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  1. I think they are trying to make the preparing for war as hard as possible for Rosahar. If they leave everyone alive but starving, wounded, with out means of transportation then Dalinar and crew will have to spend precious resources dealing with keeping people alive as much as fighting the void-bringers. This is a similar tactic used by the Librarians in the 4th Alcatraz books and is a pretty effective strategy used in real world examples.
  2. I also have to reference Brandon's favored method of giving us lots of bits of information in such a way that we are encouraged to draw the wrong conclusion. With that in mind, if instead of following the trail of bread crumbs and instead evaluate each bit as it on it's own and how it relates to the big picture. Here are some mid level connections I believe in. 1. Any shard who chooses to manifest itself on Scadrial is likely to be in a way that interacts with the three arts (especially now that ruin and preservation are merged). WoB that investiture and magic systems would manifest and interact differently from one world to another (vasher eating stormlight - for instance). 2. Odium is possible thought not as plausible an enemy here. The only thing that he has going for him (in my mind) is to provide a place for him to be introduced as "the bad guy" on a smaller scale to show us his power and the difficulty in defeating only a small part of him. 3. I think that Autonomy or another shard might be possible. I think we only have a confirmation of 8-9(?) intents or names of all 16 shards. 4. Brandon has been intentionally dodgy on timelines of where books are on the cosmere timeline. Some of the only specific verification that we have had is the mention of One's Above in Sixth of Dusk (possibly Scadrians - because Brandon has confirmed that they will have a space sci-fy trilogy at the end). Beyond that, we only know (correct me if I'm wrong) that time is distorted when world hopping so ordering books based on who is in them is a surefire way to mislead ourselves.
  3. But that is just it: The pre-breaking investiture pools should be something like human stem cells that have no particular intent(in other words, the potential for all intents). He should then, be able to add these to himself to increase his pool of investiture but, I'm still not convinced that this is correlated with power. However, these "stem splinters" may not be easily detectable or may be hidden. Additionally, the "sky people" in sixth of dusk were obviously space allomancers, but did not seem to know where the special birds came from or that there was s pool of splintered investiture - which isn't conclusive but if they have that level of technology it might be reasonable to expect them to be able to detect concentrations of investiture. Also, Ryse is bound to that world for now with the oath pact so that he can't run rampant throughout the cosmere so being able to detect splinters is kind of a moot point. All that being said - I want to go back to my first question and the response: I see that odium could still splinter the shard and I know that Brandon has indicated that no shard (following science logic) can not be destroyed only dispersed and could then POSSIBLY gather all the splinters and reform the shard. However, may have poorly stated the other part of my question: Other bits of investiture (spren for example) have gained spontaneous sentience. Is it possible for an entire shard to become self aware - not just shadows )like the Stormfather?) If so, would there be any advantage/disadvantage. Would the shard understand itself and it's abilities on a more instinctual level and be more effective? Or would it is it more like bonding a holder is "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" kind of madness where the holder adds something unique and powerful to the relationship? THE BIG FINISH: If the shards can be self aware and if they can joinforces (captain planet style) to make something greater - ultimatly Adolnalsium ........ was Adonlasium ever bonded to a once mortal (or immortal?) being or was it just 16 shards coalesed into one god like-self-aware force?
  4. As I was reading the posts I quickly found my self thinking that Adonalsium may have shattered himself but, why then would there be a plot and a weapon. A few ideas pop into my head 1: He know it's enemy's wouldn't stop trying so he did it voluntarily because of the collateral damage the weapon would cause (or to just defuse the situation or gain experience or other motivation). 2: Someone else found (stole) the weapon and it simply went off intentionally or unintentionally. In this case it might have been Hoid who was holding it after finding/stealing it and he therefore feels responsible even though it wasn't by design. 3: The enemies eventually succeed. I don't think that the 1/16th of Adonalsium shattered the rest of itself. The quotes from above I think are being miss-represented. It talks about hatred Oduim going crazy because of how it was now out of context of the other godly attributes.
  5. 1. So when it comes to Shards, Splinters and Self awareness - Is is possible (or even probable) that some shards which have been bonded for a great deal of time will opt to become self aware instead of seeking another intelligent being with whom to bond? We know that bits of investiture, both before and after the shattering, have become self aware - both by design and by accident. If possible, would the then still be "killable". So far, when we have seen shards "die" it has only meant the severing of the power from the bonder. If it effectively renders the shard immune to death, would that put the cosmere at a standoff since Odium would no longer be able to kill other shards? Or, would he be able to beat the sentience out of them. OR would they require a bond in order to over come odium? 2. Is is possible or probable for a shard to go around and pick up other splinters (others, there own, or innate investiture "pools"). In the story Sixth of Dusk, there is the splinter pool that doesn't seem to be self aware but, is granting power to creatures (so far only avian) via the grubs that feed on the fruit that grows from the pool. Could an shard go and scoop up the power there and add it to themselves to increase their own power? Does it have to be aligned with the shard? What if the splinter is sentient - how would that affect the process. With so many variables it could go many directions COMPLICATIONS: A shard's "power" isn't really defined or even exemplified. Does having more power simply mean a larger pool of investiture? The closest thing I've seen is when Vin (preservation) clashes with Ruin. She throws herself (a vauge force) against him and they end up killing each other. Does collecting stray investiture increase one's "mass" or "power" and therefore make them more formidable? If so, would doing something like that make one shard become able to stand up to Odium? If not - are the splinters more like the individual rings of Captain Planet with their various strengths, weaknesses, traits and usefulness? That each one has certain abilities that make them more or less formidable? In this scenario - Odium is just a more potent peice of the whole. And in this analogy it would explain why more shards do not simply combine in order to protect themselves from odium. If two or three shards clumped together (or an opportunistic one that isn't bound to a planet and is simply hiding on worlds that odium isn't interested in right now swooped in and collected the fallen shards) haven't done this. It is an all or nothing kind of process (exceptions like Harmony not explained).
