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  1. I can get the "anyone who doesn't want to be attacked" bit, so long as they're only staying boring for a cycle. It's the people who've been boring for most of the game that are creating problems. So yeah, we should probably get a rule amendment up about only being boring for a single cycle in a row and if you go longer, you lose a life.
  2. LG18 would be worse than LG33, since the LG33 spreadsheet was much more automated than LG18's. But really, those two should just share. The only other complicated game I can really think of would be LG12.
  3. Wilson will not be boring.
  4. Pet peeve: Adult roommates who don't practice very basic prevention techniques for maintenance - who don't even understand the logic for these prevention techniques. And this isn't 18-22 year old adults. This is 25-30 year old adults. People who should know by now, because they've been living away from their parents for at least 3 years, if not closer to 10+. Some examples: Keeping the thermostat high enough in the winter months (when temps drop below freezing) to prevent the pipes from freezing For girls: catching your long hair before it goes down the drain to prevent drain clogs (or at least slow them down) If you don't do this, you should at least know how to snake a drain Leaving the fan in the bathroom on after hot showers so the bathroom gets properly ventilated and black mold doesn't form in the tub and sink The last one is what I'm having to deal with right now. I've had to deal with the other ones in the last 1-2 years. My current roommate takes showers every morning and shuts the fan off when she leaves the bathroom. We're in the basement. The fan is the only source of ventilation for that bathroom. If it's still muggy (which it always is because her showers are hot), that creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to form. That's just logic. She's lived here for about a month, and she doesn't understand why black mold is forming in the tub (and spreading around the tub, and starting to form in the sink now too). I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm contributing to it, because she really wants to assign cleaning assignments in the apartment, and the rest of us are like "Dude, we're not in college anymore. We don't want clean checks. We're adults. Let's just clean up after ourselves." I have no idea how to broach that topic in a way that won't seem aggressive or condescending. I mean really. How do you tell a 28 year old woman that she needs to leave the fan on or mold will form because of the humidity? Shouldn't she already know this?
  5. It's not taking away their conversion. It's limiting their conversion, because right now, it's unlimited, and with their faction powers, they'll be able to crush the WorldSmiths (who they know the entire member list of, thanks to Drake/Len) if they have an unlimited conversion. The Brotherhood doesn't need a kill. They have a pretty powerful faction ability that can stop most threats to their faction as it is, because they roleblock kill roles and get rid of any and all kill items their target possesses. And technically, they can kill - with the lynch. The Brotherhood is fairly OP right now, in comparison to their opposition. I'm not a fan of combining the WorldSmiths and Brotherhood into one faction and turning the game into a classic elimination game + a SK faction. Not only is that uber unbalanced (even if it's just the WorldSmiths + the Brotherhood, that's probably ~10 eliminators vs a ~3 person SK team vs ~16 villagers, which is just an elim rate of over 34%. The village would be screwed), but this game is supposed to be different, and trying new things. Turning into a classic game destroys that. And it's fun right now. Ish. It could be more fun, but it's not bad as it is. It could just be better.
  6. Yeah, I wouldn't call the Brotherhood a village faction, especially since the former factionless are now stereotypical villagers (note: they weren't SK-type roles before either, because they didn't have a kill. They had an SK win con without the SK power, which is the main thing that makes the SK a Serial Killer. The former factionless were more lone-wolf types). 10 is definitely too high for the Brotherhood. It basically makes it so they're confirmed to win. Right now, the WorldSmiths, their biggest enemy, knows their player list, and they know the WorldSmith player list. This means the two factions have a sort of Mutually-Assured-Destruction thing going on. If the Brotherhood starts targeting WorldSmiths, the WorldSmiths will start killing off the Brotherhood. If the Brotherhood have an unlimited conversion or a conversion that stops after they have 10 members, going by Lemon's guess of 4 Brotherhood members (which sounds about right to me), that puts 6 new Brotherhood members who the WorldSmiths have no idea about, but they know everything about the WorldSmiths. Yeah, the WorldSmiths will lose to that. And not just the WorldSmiths. The Stereotypical Villagers will too, since they need to kill all the factions. That's 4 + ~6 + ~3. So ~13 players that they need to kill. With around ~16 living villagers to do it. Before marriages and conversions potentially reduce that ~16 and increase that ~13. Giving the Brotherhood an additional 6 people on their team, that's ~19 players in factions versus ~10 "villagers," and 10 of those factioned players are on the same faction so.....basically the village is trying to off a team that's the exact same size as the village. Yeah, the village is gonna lose, even if the Brotherhood can't kill.
  7. 2-3 makes sense to me. The rules for this cycle don't say how many they started with, but I think the rule proposal was 3, so 2-3 conversions (probably not counting any marriages), would allow for a team of 5-6, which is a good-sized team, especially adding in marriages. Though Drake is now dead, as is Len, so that's 4-5 + marriages. So a max of....8-10? I think. Assuming the converts don't marry the initial members post-conversion. I think 2 conversions would be best since a max of 8 players is far more reasonable than 10. And I would concur with Jon about the end game condition/win con not being everyone winning. I can see why that would appeal, but right now, there are at least faction win cons (including the village "faction") that have win cons that cannot work together. The "village" has to get rid of all the factions. The Brotherhood has to get rid of all items and kill roles (which means they have to somehow remove all the WorldSmiths, who all have access to their faction kill). Saying that "everyone wins" me. We really just need to get a game-ending-condition in place, whether that's a "the game ends on this cycle" or "once this thing happens".
  8. We can vote to repeal rules. We already did that with the kill-conversion rule. So I'd say more stuff like that. We'll want to plan for the most pressing issues though so we don't get 8 rules we really want all in one turn and then two the following turn. I definitely agree the Brotherhood conversion needs to be capped, but I also think a couple more factions would be a good idea as well. Just one or two more factions. Nothing too crazy. And a better end-game solution than a giant meteor.... We just created the Cosmere. Why are we trying to destroy it now?
  9. Wilson. I shall also stop being boring.
  10. What's the pancake madness rule?
  11. Sounds like Friday is it then. And next time, we'll get a day Slowswift can make it since he hasn't been able to come for a while.
  12. No. That was in part of the original rule and I know Sheep is still going off that. One and done.
  13. We might want to make sure Sheep is following the same definition before we throw all our eggs in that one basket, so to speak.
  14. Pancakes are counted differently than items.
  15. Passing rule 1 will only fix the item issue, not the pancakes. No pancakes will create a fair bit more problems, collectively, than no items. I would think people in biggest support of 1 would be the WorldSmiths since they want items. Everyone needs pancakes.