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  1. I spent a lot of time squinting at the Voidbinding chart and finally made a connection. Take a look at the below images. One is the Voidbinding symbol for Truthwatchers and the other is the Double Eye. There is the same four prongs in each direction. The same side-ways hourglass shape that is often used in the books to describe the double eye. I find that very suspicious, seeing as how there is so much stigma against seeing the future on Roshar (a power that Truthwatchers seem to have).
  2. On that topic, my crackpot theory is that the Herald's souls/cognitive aspects aren't tied to their bodies but are waiting out somewhere. Lift seems to have a knack for seeing thing's cognitive aspects and she describes Nalan as lifeless and dead.
  3. At the end of TWoK we see Dalinar view the first vision he ever received from the Stormfather. At the very beginning he sees a strange place described thusly: It struck me recently where this place is. Look at the below image with that description in mind. White jagged rock? A place that really doesn't sound like it exists on the Physical Realm. I'm pretty sure this area is what Dalinar is seeing. It's interesting that this place is called "The Nexus of Transition" seeing as how it seems to be pictured as the chapter heading art for Taln's interlude in WoR. Also take note that there seems to be nine star/sword looking things above those hills. I'm pretty sure that this is where the Heralds move from Roshar to Braize. I always found it very suspicious that Braize does not seem to share a Cognitive Realm border with Roshar like it does with the planets associated with the "Expanses" labeled on the Shadesmar map. Also take note that those white mountains share a color scheme with where Shadesmar trails off into other Shardworlds. Let me know what you guys think!
  4. Yup, just make sure to get the ok from him before hand. He allows it, but the venue may not (unlikely, but possible). There seems to already be people willing to record, so dont worry about this too too much (althought back up recordings are nice just in case). And yes, our community is quite eager for questions; like Pagerunner said, we're a bunch of nerd. Dont feel like you've got to answer every question we posted . Thanks for letting us slip some in, though!
  5. Question: Shallan seems to have a unique ability to transform those around her into better people, such as Bluth. Is this effect natural or is it a function of her being a Lightweaver? (If yes) Was her drawing of Bluth relevant to this power? Don't forget to try to record the signing line you attend, and have fun! A smartphone does the job well.
  6. While I agree with you, there is a chance that they could study the cities from the CR.
  7. Doesn't the magic here, where you obtain sicknesses and gain magic from them, kind of sound like the Old Magic from Roshar? The sickness acts as a curse and the magic as the boon. We know that it is likely that people came in to Roshar from Ashyn after whatever cataclysm happened there, so them calling it the 'old magic' makes sense. There are obvious differences between the two, but (theoretically) any difference could be explained as a function of the magic manifesting slightly differently, like the Dor. I feel like that underlying mechanic isnt a coincidence. We know that the Nightwatcher is is connected (Connected?) to Cultivation somehow. Maybe Cultivation Invested in Ashyn before Odium presumably came and messed things up. Those pockets of survivability in the form of those very unnatural floating cities feels like it has Cultivation written all over it imo.
  8. Ruin says that Kelsier doesnt have the full capabilities of a non-Cognitive Shadow Vessel, not that that is why he needed the Orb. Kelsier was not Connected enough to preservation to take it up (same with the living Ire, that's why they made it).
  9. Some people in here are mistaken. It is Cognitive Entities that have trouble getting stuck the physical places. Im the one who got that WoB, the Heralds are Cognitive Shadows and that is why they would get stuck. In the Shadesmar map we know that the ways to different Shardworlds are titles, so some Worldhoppers have definitely have come from Roshar, it is likely that Elsecallers were among them.
  10. Not having new Stormlight.
  11. He is just relaying his understanding of depression. It is totally reasonable to not take what others say at face value and I dont get the impression that he is stating that he knows "exactly what its like". In fact, all of his statements have explicitly been represented as an opinion. When dealing with ignorance it is important to meet it with knowledge, as well understanding, as to not alienate people away from a more knowledgeable opinion.
  12. You should research clinical depression some more, I think you'd find it interesting. I've seen several misconceptions about depression in your lines of reasoning in this thread. When the organ in your body responsible for making decisions malfunctions on a chemical level, your capacity for choice is fairly compromised.
  13. Agreed. That's the way I interpret that passage, at least.
  14. And the Honorblades aren't even lost to humanity. It doesn't make sense that Honor would think that they couldn't be used.
  15. Kaladin was surely depressed before Tien's death. He mentions that he was often in a dark mood that only Tien could get him out of as a youth. When it comes to the chouta, if you re-read that passage I think you will find that he has an inherent dislike of soulcast food as it reminds him of his slavery.