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  1. My favorite book is definitely Prisoner of Azkaban, but Half-Blood Prince is a close second. Favorite character is Sirius seconded by Fred. Yes, I have terrible luck when it comes to favorite HP characters... (I was in denial after Order of the Phoenix (which, to this day, is still my least favorite) and was only just recovering when Deathly Hallows came out. You can imagine how that went) I'm a Gryffinpuff. Most quizzes sort me into Gryffindor, which is where I place myself, but I'm Hufflepuff on Pottermore (second time being placed anyway. First years ago was Gryffindor) and that fits me as well. But courage is probably my primary motivator. It's just not physical acts of courage, which is how I think most people view Gryffindors, and that's also why I got Hufflepuff the second time around - most of the questions dealing with bravery/courage were "I'm going to take my fists to this thing" questions, so I answered more Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff on them. I'm very much not Slytherin. Detrimentally so. My Ilvermorny house is Thunderbird.
  2. Technology hates me today. Like, for reals. First, it was a spreadsheet we use at work not loading information properly. That delayed me like a half hour at work, but whatever. I wasn't the only one experiencing issues with that. Next, it was my phone, which suddenly died in the middle of a song, despite having plenty of battery life. For a while, it was nonresponsive, but eventually I got it to go into a restart loop. That was fun. Not. Then, it was my computer going maddeningly slow, so I rebooted it, knowing it just needed an update (and that the update would take a while, since it had taken almost an hour for two of my coworkers today), but it stayed on the blue restart screen for over an hour. After work, I went to AT&T, hoping they could fix my phone. Yeah, they couldn't. Neither could the other place they recommended I go to that had more equipment. But the other place got me a good discount on a Pixel, and while the total I ended up paying was a little over $700 still, it included the phone, a case, a screen protector and a year and a half warranty, so I'd say that was a decent deal. They also gave me an iPhone to use in the interim. Problem: I'm an Android girl. I don't like iPhones. It's not the interface, though. It's the stupid complications Apple throws in just because they're Apple and they can. Like the fact that I can't download any apps (not even freaking Facebook Messenger) without creating an Apple ID and giving them all my credit card information, even though my account is linked up to AT&T and AT&T charges me for apps that cost and in-app purchases. It's the fact that Apple is ridiculous and doesn't use the same types of chargers literally everyone else uses, and since the store didn't give me a charger, I'm in a bit of a pickle since I refuse to go out and buy a charger for a phone I'm going to use for a max of 5 days, when I have a shiz ton of Type C chargers from my old Nexus, and why the freak doesn't Apple just use the Type C, or hey, even the regular mini USB that's basically the universal charger which I also have multiple of still from old phones. But noooo, Apple just has to be nitwits and not make things easy. Apple sucks, and they can all die in a hole. All that said, I'm not actually mad. I was actually laughing at the second store as I paid the $700, though that was more because laughing is better than crying. This whole iPhone/Apple situation is just irksome.
  3. Drivers who don't understand right-of-way. I almost got into an accident a bit ago because a lady tried to turn onto a street that I had been waiting to turn onto for quite a while. Last I checked, right-of-way in those cases states that the person who's been there longer has priority (working similarly to a four-way stop). She had the gall to lay on her horn and then flip me off. I almost wish she'd hit me just so when the cops got there and gave her a ticket and her insurance premiums went up when her insurance company had to pay for the damages to my car, she'd understand that she was wrong. Alas, that would've made me late to work.
  4. Your question wasn't what pissed me off. It was Eol's. I'm 95% certain he was directing that post at me. Tunnels help no one. She's convinced herself that Burnt and I both must be evil and she refuses to think about anything else but that. I don't know about Burnt, but I suspect she's village and I know that I am, so her insistence with this makes me wonder if this is all just a way to focus discussion on two villagers once Aonar is taken care of. What else has really been discussed besides Aonar, Burnt and I today? Not a whole lot. Don't worry. I'm sure the Rhetorician who negated one of my votes last turn will negate this one as well.
