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  1. Estonia attuned resolve.
  2. I believe Melishi was the last Bindsmith at the recreance. Likely he died and his Spren (the storm father?) was spared. The sibling was already pulling away at that point, but perhaps The Sibling was the latest BondSpren.
  3. The Nightwatcher seems to me to be the Spren of Trade: Perfect for Fen I can give you a sword. Do you want gems? Wealth? Etc etc. Plus, the Shin worship Cultivation, and they focus very hard on trying to give self-defeating, unfavourable trades.
  4. Fen would be a nice fir, and having a Bondmsith of a different race/nationality would balance the coalition in a more equitable manner.
  5. I ma pretty sure we will see Roshar Fall, and all sentient life will be forced to leave. 1) We know that the end of this series is somewhere in TwOk or WoR 2) We say the planet get destroyed by the final desolation in a vision of a possible future granted by Honour 3) We already have a book series where the good guys stop a bad shard at the last moment 4) We haven't seen a shattering or world ending as of yet. 5) The Ire people believe they have another great migration coming soon.
  6. I thought of that too, but it is still a possibility. Did Odium start a Cult on Sel? What happened to those people? How long has Odium been a God to the Ashyn people?
  7. i would love to know where the humans on Ashyn came from. Were they there before odium, or did Odium bring humans from Sel to Ashyn. Kaladin notes that the Sel Man at the lighthouse looks Shin.
  8. Well, Oathbringer makes it seem like Nohadon is perhaps a cognitive shadow (Dalinar has a vision with Nohadon that is not from the Stormfather and Nohadon is very sentient in that vision). Also, when Jasnah reads TWoK, the sound of the words being read give off light. As well, Dalinar is holding TWoK when Odium fails to corrupt Dalinar. We don't know where the "unite them" voice is coming from, and Nohadon is the simplest answer to some of us. There is just a lot of weirdness going on with Nohadon, and a few of us suspect that Nohadon isn't 100% completely dead-dead.
  9. I wonder when the Shattered Plains were shattered. Could they have been shattered when. Boa-Ado-Mishram was captured, and the de-souling of the Parsh mixed with the destruction of a city caused the radiants to abandon their oaths?
  10. Sure, but there still is no harm being done here, which is strange, right?
  11. I think the Radiants accidentally exploded the Shattered Plains when they de-souled the Parsh.
  12. Moelach is an Unmade closely associated with precognition and visions of the future. His presence is what allows for the Death Rattles that King Taravangian has used to correct the Diagram. Moelach's appearance is unknown, but has recently settled in the Horneater Peaks for reasons unknown. Do we have any hints as to what harm the Death Rattles cause the people of Roshar? Surely if the Radiants were so afraid of future sight, Moelach would have a power greater than consuming investiture when people die?
  13. Nohadon was the King of Alethkar at the time of the last true desolation.
  14. Well, Odium has been to Set, so it would make sense if Odium invested there a bit, and then took that investiture with him.
  15. Well the UnMade are UnMade from something. There was something Made, and it got un-d. There are a few ideas here. 1) Some have hyphens in their names, which might mean they are unmade in a different manner than the unmade with no hyphens. 2) The UnMade could come from 3 potential planets: Sel, Ashyn, or Roshar. They could be unmade forces from different investiture, or they are all from Roshar. 3) The Red UnMade might be from Roshar, but the non-red unmade might be from Sel perhaps?