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  1. I like that idea.
  2. That's an interesting concept
  3. If Andrew Hussie wrote the Stormlight Archive: 1. Everyone dies at least once 2. Everyone is gay or bi 3. Everything is even weirder 4. Did I mention everyone would die?
  4. “Don’t pressure Comatose” *immediately @ s Comatose” (I’m just teasing. I know what you mean)
  5. I’m reading this superhero novel, Dreadnought, and the vigilante best friend of the lead’s cape name (in universe term for heroes) is called Calamity. I’m laughing so hard at that. It’s a pretty averagely written book but I love it. EDIT: Well that ending was kinda meh. Oh well. Calamity being the bestie is still hillarious,
  6. I’ve been working on a bunch of OCs for my hero aca, who, if tweaked a bit, could work just as easily in the reckonerverse. I might not end up using them here but if you like any of their powers, feel free to use them. I have more but the rest probably wouldn’t work in this setting even with tweaking.
  7. Just a singular Red. (Red is a communist now. She started reading a lot after Nighthound died for... some reason.)
  8. If she's unlikely, she meets someone like Nighthound. *winces*
  9. Poor girl. Seriously. That's not an ability, that's a curse.
  10. Red's... opinion... on her is going to be interesting.
  11. I don't think Kokichi would join up with any faction, but which area of the city would they live in relatively "peacefully?" (in the sense that people might occasionally try to convert or kill them but they find that funny so they don't try to hard to leave or discourage the attempts)