  5. BrightnessRadiant. Aonar.
  6. Well, see, when I built this game, I intentionally made it possible for a person to still be able to play the game from Imre. This was mostly for expelled students or those who'd broken out of the Crockery. As anyone who's played a recent game with me knows, I've been trying very hard not to get as invested in the games as I used to get. I knew it would be very hard for me to hold to that while in the University, which meant that I could either sit out this game that I built, when part of the reason El was running it was that all three of the original GMs could play it, or I could find a way that would keep me entertained but not terribly invested, but also still allow me to do things. And then I realized that I already had a mechanic perfect for that: Imre. I'd decided this long before signups. When I ended up as a Cealdish Commoner, I was mildly concerned, but my base musical stats were so high that it was almost certain I'd get my Pipes. By the time I'd failed that as well, I'd purchased a bodyguard and was basically broke and I hadn't even really been trying to reduce my tuition, so even if I wanted to change strategies, I wouldn't really be able to. I was locked in. As for it not benefiting "us" much....well. Let me address that and @Eolhondras's post (here), in case that was directed at me too. I'm not the only villager in this game. It's not on my shoulders alone to play in the most optimal way for my alignment. I can play however the hell I want. If that involves "handicapping" myself, so what? Who are you to tell me that the way I'm choosing to play is wrong? It's not against my win condition, so back off. So are you now saying that Burnt went to Imre 1.2 and 2.2? Because in 1.2, she would've had 20 talents. The gram costs 15, and the bodyguard was 6. Last I checked, 15+6 is 21, which is more than what Burnt could afford. Plus, she tried for her Pipes, so that's actually 22. By 2.1, the bodyguard was 7 talents, because someone (me) had purchased one. Is there anyone (probably other than Burnt, to be safe (no offense, Burnt)) who can corroborate either of those costs? Considering the mortality rate of the streets, I'm not likely to survive this turn. If I die (after which you'll see that I was (and am) indeed a student), look at BrightnessRadiant and Eolhondras. Eol particularly. I find his selective memory loss highly suspicious. Cluny is another one to keep watching. One other thing (and the only reason I'm mentioning this is because Aonar already knows): expelling Aonar won't stop him from affecting students not in Imre. Combining Wind with other names would make it possible to affect students at the University. I'd suggest PK get protection as soon as possible and the Namer as well. Don't underestimate Aonar. He built the Naming mechanic in this game.
  7. Stink, do you have Bribe the Messenger? If so, can you please spy on my PMs? I think you'll be interested in the PM between me and Aonar in particular. And yes, I'm aware that eliminators have been known to have PMs together and discuss things, and I've done that before, but I'm fairly certain the are things in that PM that would clear me fairly well of being one of Aonar's teammates. Unless you want to include Stink in this whole thing as well. Eol, you're one to talk about how hard I come down on the defense of those I think are good. AG 1, much? I put my freaking health on the line to make sure you didn't get lynched. Or did you forget about all that? And yeah, BR, you got me. This little Cealdish Commoner has been staying in the Grey Man, which costs 7 talents, leaving me with only 2 talents to my name after lodging. Clearly I purchased a bodyguard, which was another 7 talents, which gets rid of the pool I started with. And yet, somehow, having only 2 talents to my name at the time the assassin was purchased, I could've bought an assassin that was 9 talents. Yep. I guess if you're thinking I lied about the Pipes, but I wasn't. Find another conspiracy because this one is wrong.
  8. Whelp. Since the Skindancers already know my "Grand Plan" this game because of Aonar, I may as well tell the thread. I am not attending the University. I have not filed a single EP, even in the first term, and that won't change. I've been hanging out in Imre, hence why I know the prices. My "mysterious contact" who told me about the gram was myself. I purchased a bodyguard 1.2 (this is why I didn't die to the Merc), and have stayed in Imre since. Well I'm not there now, because I'm on the streets and only the Grey Man lets you be there all the time, but...yeah. My bodyguard is now dead. Also, only two people knew I'd purchased a bodyguard, one of whom was Aonar. Not that that last bit matters, since, again, the bodyguard is dead. Anyway. Yeah. I also failed my Talent Pipes, even though I'm apparently Illien reborn. That one really sucked, since being Cealdish is a bit of a problem if one is avoiding the University. >> Also, Sart, there's totally a valid contract in the Black Market. I know because I placed it. It's just not one many people will actually be able to do. It sort of needs an Artificer or Alchemist...
