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  1. I don't have enough upvotes to give this wonderful reference. I think they will get there with Szeth eventually, but I don't think the rest of the world knows Szeth through the Emperor into the Death Star core yet. Mostly because I don't think that Szeth through the emperor into anything yet. But oh will it be glorious when it happens. It pairs super well with its sibling syndrome: Moash Syndrome: There is no enemy so reviled, discouraging, and loathsome as an enemy who was an ally until they betrayed you and everything you stand for a couple of minutes ago.
  2. For me, I'm less concerned with how the lead protagonists are going to respond to Szeth, or deal with his sudden appearance and mildly creepy loyalty to Dalinar once the post bttle high wears off. Dalinar figured out that Taravangian is a bad guy. Connecting the dots to see Szeth as his tool is not a huge reach. That is not easy to swallow, but doable, and desperate times make for strange bedfellows. The big hurdle I see is the other leaders. They just got over Dalinar not being fully communicative and being set up to be High King. Now he shows up with the Assassin in White as his personal body guard? Holy hell, that is going to cause trust issues. Even the Thaylens, who just got saved by Dalinar and the Assassin, from Dalinar's own corrupted army. The Azish who said screw it, we're out. Now the guy who has been murdering their leaders and neighbours works for the guy who wants to be High King over them all? Dalinar will naturally point out that Taravangian was behind it all. But given the choice between believing that Taravangian, the kindly simpleton who builds hospitals and accidental king of Jah Keved being a merciless murderer, or the Storming Blackthorn offering peace and unity with one hand while the other sends an assassin to eliminate all rivals, including his own brother , so that he can ascend to power - which do you think the rulers will believe? Dalinar is totally going to look like the mastermind behind all that death and terror. Taravangian, almost by accident, undermines him again. Szeth showing up is going to be a major blow to Dalinar's coalition. And, as he has learned, not coming clean right away makes it worse. So he has to handle that right away. That is going to a bigger hurdle to overcome. Faced with that, who cares who the mains handle it? Jasnah is nothing if not pragmatic, and even if she hates Szeth for her father's death, she knows he was just a tool. The listeners admitted as much. I desperately want to read that conversation though. Kaladin saw how broken the man was in the clash over the two storms. Lift never had a real issue with him - she'll likely be one of his biggest champions, hugging him while stealing his snacks. Renarin, Adolin and Shallan will follow Dalinar's lead, all seeing a man more broken than they, trusting Dalinar's word, and Szeth's oath. They'll have their own reservations, sure, but which of them is guiltless? Renarin with the corrupted spren? Shallan the broken, who murdered her own family? Or Adolin, killer of Sadeas? Heck, I see Adolin going to him to learn how to spar - needing to learn how to fight a powered individual as an unpowered. I see Navani having the hardest time of it, but by all reports, she and Gavilar were not that close, and more pressing to her will be the loss of her son and the return of her Grandson. It will be exciting to see how it plays out, and the principals will each likely have to have their own resolution with him, but that is nothing compared to the rest of the world showing up to negotiate with the Blackthorn and seeing the Assassin in white in his shadow. How can they be unified and trust Dalinar if they think he killed the kings by proxy? Completely unrelated thought: This is the post that made me a Torturer of Heralds. I got to see that level! Yay! Saved for posterity.
  3. That depends on whether or not you believe that you can have a romantic relationship without a physical component. As love is a thing of feelings, and concepts, it could be a purely cognitive and spiritual experience, not requiring any physical intimacy. They share a deep, intimate bond. Physical gestures would become more interesting, as it would be more about the thought behind them, rather than the actual act. I think it is entirely possible to have a romance completely devoid of the physical. Now, before anyone accuses me of being entirely too serious, they do have some loopholes. They can always have dates together in the cognitive realm, where Syl has tangible substance. Just a quick jump on the Elsecaller Uber service to go to the girlfriend's realm. And if they go for off world dates, they could always end up meeting Kelsier, who may be able to teach Syl how to Pinocchio herself into being a real girl. I mean he did it, with some interesting, albeit indiscreet piercings. Syl is smart enough to adapt Kelsier's techniques to find a far more wholesome route to becoming fully present in the physical realm. And then there are still other avenues for them to physically express their relationship that I don't actually want to discuss, so I'll leave that to your imaginations.
  4. You should mark this as [OB] to start.
  5. That's where I was aiming with the Lyn angle. But let's go off the deep end with this. Is Shallan like Evi, or is Adolin like Shallan's dad?
  6. As you say, the only tenuous link here is that Kaldin is Man, Lyn is Woman, and they know each other. This is a very good reason for it to not happen, and thankfully, Sanderson has yet to give us a forced, shoe-horned in romance for the sake of romance. It is possible that Kaladin will exist in the stormlight dedicated to his friends, not a romance arc. That said, Lyn has challenged his views on gender dynamics by refusing to join Bridge four unless she can try for Radiance. Kaladin needs someone in his life who challenges his perceptions, first as a friend. There are many in Bridge four who fit that bill, but Lyn is the first woman in Bridge Four to do so, which is good. I really hope they become friends and she calls him on his crap. If it naturally becomes more, so be it. Shipping is not big on my list of things to read. I want Kaladin to have friends who don't hero worship him, and who call him out for being stupid. But, the other woman in Kaladin's life who challenged hi to think more, not less, was Hesina. If he starts thinking in terms of how Lyn's personality reminds him of how strong a woman his own mother was, I will begin to worry. And fully agree. Liftadin is too ridiculous. But no one had said it, so I just had to have fun. That said, headboard commentary from Wyndle and Syl?
