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  1. The one for BYU isn't an offical BYU club. It's less "BYU Cosmere Club" and more "Provo area Cosmere Club" since not everyone who attends is a student at BYU. I'm a regular attendee and I've never been a student at BYU (Provo) and now I actually live closer to UVU than I do to BYU.
  2. So shall we start figuring out a September meeting? Unless we want to try to get an August one in?
  3. Yeah, though having gotten my schedule now, I'm working Thursday night but not Wednesday and probably not Friday. So I'm available Monday evening, all day Wednesday and Friday, or Saturday evening (yes, yes, I know I said I'm never free Saturday evening. This is a rare case of me opening Saturday rather than closing).
  4. About this, I'm not changing any of the profile pictures until I have avatars of all of them, so
  5. My work schedule is still fairly erratic from day to day and week to week. I'm generally off Mondays (or at least Monday nights by a reasonable time if I work) and am never free Saturday evenings. The rest of the days are up in the air, though I'm pretty sure I'll have both Thursday and Friday off in about two weeks, so maybe one of those two days?
  6. Yeah, I don't think the snap was meant to be a delay until others could find a solution. I think he thought that was the solution, born about by terrible logic: I had this idea to save my planet → No one listened to me (in fact, they called me mad) and they came up with their own ideas → Their ideas didn't work and the still world died. And now he's had who knows how long to become more and more convinced that his idea would've saved Titan. I think it's completely believable that a "mad" individual as the sole survivor of his race would, given oodles of time, come to this conclusion on a universal scale if he was already thinking along these lines before the fall of his world. We only have Thanos' word about that. I hesitate (strongly) at taking him at his word about that, because he's also the person who said he'd rest after dusting half the universe, watching the sun rise on a grateful universe, and I'm pretty sure that the universe isn't actually grateful to him, yet his little smile at the end certainly indicates that he believes they are. So yeah. Thanos is unreliable, to say the very least. Until I see for myself that Gamora's homeworld is the thriving paradise Thanos claims it is, I'm not going to believe it. But I'll believe that he believes it. I'm with Kaymyth on this. I doubt the MCU is going to go into depth on the extent of the fallout of the dustings, but logically, it would be bad. Beyond just what she's already mentioned, who knows how many world leaders have been dusted. Total anarchy doesn't seem too far out there, given how bad things probably are. Also, one important thing to note: killing half the universe =/= killing half of each planet. I don't think the snap necessarily dusted half of each world. Remember when Thanos told Tony that he'd spare half of humanity and hopefully the survivors would remember Stark? Yeah, someone who's planning on dusting half of each world wouldn't need to make that comment because saving half of humanity would just sort of be a thing already. I don't think he decided that half of humanity would survive until Tony earned his respect. Who knows what would've happened had that not been the case.
  7. When do we want to meet up this month/do we want to meet up this month?
  8. This game is ready to close. Thanks to Seonid and Rae for running another great sequel to the Shard games. Thanks to everyone who played as well. We could never have such great games without all of you. Congratulations to both HH and Pyro for your wins, especially Headshot. As always, if anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, just get a hold of Seonid, Alvron, Orlok or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list (and the GM PM group), but we and the committee (Aonar, Aman, El, Joe, and Stink) would be more than willing to help out in any way we can. You can also post game ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from everyone over in the Art of Game Creation thread too. With all the games we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs who can help you refine any game you're working on. Thanks again to everyone who played, and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!
  9. This game is rather overdue for getting closed up. Thanks Elenion for running such an interesting game, and to all the players playing. Congratulations to the Skybreakers and the Inmates for your individual victories, particularly the Skybreakers for completing in an impressively short period of time (*cough*Orlok*cough*). As always, if anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, just get a hold of Seonid, Alvron, Orlok or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list (and the GM PM group), but we and the committee (Aonar, Aman, El, Joe, and Stink) would be more than willing to help out in any way we can. You can also post game ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from everyone over in the Art of Game Creation thread too. With all the games we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs who can help you refine any game you're working on. Thanks again to everyone who played, and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!
