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  1. TV series like game of thrones but with more loyalty
  2. I don't think they're comparable. Mistborn is about duality, a lot of its themes have to do with the focus on twos and preservation and ruin. While the triple combination of C, O, and H cause more nuance and a more vast scope. I like both in different ways
  3. It’s just... why?
  4. Why does this exist
  5. I think the better method would be cyanid cyanid.
  6. Feruchemist, if only because its the most practical in terms of things like warmth. Is it too hot outside? Store heat. I'd probably very slightly be storing a lot of things at once-- like, if I'm trying to sleep, I can store tin so I don't have to deal with the same itchiness or darkness. Am I reading? Store a bit of pewter. Don't want to go to something? Store gold.
  7. Electrum compounder would rule. You could literally be super determined, very productive, always on top of your game. Bored? Compound Electrum and become super determined to finish the boring task really quickly. EDIT: And I don't want to be immortal. Definitely no.
  8. That wouldn't be very good for the ferrings?
  9. The fact the book was just too dang long is hillarious.
  10. Basically every time she thinks about Jasnah. She legitimately gave Radiant more curves in order to look like Jasnah. (Shallan's perpetual crush on Study Mom gives me life)
  11. YEAh! Also, she's not teetering on crazy. She, at times, is full fledged insane.
  12. Shasta has got to be one of the best characters in the series.
  13. Michelle Gomez as Shasta. (Basically the only actors I know are Doctor Who ones and a few GOT ones.) Maise Williams as Bastile.
  14. I reread it. It's... far worse than I remembered. I mean, better, but also worse in that "MY FEELINGS"
  15. He... tries. I think that might be the important part?