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  1. I'm just going to go with, "the color balance on my monitor at work is probably off." It really does look purple over here; definitely a blue-heavy purple, almost more of an indigo, but it just doesn't look blue on my screen. Either way, blue is still a superior color to mustard yellow. Not quite as superior as purple, but it is definitely a good color. Maybe somebody will be kind on my birthday later this summer and overlay my Moderator rank with rainbow sparkles for a day. I do believe this is the first time I have ever been featured in a meme. I feel honored, and slightly giggly.
  2. I have to confess, you are truly worthy of your pretty purple rank. I must hang my head and admit that mustard yellow is indeed all I deserve.
  3. Sanderland has a certain ring to it...
  4. This is fantastic. I'm sure you already have plans to link the Storm Cellar into this, but once it's up and running I'd like to announce it over to the JordanCon group as well. Brandon is definitely going to be in attendance next year, so I've no doubt that we'll have a ton of stuff to upload at the end of April 2018.
  5. She's fine, she just needs a bit of a break. I'm in regular contact with her on Facebook.
  6. Facebook and its constant need to futz around with functions that worked perfectly well, but now are crappier/more cluttered/less efficient all in the name of squeezing out just a few more cents of ad revenue.
  7. Well, if it drags you into the fandom, who am I to argue? Heh. Their regular fourth-wall breaking is rather legendary at this point. There was an episode a couple seasons ago where they were zapped into an alternate universe where they were actors on a TV show that remarkably resembled their lives... ALL THE HELLS. I can't just stop. Jensen Ackles is too pretty.
  8. They...they just announced that next season, Supernatural is going to have an animated Scooby Doo episode. I do not know how to feel about this.
  9. Aw. You're gonna make me blush.
  10. I genuinely have no idea. Obviously I'm not going to convince any of you that I'm boring, but I just have so many weird random nerdy things that I am into that I don't know which one is the most interesting.
  11. Right now my concern is the wig. (And, of course, the rest of the costuming. I already have the necklace and a scale mail bra created. The rest of the costume is in progress. And I'm going to have a friend do a major body henna job on me for the event.) Oooh. The necklace. Y'all need to see this. So I decided I needed to try to recreate the necklace commonly seen depicted on statues of Bast. (At this point, I had no idea if she was going to make it in, but I figured it was a good devotional project anyway.) So here's the statue that I used as a reference: And here is the finished necklace. It took me a couple months to get it right. I had to unstring and restring layers several times before I worked out the right ratio for the spacer beads, but I am extremely pleased with the finished product. And a close-up of some of the detail: It's actually something that's pretty unique to my Pagan Unitarian Universalist congregation, but the root of the idea actually comes from ancient Egypt, where temples used to compete with each other to earn the honor of their god being the city's patron for the next year. So it starts with Penny Auction in the spring. In the few weeks leading up to the equinox, people nominate deities (or powers, archetypes, etc.) to be put into consideration. We cap it at 20, but rarely actually have to enforce that cap. Then from the Equinox to Beltane, people vote in the Penny Auction by putting coins into one or more of the Powers' jars. We tally it weekly and keep people updated on who's ahead. Once Beltane ritual is closed out, we take the final tally and the top three (in the past it has sometimes been four) Powers are the ones competing in the God Auction. It's held in mid-July so we all have about 2 1/2 months to prepare. Whether it be by volunteer, voluntell, or just plain begging, someone is designated to portray each Power. They also each get a Scribe. During the event, each Power argues for why they would be the best patron for Gaia Community in the coming year, with the speeches organized by rounds of questions. 1. What would you do for the Community? 2. What do you expect the Community to do for you? 3. A question chosen by each team, usually to address something specific about the power that is either important or needs attention. 4. Questions from a hat put in by members of the congregation and/or anyone else who cares to show up. We operate the event as a fundraiser and food drive for Harvesters. Each individually packaged item counts as equal to a dollar, so a lot of people will hit Costco or Aldi's to get a good bang for their buck. Kids are out of school for the summer and they're generally not getting school lunches at that time, so a lot of us try to make sure we put in a bunch of food that's easy for a kid to prepare themselves. And people do put in plenty of money to the church as well; it's by far our biggest fundraiser. Scribes' main duties are to introduce their Power and keep a running tally of their team's donations. These days we use an app that one of our members coded for us, so it's a lot easier than it used to be! The winner of God Auction is the Power who collects the most combined donation points. ...and I say "Power" because it's not always gods who get portrayed. We've had in contention in the past archetypes like Rabbit and Beaver, concepts like the Green Man, the Flying Spaghetti Monster...and even Captain James T. Kirk.
  12. Hee. Honestly, I don't disagree about the other canon Batgirls. I thought she played a much more important and interesting role in the DCU as Oracle. She knew everything, man, and kept things running smoothly for everyone behind the scenes. She had so much more room for character growth and change before they rebooted the universe.
  13. It's really not quite that simple. Early on, she was associated as a lioness, and later as a desert wild cat (never, as is commonly believed, a domestic cat). Either way, she was always a solar goddess, and always an Eye of Ra. There were a number of goddesses who carried that title, and none of them were ones that anybody wanted angry at them. There's a common belief that Bast was "tamed down" to accommodate Sekhmet when the Upper and Lower Egypt pantheons merged, and used as reference the change from "Bast" to "Bastet" taking it as evidence that the addition of a diminutive suffix denoted her newer, gentler role. Except that's actually a load of crocodile dung, because it was later figured out that the change in her hieroglyph was due to lingual drift and 't's starting to get dropped on pronunciation; the additional glyph just told people to pronounce it. The moon connotations have absolutely no basis in Kemetic practice. The Greeks and Romans just had a superiority complex and decided to make everyone else's gods fit into their pantheon. They equated Bast with Artemis, and that's where the moon stuff came from. The short version: Kemetic gods are complex, and trying to compartmentalize them like that is difficult at best. Her connection to me is very much the warrior protectress, so that's mostly what I'm focusing on in my preparations, but who knows how things will change on the day. And ha. No, nobody getting clawed and I do not intend to damage any breakables. God Auction doesn't get that rowdy; the worst that ever happens is deities/powers/archetypes trash-talking each other (which can be hilarious). This is how we choose our next year's Patron; current Patron is Dionysus. We've also had gods like Brigid, Thor, Thoth, Athena, Lugh, Quetzalcoatl, and Danu serve as community Patrons in the past, so we run the gamut. That sounds like poor life choices.
  14. Maybe...? I dunno, my childhood was firmly centered in the 80s, and these are all things I think of as my generation's touchstones. But I get your point, the 90s were just kind of...there. (You poor thing. I still quietly seethe at what they did with Batgirl.)
  15. So. Bast has made it into God Auction. That means in two months, I will be letting her fully into my brain and portraying her in a bid to make her our patron for the next year. Dear sweet gods what have I gotten myself into? Yep! I got to participate in a sealed deck pre-release tournament at JordanCon. I found the theme interesting. ...and there were kitties.