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  1. Just added a tanker endorsement to my CDL.
  2. Yeah, a commercial truck.
  3. I am proud to say, in my first 40 min of driving a truck, I only stalled 8 times. 6 of them were when going uphill.
  4. You need to have your sword. It should be sheathed, but you should have it.
  5. I have successfully acquired my commercial learning permit.
  6. I passed the general knowledge CDL written test today.
  7. "Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything. "
  8. Update: because of the fact that he could have a seizure at any moment, and the fact that lots of heavy equipment is constantly being operated, and we've constantly got trucks coming in and out, it has been determined that he presents a hazard, and has therefore been let go.
  9. Motor greese spills are the worst.
  10. A couple weeks ago, I found out that a friend and coworker had a brain tumor. Today, during his break, he passed out in a chair. Had to get rough with him to get him up. Company owner ended up driving him home. We suspect it might've been a result of his medication.
  11. I've been a bad thread owner. Things have been busy recently, and I haven't updated the archive recently. In a few days, I plan to, and hopefully that will spark some life in this thing.
  12. If anyone is in Wyoming, I'll be driving up to Laramie on July 4 to launch fireworks.
  13. Guess who tried to take an exit to fast and went off road. Guess who hit a sign with a mirror.
  14. I've heard good things about the Wings of Fire series.