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  1. created by Odium *shot*
  2. which exploded spectacularly
  3. there is no such thing as too much chocolate.
  4. t is almost the same colour as the background. Can it be fixed or what?
  5. I was actually thinking the same thing, about the ClayShan users forming symbols with their own bodies. you beat me to it.
  6. by censored words Please don't curse. Thanks - Chaos
  7. "I'm sick of"
  8. Sazed got angry
  9. so what do you think about the dark-glowing sphere that Galivar had? I'd assumed that that dark glow was the fuel for Odium's magic.
  10. after flirting with
  11. Yay, New meat!
  12. was eaten by
  13. sequiny ballet shoes (is so a word!)
  14. killed the random
  15. didn't want to
  16. I would like to announce that I just got home from the hospital after having minor surgery under a local anesthetic.
  17. Nightblood is an Awakened object, albeit an extremely powerful one, created by Vasher and his wife, who Vasher then ended up killing.
  18. It's cold here too, currently 0 degrees C (which is cold for where I live) and going to drop to -8 overnight.
  19. No, Syl made a comment about Hoid being "strange" when he randomly showed up and talked to Kaladin, I think that's what he was referring to.
  20. and noxious piles
  21. and feather boa (Who cares? It's funny)
  22. making Odium wear
  23. it would appear to be gaseous, it behaves like the mists in Mistborn, if you read the end of HoA, I recently reread that bit after having finished WoK, and the similarities are striking.
  24. Cultivation created Coppelia