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  1. The use of the word 'refugee' could refer to how they were forced out of most of Roshar. Could also refer to what happened with the Scouring and all that. I feel like I have this idea that the aimians have formed a society on Aimia, but that could be totally false and they could be a people scattered across Roshar. That is also a paraphrase, so the diction could be inaccurate. I think it was me and you that discussed this on the Discord. You made a good point in that it is possible that the Dysians originally were aliens and looked very different, but bred to fit their environment.
  2. Here is the relevant quote: Only some old spren have four genders. This line could possibly be in favor of my theory, but I think that's a bit of a stretch.
  3. Welcome! Always nice to see new faces around here. I also recommend joining the 17th Shard Discord server, a lot of us old blood hang out around there and get up to some old discussion. See you around the theory boards!
  4. Creatures can evolve in such a way that what used to be only a minor adaption becomes essential to their identity as a species. I see your point, but I don't think it's that detrimental to the theory.
  5. I've already been on this. I think the two below quotes may be related, and that the original clash between the Roshar "Natives" and the Humans may have been instigated by the Sleepless, who were jealous of the humans and what they could do. If my theory is correct, the Dysians likely inhabited Roshar before the Singers. It is also evident that they have more knowledge of spren (they can make ancient fabrials) than the Listeners. Ive been suspicious about how little the Dysians have been talked about when it comes to their involvement in the past.
  6. That humans existed on Roshar, created separately from the Yolen variety, and slowly became what we see now through some magical effect. Read the below snippet from the above WoB with this in mind. I think that some sort of adaptation may have taken place, although this possibility is much more crackpot.
  7. "Derived from" does not equal "Share a common ancestor". I think that that is one possibility.
  8. We discussed this WoB on the Discord just now. We concluded that 'no common ancestor' can mean that the Yolenese and hypothetical Roshar variant were created separately. Edit: For example, Scadrians and Yolenese don't have a literal common ancestor, but can mate.
  9. Introduction There has always been something about the Parshendi that has bothered me, something that felt uncharacteristically off. After months of thinking on it, I think I've come up with a viable theory related to this. I think I've mentioned this on the Discord in the past, so a few of you may have talked to me about this at some point already, but I've only just pulled these thoughts together. Enjoy! The Singers Don't Fit This has always been strange to me. There are no species even remotely similar to Singers on Roshar. No other bipedal (or close) creatures. No Singer equivalent to monkeys. Nothing. Brandon has always been very meticulous about his world-building and the wildlife involved. Especially considering that Dysian Aimians do have creatures closely similar to them, and seem to have developed consciousness in a completely different way. This oddness becomes even more apparent when considering that Singers, creatures who allegedly evolved completely separately from humans, can mate with humans and create viable off-spring. Theory There is another animal like this on Roshar. One that doesn't fit (as Renarin so keenly points out), one that i think may be related to all of this. Ryshadium. They are able to form symbiotic relationships with spren, have carapace hooves, and are still able to mate with regular horses. My theory is that Singers are derived, somehow, from the human species. Whether they were somehow magically transformed from living humans into what they are now or Adonalsium changed the formula slightly and stuck it on Roshar, I am not sure. This theory also extends to Siah Aimians, another species that really seems out of place on Roshar. It is also possible that if a alien species exists on a planet they were not from originally from long enough, some effect related to Connection may transform them into something similar to what already exists on the world, or something similar, although this is a much more crackpot theory if I'm being honest. Read the below WoB with this in mind. Conclusion I'm sure i dont have all of the puzzle pieces connected yet, but this is the kind of super obvious twist that I've learned Brandon likes to pull on us. Let me know what you guys think!
  10. You are mistaking us not seeing the spren much as evidence that a bond does not exist. Not really the same thing.
  11. Yeah, I could see how Jasnah's personality is polarizing. She's the brutally honest type (and very ruthless to boot).
  12. Looks like a sweet collectible!
  13. I'm gonna point it out again. There is a double eye at the center of the Void-watcher symbol.