  7. So... Second arc Liftadin? When she is older? Or go down the dour route, Ashadin? I can see it: "I'm so sad, I couldn't save a random NPC from dying because of their own poor decisions and war and stuff." "That's nothing Kal, I left a good friend of mine to be tortured endlessly for four and a half thousand years, and he won't be mad at me." "Damnit Ash, you always bring that up, why won't you let me be properly dour." "Because, for one, context. Nothing you've done, or failed to do, is worse than that. For two, Syl won't leave me alone until you sstart smiling again. She's persistent." Realistically, Ash-Kaladin won't be a thing, there seems to be more likely some history between her and Taln. Lift-Kaladin is just ridiculous, but enough so to be entertaining. Realistically, Kaladin needs not someone who is happy, but someone who is capable of happiness, and pointing out when he is being stupid, or has his head buried in his own backside. Seeing as Navani is already taken, the scout Lyn, once she becomes more confident, more Radiant, seems like just the person to call him on his BS, and challenge his perceptions. So I'm hoping for an eventual Lynadin.
  8. I saw that. But I was not sure I trusted it. I'm going to feel like an idiot If I could have expanded my question there. I did use that section to ask for a quote if I get an RAFO.
  9. Ordered mine. Rust the 90 character limit on personalizations. Asked the following: "Atium was not a basic metal. Does the Era 2 table of 16 have a similar mistake?" Would have expanded the question if I could, but I'm hoping to confirm, or destroy, my pet theory that Aluminum does not belong in the basic metals. Super excited for the art though, some of what has been posted looks amazing.
  10. That makes a ton of sense as to why it did not show in my search, but you could pull it in seconds. Now I am super curious about your theory. Looking forward to reading it!
  11. I completely missed you thread, and began speculating elsewhere about this very topic due too some Oathbringer info:
  12. Well darn. I had done a quick search for this topic before starting a new thread. Knowing that Roshar is the fourth planet, my bets are Nalthis, Scadrial and the planet of the author of the second Oathbringer letter, the one who speaks of avatars. I think in this very short chapter, Evi gave us the biggest glimpse yet of the previous stops on the path. Thanks for the info! And I finally cleaned up my quotes.
  13. Nice catch. Both Nalthians do use "Like white on black" as their idiom for something obvious. I latched on to the use of colour, as we have seen Rosharans focus more on gemstones for colour references, and I think Nalthis does fit better, but Taldain could also be an option.
  14. Hello all - for a while now a number of people have speculated that the Iriali, on their long trail in pursuit of the knowledge of the one, are a society of Worldhoppers that periodically change worlds so that they may truly experience all of the One, Adonalsium. So where have they been? I am currently on my second, much slower and more observant read through of Oathbringer, and am only in part 2, and I already have some ideas for where the Iriali have been. I base all of this on things they have said. Sadly, we do not have many sources. Ym through the Words of Radiance Interlude, and Evi through Dalinar's flashbacks, when she appears and has conversation. They do not provide much, but here is what I have found, most of which is from the same chapter in Oathbringer. Chapter 36: Hero In this chapter we see Evi at what is likely her happiest, pregnant with Adolin, living with Dalinar. I picked up on four things she said that link to some other stuff in the Cosmere, emphasis mine: {Temporary edit: I am at work, so I can't really flip through the book to get exact page numbers and quotes. I intend to come back and fix the format of this later this evening} 1) White like the sun at night. She uses this idiom with Dalinar when he stops the fireplace from ash coating their walls. Worth noting that she phrases it as 'a sun,' not 'the sun.' Seems to indicate that the Iriali have been to Nalthis for a period of time before Roshar, given the colour based idiom that is also prevalent with our two Nalthians. 2) Like the blackness of old stories - When describing Dalinar's mood. While this could refer to the Desolations, I feel that this refers more to a single crushing darkness in a history that would leave all bleak. This feels like a reference to the old legends of the Deepness on Scadrial, which was often depicted as a formless blackness in art. 3) A stone still wet with moss. When describing Dalinar's thoughts on the nature of spren. I can't currently tie it to any one planet, but moss sticking to rocks does not seem likely native to Roshar. A Highstorm would strip that right off. This to me would hint at less hostile, more temperate climates not found outside of Shinovar, which is not where the Iriali live. 4) Nightwatcher, avatar of the One. This to me is not necessarily a reference to another planet, but it does line up with the second letter in the epigraphs of part two, where the shard describes the formation of a new avatar that is being bred to distrust Hoid. The comparison seems to link both the idea that intentional splinters/slivers of a certain power level could be considered avatars, and that the Iriali have been to that shard's planet on their long trail to pick up that terminology. Once again, I apologize for the format. I will be coming back to this later, today hopefully, to clean this up - add proper quotes with some context and page numbers. But this is what I have spotted so far. I do not recall much from Ym's interlude that would hint as to which shardworlds the Iriali had been to before, or even how the entire society manages to worldhop, or what their criteria for moving on is. There are a small handfull of other chapters where Evi has actual lines to deliver, but I have not gotten there yet. Has anyone noticed any other hints as to previous stops on the Long Trail? Does anyone dispute the examples I have given here, or have alternate interpretations of them?