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  1. Guys. GUYS. JordanCon was amazing. And next year is the 10th anniversary! Brandon will be back! I will be on panels! afdklsjaghkdlksa;
  2. Ahh, gotcha. That makes sense; I've never used cassia, and I prefer a red that leans more towards the auburn side than the blonde side. (Which is why I henna in the first place; my natural heavily strawberry blonde just isn't red enough for me.)
  3. Huh. I use henna regularly, and my results are pretty consistent. I mean, it helps that my hair is already pretty red to begin with, but high-quality henna should give you similar results every time. Where are you getting your product from?
  4. Hi, guys! I am alive! Just...y'know...drowning in convention prep. (I seriously need to convince more of you to come to JordanCon...) Well, Australian and New Zealand accents sound identical to me. So there. That northern Midwest thing sort of blends into some regional Canadian accents. The northeast has its own range of different accent types. Southern and Texan accents are subtly separate and distinct, and Southern has different subtypes. I imagine if I lived in the South, I'd be able to tell the difference between, say, Georgia and Mississippi accents. Don't be silly. Jesus wasn't a zombie, he was a lich.
  5. Oof. Yeah, I cut my strips using a yardstick, a second ruler (cause they needed to be more than 3 feet long), and a rotary cutter. Gave me one smooth cut the entire line down, no notches or bobbles where a pair of scissors would have to be moved. Finished the sewing last night. Tonight shall be ironing and starching. It's not the sewing part that's annoying so much as the pinning. So much pinning. Every. Single. Strip. Must. Be. Pinned.
  6. Have you seen my cosplay thread in Creator's Corner? When it comes to costume creation, I am completely out of my dang mind.
  7. My friends are going nuts over this trailer (and I heartily agree, it looks awesome.) And we've taken to calling this movie "Asgardians of the Galaxy".
  8. Yes, that's exactly what I've done. I used a mantled robe pattern as the base for my cloak, so I've got a layer of strips on the robe layer, and another one on the mantled cape layer. Of course, I used knit fabric for the strips so I wouldn't have to worry about zillions of hems, so a lot of it is curling liek woah. I will be starching them tonight. One. Strip. At a. Time.
  9. It's going to be an exciting spring, that's for sure. Mistcloak is coming along. I think I may have gone overboard with the tassels. I have never seen anyone with a mistcloak that has as many tassels as this one does. They tangle so easily this is not at all a practical mode of fashion.
  10. One-month followup appointment for Lasik is tomorrow morning. Dryness has really improved over the last few weeks; I'm barely using the drops at all anymore. Still having trouble breaking the habit of reaching for glasses when I wake up, though. After that, it will be t-minus 1 week till JordanCon! And t-minus 2 weeks till Hawaii! (Yes, I'm going to deal with con drop by immediately jetting away on an exotic tropical vacation. Ya do what ya gotta.)
  11. I am sewing a mistcloak right now.

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      Then learn some! It's not that hard. :)

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      *adds to list*

    4. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Can't wait to see it...I have a mistcloak design already set, all I need are supplies and time lol

  12. No, no. See the response above that I posted mere milliseconds before yours. I am truly a moron.
  13. Oh, you haven't heard the worst of it. The previous night, I had been using that same knife. And it slipped. And sorta stabbed that same finger, though the wound wasn't bad. But still. I had an object lesson in not being stupid with dull knives, and completely failed to learn it.
  14. Spent yesterday evening in the ER because I'm a storming idiot and was trying to cut acorn squash all fancy with a too-dull kitchen knife. The flesh of my left index finder is much, much softer than acorn squash. After about an hour and a half of pressure, the bleeding had finally (mostly) stopped. I managed to just barely avoid stitches; they glued me back together, added a pressure bandage, slapped a band-aid over the whole thing to catch any leaks, and sent me on my way. It's sort. Ow. I'm a moron.