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  1. This is pathetic. I'm in New Zealand, only able to connect sporadically when I'm on free WiFi and not doing other things, and I've been one of the more active players in this game... I should've seen Aonar a while ago. When he voted on Lemon instead of Rae just to be contrary, but oh well. At least I caught Araris, even if there aren't enough active villagers to do any good with that.
  2. Araris . Your point about my villageness is hinged on the fact that I could've used my vote last cycle to kill a villager, rather than DA, yet the only person who had a vote on them was Seonid, by you. Soo, if I were evil, I would've voted Seonid with you, killed a villager, and won? So you're evil? Duly noted.
  3. I'm not sure the soother is active. And while I'm not willing to believe everything Rae said (especially since she hinted rather blatantly that Lemon was a teammate and that was utterly false), I'm starting to think she might have been telling the truth, at the time, about her inactive team. DA didn't become active until after she'd said that, and there are still a number of inactives so it's possible.
  4. Having just caught up, my vote will be going in DA. He seems to know exactly what manipulation Orlok was talking about, which indicates to me that he helped Rae come up with/condoned the use of it. There's a very small chance Seonid could be villager the elims buddy up with to lynch Orlok, but yeah. I have a far greater elim read on DA right now than I do Seonid.
  5. They're not.
  6. Oh. I didn't realize the day turn was only 24 hours. Thanks for pointing that out. And also, bump what I said about my activity back a turn. I'll be in LAX about to fly out when the night ends, rather than the day. Woot.
  7. Lemon. One thing I noticed during the night. @Seonid, how exactly do we know exactly how many converts we're dealing with? Sure, we know Rae had a bead of atium that saved her from the lynch, but we still don't know how many she started with. I don't get how simply knowing that Rae was the Seer and used a bead tells us how many converts are out there. Also, I'm not going to be terribly active after this day cycle is over. I'll be in an airport for the next rollover, since I'm heading to New Zealand on Friday. I don't know how frequently I'll be able to check in, since I'm only bringing my phone, and my international phone plan costs $10/day that I use it. So I'm not going to be using it terribly much. Which means that I'll only be able to check in when I'm on WiFi (or days that I've chosen to spend the $10 because I'm doing something like calling home, etc), and I don't know how much I'll be around free WiFi. But I'll check in when I can.
  8. @Darkness_ you specifically said that I was going on about wanting to be lynched and killing me. I made one post about that. As for the other posts you quoted. You are doing exactly what the impartial moderator for this game already advised people not to do. Perhaps you should go back and read that post. Additionally, you clearly pay attention to the Bad Day thread. Perhaps you'll recall the post I made about Comcast giving my name to a debt collector? That same weekend (last weekend, mind you, just before I voted on myself), my roommates decided that books are unfriendly and had me remove all of my things from the living room, so they can do things that they want with it, to make it more representative of everyone here (despite them making me remove everything of mine from the room). Then I got a rock chip in the windshield of my beautiful new car the very next morning while driving to work. When I next checked the thread, I saw even more stuff about how my playstyle change (something that should be completely NAI) is so uber suspicious-looking, after having already explained that too. So yes, I made that post about being done with the game. I can only handle so much stress at one point in time, and the game was so not worth it right then. You got on my case for not seeing something Lemon said on entire other board completely unrelated to SE. You might want to take your own advice here.
  9. It's all good.
  10. I said "really active." Lemon is posting, sure, but I would call her activity "less active". Far from inactive, but also far from very active. Eliminators like very active teammates, especially if they are drawing flack for multiple cycles like Rae was. I'm ignoring you now, Arin. Your posts are more irritating and ridiculous than not and you refuse to even think you might be wrong. I have literally nothing more to say to you.
  11. Lemon was scanned. Not Rae. I thought Lemon was the Seer. It's Rae. But I'm 98% sure that she converted Lemon.
  12. Since it doesn't sound like you're going to drop this without any sort of explanation for the switch from Lemon to Rae, Arinian, let me explain. This is something we wanted to keep from the thread because it ruins the game, but we need to move past this and your fixation isn't helping. Last cycle, Rae confessed that she was an eliminator to me, Orlok, and El. She said that she was the only really active eliminator. Since Orlok and I both believed her soother claim, we thought it would be best to leave her alone for a time, to keep the game alive, and go after a different suspicion. I'd been suspicious of Lemon for a few cycles, and thought she was likely to be the Seer, so Orlok had her scanned, and the result was no allomancy. This is exactly what would show up for a Seer who is out of atium. So we went after Lemon at first, but when both Rae and Lemon decided to try to go after Orlok in response, and the vote difference between Lemon and Orlok wasn't enough for us to risk a last minute vote change/manipulation that resulted in his death, we switched to Rae. I'm still convinced Lemon is evil, but it's obvious now that she is not the Seer.
  13. This, dear children, is what we call a tunnel.
  14. I made one post. When does one post qualify as "going on about it"?
  15. When exactly was I pushed into activity? Please explain. And yes, I'm in PMs with Orlok and El. Aonar too, in case you want to know all my active PMs. I did not realize that being in private communication with other players I believe are village was a crime. I'm only a little aware of Lemon's RL stuff. She hasn't said anything about it in this game thread, and I've only been casually scrolling through the MR in the last cycle or two.