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  1. So this is the thought I was trying to express. Thanks for summing it up succinctly. I think what it comes down to is that real world perfect gems are purely theoretical and not naturally occurring. But in the Cosmere, with semi-divine intervention, there could realistically exist perfect gems, free of any flaw or impurity, immune to the stress of the drain/fill cycle.
  2. I'm going to disagree with you on this for now. Your WOB, while really neat, does not address the long term viability of the so-called perfect gems, like the one seen in Thaylen city. I think the life span of gems is almost like a limit function, where the lifespan goes to infinity as you approach perfection. Except, this is a magic system, and we do see perfect gems. So if you have a molecularly perfect gem, cut perfectly, something a Shard could create, I think it can be reused an infinite number of times - provided no one takes a hammer to it and breaks it into a useless state.
  3. I think the gem cracking has to do with the quality and cut more than anything else. We have seen that perfect gems hold light indefinitely. But inferior gems leak like sieves. If the gem is flawed, or poorly cut, I think it has a higher chance of cracking. To continue @Mestiv's glass of water analogy, with a perfect gem, a perfect container, we can fill and refill the gem to capacity ad infinitum. But if there is a flaw in the gem, it is like using a flawed or cracked glass to drink from. It may work the first few times, and it may Hold liquid for a while before it all leaks out. But, eventually, the repeated stress from filling and refilling will widen the flaw in the glass until it finally breaks - cracking beyond usefulness or coming apart outright. That said, don't drink from a broken glass, its a bad plan.
  4. The RAFO is kinda neat and very important - it implies quite a bit. But far more exciting is the next line in parentheses.. Confirmation that Cultivation talks to lots of people. That, in my mind, is pretty huge.
  5. I agree with all of this. Which sucks, because I really, really want to love the graphic novel. But the consistency, the fact that many of the characters are visually indistinguishable from each other is just too jarring. The final chapter art was redemptive, but getting two thirds of the way through a story before getting decent art is too much. And much of the plot feels too rushed. Elements come out of nowhere without any of the build up you got from the prose. Spoilers of course.
  6. I like the new artist better. ThHe old artist had quite a few continuity errors. And everything was so messy. I like the new art style much better. It is discordant to have that switch, but I can live with it.
  7. A six foot long Mithril sword would still be heavyish. But a regular longsword is at most 1.5KG. So if it is still heavy, but light compared to 1.5kg, its not going to push much... And both would be heavy compared to a wooden spear with a metal head.
  8. Except that everyone talks about how ludicrously light they are. They are essentially Mithril.
  9. True. And we have seen that a red aura appears when one shard co-opts another shards systems. Would manipulating Lerasium or Atium run the risk of corrupting a spren and shifting them red?
  10. Question that may slightly brush up against OB Spoilers: It has been hinted that a single person could bond more than one spren, the caveat being that they would need to meet the criteria of both spren for it to work, and find a way to swear the oaths in a non-contradictory manner. Is the inverse possible as well? Could a spren bind two people simultaneously? Likely not, but could it work? What if the people in question were Identical twins? Or were drift compatible in the pacific rim universe? Do spren have an identical twin analog among them?
  11. Thanks @RShara for the transcription! And Thanks everyone who was there to ask questions, there are some really good ones there!
  12. But they can manipulate Stormlight - it is the primary currency in the Rosharan expanse of Shadesmar, and we see a spren accept Rock's offer of of Stormlight. So they can access Investiture. And they have limited manipulation of the PR. So normal rules may not apply for invested metal, especially metal that invested. But they would make terrible mistborn. Iron and steel are useless to them.
  13. Oh come on, this thread is practically begging for these references. From Maya being mostly dead, to the Stormfather pulling a pseudo Inigo Montoya on Kaladin in the fourth act of WOR... So no apologies! Let the references loose! Also, what do you think Miracle Max was, Edgedancer or Truthwatcher?
  14. I'd love to have the meta experience of Wayne doing the audiobooks for Mistborn.
  15. It does and it doesn't. As I said, I grumble at my keyboard, not you guys - the ones who are providing me with information I didn't have, so that I can better support my theories, or allow them to die. So I was not feeling bad. And if ever I feel a response to me is out of line, I'll express that feeling. If I've learned nothing else from this thread, it is that you guys are open to conflict resolution and discussion.