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  1. When do we want to meet this month?
  2. In normal games, people say not to roleclaim even if you're vanilla, because it helps the eliminators narrow down who the power roles are. With that suggestion, Drake, what you could end up having is a team of eliminators able to narrow down practically from game start who the power roles are, if there are enough players that they can reasonably count on as being on probation. That creates a major problem with game balance. Honestly, I don't think Araris' idea is that bad. He's saying a temporary ban for the next one or two games (which most players who go inactive don't sign up for anyway), and if you have real life stuff and alert the GM for it, it doesn't apply to you anyway. Most normally active players who go inactive in a game do so due to real life and PM the GM about it, apologizing for it. They wouldn't be temporarily banned because what they're doing is very different from players who just drop off with no explanation whatsoever for the entire game. We've had many, many players who sign up for games regularly and then never do a single thing in those games. But they'll sign up for a later game anyway and do the same thing. That's a problem. Inactivity has been getting progressively worse, and it really doesn't matter how much apologizing you do for contributing to it if you don't actually recognize it for the problem that it is and actively do something to fix your behavior.
  3. I can get pizza. It'll just be Little Caesars since I don't think I have any deals for Domino's or Papa John's.
  4. 7 works for me.
  5. Yeah, next week works best for me.
  6. Do we want to get in a meeting this month?
  7. A Saturday would work best for me, I think. Either of those Saturdays work.
  8. Have you ever had times where the bad things just keep piling up to the point where you realize that it's almost comical, and you know in a few years, you'll probably chuckle about it? That's this past week for me. I returned from New Zealand last Wednesday, and came home to find that one of my roommates had removed every last thing of mine from the living room (they already made me get rid of my books and bookshelves from the living room because "books are unfriendly") and dumped it along with every other unwanted thing (that wasn't mine) in the middle of my room, taking up a ton of space and making it practically impossible to get around my room. I was pissed. And jet lagged. And emotional. I cried. Hard. For a while. The next couple days went by without incident and then Monday rolled around, and I had a performance review at work, where they gave me a 'final' writeup, when they'd never given me any writeup previously, and there were lies on the document. Now, the issue going on is a problem, but it's a problem because they gave me literally no training or resources to do this part of the job, and I've been mentioning it in every weekly update for the past two months. And they've done nothing. I've tried to fix it myself, but my attempts have failed for a variety of reasons, and now they're saying I should've been more proactive. When they're the ones who didn't provide what I needed to do my job and I'd been mentioning it for months. And the weekly updates were meant to catch issues before they became major....like, to the point where, oh I don't know, when a writeup might be necessary? I now have the right training and, shockingly, I've figured out that part of the job spectacularly. The next day (yesterday), my dad texted my siblings and I to tell us that my grandma's health has taken a turn and she's not eating or drinking and only has a few days left to live. And then today, a little over an hour ago, he told us she'd passed. I'm still jet lagged. Why did everything have to hit at a time when I'm not emotionally capable to handle it?
  9. While reading Oathbringer, I noticed a rather fascinating similarity between the arc of Dalinar's flashbacks and part of the climax of the book. It's actually one of the things I love the most about Oathbringer. Taln was left alone on Braize for 4500 years, and when Ash finds him and tells him this, his reaction isn't condemnation of his old friends. It's gratefulness, because that 4500 years gave mankind time to recover from all the Desolations that came back-to-back previously. Had they joined him and not broken the Oathpact, the next Desolation would've come less than ten years later, and mankind may have been destroyed. But they didn't, and now, they might have a chance to beat Odium. (Also, I find it absurdly impressive that Taln was never supposed to be a Herald, yet he never broke for any of the prior Desolations and it took him 4500 years to break for this one. Oh, Taln, you lovely, mad person, you) So how is this similar to Dalinar's flashbacks? Dalinar couldn't handle the pain of killing Evi and burning the Rift. He would've been destroyed completely, and lost to Odium. After all, one of Odium's biggest things is about people not accepting responsibility for their actions - blaming others for them. Dalinar would've done that; he already was. He was blaming Evi and anyone but himself. Had he kept on that path, he would've been Odium's Champion, and nothing could've changed that. But he went to the Nightwatcher, and Cultivation stepped in. By taking away Dalinar's memories, she gave him a chance to recover, to find someone new and better. To learn and grow and get to a place where maybe, just maybe, he could say no to Odium. I find this beautiful.
  10. This is pathetic. I'm in New Zealand, only able to connect sporadically when I'm on free WiFi and not doing other things, and I've been one of the more active players in this game... I should've seen Aonar a while ago. When he voted on Lemon instead of Rae just to be contrary, but oh well. At least I caught Araris, even if there aren't enough active villagers to do any good with that.
  11. Araris . Your point about my villageness is hinged on the fact that I could've used my vote last cycle to kill a villager, rather than DA, yet the only person who had a vote on them was Seonid, by you. Soo, if I were evil, I would've voted Seonid with you, killed a villager, and won? So you're evil? Duly noted.
  12. I'm not sure the soother is active. And while I'm not willing to believe everything Rae said (especially since she hinted rather blatantly that Lemon was a teammate and that was utterly false), I'm starting to think she might have been telling the truth, at the time, about her inactive team. DA didn't become active until after she'd said that, and there are still a number of inactives so it's possible.
  13. Having just caught up, my vote will be going in DA. He seems to know exactly what manipulation Orlok was talking about, which indicates to me that he helped Rae come up with/condoned the use of it. There's a very small chance Seonid could be villager the elims buddy up with to lynch Orlok, but yeah. I have a far greater elim read on DA right now than I do Seonid.
  14. They're not.
  15. Oh. I didn't realize the day turn was only 24 hours. Thanks for pointing that out. And also, bump what I said about my activity back a turn. I'll be in LAX about to fly out when the night ends, rather than the day. Woot.