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  1. Sort of? They're pretty aware of their surroundings, despite how they look. I'd say knocking them out with poison would be much more effective. Well, killing them with poison might work too. But it'd be a lot funner to break them emotionally first.
  2. Not... really? If that happens, they'll probably be buried and then crawl out with a few scratches, laughing. If they're targeted when they're around someone they like and they figure out it's an attempt on their life? They're going to give up the nightmare face. Oh, trapped and imprisoned? That's far easier. Imprison them, emotionally break them, then kill them. That'd work without their weakness. I don't think the reckoners would do that. Besides, they prefer to use the Epic's weakness, which isn't known but it's not exactly impossible to figure out. I'd say two or three people who are alive have the clues necessary to figure it out.
  3. I guess it depends on what sort of 'powerful' are we talking about. Murder brawl? Long term influence?
  4. By area, do you mean aura? Also, re: offensive and defensive: what about buffs? People who can positively affect others. Or, people like Panacea (Worm version), whose one power works as both a buff and an offensive. Thanks for making a code that makes sense. I'm not quite sure how it works but it's really cool!
  5. Lovely! A long conversation followed by literal nightmare fuel! Sounds fun.
  6. It doesn't actually matter-- we have a good working understanding of our Epics powers. This is more for mapping trends and the nerd inside of all of us that desperately hungers for a universal system. (Or is that just me? It's probably just me) Also, activation. I'd assume that'd be another letter or number added onto each individual power. The syntax connection made me think of code, like this. t= Oblivion''s teleportation syntax tX = that with the x of the location teleporting to tY = see above tA = see above randomX = newRandom(-200,200) randomY = newRandom(-200,200) randomZ = newRandom(-200,200) if (danger=1) & (timeLimit=2){ tX ==randomX(); //need to add something to keep from running into walls. tY ==randomX(); tZ==randomX(); timeLimit == timeLimit-1(); } if (timeLimit=2){ //something about ticks } Anyway, this is completely hypothetical and there are obviously a lot of errors cuz I haven't actually worked in java in ages, but a coding perspective seems pretty useful to me.
  7. A syntax system is by far ideal, I'd say, but how do you include things like aesthetics? You could have 2 mind controlling gifters with healing and enhanced skill, but with bright pink glitter effects. In addition, how do you clarify which powers have range limits and which require energy from the user? Which can affect maples but not Epics? Which can affect only nonliving things? (Anyway, I'm a sucker for overly complicated categorizations.)
  8. From the album What Happened In Oregon

    I have some more drawings of them I haven’t posted but most of those are probably too gorey for the site.

    © My character, Steelheart is Brandon Sanderson’s ect