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  1. Mid-Range Game 19: Return to Urithiru

    And it's about time this game gets locked up. I want to thank everyone for staying active. Yeah, it was short, so it was easy to stay active the entire time, but still. Thanks. And while it was short, I think it went well enough. I enjoyed running it with Stink, and I've got some more ideas of how to fix it for a third run. If I do a third run. We'll see. Thank you, Stink, for running it with me and handling most of the writeups. It was a great time. As always, if anyone would like to try your hand at running a game, just get a hold of Gamma, Meta, Alvron, or myself. Not only will we get you added to the list, but we'll be more than willing to help out in any way we can. You can also post game ideas, ask questions, and get feedback from everyone over in our Art of Game Creation thread too. With all the games that we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs that can help you refine any game you're working on. Thanks again to everyone who played and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games!
  2. Long Game (3)2: Pulling on Strings

    It's okay, Master Tineye. You clearly blocked that game from your memory, forgetting that you were taken in by Inquisitor!Cessie masquerading as a Snapped Thug. - Klara wasn't native to the Western Dominance. She and her younger brother, Victor, had grown up near Urteau until they'd been thrown into the Pits of Hathsin. Thank the Lord Ruler for his untimely death (no, really. Thanks, Sliver), escaping the Pits had actually been relatively easy, and they'd started west, heading toward the Farmost Dominance. Maybe things would be less chaotic out there, away from civilization. But then she'd gotten separated from Victor. They'd set up camp one night a short distance from a small village and snuck in to scavenge for food. He never returned to camp. So she'd tracked him. Tracked him all the way to Fadrex, which had been barred to her, with walls too high for her to scale and no foreseeable way in. This Lord Tekiel, whoever he was, certainly knew how to imprison his subjects. Not that that surprised her. All nobles were the same--tyrants, the lot of them. Why would this Tekiel be any different? Still, she hadn't let his seemingly impenetrable city stop her, so when she'd heard rumors of some mysterious 'test,' where only those with invitations would be allowed into the city, she'd found one. Okay, 'found' was an exaggeration. It wasn't like she'd stumbled upon it. She'd stalked the previous owner, a man named Willie according to the invitation's salutation, and killed him, stuffing his lifeless body into an empty wine barrel. Willie wouldn't be found for quite some time, which was just as well for her. Then, she'd disguised herself as a man, which had say the least. But now, wearing a costume that was at least passable for a man (though she knew it likely wouldn't fool anyone who looked terribly closely, but why would anyone do that for skaa?), she held his former invitation, now hers, tight in her hand. Her pass into the city. Her pass to find her brother. Now to figure out a way past these 'tests'....
  3. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Sorry. My move date got delayed a week, and since it's President's Day and I had work off, I spent it packing and talking to family. Well, and talking to friends, but, yeah. Anyway. I haven't spent like any time thinking about the game or the events of the night, so I'm going to vote for my second highest suspect from the last day cycle, which was Conquestor.
  4. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I had my copper off until the cycle after Arinian died, and when PMs were up the second time, Hero contacted me and told me my role/alignment to prove that he had indeed seeked me. In that PM, he told me Stick's scan as well, so she wasn't smoked when he scanned her. I don't know exactly when he scanned either of us, but...yeah. The scan on me was at least during the time my copper was off.
  5. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Huh? I didn't say I was buddying up with you. I said that Mage had been buddying up with you, and that I thought the suspicion on you was ridiculous because you were acting exactly like you always do when you're village. Sart. I think you took advantage of the swing over to Mage in hopes that it would leave two villagers dead: Mage and Stink. Three votes in the final half hour of the cycle decided that lynch. I really don't think the Spiked didn't get involved in that last minute swing, since the game is close enough that they want every mislynch they can get. Stink saving himself is no surprise, and we know Joe is a villager, which leaves you. And I think your theory about the Spiked saving Joe is ridiculous. For one, it's end-game, and Joe is a confirmed villager. The Spiked want villagers dead. The only reason they might want to keep one alive is to use them, but PMs are down, so even that's not really an option. There's no reason for the Spiked to save Joe. A villager saved Joe, perhaps even Joe himself. Additionally, I see no reason for the Spiked Lurcher to truthfully claim Lurcher. They probably claimed roleless, thug or smoker, since those are the easiest to claim without drawing too much attention to yourself, and they're also hard to verify without a seeker. I find it rather suspicious that you're trying to find a Lurcher who claimed to Joe when that's probably the villager who saved him. And of course Lurchers can lurch themselves. This is the same rule set as the past AGs, in which the Lurchers have always been able to self-target.
  6. Byu Cosmere Club

    Do we want to meet next week, to fit a February meeting in?
