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  1. Peanut butter is gross. Bacon is a crime against nature. Anne Rice is the most overrated author in the SF/F/H genre cluster. Rats are adorable.
  2. I'm on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area. Just a 3-hour shot down I-29 from Omaha.
  3. My experiences tell me otherwise. Oh, you darling non-Midwesterners and your lack of experience. You've never had the joy of getting lost in a corn maze!
  4. You will never know. (I've used it multiple times, and it doesn't always mean the same thing. They're just convenient stand-ins.) Amusingly, even @ThirdGen doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about, and he works in the same office as me. That is definitely the flu. Get thee to a doctor if you haven't already.
  5. Hey, cats and kittens! It's been a while, but here we are, back with a new installment in the saga of A Life Working For Redacted, Inc! [Background: my job is horrendously mundane, but I'm cagey about it. My caginess led to certain individuals deciding that I work for a secret government agency that protects us from supernatural and otherworldly threats. I run with it because it's entertaining.] So, Redacted Inc maintains landing pads for different types of flying saucers - blue, red, and yellow. We'll say that the Blue saucers are our best allies - they give us lots of intel. Red saucers are okay, but not as cool as Blue. Yellow we don't really have any control over at all, they answer to a different department, but they get to use our landing pads anyway, cause we're cool like that. This nomenclature has been in place for more years than I have worked here. A couple years ago, some things got shaken up around here, splitting some of our flying saucer knowledge between two teams. My team works heavily with saucers, while the other team focuses more on cryptid sightings, but do a bit of saucers on the side. Except that recently, they've started referring to the Red saucers internally as "Yellow" because they don't know the Yellow ones exist at all, and Red was I guess a bit too close to Blue for them to get it straight. Cause this morning, I got an email from one of our clients' providers of landing lights; different patterns of lights are needed for different types of saucer landings. And they're having problems with Yellow light patterns not working properly. I actually had to ask and verify if they really meant Yellow and not Red. This confusion is annoying the rust out of me and I'm going to start correcting coworkers about Red vs. Yellow flying saucers, and I don't care whose toes I step on when I do it. I am Captain Sassypants today. Fear me.
  6. Pattern is Best Pony. Shallan really need to work through her crem, though, because this avoiding thinking about problems thing is going to magnify fallout like whoa. Kaladin has a new little brother to protect! <3 But...Dalinar. Oh, Dalinar. Unpopular opinion time: I find him tedious, and his flashbacks aren't helping. It's all fine and well to be badchull in your youth, but he was really...something else. Something bad else. I knew going in that the book would be pretty Dalinar-centric, but his POVs are a bit of a slog for me except when the Stormfather is involved.
  7. *snerk* A cousin of mine used to tell this joke when I was a kid. Except it was green golf balls, not pink ping-pong balls.
  8. It's simply meant to be a motivation tool. Some of us work best with a looming deadline breathing down our necks.
  9. If you miss us so badly, perhaps you could try Discord? It's not the same as the forums, but it would get you a nice Sharder fix without needing a browser.
  10. Hi guys! I'm around. Just sneaky. I appear to be a lot more active on Discord these days than the Shard proper (and I don't have the bandwidth to do a lot of both). My dog has arthritis, and it's kicking in pretty hard now that the weather has turned cold. So we trucked to the vet a couple weeks ago and came home with supplements and meds. Except, of course, Leia is a Jedi master at finding pills in anything so we have to get creative. We are now crushing things up and rolling them into a liver paste called Braunschweiger. It's rather smelly and she loves it, but she's also a stubborn idiot. So every morning now goes like this: Me: *gets meds crushed up and mixed into liver paste* Me: *goes to give treat to dog* Leia: *refuses treat* Me: *offers again* Leia: *turns away* Me: *shoves the first bit into her mouth* Leia: *remembers* "Oh, yes, this is tasty!" And then I give it to her a bite at a time and she happily licks off my fingers. Every. Single. Morning. Dude that is evil.
  11. Yeah, nebulous autoimmune stuff like that is notoriously difficult to diagnose. It's quite possible you're all running off the same genetic basis for what's going on, and different doctors are having a tough time pinning it down. Make sure your doctor knows all of your family medical history since so much of that stuff is inherited. My sister went through years of diagnosis hell. MS? Nope. Parkinsons? Nope. CFIDS? Getting warmer... Oh hey, it's Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome paired with a seizure disorder! And possibly fibromyalgia as well. Sigh, at least she knows now.
  12. Yes. We can. (And who are you calling "mortal"? Look at the blurb below my name! I'm a goddess.) ...no. It really isn't.
  13. @Roadwalker - That's some good meme right there. (Though if anyone tries to keep their Ookla name past the designated end date, we staff will just go through and set people back to normal. )
  14. Eh. Point of sale software isn't that difficult to make changes to. Now, getting all of the locations to run the software update on all of their machines - that's a massive pain.
  15. You know, you're kind of embodying a completely different pet peeve right now. Let people enjoy things.