  10. Oh, I know you did it purposefully. I caught the undertones of it, which was why I found it so funny.
  11. So, first, I was extremely upset at the start of the game at being made a lover. It felt like an intentional troll to reference my being the lynchpin of a love triangle in LG12, which wasn't something I wanted to be reminded about, because I spent the two months of that game in a constant state of stress because of the target on mine and both of my lovers' backs. We then died on the last turn for no good reason and lost, so I didn't even have a win to point to as meager solace for all that stress. To compound this, stress is very bad, especially when it lasts for such a long period of time. It can do things to the body. Like cause an autoimmune disease. Or severe iron deficiency. Or in my case, both. (It can also do much more than that, but you get my point). So when I think back on LG12, I don't have the best of feelings about it, yet I acknowledge that it could be a really fun game, so when this rerun came around, I surprised myself by being super-interested in playing it, even though I haven't really desperately wanted to play a game since before November. But I wanted to give this another shot. And then I was made a lover and all of those feelings from LG12 came flooding back, and I was furious (which was amusing to Fifth, for various reasons, and it's mildly amusing to me in hindsight but still). Anyway. Hero mentioned right near the start that as a Jindo lover, if my lover dies and I save myself from lover-death, I return to my original alignment and win condition. I debated with myself about this for a while. Should I turn on Len and arrange for him to get lynched? Or should I work with Len? For the first cycle, I decided not to make a decision about it. I'd just play things by ear. Then Steel swore Len as Odiv, and that changed things for me slightly. I couldn't arrange for him to be lynched, since that would hurt the Derethi faction a ton, and I also didn't like the idea of returning to village while knowing the identity of the Gyorn. But I still didn't want to throw all-in with the Derethi since while Len at that point couldn't win with the village, I still could. I just couldn't help the village find the Derethi. But I did what I could about the Jeskeri. See, it's funny you say this, because after you said that you'd scanned Len, I was worried that it was because of something I'd said to you in that PM. Maybe I'd pushed to hard or....I wasn't sure what. But knowing that it was just the lover claim helps, though it's mildly irritating that it caused a false-positive, since the lover claim was true, yet you still caught the Odiv and the Gyorn because of that one scan (with some masterful manipulation, btw. I was seriously impressed). Anyway, after Seonid posted in the thread about Steel and Len, I shot him a PM and spilled everything. The Derethi had both been caught and were screwed. I had no intention of going down with them, fun as it had been to lie to Seonid about having a Derethi pendant while trying to help the Derethi. And then Len tried to convince people there was a secret role and he couldn't possibly be the Odiv, and I'm just sitting here going "Oops. Maybe I shouldn't have told Seonid Len was indeed the Odiv?" Sorry, Len. Which leads me to this: This is interesting because, yes, there absolutely was a plan. Pyro had given me passphrase (though I'd suspected it was fake), and I passed it on to Len when he was up for the lynch. I assume Len passed it on to Devotary and Jon, because I know the plan was for all of us to vote on Lopen and then Jon would use his Derethi pendant on Len to cancel all the votes of the converts, thereby saving Len from the lynch and lynching Lopen in his stead. I had no intention of getting involved. There's a reason I was mostly silent in the thread that day, despite Len saying I could verify his story. Len had passed me that pendant, just as I'd said in the thread a cycle or two before, but I wasn't about to make claims that Len hadn't started with the pendant, or anything else. I was going to passively sit back and watch Len get lynched. I didn't want to vote with Len and aggravate the village into killing me after he died, but I also didn't want to vote on Len and betray him. So I'd decided to do nothing. And then Lopen revealed me as Len's lover (while also making it seem like I would defend Len above all else when I'd already turned my back on him), and put that target back on me, but this time from the village too, because I'm now a lover with the Odiv. I was very much not thrilled about that, and it pushed me to action that turn. There's a reason I worded the end of that post the way I did: "You've just incited my ire. You really shouldn't have done that." See, the passphrase that I'd given Len was a guess based on what I recalled form the Pyro PM. But I went back into that PM after that and checked it, realizing I'd had it a little wrong. I corrected it to Len and then cast a secret vote with it. Had the passphrase not been a fake, pushing me to action would've directly resulted in your death, Lopen. Or at least, it would've if Jon and Devotary hadn't bailed on the sinking Derethi ship (not that I blame them, since I'd basically done the same thing). All-in-all, I enjoyed this game. