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  1. This Feruchemical Gold siamese twin question could lead to a Cosmere hack clone army. If you have the twins and separate them, cool. One views them as two unique individuals, and heals to a unique individual. The other views them as one, and heals back what is lost - the cojoined twin. Would they not essentially grow a third person cojoined to the twin who views the two beings as one? And then to escalate it, if the twin who views the cojoined as a part of a whole that views itself as unique, could you not loop this process and essentially grow your own clone army? Really quickly if you have a stockpile of unkeyed goldminds? Preferably unkeyed gold being topped up by a gold compounder? Would that work? Edit: Regarding gravity. We do not feel the affects of velocity, we feel the affects of acceleration. As 'G' is a specific measure of acceleration, 9.8m/s/s on earth, the body would feel that changing. If you up it to 6G, that is enough to knock most people out. I think a stormlight user would be protected from that effect by the light constantly healing them, but after a certain acceleration they would start to see diminished returns for their light used vs. acceleration achieved. Eventually they will hit a point where they are using more light to heal themselves per second than they are using to keep falling. And that is in a straight line, you add turns or fancy maneuvers, and I see it getting less effective. So would they feel it? Yes. Would it effect pregnancy? Probably not, as the baby would be healed with the mother. But I don't think it would be recommended. It would be less dangerous for a pregnant surgebinder to fly than for a pregnant woman to use a roller coaster. This is of course provided the pregnancy is viewed as part of the mother by the mother. If the baby is viewed as separate, then it is an entirely different conversation, and the risks to the baby are magnified.
  2. Hi all. Have a nice short idea for everyone to take apart. Please do not be gentle with it, show me the flaws! What we know: 1) There was a being named Adonalsium, presumably male form in world discussion. He died, was killed - his power split into 16 parts, divided among those who killed him. 2) The Cosmere borrows heavily from Earth religions for imagery, but does tend to have a heavy dose of imagery and symbolism from the Mormon sect of Christianity. I do not know enough about this subset to comment further - but I have read some of the commentary from practioners in this forum that do point out some of the imagery. What we theorize: 1) There is a God beyond Adonalsium. Mostly unknown to all, but there have been hints, and possibly some Cosmere scholars theorizing along the same lines. My thought: What if Adonalsium and the God beyond have a Jesus - God relationship? What if Adonalsium is the son of the God beyond sent into the Cosmere to experience it on behalf of the God beyond? Who was then slain by the inhabitants of the Cosmere? And, if you subscribe to the Iriali being more cosmically aware, and right, that Adonalsium is destined to return? What if Adonalsium, who clearly could die, and therefore by Jasnah's argument is not truly a god, because gods cannot die, but the son of god? Only instead of returning three days post shattering, he is due to return thousands of years later after his power has experienced the universe fully on behalf of the God Beyond? And if this parallel is valid, would there then not be an equivalent to the spear still hidden somewhere in the Cosmere? I have no proof - just a thought that came to me, that I had to write down to see if others agreed, or had thoughts along similar pathways. I'd especially love to hear from those who belong to the Church of LDS could weigh in on the teachings about Jesus and God - is he purely the son of god, or is he god giving himself mortal form to experience his own creation? The views on his resurrection? And how all this could tie into the Cosmere in a situation were the disconnect between man and god was so great that he was only a faint hint of a presence and most of the universe was unaware of his sons existence, but had knowledge of his power?
  3. Shallan - Mz. Hyde by Halestorm
  4. I'll admit to being concerned and skeptical. Previous TV, movie and game deals have fallen through. The graphic treatment of White Sand was extremely disappointing from an art standpoint. And the Dark One is going to be book, TV show, podcast and graphic novel? So everything but a musical? I really hope it works out. But Brandon's works have not gotten the best non-literature treatment thus far. That is the core of my skepticism.
  5. So. Is this the Super Secret Project then? I assume yes.
  6. Despite his super obvious body mods, has Marsh ever Worldhopped in the time between Harmony's ascendance and Era 2?
  7. Some really fun questions came out of this. Thanks everyone for asking questions!
  8. Is Rlain's gemheart big enough to contain a Bondsmith class spren?
  9. So you mean to tell me that the Ire are literally drinking Powerthirst...
  10. I think we need to look at what happens to the various spren types when they 'die.' Higher spren, when their bond is broken after reaching the sword ideal for their order, are deadeyed. Lesser spren, we don't know. But I think we assume they become plate, but we have not seen their cognitive versions yet. So what about the super spren - Stormfather, Nightwatcher and the sibling? What happens when they are killed, the Bondsmith spren? Bondsmiths, if I remember correctly, don't get swords. An Urithiru is clearly more than it seems and lacks a lot of its previous functionality. As does shardplate and shardblades. THe sibling was injured and is being protected. What if Urithiru is the Physical Realm Deadeye version of the sibling? I have no proof - just a random thought that came to me while reading this thread.
