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  1. Hi. Welcome to the Shard. Watch out for the baked goods and don't give away your Breath.
  2. That's where Venli comes in. And I agree with @RShara that given what Brandon has said I expect book 5 to end on a high note. I don't have any good theories on what that high note will look like but I do expect it to end on a high note.
  3. I read when exhausted sometimes, does that count?
  4. And I think we can safely say that Hoid knows how to do this. That little Cryptic is in for a big adventure.
  5. I'd like to remind some people that at least some Edgedancers were apparently considered deadly on the battlefield, according to one of the epigraphs in WoR. So I don't think Lfit and Wyndle can be assumed to represent all Edgedancers with the pacifism thing. Cultivation controls all things that grow, including the thorns. I think it makes sense that some of her spren would be "thorns" and more comfortable with violence than Wyndle is.
  6. the second one was just clever use of Abrasion.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty sure there is zero odds his encounter with Shallan was just random. He shows up at a pivotal moment in her life and gives her a nudge in the direction she needed right then.
  8. Hoid has ridiculous hax healing powers, they probably kill off most if not all diseases. I suppose he could carry something on his clothes or skin but most microbes don't survive that long without a host.
  9. They do have a connection with their wielders, that's what allows them to be summoned and dismissed in the first place.
  10. That's right.
  11. Neither does Peet and Ka, but I don't see you complaining about that.
  12. Do you have a problem with heterosexual romances that exist for the sake of romance without adding anything else to the story?
  13. I think Wayne is probably funny enough to gather upvotes without breaking the rules.
  14. Also, does there need to be a reason for a character to be gay? Some people are gay, so it's sensible for some characters to be gay. There doesn't need to be a reason. As for my least favourite character, that's a tough one. Probably Allraine(sp). It says a lot about Brandon's writing and how good it is that it's hard for me to think of a character that's just bad.
  15. Yeah, spren are not just heavily invested souls, they are pure Investiture in basic form that has come alive. Fundamentally different then ordinary souls. People in universe might call the Fused spren, but they' be technically incorrect.
  16. I think the Heralds left their swords in an attempt to separate themselves from the Oathpact.
  17. I agree that it would be better if the whole story wasn't about the character being queer. Too often when (especially straight) people do that everything else about the character gets ignored and they end up being flat and the story itself ends up being cringey.
  18. IIRC Brandon has at least implied that they are seeing the future a little through interpreting the paintings. It's been a while since I read the annotations for Warbreaker though.
  19. I keep imagining worldhoppers meeting them and then quietly giggling to themselves.
  20. I read Elantris first because it was his first book and I discovered him after he was picked to finish the WoT. I have since fallen out of love with WoT mostly but I still love Brandon Sanderson.
  21. I voted.
  22. I like your username and I also like Wyndle a lot, the way he and Lift interact is good for laughs.
  23. Sell. It's obviously 16. Lift, Szeth, and Adolin on ice skates.
  24. The lower gravity does make it plausible that Rosharians could be taller then most other people in the Cosmere, but the difference is probably not that big.