  6. I was going back through my notes and forgot to post this. Q: Does being near a shard pool make it easier to worldhop? A: Yes it does.
  7. I agree with you. When I fist saw it (before Kara put it on) i was trying to find which symbol it reflected and it is really close to the double lerasium. As for this - I don't know if it is a too much of a spoiler, but frost is addressed as "his scaly" friend in Hoid's letter. When I asked Brandon for confirmation he indicated that frost is in fact a dragon. Thus we know that there are humans, dragons and a third race on Yolen. I have goo reason for believing I know what the third race it but, am not sure if it is yet spoiled somewhere else.
  8. At the release party I was a volunteer and was able to asked many questions to Brandon that you may or may not find very interesting. Here are some of them. 1. Q: Is Frost's longevity due to characteristics that are innate to his race, from magic of his world, or from being a shard holder?" A: From his race's characteristics. 2. Q: Would a Skimmer who has been lashed by a Windrunner be able to float if he stored all his weight? A: since a lashing changes gravity they would still fall because even if he stored all his weight he would still be wearing cloths and guns and such that would still pull him down. 3 Q. Can a hemalurgic spike be awakened, and if so would it be able to use its powers? A: It could be awakened but, things with investiture are much more difficult to affect in any magic system. (not comment on if it could use it's own powers) 4. Q. Could you use a bronze push on night blood? A. You could, but as he has a vast amount of investiture it would be extremely difficult. The more investiture something has the more difficult it is to affect. 5. Q. If you awaken a carrot and eat it, what happens to the investiture? A. It would be released into the world in and dissipate. 6. Q. If you awakened two parts of a broken sword and then forged it together, would it have two awakened parts, would they meld in to one or something else? A. It would depend on how you forged them. Q. So any of those possibilities are possible. A. Yes. 7. Q. Shardblades are broken spren. Will we see something similar to shardplate later on? A. Yes 8. Q. How was Sazed able to talk to Vin and Elend and know they are happy now if he hasn't been able to access the ultimate afterlife that exists beyond the three Realms? A. Harmony said that they are happy, not that he has talked to them. 9. Q: Will Wit be a bigger viewpoint character as the series progresses? A: Yes, though much later. 10. Q: Could a mad Awakener Scientist take a big plaster cast in the shape of a human, fill it up with human blood, and make a T-1000 style shapechanging Lifeless? [if so], about how many Breath would that take? (specifically looking for something that could re-shape/heal as well as be sentient). A: (after a long pause) It would be possible to do, but it wouldn't turn out like you are imagining. *aside* You wold be better of with something thicker. (A few of us discussed partially dehydrating blood and some other options. Cornstarch and water was out best conclusion as a non-Newtonian liquid). Brandon was listening and gave a non-committal agreement to our solution. 11. Q. If somebody created a super elaborate language where whole sentences could be said in just one word, and then taught that language to a baby, would the baby be able to Awaken with this new super-language? Would this have any extra effect on Awakening? For example, in this new language “Become as my fingers and grip when I say” is just “blif” Would the Command of the child be more powerful? A. *laughs* Sure! Some incidentals from our conversations. These are not direct questions, but a discussion involving many people: (all paraphrased from short hand notes) 1. He referred to endowment as "she" with emphasis and a knowing smile. 2. Hoid is also called Topaz (from the large gem stone he wore a long time ago) and Cephedrus (a name he went/goes by from a long time a go, but not his True name). Brandon: "You seem to thing that Cepheus is his original name" Me: "Well, he used it before he used 'Hoid'" Brandon: "...Yes...., but that doesn't mean the 'cephedrus' is older than 'Hoid'" 3. While talking to the crowd he said, (paraphrased) you have already read what is going to happen in the end of the storm light archives. 4. Vasher has a large store of breaths while he is on Roshar - He didn't clarify if he was holding them all or if the had invested them in something/ However, he did say that Vasher gives off a biochromatic aura at the time of WoR. I hope this was enlightening and helpful.
  9. While that is good theory, I spoke with Issac and he specifically told me that it was his best attempt to mix Lerasium and Atium. As an artist he said that creating a new symbol that is based on other symbols is never going to be even proportions.
  10. Dalinar x1 Adolin x1 Kelsier x1 Marsh x1 Shai x1 (the emperor's soul)