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  1. I don't think the deadeyes usually decide where to move, they are just drawn towards where their corpse is in the physical realm in the same manner that the beads are drawn back to the location of the physical object if left unattended. It's worth noting that the several other times he summons her in that battle it's normal, it's only the one time he desperately needs her to and asks her to that she comes faster.
  2. technically they can breed I think but without spikes their children will just be mistwraiths.
  3. If dead blades were capable of communicating with their owners under normal circumstances, even vaguely like with what happens with Adolin and Maya, it would have been noticed. The fact that she is able to communicate with him indicates that something unusual is going on.
  4. She can't cross over physically like Jasnah does because she doesn't have access to the surge of transportation. She basically just astral projects. Also I hope we get more Shadesmar in future books, the Shadesmar chapters are some of my favourite.
  5. I have to agree that Eshonai fits that one epigraph way better than Venli. Venli isn't a terrible candidate but Eshonai was better. And I still don't really feel like Adolin is Willshaper material. He's neither an explorer or a scholar and seems to become uncomfortable in situations that are unfamiliar. His reaction to ending up in Shadesmar typifies that.
  6. We have WoB that throwing massive amounts of stormlight at the problem will not fix the dead spren.
  7. WoB has confirmed that it's possible for somebody other then their original partner to bond with a dead spren and heal them and I believe that these WoBs strongly suggest that that a Nahel bond is necessary (barring possibly direct intervention from a Shard) to heal them. As for Adolin being a Willshaper, I don't think he fits them at all, he's not unreliable, he has issues with relationships in particular but they don't stem from being unreliable. We have WoB that his relationship issues stem from a subconscious lack of self-confidence.
  8. She's described as "angry" when attacking the Fused. I think if she was attacking simply because she wanted to avoid pain if he died, or being used by somebody worse she'd have been afraid not angry. Also, she told him her name. That looks like being friendly to me.
  9. Buy. Lift will become a worldhopper and eat everyone's lunch.
  10. I'd say since she attempted to remove a Fused's face on his behalf she probably doesn't hate him. I'm interested in what would happen if one of the Radiants touched Maya while Adolin was holding her at this point. That would likely be an informative experiment. Relis' Blade apparently accused him of killing it when Kaladin grabbed it.
  11. Adolin has some known anger issues, and a long history with Sadeas in particular. He snapped under provocation. He doesn't enjoy killing in that manner under more typical circumstances. He's a bit bothered after the Thaylen City battle because he's struck by killing other humans.
  12. I note that these battlefields were not UN sanctioned battlefields with "don't shoot the medics" rules. They'd have had to be willing to fight in self-defense at the least, or risk death or wasting all their Stormlight healing themselves or dodging and not having enough left over to do the thing they were supposed to be doing.
  13. But we've also been told (Including by Nale who is a primary source on the matter) that some Edgedancers were present on battlefields and apparently considered quite dangerous. So obviously Edgedancers don't have to be pacifists. Lift is one Edgedancer, and spren can differ in attitudes .
  14. It's not completely impossible to live that long naturally, the oldest known person was 122 (or so) when she died. But Allomantic pewter probably helps.
  15. I agree that in order for her to be healing there has to be a bond forming. Based on several WoBs I believe that's the only way they can be healed (barring possibly direct intervention from a Shard).
  16. Brandon published Shadows For Silence in somebody else's anthology originally so writing for somebody else's anthology wouldn't stop him from writing a Cosmere novella if he wanted to. I'm dissappointed it's not Cosmere but I'm sure it'll be great, I've liked Brandon's non-Cosmere short stories too.
  17. I think Renarin and Jasnah need to have a long and enlightening talk and there wasn't enough room in the book for it. You can really tell Brandon was desperately trying to finish the book without making it too much longer. I feel like there needs to be a novella to tie up all the loose ends Brandon didn't have time to tie up in the book itself.
  18. I also see similarities between Adolin and Lift. They seem to interact with people similarly. I'm not good at putting things into words but there's definitely something there. They're from very different places and walks of life so it makes sense that they don't seem that similar on the surface but when you look deeper I think there's definitely similarity.
  19. He's amazing, but not perfect. Perfect characters are boring.
  20. Cultivation flat out said that she controls the thorns as well. The Edgedancers were considered deadly on the battlefield according to one of the epigraphs. Some may have been peaceful healers but others could be fighters.
  21. The vast majority of people wouldn't have done even as much as Adolin did for that prostitute because they would have considered it not their problem and not wanted to get involved. That's even more true of the subset of people to which Adolin belongs (people with money and privilege). Maybe he could have done more, but what he did was still significant.
  22. We don't know. Brandon has said he might publish that story eventually but it could be quite some time.
  23. I see no reason why a Lawful Good character cannot be conflicted about morality at times. I think anyone who has a moral code can be conflicted about it at times.
  24. With regard to Pattern, his actual name is numbers, Pattern is a nickname for convenience. And Ivory renamed himself after bonding Jasnah to deliver one rude gesture to his people who objected to his choices so his name can't be taken as evidence of the naming conventions of his kind of spren.
  25. Personally I want Rlain to bond the Nightwatcher. Rlain for Bondsmith 2k18.