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  1. What Kaladin is doing is basically EXACTLY what the heralds do for humanity after a deflation: teach them how to forge tools and use medicine.
  2. To be fair, Adolin only leaps to that conclusion because 'woman-times' is so frequently used as a side-step by women at the court. Both genders are playing into the narrative. Even after Shallan chides him, she decides to use the excuse.
  3. We have our first mention of pre-everstom Yellow Spren: Shockspren. Hmmmm.
  4. The Spren have been pretty good at creating facsimiles of honour's magic. With the oath pack 'technically' still working, it might be easier than we think for Shallan to switch places with Shalash.
  5. It just seems like the aquifer idea can't be right, since the author went out of his way to cause suspicion of the idea.
  6. I believe Nightblood can project thoughts without being bonded (he guided the crazy-man to come get him in the ocean, and "included" Vivenna with Vasher when Nightblood was talking about Kalads army). Now, in order to communicate mentally with Nightblood you need to be bonded. I am not sure we ever say Vasher mentally communicate with Nightblood though (I just reread it and he usually thinks to himself or talks outloud).
  7. I feel like it SHOULD be Sunmaker, since the book is named after his sword.
  8. "The many wells in Urithiru, however, never ran out. The water level didn’t even drop, despite people constantly drawing from them." My first thought was that the water system is somehow drawing water from the cognitive realm. Mountains/large solids are water in the cognitive realm, and maybe there is someway of siphoning that water? If not, maybe there is a mini-portal?
  9. If Dalinar can amplify Renarin's "seeing the best version of yourself" with "healing", maybe that could bring back a blade (assuming there is enough connection there). If the human's could figure out how to fix blades, the Spren might be more willing to join forces again. Do we know anyone who has experience giving metal sentience through investiture? Maybe a scholar? With a famous sword? Maybe someone close to Adolin?
  10. I wonder if Ryshadium were cultivated by the Shin. We don't see them mentioned in the flashbacks of the last desolation. We have 10,000 years since the last desolation for a new bond/species/investiture to start forming. Even if they Ryshadium aren't 'new", the Shin seem very involved in their creation or breeding. Add in the fact that there was a splintering, and the fact the Shin worship cultivation (creating/splicing/improving) and who knows what new magic could form. Is is also strange that the Shin raise these Stone-Hoofed Horses. The shin are obsessed with stone, and they somehow have horses with stone-feet? Odd. Perhaps Ryshadium were how the Shin Conqueror managed to get some work done. Remember how ardent slowly turn into their soul casting essence if they soul cast too frequently? Well, maybe somehow this was done to the DNA of certain horses, either accidentally or through intentional cultivation practices brought about by the shin (who worship farming and cultivation).
  11. We don't know if he killed the kid. He spared the Archer, so he is at least capable of mercy. Dalinar has the capacity for both mercy and murder, which is interesting. I grant you that Dalinar saved the Archer because the archer had value (and I suspect that archer was a photo-radiant), but Dalinar can see the good that comes from not killing those that he doesn't need to.
  12. Would the Stormfather know about the Diagram and T's actions? Seems like the Stormfather could just out all of these goings-on, but likely won't since he is a big stubborn grumble grumble.
  13. Lady can change her appearance though (and a lot more then she did in Warbreaker). Likely, she didn't as she has no reason to, but still. My guess would be that Vivenna would be off studying magic somewhere, and not skinny-dipping on living islands somewhere on Roshar.
  14. Do we think that Dalinar's archer friend (I am forgetting his name) is a Radiant? The dude fell pretty far and survived (which mimics the Shallan/Kaladin event), and Dalinar proclaims that that fellow is a "miracle".
  15. You don't need a shard pool to go there if you are the right kind of Radiant. At least for Elsecallers, they make a mini-perpendicularity that they can hop through. Jasnah's magic let's her open and close doors way easier than other people can. We have a WOB that it works this way. What I don't know is if this power works on any world or if Eslecallers (or other orders) can only do it on Roshar. From what we know about world-walking in the cognitive realm, it seems like a fairly do-able process for an experiences Elsecaller to go out and explore. Perhaps her Spren is what holds her back? But we have not enough information here. My guess is that a Radiant can at least take their Spren to other planets in the Roshar system, since there must be SOME connection to Cultivation and Honour in these other worlds simply due to proximity and the history of the solar system. Those 10 gas giants really do seem connected to the base-ten investiture of Surgebinding.