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  1. I think some spren might have existed even pre-shattering? It seems like spren are just a consequence of the way investiture manifests on Roshar and it's portion of the Cognitive Realm.
  2. I expect the definitive answer to this question will need to wait for Szeth's flashback book.
  3. Re: the Skybreaker's Fifth Ideal, it's stated that nobody has reached that point in centuries, implying that it did happen in the past.
  4. Yeah I strongly suspect Cultivation got involved with Lift. Lift's...things seem a bit beyond the level the Nightwatcher normally operates on. Cultivation also says that the things the Nightwatcher does are attempts to learn about humans.
  5. My keyboard hates me.
  6. Nightblood doesn't really have a gender identity per se. You could use "they".
  7. I'm not sure if I agree with this theory, but you do make some very good arguments. I agree with previous posters that this is one reason why I'd like to see Maya revived. We need an insider view on this.
  8. I think this goes well beyond normal teenager stuff.
  9. Lift - Awesome. Nale - Crazypants. Moash: Stupid. Adolin: Precious. Dalinar: Dad.
  10. I think we have Word of Brandon that he worked with another shard (I cannot remember which one) to kill Aona and Skai? Or I could be remembering.
  11. I'm hoping for lots of Rlain (Rlain for Bondsmith 2k17, fight me). More progress for Adolin and Maya (please Sanderson, you have no idea how bad I want this, these two are my platonic OTP of the year).
  12. and then it can become a Shardbridge.
  13. Kaladin with Dalinar a very close second as of Oathbringer. His story in Oathbringer is amazing.
  14. Given how Soulcasting works, it's possible she does convince them to change in some way. I don't think we know how it works. Unfortunately it seems like Glys does not remember. As for whether she is trustworthy it's hard to say, even if she is trying to break from Odium, Odium can clearly compel her to do things. I agree with Necessary Eagle that it would be more interesting if she was trying to break away from Odium. But that doesn't mean that they should trust her unilaterally, since again, she can be compelled to do things.
  15. Also Shadesmar is somewhat more dangerous than the Physical Realm, at least for those not native to it. Admittedly Axies doesn't seem to be terribly concerned about danger in general but still.
  16. I am aware that a lot of people ship it, and that's cool, people can ship what they want. I just don't happen to ship it.
  17. I personally believe that spren are probably asexual and aromantic so don't see that kind of relationship happening between them. But this is all getting off topic. I did love the moment when he can't swear the Fourth Ideal and she hugs him. I do love their relationship platonically. Other platonic OTP Adolin and Maya.
  18. I think he avoids writing it because he's not very good at it and doesn't want to write bad romance because people hate that.
  19. Well they aren't actually speaking English, so you can't make any comparison to real world accents.
  20. Maybe being killed by a Shardblade just really really sucks. We know being cut with one hurts a lot.
  21. Human muscles are a lot stronger than we can usually access, because using the full strength of our muscles would tear ligaments and tendons and even break bones so our brains won't let us do it, except in adrenaline fueled emergency mode. I figure Stormlight lets people access their full strength, like an adrenaline rush (Kaladin even compares the feeling to an adrenaline rush the first time he notices he's using it) and protects them from the consequences via toughening the body and healing any damage.
  22. It seems unbelievable that an entire year could go by in the middle of an active war and nothing of significance happens.
  23. Some humans make the effort to avoid sweeping generalizations but all humans are prone to them if we aren't careful.
  24. Ride the stormwall or gtho.
  25. Humans are fond of sweeping generalizations really. It's hard to stop.