck out of it. And it slips little jokes in under the radar that a lot of people would miss. Well, a friend of mine recently discovered it and has been binge-watching to catch up. And he found the most glorious pun hidden in there that I totally missed and shared it with me, saying, "Bad zombie show! Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done." Me: "THIS IS GLORIOUS, I must share it with James so he can giggle now!" Him: "No! Bad. You're both bad. You're why they do this." I'm not sorry at all.
  9. Sewing counts as domesticity for most people? But you're right, costumes are probably not technically "domestic". Working on my Bast costume for God Auction. I pleated so much linen. So. Much.
  10. Yep. Yet another step in preparation for portraying an Egyptian deity on Sunday. In related news, I am a moron and I burned my fingers on my iron while working on sewing. Eh. At least it's not as bad as the burn I got from the oven the last time I tried to bake something. I really am a tragic failure at domesticity.
  11. Tonight is session 1 (of 2) of getting henna! I am going to be very decorated.
  12. It always gets me correctly when I'm at home. But when I'm at work, it's hopelessly lost.
  13. Thank you. She is a Good Dog. A bit displeased with all of the poking and prodding (and needles!), but OK. It's going to be a matter of just monitoring her health for the next few years. Dachshunds can pretty commonly live well into her teens, and some have been known to make it past twenty. The vet said she's still "got a lot of miles on her" so we'll just take the best care of her we can.
  14. Background: I have a 15-year-old dachshund named Leia. She is an adorably neurotic little thing, and I have had her since she was a tiny puppy. Of course, the moment I met my now-husband, she immediately became his dog. Suffice to say, she is rather strongly intertwined into our hearts. A couple of weeks ago, she had an...episode? She suddenly got dizzy and stumbled over to the side. Got up, fell back down again. Then when she finally found her feet, she walked around in circles for a moment, periodically glancing up at me with a perplexed expression on her face. "Mom? Why am I turning around? I'm trying to walk straight!" We, of course, got her into the veterinarian as quickly as we could. He looked her over, gave us a rundown of what the potential causes could be, and took some bloodwork to run tests. Other problems: she's a little bit underweight, and she has a heart murmur. The good news is, the bloodwork came back clear. That's...also kind of the bad news, because it didn't really give us anything to go on as to why she lost her balance like that. The possibilities: 1. A low-grade ear infection. She does have a ball of wax deep inside her left ear, which we've been treating and breaking down. If there's fluid pushing on her inner ear, it might affect her balance. This is the most benign possibility, and unfortunately, not terribly likely. Something like that would cause more than just one major dizzy spell, plus her pupils were slightly different sizes when the vet checked her eyes, indicating a more neurological cause. 2. A vascular event. Not on the level of a stroke, but a similar cause. A heart murmur like hers can cause small blood clots to form and wander into sensitive places. It might have temporarily stuck in the wrong spot in her brain. (I'm looking at this being the most likely scenario.) 3. A brain tumor. Do Not Want. Probably not likely. We're going back to the vet today for some follow-up tests and to get her vaccinations updated. We also need to schedule a teeth cleaning, because they're in pretty bad shape. I imagine there will be a few extracted. I'm hoping this improves her appetite a bit, cause eating with sore teeth is no fun. The heart murmur we're just going to have to keep an eye on. I now have scheduled on my Google calendar for the next five years a reminder to check her breathing every two weeks. If she ever goes above 30 breaths per minute while asleep, we may be looking at congestive heart failure. Right now she is at 20 breaths per minute, so not at all a problem yet, but it's likely to get worse as she ages. Dangit, guys, my puppy is getting old.
  15. comic

    Oh, man. I am ashamed of myself for not having thought of that.