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  1. Guess who tried to take an exit to fast and went off road. Guess who hit a sign with a mirror.
  2. I've heard good things about the Wings of Fire series.
  3. Last Saturday, I climbed Mt. Bierdstat, my first 14er. Left the parking lot at 8:00, summit at 11:00, began the descent at 11:30, and got back to the parking lot at 2:00. On the ascent, that averages a 1000 ft elevation gain per hour. (Pics underneath spoiler tag.)
  4. Another one? Guess it's not a dying breed after all. I miss those forums.
  5. You got this @Steeldancer!
  6. In August I'll be starting my first year of college. I'll be going into engineering.
  7. An extra long night at work followed by a power outage that can't be fixed via resetting circuit box. Exactly what I needed tonight.
  8. What would happen if Nightblood was left in a shardpool? Or a highstorm?
  9. In the future, message myself or Chaos for math help. We will help you.
  10. Pretty sure that if it was a gas giant they'd die from the pressure of atm before oxygen became a concern.
  11. I'm assuming no upper breath limit. I'd awaken Nightblood.
  12. If on Roshar, yes. No breath to donate
  13. I would taste blue. It would be sweet. They are the lightbulb Ask Hulk for help. Alternatively, keep lightening rod close. Be confused when listening to conversations. Alcatraz broke the rule that says he's not Cosmere. He did it so he could piss off the fanbase and make Reckoners Cosmere.
  14. I will say that most of the time, my thoughts end up going in similar directions. When I see people debating relationships in stories, I do often find myself confused as to why romantic relationships are assumed. Then again, this might just be due to me being blind to romance in general.
  15. Fine then. Shallan and Wit are pretty good together.