  7. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I cannot see where the suspicion on stink is coming from. He's literally acting exactly as he has in every other game.... games where he's been village. Oh, he defended Dalinar, sure, but his tone in every post while "defending" Dalinar was clear irritation with the entire situation as opposed to scrambling to protect a teammate from getting lynched. And he has higher knowledge? Have you missed the past bunch of games when Stink says, in seemingly utter certainty, that another player is evil? That's just what Stink does when he's either trying to see who follows along (so baiting) or he's just truly very suspicious of that person. And it's not like that's something new to this game. It's just Stink. Mage. This is in part due to my prior suspicions of you and also due to buddying up with Stink. Your willingness to die is about the only thing that I see that speaks in your favor, but at the same time, it could be an IKYK. People will be less likely to kill you because you're saying that you're so willing to die and because a spiked wouldn't be so willing to die so you must be village... Unless you're a spiked who knows how the village will react to seeing how willing you are to die, and therefore says that to make it less likely that you will die. I have no idea what the vote count is right now and I won't be on again until after rollover so I apologize if this ties something up. Well, not really, since I'm fairly convinced that stink is village and I'd rather he not die. Also, I'm getting ready to move this weekend, so will be less active. I should be able to maintain a post a cycle, but we'll see. Oh, and sorry for any typos in this post. Posting via phone and haven't really proofread it. >>
  8. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    I didn't refute it because there's no point in refuting it. It's not true, simple as that. And shifting the blame to others is now a villager thing to do? Fascinating. Because I'm fairly certain that if I had gone and blamed others, you'd be commenting on that instead. You're wrong though. If I were actually analyzing and being really active, sure, you, Joe and Orlok would be some of the only ones who wouldn't have attacked me. But there are plenty of teams who don't worry about the people who are less active or inactive. If you're not analyzing or posting much and hardly keeping track of the game, you're not much of a threat, and there's no reason to kill people who aren't threats. So you might want to widen that group of people who could be evil, because there are plenty of others who would fall into the category of not worrying about threats. I don't feel like I over-reacted, and honestly I'm surprised that you think I did. You and I have had this conversation many times. You know exactly how I feel about my rep and how I'm likely to react to certain comments, regardless of who makes them. I removed myself from the metanarrative and refuse to respond to certain titles because of a comment about my DnD classification being Lawful Evil and no one disputing that (side note for everyone: I'm very Lawful Good). That was an over-reaction, though it's definitely not one I regret. This has been building for a long time, and you know it because we've talked about it. I stopped analyzing and being as active in the games because of it, but that lower activity doesn't matter if my own friends continue to contribute to my rep. It might be that I just need to stop playing altogether. Is that the case? I'm genuinely asking. You know my thoughts better than almost anyone, and even you're contributing to it to a degree. So be honest: do you think it'll ever end, no matter what I do? If not, this is my last SE game. It's an added unnecessary stress and if nothing I do while playing will remove or reduce it, then I will simply stop playing. That's how completely serious I am about this. I'm done with the overblown rep. I'm done with people saying that it's indisputable that I'm so dangerous that I must be killed if I'm village. I dispute that, and if no one else will, then I'm done with SE.
  9. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Oh, Joe and I discussed this very briefly while PMs were up and we're both convinced that the Spiked protected me. I don't know why they did. Joe posited the idea that they didn't want anyone to die N1, and I could potentially see that, given a team composed of a number of Mistborn (and some other roles). I wonder if maybe they wanted to play me by having their Lurcher claim to me at some point in the early game, but then PMs went down and they couldn't. But I don't really care about why they attacked me and protected me, because we can run around in circles all day about that. You wanna know why I haven't been attacked since? Maybe it's because I haven't been terribly active. Maybe it's because I defended Dalinar and Nyali. Maybe it's because Arinian never scanned me so I'm not confirmed. Maybe it's because I'm not a threat to them because my suspicions are wrong. You know what pisses me off more than anything, Orlok? When people claim over and over that I'm "indisputably dangerous" to the opposition. I am human and I can and do make mistakes just like any other player. When you label me with that kind of reputation, it makes me seem more important or more right than 99% of the other players and that's not the case. Sure, I can be good. So can a lot of players. My best comes when I'm fully invested in a game, taking notes and analyzing, but guess what? I DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. Do you know what it's like to die 15 games in a row, Orlok? Do you know what it's like to hear people say things like you did, and know that that's exactly the reason why you have no hope of surviving a game in the near or even distant future? Do you remember how pissed off you were after you died so many times by cycle 2? Take your rage then and multiply it by about 100 and you might come close to how I feel right now. So knock it off with those comments that put me in an entire other sphere. I am human. I am not perfect. I am not always right. Stop acting like I am. Stop perpetuating my overblown rep, or you can bet that I will recreate a kill list and you will be the only name on it. Ever.
  10. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Joe, it sounds like there might be a slight mayorial issue. Personally, I'm not surprised you're still alive right now. In another cycle or two, I will be, but right now? Not really. I was surprised when Bugsy was killed rather than you or Drought last cycle. You might be right about being played (you probably are, if my own games of being in your position are anything to go off of) and Hero might be Spiked (I'm still torn about that, but I trust him more now than I did before PMs were up temporarily), but I don't think that this situation warranted outing Hero's role, especially since it sounds like he did what you asked him to. My guess is that the Spiked panicked when Drought was more active during the night, since it seemed like he was thinking about using his role. So they killed him before he could really start killing them. Not what I would've done, since Drought didn't even kill El when Joe told him to, so it was unlikely he'd kill on his own discretion, but, yeah. I'd guess tonight will be either Hero or Joe (or both), and since we don't have a Lurcher left, it's all but guaranteed to succeed. One other thing: I don't think it's a team of Mistborn anymore, unless they're somehow not drawing Tin or drawing Tin at the same time. I'd guess that there are only one or two Mistborn alive. Could be a Mistborn/Roleless team, but I think they probably have a Misting or two on the team as well. Smoker and Lurcher at the very least.
