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  1. I'd like everyone to take a very close look at the Dark Talent--no, *any*--map of the Alcatraz series. See it yet? France. It's not on the map. Turns out France actually doesn't exist. (People might have noticed this before, idk, but I was laughing hysterically when I saw it.)
  2. Oh, and Voidus, this is the song I thought of for your return. And it also makes a good farewell song, considering it's the Portal credits song. (It's also for those of you who love throwing cake in people's faces. )
  3. Thanks for the sentiment guys. I'll miss you too. Uh there's Gregory, but I have no idea where that plot line is going. I think I mentioned everyone else... I lost interest because I got super invested in another writing project, and then when I tried to come back to this I just couldn't get into the feeling, you know? Anyway, all my Epics are up for adoption, for anyone who wants them. Thanks for all the fun, guys. You're all awesome.
  4. Guys, I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I just do not have the interest to write in this anymore, and I'm going on my mission in a couple of months anyway. Which characters need finalization posts? Reader and Timeport can just become NPCs, and BusDriver is on a bus right now (literally and figuratively, pun intended, hahaha) and I'm not sure what to do at all with Mommy right now. Any others?
  5. So here's the thing. I am going to be leaving on my 2-year mission soon, which means i will not be able to continue here. So i need to know hoe to get my characters either to a good place (dead, on a bus, etc.) or to good hands. What do you all suggest for each character?
  6. Almost immediately upon entering the diamond, Timeport died. He blinked awake in the black realm with Calamity. He didn't say a word; after the first few resurrections, Calamity had basically stopped speaking with him. He wants me to fulfill his mission. I get it. Soon the five minutes were up, and Timeport resurrected about 1 building-height above the ground. Wha--AAAAAAAAAHHH! The building that he had been standing on before was rubble far beneath his feet, and there was a person standing next to it. Timeport squinted closer at the person--no longer afraid of his fall, since he could teleport 5 seconds into the future and rob his body of its momentum--and noticed the glint coming off of her arm. That must be the Diamond Queen... but what is she doing in Portland? Nearing the ground, Timeport vanished for 5 seconds, then hit the ground with a soft “oomph.” He stood and looked at the Queen. They say she’s invincible, indestructible. Timeport looked down at his hands and grinned. They haven’t met me yet. Slowly walking toward the Queen, Timeport spoke up. “Your Majesty, what are you doing in this wreck of a city?”
  7. Voidus, that's your cue.
  8. NOOOO! Timeport ignored the burning pain in his broken arm. He focused only on his target, that girl, which was now blocked by a solid column of diamond. “Good job!” Nighthound shouted to someone, possibly another Epic? I don’t care. Timeport didn’t come this far, didn’t get this bloodied, to just let Neverthere get away. With a roar of rage, Timeport teleported into the column of diamond. ...what? Sidestep had to pause, had to make sure he heard Mommy right. “You’re kidding. Astoria? Land of Queen Lucentia and her retinue of immortal Epics?” Mommy’s bright face completely contrasted Sidestep’s confused look. “Yes! Queen Lucentia is here, I saw her! That means she’s not in Astoria anymore! Maybe things went kaput there...” Sidestep grabbed Mommy’s shoulders, trying to maybe knock some sense into her. “You can’t be seriously thinking about this, right? You’re talking about Astoria. We’d get torn to shreds there, even with the Queen gone.” Mommy cast a long glance at the children all happily packing behind her. “But she was the one that was so uncaring about the children...” “And what makes you think that that has changed with Lucentia temporarily gone?” Mommy didn’t respond, though it looked like she might be changing her mind. Phew. “Look, why don’t you think it over for a bit? You can tell the kids to unpack, and I’ll go talk to Zip to see what he wants us to do for today.” Mommy nodded reluctantly and Sidestep, relieved, turned his back to the classroom and walked down to the office. Phew, glad I was able to defuse that bomb. That could have been a disaster.
  9. Who currently controls Frequency and his gang? I had some ideas for them if they're not doing anything. I like the new rules, and I'll try to put my characters on a bus (figuratively speaking) (except for BusDriver--that's probably literally speaking. ) before I leave either this summer or next. Does anyone need my characters to do anything?
  10. I haven't read anything up to this point, but Timeport power clarification: He replaces non living matter, and explosively displaces living matter.
  11. Just have it as his thoughts. Thoughts are in first person anyway, right?
  12. Correction: Timport teleported into a little girl's brother. That little girl, he told to "Run" and then she became a viewpoint character, who has only had like 3 viewpoints so far, but still.
  13. @Comatose
  14. I didn't say I wasn't.
  15. What are Backbreaker's powers? Or does it not mention them at all?