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  1. I absolutely support Rlain for Bondsmith, as I'm sure some people have noticed. As for the other Bondsmith, I don't really have a solid pick. I will say I'm less convinced about Navani being a Bondsmith then a lot of other people seem to be. I just feel like the Bondsmiths should be from disparate places in order to bring different people together, so I'm not enthused about two Alethi bondsmiths who are married to each other.
  2. There are three non-Odium associated "godspren".
  3. Sazed Spook Beldre Breeze Clubs Demoux Steris Marasi MeLaan Teft Rock Dalinar Renarin Jasnah Wyndle Navani Gavilar Vivenna Vasher Nightblood Susebron Lightsong Raoden Galladon Karata Ashe Roial Ahan Daorn Lukel Jalla Eliminated Szeth. He canonically knows how to skate. Who would make the best fashion designer?
  4. Khriss is not a member of the Seventeenth Shard I think, though she has interacted and shared information with them in the past.
  5. Asexual doesn't mean emotionless and having strong emotions doesn't mean you can't be asexual. And I think Jasnah is so meticulous about her appearance because she knows how people pay attention to that, and respect people (especially women) who take pains with their appearance. It's all about how she wants to be perceived.
  6. Sazed Spook Beldre Breeze Clubs Demoux Wayne Steris Marasi MeLaan Syl Shallan Teft Rock Pattern Dalinar Renarin Jasnah Wyndle Szeth Navani Gavilar Vivenna Vasher Nightblood Susebron Lightsong Sarene Raoden Galladon Karata Ashe Roial Ahan Daorn Lukel Jalla Eliminated Tien. Probably one of the chillest kids on that list. Which character would you want to be stuck on a small deserted island for a month with? (assume you have adequate supplies for survival if not comfort.)
  7. We have WoB that the magic system on Ashyn was basically the same powers but with a different access method.
  8. I don't think Kaladin would be better for her honestly, he's too broken himself to be the emotional support she needs. And it would probably be worse if Adolin didn't support her coping mechanisms at this point, before she can stop avoiding she needs to believe she has unconditional support. And Adolin's made it clear that Shallan herself is the one he really wants, which I think is the most important thing.
  9. Seems like any Surgebinder can see it, so probably their spren can. But lhe spren chose to bond him, so probably they are not hiding because of that. They are probably hiding from Nightblood, sensibly.
  10. Nightblood says he doesn't like Nale at one point.
  11. I think Hoid is basically on the "Good Guys" side, but I agree that he's not all that nice of a person, though he does have a soft side which he shows with Shallan and that woman and girl from the epilogue. Top pick for Cosmere big bad is Bavadin right now.
  12. I always imagined it as faintly bluish.
  13. Marsh wasn't really an antagonist. He was a victim.
  14. Neither of the old perpendicularities exists anymore. There must be a new one somewhere, as Hoid has been on and off Scadrial,