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  1. ramen noodles and
  2. and then Hoid
  3. because he was
  4. however he kept
  5. who wanted to
  6. about pink hippoptamuses
  7. gave him a
  8. said Kelsier as
  9. a giant wagon
  10. and rated XXX
  11. which killed Dennoux
  12. Cultivation to bring
  13. Chaos did LSD {Even better! You can do a foursome!}
  14. with Renarin and
  15. Raoden killed KChan
  16. I'm assuming that Honor AKA the Almighty left some kind of trigger before he was killed so that this stuff would start happening when Odium was gearing up to attack.
  17. lol a packhorse with cosmic power.
  18. woke up Sarene
  19. so now somebody needs to ask him exactly what's the difference between a Sliver and a Splinter.
  20. which landed on
  21. when somebody threw
  22. Shattered Plains, Adolin
  23. It's in the annotations for HoA I believe.
  24. middle finger at
  25. I suspect (and I believe other people do as well) that the Seons are Splinters of Aona's Shard, and the Skaze (which Brandon described in the annotations as "evil Seons" are Splinters of Skai's Shard. I also believe that the spren are Splinters, as I have stated before. Interesting observations about Shallan and Kaladin's mutual traumatic events. Remember that the reason for the Snapping of Allomancerrs is because people on Scadrial were made by Ruin and Peservation working together, so they have some of Ruin in them that needs to be overcome before they can access Peservation's power. We don't know if other magic users on other words would have the same issue cause we don't know how they were made. and now I have to go wash dishes, maybe I'll think of some more stuff to write later.