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  1. Sorry, Lopen. That was probably my fault for saying that Rae's comment felt like they were trying to put protection on a role that was pointless. They probably guessed you would be open from that. And I'd actually considered that, but decided surely Kipper or Figberts would be better to attack, given their roles and also less likely possibility of being protected.... I guess we'll know if the spike takes this time though. Not much more obvious than if all of a sudden PMs are back. Anyway, I still think Hero is the convert. His post last day cycle made me rethink my suspicion of him for a bit and wonder if the convert was the other Lurcher, but....converting Hero makes too much sense. And his busy schedule in RL means that he has less time to plan and strategize but he still feels like he should be doing stuff to help his new team, like pulling village protection off of people or attempting to make one doubt their suspicion of the Inquisitor if they're certain they're right. He said that he stopped requesting double protection two nights ago, but the other Lurcher said that Hero asked for it, and that was many hours after I'd talked to Hero about it and he'd admitted that I was right. Additionally, he insisted that the Inquisitor could easily be a brand new, first time player to get me doubting OmeGaster, even though giving a brand new, first time player a role like that is incredibly risky since you don't know their activity. Brand new players have been given important roles in the past and then gone completely inactive. What if Spartacus had been the Inquisitor? We wouldn't even have a game. No, I rather think I was right about HH, but he wanted to make me add more suspects to the pool. So Hero. (Also, if you're wondering how to get the standard red on desktop, select "More Colors" at the bottom of the drop down color menu. A color palette will appear and you can just select the exact color you want on that).
  2. You can actually get to those standard colors, if you're using the drop down menu and are therefore on a computer. Here's how: And there you have it. A vast array of colors all ready for you to use whenever. And for the standard red, green (I think; close enough, if not), and blue: I happen to like this better. It's not that hard to do the coding on mobile, and the coding gets it right, and on the computer, this is only a couple extra clicks, and there are a ton more color options available.
  3. The first game only ended up with 3 PC Masters by the end because most of the players were pursuing the same fields. I expect that will happen to some degree again (even though all of the fields are powerful in their own right for the Master of it), but I guess we'll see. But yeah, PC Masters get to choose which abilities go to those they elevate, but NPC is random.
  4. The Crusade isn't just about lynching inactives. It's about trying to bring inactives back into activity. If there are no suspicions, then an inactive could be lynched, but that hasn't been the case in this game, since there have been plenty of suspicions. Also, I rather think that anyone pushing for Crusade lynches in the mid-to-late game are probably eliminators, since if the villagers have been paying attention, they'll have suspicions. While they'll be frustrated with a high percentage of inactives, they won't usually wish to waste time lynching those inactives, since even if the inactives are eliminators, active eliminators are far more of a problem. But eliminators will totally try to waste the village's time lynching inactives, since that keeps discussion focused on inactivity and not on them, so they can continue killing and then win the game. If you're Crusade-lynching in the mid-to-late game, the village is probably going to lose.
  5. I informed Lopen. He can confirm.
  6. I soothed Mage's vote to prove that I could still soothe, since Rae and Hero both tried to cast suspicion on me (even though my being evil would require the spiked to have converted me while attacking me, having no clue that I would be protected because they weren't arranging the protection that saved me...I feel that's a little too much, even for the most paranoid of people).
  7. My character's name shall be Sloan Walker. That's a female Sloan. Yes, yes, I know it sounds male, but just look at the name I usually answer to.
  8. Kiireon watched the door shut behind Ratel and Jonly. She closed her eyes, taking a breath to settle her emotions. This was it. The moment of truth. She could only hope it would work. She looked up at Edaan, who glared back at her, betrayal evident in his gaze. She shook her head. “No. I’m doing this for you.” His expression didn’t change so she moved on. The ritual. She brought her hand up into the air between them, and traced her finger in a line. Light flowed through the finger, leaving a streak of pure white energy in the shape she’d drawn. She continued drawing. She remembered candlelit rooms, whispers in darkened hallways, the field outside Elantris, Seon Sao, and so much more. She remembered each time, each emotion, and she poured them all into the aon she drew. She drew the last line remembering Swift bringing him to her. As she finished, she sagged a little, and it took her a few moments to steady herself enough to look up. Aon Omi scorched the air between them, lighting the whole room with its radiant light. And Edaan stared at her, unmoved. He wasn’t glaring, but she could tell it hadn’t quite been enough. She wasn’t enough. She turned her head so he wouldn’t see a few tears run down her cheeks. Brushing them away hurriedly, she motioned Sloan forward. There was still one more chance to save him. If this didn’t work, nothing would. She took the bundle from Sloan’s arms and turned to Edaan, pulling back the blanket so he could see the baby in her arms. “This is your daughter—our daughter. And she needs her father.”
