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  1. On the topic of good fantasy series I'd recommend the Dagger and Coin series from Daniel Abraham. The last novel just got released so you'll be able to read it all and it's a good political intrigue fantasy series.
  2. Excellent points Moogle. After just talking to two different beings that can take anyone's shape about a third, Wax is shown a picture of his sister and immediately believes it's her. C'mon Wax...be at least a little suspicious.
  3. Nah, natc is the unofficial lifeless monitor. He does this a lot and we appreciate his hard work.
  4. #1 is interesting especially considering Sazed calls himself Harmony, an antonym of discord.
  5. What is making me question Autonomy is Miles quote at the end of AoL where he says "The men of gold and red are coming and You will be ruled by them." Which doesnt sound very autonomous. I'm going to reread both books to see if there's evidence of Miles being spiked or of Paalm talking about Trell. It may be that Miles and Paalm's actions are unrelated and would allay my doubts a little bit.
  6. Both vali points. I actually forgot about the metals hiding the atium. I'm striking out over here.
  7. I really am against the new metal being related to Autonomy/Bavadin because the actions of Paalm and Miles are not very autonomy-esque, despite what Paalm says. Since it's from a known shard, that leaves Cultivation, Honor, Devotion, Dominion, Odium and Endowment. I suggested Endowment but that fell flat. (WoR and Elantris spoiler:) That leaves...no one...except.....Harmony. The reason Harmony can't find her is because he can't detect his own metal, just like Ruin couldn't see his own metal. It doesn't solve who Trell is or the men of red and gold but I think it's a strong possibility for where the metal came from. There are a few WoBs from a recent signing that made me think of this but I'm not my phone and not near a computer for the rest of the night. It's from either the Chicago or Lansing signing (whichever one Argent and Kurkistan were at). I can post the specific ones tomorrow.
  8. I don't see the opposite of Devotion as Odium. To me, the opposite of devotion is apathy. I guess given the shards we know, Odium could fit but if there are other options, I'd turn to those first.
  9. Wax and Wayne is actually a fourth trilogy BS hadn't planned for. Mistborn is now a quarter of trilogies (plus AoL).
  10. There is a quote in AoL where Miles says the men of gold and red will come and will rule all of you. Then gets shot and he says worship Trell. If Trell is related to the men of gold and red, which isn't definitively said, then ruling over people does not equal autonomy.
  11. It's not official but news of it came from this thread, starting at post #77. Apparently he said it at a signing? I guess I can't be certain until we have audio confirmation. True, finding out where the metal came from is important. I assumed it was a shard investing in the planet, but can a person not holding the shard do that? Would the investiture manifest as the magic from the home world of the person or as magic from the planet he is currently on? Interesting points.
  12. I don't think that the newcomer is using breaths (or whatever magic system they came from) but I adapting their own investiture to the planet they are on. The result of someone coming from Nalthis wouldn't be using breaths, but finding a way that endowment would factor into Scadrial's magic system.
  13. Intro There has been a lot of jumping to conclusions lately about who this new god investing in Scadrial is. Many people assume it's Autonomy (Bavadin) (and with good reason), while a smaller chunk thinks it's Odium (Rayse). Given what we know, I think we do a disservice not to pay at least a little attention to our friend, Endowment. The purpose of this thread is not to convince you that it is Endowment as I'm not even convinced that it is, but simply to provide an opportunity to explore the possibility. I think there are some pieces of evidence that cannot be ignored. While Autonomy seems like a great choice because it makes sense thematically, and Brandon conveniently informed us of Bavadin's intent with the release of SoS, there are things (well one thing I found) against it being Autonomy. I'm going to layout some relevant points, quotes and WoBs and hopefully it sparks a conversation and implants some reasonable doubt into some people's thoughts. Name Assuming Trell is the name of the person bringing the metal to Scardial, it is possible this could be the name of someone from Nalthis. There was a Treledees. I'm not saying the person is VaraTreledees or Treledees the priest, but the name Trell could possibly be a variant of these names. It could work. Intent Endowment (or the intent/mandate) could be contributing to the actions of Paalm on Scadrial. She was endowed with powers not typically seen in Kandra. While it appears that she is fulfilling the intent/mandate of Autonomy, something Miles says before he died struck a chord: Emphasis mine. That quote doesn't sound like someone wanting people to be autonomous... Red and Gold "The men of gold and red" in the quote above really stands out. The only other place (that I've found) that mentions these colors together is in Warbreaker. The priests of Lightsong all wear red and gold. Not a smoking gun by any stretch of the imagination, and most likely a coincidence, but it needs to be said. WoBs Here are some relevant WoBs that don't prove anything but may provide some insight. I think this quote actually states that Endowment might have some issue trying to leave Nalthis without some unintended consequences. That's why I think something else is going on (explained below). Nothing big here, but an interesting use of the words Endowment and Hemalurgy together. It is from 2012, however... EDIT: Recent WoB also says Trell isn't from Yolen, so most likely can't be Bavadin... What's Going on? I don't know. Full stop. But I have a guess. I think someone on Nalthis (named Trell), maybe a Returned who took Lightsong's place (what does happen to their priests?) has acquired a rather large portion of Endowment via breaths or some other method, and has decided (for some reason) to come to Scadrial and mess with things there. As I said above, I'm not convinced this is what happened but it's something that I've been thinking about and wanted to hash it out and let you all refute it/support it/or just discuss it.
  14. Devotion does not equal love. You can be devoted to something without loving it. If the shard was supposed to be love, it would have been named that.
  15. I just did a search in theory land for any quotes with Khriss in them. He has not confirmed her as the author but smirks and giggles when it's brought up. And he does say she is the most knowledgable person.