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  1. I really dont think the Unmade are originally of Odium. Roshar, and at least the Stormfather, existed BEFORE shards ever came to the system. Likely the 10+ gigaspren were of Adolnaslium, but were befriended by Cultivation and Honour. Then some of the gigaspren turned their back on the Singers and joined Odium and the humans. Somehow the sibling and the Nightwatcher were spared. Keep in mind that WoB describe the Old Magic as something “entirely different” from the other magic systems. I think Cultivation is shaping leftover Adonalsium magic the way Honor changed the Stormfather and Autonomy changed Patji. The way Cultivation talks about The Nightwatcher is very similar to how Autonomy talked about her new aspect : “she is young and still learning”. The unmade seem to be learning in a similar way from what we have read about them. Why do we have 11 Gigaspen? im not sure. 10 is of Roshar, but does that number belong to the planet or to the shards that reside there? Maybe there are 16, but not all of them are equally viable candidatea to be bonded in the same way. Perhaps Odium took 9 and Cuktivation protected 3? Who can know this early in the story. i dont know. We can be pretty sure The Sibling is a sibling to the Unmade, just based on the name alone.
  2. I have theory that Odium is the one promoting the prohibition about foresight; Odium can't see other fortunetellers clearly, so he has spread that cultural norm. Another odd thought: perhaps Renarin's spren were even intentionally corrupted for that reason? Isn't the corrupter a traitor to Odium after all?
  3. Dang Theylan city looks like an Aon (though likely isn't)
  4. We also don't know what else Awakening can do. Vasher somehow took the memories of that abused child, and we have no idea if such an act could be weaponized in some form. I suppose it is possible that Vasher used another divine breathe to help that child, or he sacrificed enough breathe to make the equivalent of a divine breathe, but I am not convinced.
  5. Ive always wondered if Susebron would awaken air. True, it has no colour, but is Susebron beyond needing colour? If we pretend air has enough colour in dust etc (or he doesn't need colour anymore since he bleeds white), can he Breathe-cast air and instantly win most fights? He can awaken at a distance now as well, so... I doubt the lord ruler has that much oxygen stored in his metal minds.
  6. Wasn't Wax and Wayne basically hunts for several series killers? Seems like we just had that so we shouldn't have it again.
  7. ketek

    Oathbringer Spoilers
  8. ketek

    Lord high you take, death ablaze, ablaze, death takes you, High Lord.
  9. Wasn't Ambition wounded near Threnody, and then fled? Odium couldn't find Ambition, so he went after Sel? The Sel shards die, and then Ambition is shattered at some point after the death of Dominion and Devotion?
  10. Those who distinguish themselves in battle get to fight again in the afterlife according to the major religion on Roshar. It would make sense that Eshonai distinguished herself enough to remain a cognitive shadow. Odium doesn't trust her, so she sent allowed to remain on Roshar. Just my idea, but spren Eshnoai gives us a lot of narrative avenues. Also, Roshar refers to all Cognitive shadow like things as Spren. Its also unclear to what extent VoidSpren are spren, or something else.
  11. Hmm. True. Your most likely right, but I would be more pleased if we discovered she has been experiencing time issues much like the heralds/nightblood seem to suffer from.
  12. My pet theory is that The God Beyond is Ambition. Ambition died, but the Shattering sent invested rock across space. Ambition has been working from beyond the grave to reform itself.
  13. We don't known that Breathe can do well enough to make a decision.
  14. Keep in mind that the Listeners don't really die in the same way. Estonia was a hero, and likely her Spren is on Braize right now. Thats a perspective we need to see.