  9. Crash. Kiireon started at the noise, her hand jerking, knocking over the ink jar next to her. The ink spilled over the papers, but Kiireon hardly noticed. The walls shook. Edaan was two floors above her but whatever he’d thrown at his wall had hit with enough force to shake the entire building. And then the yelling started. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, but she could guess. He wanted out. He hated being locked in his room. He hated not having his freedom. He hated what she’d given him. He hated hating. He hated her. Or at least, a part of him did. It was only a matter of time before all of him did. She’d hoped he’d get better being near her, and maybe for a short time he had. They’d had some good days. Great days. And then….she starting sensing a bit of resentment. He blamed her for what was happening, and he was right to. He was so very, very right to. It was her fault. He was changing, getting worse by the day, and it was all her fault. She’d tried everything she could think of—everything her counselors could think of. Nothing had fixed it. There was no removing Odium. At least, no method her people could find. So he spent his days locked in a room he hated, because everyone feared what he’d do if he left. Including her. She felt a kick and put a hand on her stomach. There wasn’t much time left. She had to find a way to fix this, to fix him, because she needed him. She needed his help. She couldn’t raise their child without him, nor would she want to even if she could. Taking a breath, she thought. Nothing had worked. Nothing they’d thought of had worked, she corrected herself. But there were others—others who knew of Shards and had held them, studied them, knew the effects. Granted, most of those had died over the years, mostly at the hands of the Collective— She paused. The Collective. No. They’d never help her or Edaan. They certainly knew enough, but...Alv would kill her (or he’d at least try) before he’d let her utter a single word. But...maybe one of the others. She knew enough to know that Alv didn’t have as tight a hold over them as he’d wished. If even one of them helped her, it might be enough to save Edaan. She owed it to him and their child to leave no stone unturned. She needed someone who would be intrigued enough to hear her out, someone who wouldn’t report her to Alv and had enough knowledge to do it mostly by themself. Someone who was motivated by a challenge. Someone who she almost certainly wouldn’t want to leave Odium with, but she’d figure that part out later. Right now, she needed Edaan back, and that meant finding someone like…. No. Not someone like. She knew who she needed, and even though he was perhaps one of the most terrifying of the Collective, she was nearly certain he’d help her. himself by helping her, anyway. Ratel. She needed Ratel.
  10. You only have one kill per night. I could see using that on a Tineye if you thought you'd get another spike the same cycle so you could use the other spike to convert, but tin is pretty useless in terms of power and considering that the steel spike didn't take, you kind of need something a little better. Honestly, your comment reads more like an attempt to put village protection on a person you have no intention of trying to attack. Your banter with HH seems like the banter between two teammates sharing a joke rather than two people on opposite teams. I rather think HH is the Inquisitor. Oh, and for full disclosure, I'm 97.8% certain Hero was the steel spike convert. Shortly after that conversion happened, I had someone claim to have snapped into Lurcher that night, and Hero tried to pull all the village protection onto himself in the first part of last night, and then was inactive during the second part (I think he was supposed to send in the kill order but couldn't get back online or forgot). His reasoning was because he was worried about being double tapped, even though I told him that even if the steel spike took, it was clear they didn't care about killing him because they could've used Uber Iron on him back on the night after he claimed to tap him once and get it over with. Why wait until they have to double tap him because they no longer have Uber Iron? He acknowledged I was right, yet still insisted that the other Lurcher (there's another besides Hero and the now snapped) protect him. So yeah. I think Hero is evil. My vote is on Rae. She just tacitly confessed to having been a Tineye so clearly her excuse about Mark was a ruse to lynch another villager. She's spiked through and through. Not that I had any doubts about that but I should think her post above should assuage any fears others may have.
  11. The Inquisitor is relatively pointless now anyway. Given the sacrifice of Uber Iron, I'd guess the only metal they have left is Uber Pewter, which means they only have one conversion left before they die. We might as well just wait out the Inquisitor until they kill themselves with the conversion and go after the converts. I would actually include HH in your list though. He fits too, I think.