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  1. I don't think Kaladin would be down for that. He respects Adolin and the marriage too much.
  2. I also headcanon Jasnah as asexual and probably aromantic. I can see Jasnah and Kaladin having a mutually respectful relationship, but I don't think they'll be romantically/sexually involved. I also can't really see Kaladin going along with a political marriage on paper.
  3. That would require some ridiculously tricky co-ordination.
  4. Yeah, that's true. We don't know why that's the case exactly, It's probably to do with perception/belief.
  5. Yeah it's just meant to emphasize for the reader that it's a Cryptic. Persumably Hoid will call the spren something different.
  6. Hoid is already pretty goddamn powerful. I just hope we get to see him interact with that Cryptic because I'm curious what s/he is like and what their relationship will be like.
  7. I think I would be an Elsecaller, but that may just be because I kinda super relate to Jasnah in particular. We don't actually know a lot about the Elsecallers as an order yet.
  8. It's a swear word, but it's a really mild one and I honestly find it kinda annoying that it's censored.
  9. Never happen. Adolin wouldn't want to touch Nightblood. He's the kind of person that would feel sick looking at Nightblood. Anyway I like Adolin and don't want him to die.
  10. I think most people from Earth with blue or green eyes would probably pass, but maybe not all.
  11. Hoid seems to make a habit of hacking magic systems so I bet he can figure out how to get a spren off Roshar if he doesn't already know. He probably won't be stuck for any real length of time if he wants to leave.
  12. Probably Nalthis or Mistborn Era 2, they seem like the safest places. Also Era 2 Scadrial has electricity and if I could figure out a way to get rich on Nalthis I could buy a ton of Breaths and be ageless. I'd like to visit Roshar, and see all the unique flora and fauna but I wouldn't want to be stuck there, it's kind of a dangerous place and also I'd be seen as lower class in like half of it. I could try to bond a spren but it would still be dangerous even then.
  13. I don't find a "token normal" character that interesting, personally, and I don't think Adolin's character arc is pointing in that direction, with the interesting things happening with regard to Maya. If there's going to be "normal" Kholin it will probably be Navani.
  14. I don't think it actually damages the spren's spiritweb if the Radiant dies, only if the oaths are broken. It's painful for them when somebody they are bonded to dies but it's not actually damaging.
  15. I don't think it's literally contagious. I think we have WoB that spren tend to pay more attention to people near people other spren have already bonded.
  16. It just reads like her fighting a panic attack to me.
  17. Windrunner: looks up common dangers in the prospective vacation destination and creates a plan to protect everyone from them. Skybreaker: Memorizes the law of the land, including long-forgotten bylaws that even the locals have forgotten about. Dustbringer: Probably breaks half the equipment in the guise of "stress testing" Edgedancer: does extensive research on local culture and customs. Truthwatcher: Some esoteric nonsense I don't know. Lightweaver: Creates illusionary maps to plan itinerary. Elsecaller: Meticulously plans out the most efficient and logical schedule, which gets ignored by everyone else. Willshaper: Probably responsible for the whole idea. Wants to do EVERYTHING conceivable. Stoneward: Flatly refused to go. Bondsmith: Tries to settle all the arguments.
  18. Elsecallers don't cook, they soulcast the food into a cooked state.
  19. All the dead shardblades are dead ex-Radiant spren. That's how it works. Maya is/was a cultivationspren (like Wyndle). We actually have explicit confirmation of this from Brandon, as well as her Shadesmar appearance (dead vines) being suggestive.
  20. I agree that the Sibling is most likely 50/50 Honor and Cultivation. Sort of their mutual "child" if you like.
  21. The mods are good at their jobs. And I definitely support Rlain for Bondsmith. It's a hill I will die on and I also agree that Rlain went looking for/found the listener dissidents,
  22. I used to kind of feel like Adolin wouldn't become a Radiant, but then Maya happened and now I have All Of The Feels and I want him to heal her so badly, and I think bonding with her properly is the only way to heal her. Plus, I feel like it'd be an interesting character arc for him, that nobody else is likely to get. I'm not convinced Navani will become a Radiant, I think she might end up being the token non-Radiant Kholin.
  23. I know Jasnah is pronounced Yasnah in universe and Brandon pronounces it that way but I can't manage to remember to pronounce it like that. My brain is slow to adjust sometimes.
  24. Yeah people being rude with downvotes is why they got removed.