  11. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    I used to give blood as frequently as I could, since I don't have an aversion to needles and I'm a universal donor. Felt it was my obligation. And then I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and while the Red Cross doesn't say that people with autoimmune diseases can't or shouldn't give, I feel super sketched out giving someone the highly inflated antibodies in my blood. Now, whenever the Red Cross calls or emails me, I get irritated because I've told them multiple times that I can't give and to take me off their list, but they just don't listen. I want to give. I can't give, and reminding me of that won't endear me to them. Anyway. Onto actual bad day stuff. I've been doing some data analysis at work. It's been really fun for me and also useful for the manager I've been working with. On Monday, she suggested I apply for a product manager position that's been open for a couple months in one of the other offices. She'd been thinking about recommending one of her friends for it, but decided I would be better. Told me to tailor my resume for it, send it to this one person and CC her and the exec of my office to the email (I've been helping the exec with the data analysis too). Usually, when I'm applying for jobs, it's really easy for me to look at a job description and the required skills and talk myself out of applying, because they're looking for a specific candidate and I don't fit the requirements, so there's no point in applying. But with this one, I had all the required skills in varying degrees, and based on what I know about it, I'm positive that I could do it, and that it would be a good learning and growth experience for me. So I applied. And I figured with references like a department manager and an executive of the company, I'd have a decent shot. They got back with me today, saying that they're looking for someone who has previous product management experience (something the job description only listed as a plus), who's worked with software engineers, and I can't help but think that maybe that's why the position has been open for so long. They didn't even have me go in for an interview. I've been with the company for almost 4 years, I had quality references and proof that I'm the kind of candidate the description said they were looking for (a blend of business and tech savvy, where I've been the manager of a small business for over a year and I've doing the data analysis lately, with results) and the listed required skills--strong communication skills, pattern recognition, interpersonal skills, project prioritization, open-mindedness, etc. But because I had no product management experience and I'd never worked with software engineers, I'm scrapped. Thing is, both of those seem like they would be easily trainable, but some of those required skilled (like strong communication and interpersonal skills) aren't easily trainable. Why would you prioritize the easily trainable qualities over the ones you can't teach or train an adult to have? For a person who wants someone to be able to prioritize different tasks, he's surprisingly bad at it himself. While I know that it's probably best this way, since clearly he doesn't know what he's doing, at the same time, I was kind of getting my hopes up a little. It's in a different office (one that's more professional than my current office by a magnitude of at least 10), it's doing something that's in the direction I want my career to go (I'd like to do more business/tech stuff, since I'm tired of the constant writing), and it paid double what I currently make. While I don't need the money since I'm recently debt-free (yay!), I'd still like it and put it to use. Mostly, though, I thought I'd have a decent shot with my work experience and those references. I thought for sure I'd get in for an interview. And it's really disappointing to not even get that.
  12. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Seonid. Thanks for responding, Jon, to answer your question, some of my suspicion is based on Hero's theory about you being a Mistborn and having been attacked. Another bit is based is based on your activity chart missing all of Rae's information past cycle 1, which you collected and posted on the night she was killed. While I wouldn't think an eliminator would make a mistake like that, I've seen worse mistakes made by eliminators in that past, and I can see how that could've been overlooked accidentally, since you weren't pulling any information for any of the dead. Really, I can't justify that kind of an oversight from a villager, and even if it doesn't quite make sense from an eliminator perspective either, it makes more sense from that than village. But since I don't want to make the vote even closer, which voting on you would do, I'm going to vote for Headshot, since I suspect him as well.
  13. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Joe, Gamma's dead, fyi. I think for now, I'm going to vote for Seonid, because he's been less active, and I'd like to hear a little more from him. I'll be honest: this is mostly a poke vote, though I wouldn't mind lynching him either. For actual suspicions, I'm still suspicious of Mage and Headshot, and I've got a growing suspicion of Jondesu. I keep going back and forth on Assassin, but...yeah. I'll likely vote on one of those four (emphasis on Mage or Headshot) if Seonid comes along and I remove my vote from him. But that will be later in the cycle. I was suspicious of El at the start of the cycle, but that's died down now, thanks to the bandwagon.
  14. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    HH wasn't scaned. The only confirmed villagers alive from Arinian's scans are Joe, Bugsy, and Wonko. And Drought, the PMs go down at the end of this turn, unless one of the Mistborn draws Tin.
  15. Anniversary Game 3: The Curse of the Koloss

    Assassin, because you're voting for a confirmed villager. Arinian scanned Bugsy. Also, Jon retracted his vote on Hero and I find it curious, considering the severe lack of activity, that Headshot missed that... Dang it, Joe. You ninja'd my vote. I'm still keeping it. >>