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  1. Sea Horses. 8/10
  2. That pic is awesome. 9/10
  3. Hand drawn image. 9/10
  4. If a Herald was hit with Nightblood, would that permanently kill them?
  5. Resurrecting this topic because this post is relevant and I don't want to make a new one. Changed my avatar. What do you guys think?
  6. Tell me the interesting part. I like interesting things.
  7. Game starting in 30 minutes. Password is 17Shard If you guys want faster notifications that I'm doing one of these, I have a PM that I announce most of them in. This causes you to receive an instant notification. If you want to be added, just tell me.
  8. I second this statement. Tabs are the one true path to information.
  9. Careful, we do NOT want to start Wacky Fashion Wars. *Statrs wearing sandals on hands*
  10. NSFW warning So this is what I've put in the deck so far Black: White:
  11. Game starting in 30 minutes Password is 17Shard
  12. A conversation that happened at work: Coworker: Yeah, you have to be kind of weird to work her- Oh look! This cucumber looks like a gun! *Points cucumber at other coworker* Pew! Pew Pew Pew! Yeah, that kind of proves my point.
  13. "If you're going to comment on a discussion you weren't originally part of, at least have the decency to pay attention.
  14. The day according to my coworkers "Hey Silver, I want you go outside, shake this banner for a bit, try to attract some business. 30 minutes later "Hey, it's been a while. Should I go get Silver?" "Nah, he'll come in on his own" 2 hours later "Hey have you guys seen Silver?" "No, I think he's still outside." Meanwhile "Ok Silver, you're good. Come in."