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Len. Steel thoroughly amused me when he made a comment in the thread about how he'd never seen how good I am with PMs, but that he was really glad I was on [his] side. I about died of laughter when I saw that. It was fun working with Aman for that short period of time, and also Seonid. And thanks for jousting with me in that PM, @Dalinar Kholin. It was quite fun, and I still say you're wrong to assume everyone experiences horrible suffering that only you can relieve them of by killing them. Additionally, it doesn't seem very Jaist to say that you'll suffer for doing this when I'm pretty sure you're supposed to get happiness in return for your devotion to the Ja and suffering isn't happiness last I checked, so.... After talking with Jon, I started to doubt a bit about Drought, actually. Straw was obviously still a suspect, but what I mentioned after rollover was true: last cycle, I'd got this feeling that Walin was voting on himself as a smokescreen, to make people think he couldn't possibly be evil because why would an evil person constantly vote on themselves. Something just felt off to me. And then I thought he'd taken over for Joe, and couldn't possibly be evil, and didn't actually bother verifying that. When I made that post in the thread and was promptly corrected, it took me a little bit to remember that I'd felt off about him beforehand, and then I went back and read his defense and caught his comment about how if he were Jeskeri, there weren't any Jeskeri Elantrians at the time, and I was like "Wait a second. This isn't a hypothetical and doesn't make sense as one. How would you know there were no Jeskeri Elantrians at the time of the scan? Unless you are Jeskeri." And I started writing a post addressing that, with the intention of switching my vote to him, when things got crazy at work and I didn't get another free second until after rollover. Twas sad. But yes, working with you was interesting, even if you spent most of it trying to get me not to trust you, yet asking me if I did. >>
  12. Blast. I was actually going to move my vote to Walin, but then something happened at work. While reading back over his comment about Jeskeri Elantrians, I realized he gave away too much information. Alas. >>
  13. Sarcasm aside, before I wrongly convinced myself that Walin took over for Joe (btw.... Who did? Because I honestly can't remember at this point), I was wondering about him and if the voting for himself was merely a convenient smokescreen.
  14. Yes, because I mixed up our pinch hitters and therefore must be Jeskeri, even though that would mean the team had two Jindos when the village doesn't have a single kill ability to use on the Jeskeri, Seonid scanned me as Arelish, and the Jeskeri attacked me twice. Brilliant deduction, Jon.
  15. Regardless of what circumstantial evidence may point to Walin, he's almost certainly not Jeskeri. Remember, he took over for Joe. Joe used a Korathi pendant on Seonid and announced it to the thread. Two things about this: first, I highly doubt a Jeskeri with a Korathi pendant would use it that early in the game. That seems like an unnecessarily foolhardy thing to do. Second, if you recall, shortly after Joe did this, I mentioned to the thread that if the priest (Seonid) is evil, Joe must be. Joe saw this and voted in himself shortly after that. I'm near-certain Joe caught the implications of what I was saying and were he evil, he would've guessed that Seonid was the priest. And Seonid would've been killed far before he was. Yet he wasn't killed until Len outed him. This strongly indicates that Joe, and therefore Walin, is not evil. While he's not entirely absolved, there are certainly people we should focus on long before targeting him. Straw. He'd my biggest suspect right now. I've had an off feeling about him since early on and it feels different this game than the usual Straw-off vibe. He's been hiding/laying low, and that comment during the night about elim numbers left seemed either intentionally misleading or letting on that he has more information than a villager should. One of the two, but it definitely didn't feel village to me. Additionally, the fact that Seonid didn't die until he was outed to the thread indicates that the remaining elims haven't been paying terribly much attention to the game. Straw fits this perfectly.