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  1. For Hemalurgy to work the person spiking has to have Intent to use Hemalurgy, and it didnt seem like Moash was conciously trying to spike Jezrien, so i really doubt this is Hemalurgy.
  2. Im still convinced that the Fused arent Voidbinding, but are utilizing fabrial magics. Trapping Cognitive Entities in their gemhearts is what grants them the surges, that is pretty much exactly what fabrial magic is. I also think that Renarin has the powers of a Truthwatcher, as well as Voidbinding powers. Those visions are a power we havent seen from the ten surges, seeing as how it is completely new im positive it is a Voidbinding.
  3. Not as far as I know.
  4. Second sentance of the above paragraph. The plural of 'axis' is 'axes', not 'axi'.
  5. Called it!
  6. As someone who found it, if you really want to find and early copy, I suggest going to smaller, non-chain bookstores. Places like Barnes and Nobel are more likely to be under orders from management to not sell it early
  7. The WoB you are recalling says that only some Shards have numbers associated with them iirc.
  8. https://www.tor.com/2017/11/06/oathbringer-non-spoiler-review/
  9. I love that this forum is a place where discussions rooted in belief don't immediately turn to crap-slinging matches . This is actually an interesting discussion! @Steeldancer and @Islington, if you can imagine yourself without your belief, does that version of you still believe in absolute morality? Why? And I have the opposite questions for you, @Calderis. edit: Ninja'd
  10. With the titular sword making an appearance this week, and who it was given to, I thought would be start to analyze Amaram as the Oathbringer author. Lets run through some of these: Epigraphs that fit Amaram We know that Amaram has done some things that could be considered heresy. He disobeyed Alethi code on who aquisition of Shards, writes despite being a man, and seems to have helped/tried to help Voidbringers return to Roshar. I would say he holds some heretical views, but obviously some more of what hes done will have to be made common knowledge before he hypothetically writes this. Amaram, certainly has a history of painting himself in a dishonest light, so I could see him addressing this if he was to write Oathbringer. This is a bit of a stretch, but he has had people who looked up to him heavily murdered, and that actually is a piece of info that is well known. I could only see this being written if Amaram get a wake up call and realizes that hes messed up, both in what he did to Kaladin and what he did as a Son of Honor. Conclusion I still think a few other characters seem much more likely candidates, but him having inherited the sword is certainly points in his favor. For him to be the author i think he would have to be a surprise tertiary character with some kind of arc, but that is a possibility. Part two, according to Brandon, has some new viewpoint characters and is largely character driven/slower paced. I'm hyped to finally finish this set of long winded epigraphs next week.
  11. Necro-ing again. And triple posting. Now that we know that we have a good idea that death is connected to the Unmade, I find this theory more likely.
  12. She wasn't surprised, she was on the chase. If what you guys think happened was what Brandon was trying to convey, then she saw the thing, chased it into a room (which she found empty) and decided to stop, cast a bunch of illusions, go into a battle stance, then not take back in her Stormlight like she had been doing despite the prescence of a threat. That just doesn't make much sense to me.
  13. They are bound to Braize just like the Heralds/Voidbringers are. They can come to Roshar during a desolation. The murders started right after the Everstorm first hit, and if this thing seems to have been corrupted by Odium. I believe that it is using his investiture. Edit: We have also know that some Cognitive Entities are able to use powers without Investiture.
  14. The ability to easily hear Brandon's inflections are the biggest thing for me so far. Much more interesting to be able to hear the Brandon himself say what you are reading,.