  11. Have to agree with Bort on this one. You always hear about firstborn, or about the youngest. Never the "Only-considered-the-first-until-my-parents-get-busy-again"-born child. It functionally makes no sense and is too chaotic. You cannot plan a society around the upheaval that would come from every member of a given family getting a demotion each and every time someone new is born. There is no stability in that model. Far more sensible is the model where the first child leads, and the second child is taught a different task, but also given training in the case an accident befalls the first, and so-on and so-forth. IT has the failing of your role being decieded at birth, not by individual merit, skill or desire. And that is Rock's problem - his society is cast based from birth order. The first son will never be a cook, the fourth son will not lead while the other three live. If you have one son who is slated to be a soldier, but wants nothing more to be a cook, that is tough. He has soldier training. If then his older brother dies, it is terribly sad, but he gets to be a cook, and loves his role - he finds a semi-guilty happiness. But if then a few years down the line, the eldest commits suicide by shardbearer along with other brothers, this son who was a soldier turned cook is forced to take up a mantle of leadership that he has never wanted. Especially if he won shards in combat. There is an element of cowardice you can assign to him for dodging that responsibility and remaining a bridgeman. But you can see in his chapter, when his family arrives, he is trying to enjoy the life he loves for as long as he can before he faces his responsibility, and as much as he misses his family, you can see that he knows he will have to face it sooner rather than later once they arrive - because they know. It is harder for him to hide now. And then he wins shards in combat. He broke his commitment to non-violence, and likely became a king in doing so. He must hate this. This next year will not be pleasant for him, so I don't blame him for a little responsibility shirking. Except, the world is marching towards doom. He needs to Windrun, to lead, to protect, and help Dalinar unite Roshar. So if by book four he has not stepped up, then I will agree with you, he is running away from responsibility when the world cannot afford to allow him to. So wait and see?
  12. @vikorr I had started theorizing along tangential lines to this over here. I'm not sure he is a coward, he does seem to have principles that make violence abhorrent to him, and does seem to be in a position to be an unwilling king. So there is a definite amount of responsibility dodging he is doing by being a bridge team cook rather than going home with his new power and possessions.
  13. I think it was a few things. Specifically two elements that led to the scorching of the planet - The lack of the Radiant orders, and the surgebinders working in concert. For the first element, surgebinders working in concert, we have seen something similar before - the formation of the Everstorm. This was an action taken by a massive group of voidbinders working in concert to effect a massive, permanent change on the world. So to wreck a planet, I'd think you'd need a massive amount of 'binders working together, or far more likely, working in opposition. And if I am right, and 'binders working in opposition can have as terrible an outcome as 'binders working together, it becomes terrifying to look at the order splits along faction lines. Skybreakers with Odium, Dustbringer(s?) with the diagram, many unaligned. Take a Skybreaker and a Windrunner in opposition. Have them lash the same stone in different directions, what happens? DO the Lashings cancel each other, or do the opposing forces rip the stone apart? The other element we keep hearing is that Ishar forced the surgebinders to form orders or be destroyed. To take oaths that bound them with checks and balances. Which makes me think that the nature of the Nahel bond between sprin and 'binder prevents them from obtaining world-cracking power.
  14. Well, that is the debate, isn't it. Nightblood absorbs and changes Investiture. When created, he was a heavily invested item. But as he exists and continues to absorb, his investiture level will begin to approach shard levels. What happens then? Will the shards whose investiture he has consumed slowly get weaker? Will he develop an intent and become a new Shard? Nightblood scares me. If I was in the Cosmere, he'd be the source of Nightmares.
  15. "Nahel bonding in Ten easy steps" By the Internet - "Number nine may surprise you" "Unusual uses for Allomancy that will change your life" By some scammer - "Number 16 will blow your mind" "Conversing with yourself" Shallan's guide to dealing with trauma "B90-X: How to get a Bridge-runner's body in 90 days or less" Exercise Regime - Bridge and arrows sold separately.