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  1. I pre-ordered through Galaxy Bookshop in the Sydney CBD. I received my hard cover on Friday, 28th of Feb.
  2. I pre-ordered through Galaxy Bookshop in the Sydney CBD. I received my hard cover on Friday, 28th of Feb.
  3. Saw the tweet and have been waiting for the reveal of the contents! Now you should just send it to me :-)
  4. sixth time that
  5. Stomach acid started ;D
  6. The cat saw
  7. a sack full
  8. On the slopes
  9. Just finished "Fallen Dragon" by Peter F. Hamilton. Starting re-read of "Knife of Dreams" by Robert Jordan.
  10. Ruin wasn't able to see metal clearly but as bright lights (if I recall correctly). Could it be similar that the Almighty wouldn't see spren?
  11. The Time Master Trilogy by Louise Cooper Stole this from Amazon.. good teaser: This is a series that I read many years ago and still something I remember with fondness.
  12. "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. Awesome book!
  13. Not sure if this is directed at me or not. But.. There are still 16 personalities to the shards. I doubt because Sazed is holding two of them that you would remove the personalities from the count. Removing "Ruin" from Sazed would make Sazed Preservation. But as he has two which are odds at one another, he is neither "Preservation" or "Ruin", thus you would say that the mixture has created a new personality. Boldness added by me. Therefore, you are wrong. The closest you are to being right is that Sazed could be a PART of Seventeenth Shard, but I doubt this as well. From my reading of the posts on this thread, no one has gone ahead and said Sazed is the one-and-only member of the group "seventeeth shard". I only said that he could have formed or played a significant role in its formation and they play homage to Sazed by the group's name.
  14. Each of the Shardholders reflect the persona of their shard. My suggestion was, since Sazed holds two shards, he isn't either Preservation or Ruin. Since the shards could still be separated from Sazed (evidenced by death of Leras and Ati, Aona and Skaze), you wouldn't remove them from the total-shard count. If you were to consider yourself different from Preservation and Ruin, I'd assume you'd simply have a new name for yourself - thus the 17th is born. I still think its feasible that Sazed has a role to play in the group "seventeeth shard". If people have started world-hopping, why couldn't Sazed be involved? With his thirst for knowledge and now immortality/time to play with he could have hopped worlds or instructed others to look for people with information on shards. (Note: this is more of a theory considering there definitely isn't enough information out there on the events after Hero of Ages or the seventeeth shard other than a few references.)
  15. I didn't pick up until recently (another post) that the Almighty and Stormfather are two separate beings. My gut reaction was that the Almighty was still alive, yet hidden away, which I further compounded with "Hoid's" letter as the possible addressee. Would a Herald really be patrolling the storms? If he was so worried about Kaladin riding the storm, shouldn't he be worried that his presence would be noticed?