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  1. I remember that.
  2. Pros of working while dehydrated: Literally everything becomes super funny. Cons: Coworkers are now concerned for your well being.
  3. Mosquitoes? In January? In the northern hemisphere? Wat?
  4. @Shqueeves F @[email protected] Luckily, there wasn't any wind so it wasn't that bad as long as I kept moving. When I got inside, I made a beeline for the faucet so I could run my hands under some warm(er) water. That pretty much solved it.
  5. Thinking on it again, Patches would have fun on Scadrial
  6. It's seven degrees and getting to school requires a 5+ minute walk so of course I forgot a jacket
  7. Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisiteA lie will remain a lie.
  8. Today has been really weird. To start, it's been snowing for the past 10+ hours, and still is. On the way to work, roads were super icy. My car has an abs system, and it didn't do anything. Now, it's super slow, so no one has anything better to do than stand around talking.
  9. I work at Firehouse Subs. I make sandwiches.
  10. When I read a Sanderson fight, my mind generally visualizes it as a fight from a game. For example, I visualize the battle of Narak as fighting the Deacons of the Deep from Dark Souls 3 I visualize the fight with Amaram as this What about you guys? What game fights do your minds go to when reading fight scenes?
  11. Imo, most of those fall under "characters "
  12. @Darkness_ I'm thinking Gallant and Sandlings. What do you think?
  13. There's a difference?
  14. That's a really good question @Herowannabe
  15. I'd put Pontiff Sulyvahn on Roshar just to see him fight Kaladin!