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  1. He didn't get the objection he was kinda hoping for though. He got agreement, if not very happy agreement. And it doesn't read like he was confused about what he was getting from her. She might not have been able to communicate very strongly but it was strong enough for him to understand.
  2. It's perfectly possible to be gay or bi and have internalized negative things about homosexual relationships. It happens a lot.
  3. It'd be nice if Shallan found a female friend I agree, and I also agree that it's a weakness of Brandon's writing that his female characters don't have female friends. Brandon's pretty good at writing women as people, but he does fall down on this point. I think a lot of male writers fall down on this point.
  4. He got a distinct feeling of resigned agreement from her when he loaned her to that dude who's name I forget.
  5. That was the point when she told him her name.
  6. Yeah Kaladin is clearly attracted to women. I could see him being bisexual though, and I agree that he and Renarin would make a cute couple. Sadly it's not likely to happen in canon but there's plenty of fanfic fodder.
  7. I'm quite fond of him and I hope he doesn't get killed off, especially in light of the events involving Maya in OB. I really want to see that pan out, I think it has the potential to be a very good character arc for him as well as something important for the overall plotline of the series.
  8. Brandon's been pretty clear that Bondsmiths have not had Blades in the past. Also the Sibling is described as "sleeping" rather then dead. I think they just withdrew because of something that happened just before the Recreance.
  9. It used to be 16 but they changed it.
  10. I don't really think it's romantic, it's just that she reminds him of Tien a bit.
  11. You should probably be worried about that honestly. Not the most trustworthy bunch those ones.
  12. I think Kaladin was and is attracted to Shallan and thus part of him is a little jealous, but he also feels as he said that he doesn't actually love her and it's better for her to be with somebody who feels something more than just attraction for her. I don't think he's going to want to act on his attraction especially now that she and Adolin are married.
  13. Jasnah dates Rlain. I like this ship for some reason. It's my current favourite crack ship.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's over, and frankly I hope it is, I'm not a huge fan of love triangles in general. No offense to anyone who likes Shallan/Kaladin (or Kaladin/Adolin). It's not that I would have minded Kaladin/Shallan if that's the way things had gone, but I didn't want the love triangle to drag on and I'm glad it got resolved without a lot of drama.
  15. Not really. There aren't a ton of spren willing to bond with people right now.
  16. Seems like a lot of people (me included) have strong emotional opinions on this issue. I want to say I hope I haven't made anyone feel uncomfortable, that wasn't my intent at all.
  17. Hi. Welcome to the Shard. Watch out for the baked goods and don't give away your Breath.
  18. That's where Venli comes in. And I agree with @RShara that given what Brandon has said I expect book 5 to end on a high note. I don't have any good theories on what that high note will look like but I do expect it to end on a high note.
  19. I read when exhausted sometimes, does that count?
  20. And I think we can safely say that Hoid knows how to do this. That little Cryptic is in for a big adventure.
  21. I'd like to remind some people that at least some Edgedancers were apparently considered deadly on the battlefield, according to one of the epigraphs in WoR. So I don't think Lfit and Wyndle can be assumed to represent all Edgedancers with the pacifism thing. Cultivation controls all things that grow, including the thorns. I think it makes sense that some of her spren would be "thorns" and more comfortable with violence than Wyndle is.
  22. the second one was just clever use of Abrasion.
  23. Yeah I'm pretty sure there is zero odds his encounter with Shallan was just random. He shows up at a pivotal moment in her life and gives her a nudge in the direction she needed right then.
  24. Hoid has ridiculous hax healing powers, they probably kill off most if not all diseases. I suppose he could carry something on his clothes or skin but most microbes don't survive that long without a host.
  25. They do have a connection with their wielders, that's what allows them to be summoned and dismissed in the first place.