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  1. With a big enough spike, could you spike the investiture out of a given region of Sel? Seeing as the Investiture their is geo-locked?
  2. Fair point. I would have name dropped one of his Skybreakers, who he was training to hunt down and murder proto-Radiants for whatever contrived legality they could come up with if we had one to name drop, but I figured Nale as the patron of the Skybreakers would communicate the point. But as far as I know, no current Skybreakers have names. Unless you want to count Szeth, who does not seem to have a nahel-bonded spren yet, who has tried to kill both Kaladin and Dalinar, though that was under orders. But very true, Nale is not technically a Skybreaker any more than Szeth was a Windrunner.
  3. Hello Navani, have you met our friend Nale? That will be a rude awakening, when they realize that it is not necessarily the best of humanity that are selected, but the ones who best fit the spren's ideals. Being a good person, or even just a nice person are not required. Nevermind being a team player. I hope the lesson of Radiance does not equate ally, or trustworthiness does not come at too harsh a price.
  4. Ability to detect hostile intent? It reacted quite strongly to Shallan reacting to Mraize, right?
  5. Just really noticing how appropriate the Chapter title is for Dalinar. Men of Blood and Sorrow. What a pair of monsters we have there. The Blackthorn and the Kind Doctor. Which is the worse monster? The one who did not care, then learned responsibility and works to atone, or at least be better? Or the one who knows exactly the price of their actions, and does it anyway in secret to make people love him with lies? Dalinar is bringing a viper to his inner circle, thinking it a golden retriever. Not terribly bright, but with sad knowing eyes. Also neat to know that they know something happened, but figured he had a stroke, or something, not sought out a boon. Shows how taboo the Nightwatcher is that they don't even suspect, they just feel sorry for the poor, feeble figurehead. That reveal will be huge.
  6. A lot of those memories come from him at the height of his reputation as the Blackthorn, when he was most bitter about Navani. When he was the most dangerous force Gavilar could unleash. A lot of those memories coming back could fill in some holes that bring the Blackthorn out of retirement. You know, the one who killed children to get swords? And ate off of assassin's blades? That is all dangerous stuff to have come back to you, especially remembering how effective it was, if shortsighted, when he was far less powerful than he is now...
  7. Okay... A lot to unpack this week. Lets start with the preface. I'm almost thinking the preface sounds like Adolin, filtered through the scribe writing it. Kind of like Gavilar's account of the first encounter with the listeners. Speaking of listeners, Mraize referred to them as listeners! Not parshendi. Listeners. Also, Mraize appears to be either a pirate, or is continuing to show off a worldhopper collection be having an aviar on his shoulder. So what gift does this aviar give that benefits him? Heleran. Boo. Reveal that it was Kaladin, not Amaram, and further work to divide the protagonists. Boo-urns. For Kaladin, something is going to go wrong in the barracks. The Lighteyes will get curious or something. Also, our curiously intelligent yellow spren who knows way to much and is being very coy, but also likely has guessed that Kal may be bound to a honorspren. I don't think she buys the crem he is shoveling. So the whole hiding as a slave among them is going to come to a head a lot sooner than expected. That will probably happen in this part. I hope that goes well. But am worried. Mr T. arrived with a Dustbringer. I am so curious about the other orders I almost care nothing for the rest of the chapter, and want more info on this new woman. Mr. T subtly feeling out whether Dalinar is taking the path of the Warlord or the path of the diplomat. damnation. We knew it was coming, but it was so damnation sneaky that if we did not know of his ulterior motives, I would have missed it. It is really neat to watch the interactions with his minders from an outsider's perspective who is not in the know. Ialai and Adolin. That went better than anticipated. I'm proud of Adolin for not being violent, but also for cutting through the double speak to get right to the core. Not Dalinar. But her counter stroke was magnificent, and exactingly correct. One of Dalinar's soldiers trying to do him a favor outside of orders. damnation, this is going to get fun. Additional thoughts after reading the comments that appeared while I typed this: A sense of dread developed when the Stormfather confirmed he is not the healer. Which mean both the Boon and curse are still functional, making them conditionals? That is terrifying. What is the condition. What is the new thing to disappear. And Urithiru is haunted. That's nice. Leave a sleeping agent of evil. Not an unmade, but one of the creations to screw with the next rounds heros while they learn. That seems hateful enough to make sense. And Mraize wants neither side to come out on top, he wants balance for nefarious purposes! That is scary.
  8. Dustbringer smiling creepy smiles! BRING THE DUST!
  9. I wonder if it creates interesting strata in the rocks when they Soulcast it to stone...
  10. I'm thinking tomorrow we get a follow up with Dalinar, post memory rush, and a Shallan follow up chapter first in line. For the third chapter, I think we are going to see a break from Kaladin until that Highstorm shows up. So the third chapter will go either to Dalinar or Shallan, giving us two of one of them in sequence. I think tomorrow we get Shallan follow up, Dalinar memory results, Dalinar politics/highstorm communications with Stormfather. Having two Shallan chapters is possible, but I don't think as likely. But in that case it would go Shallan-Dalinar-Shallan, but the second Shallan chapter would likely involve Dalinar, Navani and Renarin as well as Adolin and Shallan, as they discuss surrendering Adolin's plate, Shallan and Adolin's investigation and Dalinar's memories.
