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  1. I agree with what others have said, humans in general are primarily visual, so the enhanced vision tends to get mentioned and used the most, but Tin enhances all the senses, and a blind character (or a hypothetical allomancer of a race that is less visually orientated than humans) would notice and use the enhancement of the other senses more.
  2. regarding Wyndle, he said that his people took "precautions" before he bonded with Lift to prevent him losing his memory, and it apparently did not work perfectly.
  3. I don't hold the gap for writing the WoT against him at all, but I'm glad the wait is almost over. Just a few more months! And I'm sure the book will be awesome enough to be worth the wait.
  4. I like it better then the first version, hated the way Kaladin was drawn in the first version.
  5. I still think we need a " dungspren" rank.
  6. What is the state of Scadralian medical care as of the Alloy of Law era? Have they discovered the vaccine yet? Do they know about germs?
  7. I have good news for you, Brandon has said we will find out more about Steris in the sequel.
  8. well I think it would be cool if it was a Shardnaginata. Because those are just awesome.
  9. I have maintained for some time that Dalinar is/will be in order 8 (resolute/builder). I will continue to maintain this until I turn blue in the face, or until proven wrong. As somebody noted on the other thread, our potential Radiants seem to all have conflicts over their Order's defining traits, Kaladin with leadership, Shallan with honesty, etc. Dalinar's conflict in book 1 was all about his lack of certainty.
  10. I believe Kaladin will end up with a Shardblade eventually, but I do not believe it will be Szeth's Shardblade. Also, in response to a post about the black sphere, I remind you that Szeth is not currently carrying that thing, he hid it somewhere so he couldn't readily be compelled to give it away.
  11. I think it would be cheap to have Miles survive at this point. Besides they made pretty darn sure and probably burned the body (that's what I'D do).
  12. given his answer to the first question about Shalash and the death quote about a female vandal scratching out her own eyes, I'm pretty sure that counts as an oblique confirmation that the Mistress is in fact Shalash.
  13. But then he gets better! Anyway, it's great to see you delurking Grey Pligrim! I also think Stormlight the best and I am devouring any information I can get on Stormlight 2. and the Emperor's soul does indeed have plenty of Cosmere stuff.
  14. I didn't actually expect to get an answer other then "RAFO" for the second one!
  15. psst: both of the questions in hoser's post were me.......