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  1. I'm Canadian and I joke about Americans spelling things "wrong" but it's mostly just a joke. I don't really care that much. Most people here use American spellings some of the time anyway even though British spelling is the official spelling.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody did end up with a double nahel bond at some point. There's also a theory going on about Sja-anat becoming effectively a fourth Bondsmith spren since she claims to want to defect from Odium's side.
  3. Brandon is an American writing in the US. He will write things using American spelling because that's how those words are spelled in the US. If the UK publisher wanted to change it for books printed in the UK they could, but they didn't chose to do that and that's not Brandon's fault. Complain to the publisher if it bothers you.
  4. Personally I don't see it as a big deal either way. Brandon is American so he uses American spelling ad it seems like an awful lot of work for the UK publisher to change it for not a lot of benefit because I don't think most people care a lot.
  5. Reckoners is not Cosmere.
  6. There's never been any mention of this, and as the Honorblades were remembered, albeit vaguely, if the Heralds had their own variety of Plate, I think it would have come up.
  7. I think he is a good fit for the Edgedancers, and they are already bonding. I think that's the only reason she is showing signs of life.
  8. We do tend to get a bit in-depth here given half an excuse.
  9. Adolin may be a prince, but he hasn't exactly lived an ideal life, with his mother being dead, and his father being absent or drunk for much of his childhood and adolescence. Add that to the fact that he's gone from being one of the most formidable warriors in the world to being in over his head facing enemies that outclass him, the invasion of his homeland, etc etc and he's got plenty of reason to be "broken" at this point. But it doesn't actually matter, because the idea that you need to be broken to become a Radiant is an in-world belief, that isn't completely true.
  10. game

    Sarene would be a better mom I think. I like Vin a ton but she's not really the mom type. WYR date Wax or Wayne?
  11. I just don't see how you could cut a tiny gemstone with a six-foot long blade, that is thicker than the gem. It just wouldn't work. It'd be like trying to sew with a railroad spike.
  12. Renarin does have a Blade, but we don't know how many Oaths he's sworn and Renarin and Glys are just weird in general.
  13. You definitely couldn't cut something that small with a dead sprenblade. They are simply too large for the precision required. A living spren might be able to become an appropriate tool, but that's definitely not mass producible and Radiants have more urgent things to do with their time.
  14. I think all our Radiants, except maybe Lift and Lopen have had at least moments of that kind of self-doubt. Teft especially feels unworthy. Didn't stop him in the end. Won't (necessarily) stop Adolin. It's something he'll have to struggle with, but he's not the only one. Also Maya is actually a vine, or a bunch of vines, that's sort of like a stick
  15. I expect that chips are just leftovers from cutting larger gems, rather than tiny gems cut in there own right. You wouldn't be able to use a dead sprenblade for that purpose anyway, it is too big for the precision required.