  11. For me, I don't really buy that Evi is Vivenna, mostly because I would find it extremely disappointing that she was gone. But also, Vivena's control of her hair colour was not fantastic the last we saw her, and she likely would have had a significant wealth of breath. So Evi seems like a poor fit. On of the things I have learnt about people going under assumed names is that they will take names from their comfort zone, from their country, fitting a pattern, and mostly because their ethnicity will not necessarily match a name to drastically different from their home. Given that Brandon used a double consonant sound at the beginning of most non-returned names in Warbreaker (Vivenna, T'telir, Dedelin, Llarimar, D'denir) for both Hallandren and Idris, I will personally be on the lookout for some foreigner with an unplaceable accent, weird colour based idioms, a name starting with a double consonant rather than a palindromic structure, inconsistent hair, odd colours, and an inexplicable ability to annoy Zahel more than most. Or, you know, any combination of two or three of those points. But especially seeing as we have seen Vasher still dressing in scruffy clothes, belted with a simple, likely awakened, rope, still using Nalthian phrasing, I see Vivena having similar patterns. Yes, she was in a state of self-image transition when last we saw her, but she also has far less experience with World-hopping than Vasher, and she was never good at blending in. So I am looking for someone with a Nalthian name, Breath, Royal Locks, off colour speech patterns and accent, and familiarity with our other Nalthian. Evi fits none of those, though we have not seen her interact with Zahel. In any case, her name feels more Selish to me than Nalthian or Rosharan. Which kind of fits that the Iriali, which could conceivably be the palindromic form of the Ire, are theroized to be Worldhoppers travelling the Cosmere, generation to generation, trying to be Adonalsium experiencing itself...
  12. If Lift was given a full, unkeyed Bendalloy metalmind (stores calories), would she be able to tap it for awesomeness?
  13. Just in case you were on the fence, trying to figure out if Mraize was really a bad guy, or just simply misunderstood. I mean, I get the confusion, he did try to kill Amaram, right? And then you see him with Ialai, and remember how psychopathic he is. Definitely a villain. But far more interesting question becomes: Is Ialai a Ghostblood? If so, where does she fall in the hierarchy? If not, is she aware that Mraize is? If she is, does she know about Mraize's new protege, Veil, and the showy display at the alehouse? The next Shallan chapter better happen next week, because it will be intense. And, you know, cause these boards to explode. Again.
  14. No really big comments this week. Some worldbuilding work with Sebarial. The Flashback chapter as anticipated. It is interesting to note that Evi and Toh apparently did steal the plate from their homeland, and Dalinar essentially purchased said stolen goods as a dowry. So.. he is in possession of stolen goods. That will be interesting. I'm glad Shallan did have to deal with her hangover. I think it is good learning experience for Veil. Plus consequences and adulthood, ect, ect. Also, near miss on discovering Adolin killed Sadeas. I think he would have told her if she pressed. But now she wants to have a mystery to unravel with him. Its not as if they weren't spoiled for things to keep them occupied, or that this is super relevant to everything. Hi Mraize. Umm.. Glad that the listeners are starting to feel their Rhythms. And they don't like the yellow Spren either. I think this will culminate in Kaladin needing to tell some Alethi to back off and go away, revealing his radiant nature. This continues to be my favorite thread. I shudder at eating from the knife. Granted, the wine likely sterilized it. But still. That was just in someone. Dalinar to servants "Who do I have to kill to get proper service in here? And a decent knife? If you think I'm kidding, just ask the assassin at the last holding. I will literally stab you to death with your own knife, and then use it to feed myself if no one gets me STORMING USEFUL UTENSILS." More Gender dynamics! The Easterners are unfamiliar with safepouches, and Navani is snide! Palona barely conceals hers for massage, open air with guests too! Shallan explains that not everything should be blamed on periods, common immature/misogynist male mistake encountered and defeated. No substance this week, really. More build up chapters. That's about everything. Until I read the other comments on this thread and you all point out something I missed that I want to have an opinion on. Happy Tuesday everyone!
  15. It doesn't necessarily have to be Eshonai's own ambition that caused her trouble. Yes she was ambitious in her desire to explore and map the world. But the ambition that most recently caused her issue was Venli's, with Stormform. The line says that the traitor was broken by ambition, not broken by her own ambition. One could even argue that Gavilar's ambitious goal of bringing the Listener Gods back is what initially broke her entire people and locked them into a conflict they could not win. There are tons of ways, given the phrasing provided, that ambition could have broken the traitor.