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  1. This character is married.
  2. Bullets and arrows penetrate. It's what they're designed to do. You aren't going to get shallow wounds on lightly armoured opponents with a bullet or arrow unless your aim is poor and you just graze past them with it. Add supernatural armour ignoring power and you can easily take out limbs.
  3. This character does not have magical abilities.
  4. omg lmao. This character is female.
  5. They do have an upper size limit, about the size of a person. So no planet busters.
  6. ParlinRysnLeshwiIyatilNoroBeardDunnyNotumDedelinKanPaarTeldenKalak Took out Vistim, he's a merchant nuff said. Who would win in a no-holds-barred wrestling contest?
  7. Like the others I believe they are almost certainly Scadrians.
  8. They are probably further from being alive than natural fibers. But yes, still technically "once alive".
  9. Nightblood can't do much on his own.
  10. Axies Parlin Rysn Vstim Lewishi Iyatil Shan Elariel Fjon Baxil Jenet Noro Beard Dunny Yeden Notum Human OreSeur Palona Balat Arclo Liss Kadash Dedelin KanPaar Allrianne Penrod Telden Kalak Eliminated Au-nak because I had to look him up on the coppermind.Also fixed the spacing for ya. Who would be the first to die in a horror movie?
  11. My impression is they had more than one perfect gemstone. Would have made sense to collect them for stormlight storage purposes anyway.
  12. Actually
  13. OB spoilers below
  14. Kelsier's soul is stapled to his new body via the spike in one eye, but we don't know the details of how that was accomplished. He does have the scars, we don't know if he looks the same otherwise.
  15. Brandon also said that Cusicesh is a level below the SF and the NW, so I do not believe it is the Sibling. I believe the Sibling is on an equivalent power level to the SF (at least as he was before Honor died) and the NW.
  16. Well you can do it if you know how. So you'd have to know what you were doing.
  17. My impression is it applies to all travel, though of course almost all the travel we've seen so far is through the CR.
  18. MarshFeltOdiumDemouxlyatilTalnNaleNightbloodDenthArsteelShasharaYesteel Nazh seems like the sarcastic eyeroll type. Who would win at Cosmere Dancing with the Stars?
  19. So the Stormfather is now more omnipresent and less localized then other spren, but I suspect you would still have issues with leaving the Roshar system.
  20. it's generally hard for spren to leave the area around Roshar, due to the fact that the power of Honor and Cultivation which spawned them is strongly anchored there. There are ways to do it but it's non-trivial.
  21. Yeah Vorinism as it currently exists is pretty much hosed anyway, due to all the revelations that are happening. t'll probably take a while for people to figure it out but it's gonna happen. I think Jasnah will be a good queen, she's intelligent, decisive , and understands how power works and how to make it work for her.
  22. I assume "cosmere standard" is the same as Earth's for reader convenience.
  23. I don't think it was that long, for Kelsier though it's not clear, and that was with him resisting as hard as he could with his considerable willpower. And Vin infusing Elend with Investiture was a temporary thing, he used it up right away.