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  1. TFA was great, but Wok is AMAZING.
  2. Simon Cowells' wife
  3. I'm sorry what?
  4. boarded the Enterprise
  5. destroyed the cake (those blasphemers, destroying chocolate cake!)
  6. that's not really how karma works, karma is based on what you do, not what happens to you. Something like recompense might work, but the word is not very Shard-y. Also I could see the laws about alcohol and other stuff that causes birth defects being very harsh just to prevent what you were talking about, either for reasons of it not being very nice to the kid who might end up not liking the trade-off or to prevent too many babies with magic being born to challenge the social structure.
  7. this could be interesting.....I'm pretty novice at forum RPing but ah well.
  8. err...hi?
  9. Hey there, have you read *all* of Brandon's stuff? If so, you should go hang around the general theory board, if not you should read all of his stuff and *then* go hang around the general theory board.
  10. I'm thinking that fight is going to wind up being Adolin and Kaladin vs Szeth, seeing as Adolin is said to be a better fighter then Galivar was and Galivar gave Szeth some trouble I'd say they may have a decent chance of winning. Then the trick will be stopping Adolin from killing Szeth, since he'd WANT to.
  11. I would like to announce that that is awesome.
  12. the term in WoK was ""Worldsinger", similar but not the same....although it's possible that Hoid perpetrated both orders and that's why they are so similar.....hmmmm....I think I just invented a new theory.
  13. we know Dalinar got it when he was younger, it's mentioned that at one point it was so strong he almost attacked Galivar, that was about a decade prior to the events of the book, and several years before they met the Parshendi.
  14. I hope Book 2 focuses on Shallan because I wanna know how the heck she wound up killing her dad. Also wanna see her end up actually summoning the Blade, just to see the massive This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules reactions from anybody else in the room at the time. Right before some of them die horribly. Or just run away screaming. I suspect Szeth will get book 4.
  15. don't think so, the death-talking is a relatively recent thing.
  16. if I were Brandon I'd flip them the bird and go find a uni that respects a New York Times bestselling author.
  17. evil government conspiracy
  18. that Kiin baked
  19. you must have a minivan to fit all those in.
  20. oh lol Axies the Collector.
  21. Mistborn Llamas got
  22. to zombify Osama
  23. Kaladin and Syl?
  24. which made Ruin
  25. I like the alot. I care about those alot. The sneaky hate spiral was good too, and that's about all I've seen of that blog lol.