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  1. The general tone/atmosphere of the current anonymous game has had the mod team thinking that slightly increasing the number of anonymous games per year from 4 to 6 might be a good idea. However, if we were to do that, there would be a cap on how many anonymous games can be LG's (hard cap at 4, preferred at 3).
  2. I believe it takes a member of the faculty supporting it or something. I'm not 100% sure. I'm also not a student and not all the people who come are students (though most generally are). Zas looked into that at one point a couple years ago and decided against it. Edit: and after just looking at it myself, yeah. It would fall under the Chartered club category and those require all members be students at BYU and they also require a full time faculty/staff advisor. While we could undoubtedly get the advisor, those of us who are not BYU students would no longer be able to participate.
  3. We could get lunch, yeah. I don't have any preferences about, though I'm bringing sugary for everyone so there's that.
  4. My car will be able to fit everyone, so we don't need to worry about that. And it's 4-wheel drive in case the roads are bad.
  5. @Sunbird @Taliax How about 2pm tomorrow? And let's meet at the Cougareat, but do something else somewhere else after meeting up. Because it's a Saturday afternoon. There are so many options. Even with snow.
  6. We're down to Friday or Saturday this week, if we want to meet this week (and technically tonight, but I don't like late notice meetings like that, even though I'm free). @Sunbird @Taliax what are your Saturdays like? It's an odd day to meet, I know, but Sunbird can't meet Friday's and @RippleGylf can only meet Friday or Saturday. If Saturday (preferably afternoon, though mornings are okay for me too) doesn't work, whatever day we choose will be missing one of Ripple or Sunbird. Edit: also, I'm an idiot. I'm busy next Friday night.
  7. Before you post, please check and double check that you are using your anonymous account. If someone accidentally posts on their real account, either report it or ignore it. All posts from real accounts or quoting accidental posts from real accounts will be hidden. Thank you.
  8. I'm free basically any day. @Slowswift, what do you think the odds are that you'd have a free night next week? Should we wait to see what day you can come if you can, or just pick a day?
  9. When do we want to meet this month?
  10. In normal games, people say not to roleclaim even if you're vanilla, because it helps the eliminators narrow down who the power roles are. With that suggestion, Drake, what you could end up having is a team of eliminators able to narrow down practically from game start who the power roles are, if there are enough players that they can reasonably count on as being on probation. That creates a major problem with game balance. Honestly, I don't think Araris' idea is that bad. He's saying a temporary ban for the next one or two games (which most players who go inactive don't sign up for anyway), and if you have real life stuff and alert the GM for it, it doesn't apply to you anyway. Most normally active players who go inactive in a game do so due to real life and PM the GM about it, apologizing for it. They wouldn't be temporarily banned because what they're doing is very different from players who just drop off with no explanation whatsoever for the entire game. We've had many, many players who sign up for games regularly and then never do a single thing in those games. But they'll sign up for a later game anyway and do the same thing. That's a problem. Inactivity has been getting progressively worse, and it really doesn't matter how much apologizing you do for contributing to it if you don't actually recognize it for the problem that it is and actively do something to fix your behavior.
  11. I can get pizza. It'll just be Little Caesars since I don't think I have any deals for Domino's or Papa John's.
  12. 7 works for me.
  13. Yeah, next week works best for me.
  14. Do we want to get in a meeting this month?
  15. A Saturday would work best for me, I think. Either of those Saturdays work.