  9. Not true, but I can see why you'd be focused on the two times I've mentioned you. For the record, when you got sabotaged, I hadn't read the write-up; I'd only looked at the results and read the posts. You and Hael both went insane, and, in my mind, Hael makes a lot more sense as a sabotage. I was also under the impression that the write-up wouldn't be giving any clues to how people went insane. But then El clarified about that and between then and now I'm pretty sure I've said virtually nothing about you, so...yeah. Also, I hate mayors and dictators with a passion along with most things resembling mayors and dictators. It's great to hear you won't do that, but based on that first post, I wasn't willing to take the chance. To a dictator, silence is acceptance. And now for the actual interesting bit. That is an intriguing use of wind, and a rather fortuitous result, though considering Aonar's admitted lack of PMs, that likely contributed to the doc being seen. Which makes it fairly damning evidence against Aonar. A part of me wants to ask if it's possible for an action like that to....not really be redirected but more like the mommets in Sympathy. Yet, I wouldn't expect the GM's to answer, and the answer is probably not anyway, given that it's Naming. PK PK. I'm going to hold off from voting on Aonar for now, simply because I want to see his defense. My gut is still telling me he's village, but my head says he can't be. Though I'll admit that my gut wants him to be village because he said he'd use wind to make the mercs less likely to come after me, and if he's actually a Skindancer, he'd probably leave me alone to die.
  10. PK, why in the world would you not confirm how your contact knew this information before bringing it to the thread? Usually, with things like this, it's best to have as much information as possible (leaving out critical details like who your contact is) before bringing it up publicly. When you bring it up like you just did, you're basically doing exactly what Stink is accusing you of: mayoring. You expect everyone to follow your vote because you say he must be a Skindancer. So what happens when/if we expel/assassinate him and he turns out to be a Student? Then we go after your contact, who is more than likely a Student using bad logic. So that's another Student down. And then we've wasted numerous turns/cycles for absolutely no reason except helping the eliminators towards the win con. I'm fairly convinced you're not a Skindancer, but until you present a little more information (I'm not asking for the contact. I'm asking for how), my vote is going on you, because not only do I not follow mayors, I oppose them. PK PK.
  11. Yeah, PK, if the reason your contact is positive Aonar is a Skindancer is due to targeting him with an action cancellation on a turn where no sabotage was made, I'm going to need a little more proof before we expel a Ruh who could also be a very powerful ally to the village. We've already discussed that there are many reasons why that sabotage didn't happen. Were the target someone other than Aonar, I might give this more credence, but I really don't think Aonar is a skindancer. Like, at all. I've been talking to him literally the whole game and I've gotten no eliminator vibes from him and plenty of reason to believe he's village. Could that be wrong? Sure. But I'm going to need a little more evidence than what's been presented, since I'm 99.9% certain that Aonar was telling the truth about Anker's cancelling his action and what that action was (not a sabotage).
  12. Orlok's insanity being recognized is a reference to him doing some things IRL that makes one question his sanity. Now that he's gone insane, his insanity has been recognized. With the assassin and the bodyguard, the prices are variable. The bodyguard price increases based on how many bodyguard contracts have been purchased. If one is used, the price drops. The assassin price jumps when one is purchased, but unlike the bodyguard, it doesn't drop back down immediately after the kill. It drops slowly over a bunch of turns. If a new one is purchased, and jumps again, even higher than the first jump, and takes even longer to decrease. You'd think, but we know it didn't. Aman was listed on the streets in 2.1, but not in 3.1, but he hasn't returned and he said he'd be on the streets until he either returned or died to mercs. Also, the RP in the writeup makes it pretty evident that Assassin, Ornstein and I were all on the streets. So....yeah.
  13. Got a new WLIU question @Captains Domon?
  14. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I'll raise you another easy WLIU: WLIU, name the author of the Cosmere.
  15. Kas' sultanates question killed this thread dead. To get this kicked off again, let's do something easy: WLIU name 6 Cosmere planets