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  1. 100% agreed that Zane in the worst character in the Cosmere.
  2. I am not saying that the Spren are only of Honour, but that the Oaths are of Honour. Perhaps you have ti cultivate truth, but i'm not so sure that is the case.
  3. True enough but that could still mean that cultivation of character bestows shardplate and that plate could happen potentially at any Oath Stage. It would not make narrative sens for Shallan to have found her Shardplate during WoR and having her hide it from the audience; it is far more likely that Shallan got her plate as a child (if she has her plate at all, which i doubt).
  4. True that the spren are a mixture, but the spren were never meant to grand Shardbladed (it was a hack). Speaking oaths and following oaths is of Honour, and oaths are how we see surgebinding progress. We haven't seen Cultivation used to progress quite yet.
  5. Well if she does have it then you don't get plate from speaking oaths (since we saw her progress to Oath 4). Maybe Cultivation plays more of a role in granting shardplate and one need to progress on her side of the magic system? I know we think surgebinding is of honour, but maybe plate is a little extra granted by Cultivation.
  6. Do you think Fainlife will end up being the ultimate antagonist, seeing as Yolen wasn't even able to handle the problem very well?
  7. Another question worth asking is if there is anything on Braize worth breaking, stealing, or interrupting. If all or most of the Singers are in the Everstorm, then could a team be sent to Braize to mess stuff up there? Braize seems undefended, and there must be some tactical value to wrecking stuff over there. Can anything be done to a shardpool? Maybe Odium needs his to do what he does.
  8. I wonder if Roshar is a Parshendi or a Human name for the planet? Also, if the Star has 3 inhabited worlds, then it should not be the Roshar system but the star's name as a system.
  9. This also seemed like a loose-end to me, unless Nale expected this and wants the sword end up in the hands of an "evil" radiant inside Uritheru. It would be a sad day when 50% of the new radiants are taken out by the dustbringer psychotically destroying everyone.
  10. I feel Nightblood wouldnt want to Kill Vasher or any of the 5 scholars. I think Nightblood is fairly convinced Vasher is not evil.
  11. We recently got a WOB that Nalthis has a customs agency in the cognitive realm.
  12. It was a private message. I said that ROshar appears doomed do to meta-reader analysis, and that Roshar is all about refugees. I did not mention Refugees going to Roshar. His response was ".... RAFO =)" which is different than his usual "RAFO" in tone. Nothing is conclusive, but man did it look weird haha.
  13. The Thaylen written language isn't bilateral though, and symmetry is a mark of the divine (good guys divine).
  14. It always seemed pretty obvious to me that the end we've seen in Honour's vision of Roshar being destroyed. Do we really expect Brandon to have the good guys defeat a god right at the last moment? What we need to see as an audience is to see a shardworld go down. But what about the characters? Well Nalthis is right there with a Customs Agency in the Cognitive realm ready and able to process those refugee papers (and what is Stormlight without refugees?)
  15. Sorry man, thats just a theory I have.