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  1. Oops. Of course I took 2 minutes out of my life to find a quote instead of taking 5 seconds to skim properly. Anyway, the important bit i was trying to point out is that a mistborn's savantism also aids in him staying longer ("Over time using the magic will invest you, on Scadrial." notice he said invest, not connect), so its not just connection and active investiture helping people stick around.
  2. I keep it unconfirmed in discussion, but this is definitely my headcanon now. Seems like a slip up, I feel like he would have clarified.
  3. The second part of my WoB is pretty relevant here. BLIGHTSONG So Kelsier, he stayed around longer, not because he was invested, but because he had the ability to become invested? BRANDON SANDERSON Over time using the magic will invest you, on Scadrial. Most of the power is not coming from, on Roshar the power isn't coming from the person either so I'm going to have to back up on that one and say, yes, the mistborn are as invested as a Knight Radiant, because in both cases the majority of the power is coming from somewhere else, but there is the spirit web. Investing the wrong term, but you have all these connections in the spiritual realm, so yanking you away from them, or rewriting them is harder. BLIGHTSONG Would they be harder with more Stormlight or Metals burning? BRANDON SANDERSON Yes, yes. That would increase the difficulty ratio. For instance, wearing shard plate is gonna be a great barrier, right, and things like that so yea. The problem is like, invested is the wrong term for that, their spirit web is connected in different ways.
  4. Parshendi are also connected to Odium. Relevant WoB: INTERVIEW: Apr 8th, 2016 OdysseyCon 2016 BLIGHTSONG How does corrupted investiture work, like Nightblood? BRANDON SANDERSON Oh, Nightblood. Again, this is a definition of what somebody feels is a corruption. For instance, there are spren people would feel are corrupted. But that is corruption where the mixing of different shards has changed things, and I think a lot of times when people say corruption, people are meaning the mixing of shards powers. BLIGHTSONG So is there a mixing of shards power with Nightblood? BRANDON SANDERSON *smirks* RAFO. That's the natural question, I'm glad you asked it. BLIGHTSONG Ok, uhhh, so something similar is happening with Gavilar's sphere, right? BRANDON SANDERSON *contemplative silence*, RAFO. BLIGHTSONG Uhhh, if anyone else has questions, speak up (I started running out of questions at this point). BRANDON SANDERSON Question over here! As for this idea, im partial to the idea that red is associated with something having a destructive intent. There isnt much to support this toehr then all the examples you mentioned being pretty evil. Regardless, through a Realmatics lens, im very much sure that a color would not associate with with something just because of how its created. Colors, sounds, and patterns pertain to the Cognitive realm (As they are how we perceive things) much more then the spiritual realm (A place where sound and light dont exist as we think of them), and something gaining consciousness is a very spiritual process. @Andy92's point points towards my theory a bit as well.
  5. sh spoilers

    I would like to point out that Khriss' Arcanum lecture says that Autonomy's isolationist policy was a recent change. It just makes a lot more sense that she brought one with her.
  6. How does it feel to be an inferior song?
  7. With Nan Balat, I'm pretty sure it's an unmade that is influencing him. Moving him to Uritheru might actually get him away from its influence.
  8. I usually default to Twix bars if in the mood for chocolate, but I don't have much of a sweet tooth.
  9. Are there recordings or transcriptions of the event from earlier this week?
  10. Wow this is late, but I hadn't realized anyone else replied until now. 1. I don't remember at this point, but I think it was off of the Mistborn subreddit. It's the closest depiction to Vin to the one I have in my head by far. 2. I really like the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Awesome magic systems and some of the best twitsts I've seen in fantasy throughout. 3. The Way of Kings will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the book that made me fall in love with fantasy as a genre. 4. I have terrible allergies, so I would probably need to travel in a hamster wheel which doesn't sound fun.
  11. Your a genius... or I'm an idiot. One of those two.
  12. Could someone ask "could the ettmetal cubes we saw in Bands of Mourning that can use Allomancy (like we saw with the leecher) also use Feruchemy in a similar way?"
  13. You responded quickly so you probably didnt catch my edit. Were there any other WoB highlights that you can share briefly?
  14. Im irrationally jeleous. Any highlights from the questions you can share?
  15. Thunderclasts are supposed to look like chasmfiends right? My money is on that giant being one of the things seen fighting in the storms at the end of WoR. Possibly an unmade? Edit: nope, Peter confirmed on reddit it was a Thunderclast, and that there are different variants of them.