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  1. Galladon is cannonically black/dark-skinned y'all get yo Ryans outta here
  2. There's already two topics for this, go check those ones first before you make a new one.
  3. I'm just gonna have to plug my fancast again cuz I'm getting started with Elantris soon, so like, why would you want the suggestions above when you could have Oscar Issac as Lightsong and a million other significantly better and also not whitewashed choices? Also I would want people to examine their casting picks when they put significantly older men with younger women. It's creepy.
  4. There's already a topic for this, if y'all want to revive it. But also no please put all of these whitewashed castings back in the mistborn thread where they belong. this is the original topic, if you want to continue there. As you can see, most of your suggestions are already there, with various discussion and about how you could do a lot better with these characters.
  5. (art via @wulvii)
  6. because men and women definitely can't be friends because of Reasons so men in same sex relationships can't ask their female friends to read something for them and the couple's friends would of course only send them written mail instead of adapting to their preferred form of communication bc they care about them also precludes the possibility of a transdude who was raised according to female gender norms, and/or a partner from a nonvorin society who doesn't abide by such nonsense vice versa, shallan and a tall buff lady knight. they both have swords. they are in love. they can see each others safehands all they want. adolin cries. tears of happiness. his friend has found true love. also the tall lady knight intimidates him. shallan doesn't care. this woman could kick her butt and she loves it.
  7. but the important thing here and also the topic of this thread is that Shallan is a canon bisexual so lets celebrate that, eh?
  8. in b4 the haters
  9. I'm gonna go with the simpler route of "Jasnah should be gay so I can kiss her." Don't need no logic hoops there, just my own hopes and dreams.
  10. Here's my recording of the Q&A. It took forever to upload. Did you guys record the DnD panel that night? I didn't do that and I wish I had cuz it was hilarious.
  11. I recorded the Q&A part of his spotlight panel, let me upload the videos to youtube.
  12. It's a serious convention, for the most part. I would not come in cosplay, but nerdy tshirts and stuff are fine. It is majorly geared towards writers and artists looking to learn from people already in the business and do ground-level networking, so thats what 90% of the panels are about. The other 10% is every single author gushing over Brandon, or Brandon gushing about say, Terry Goodkind.
  13. if you were #7, then the lady with two daughters is probably chasmfriend.
  14. Just clean up after yourselves and put the tables and chairs back in order, please, and the Cougareat is yours. (source: I am a manager there)
  15. YES HELLO THIS IS MY THREAD AND QUESTION okay so wow I didn't even know they recorded my question. So the reason I asked about the Catholic Church extends back to the early uses of syncopation in their chants, particularly Gregorian ones and other hymns. Syncopation is a key part of jazz music. It was frequently used by Bach and Handel, and Hanel was a Late Baroque composer, which I confirmed in this conversation was very roughly analogous to the Final Empire period (assuming pre-Empire was late Renaissance, and they didn't progress almost at all under the Lord Ruler). The question there was kind of blurred, but I specifically asked if you reasonably compare the Steel Ministry to the Church in terms of their influence on culture and music, which was a yes. So, if the Steel Ministry has a comparable amount of hymns, all composers in the Empire would have been heavily influenced or directly patronized by the Ministry, probably more so than the Catholic Church would censor things. So all of their music would follow similar styles to Ministry hymns. There's also a quote from somewhere in the books, I don't have it on hand right now because I don't have my annotated copies with me, that talks about how the skaa got ALL of their knowledge directly from the obligators and others in the Ministry, and their whole religious life was run by them. Songs are an easy way to impart knowledge in a fashion that sticks; I can still remember church songs I haven't sung since I was little word-perfect. Why wouldn't the obligators teach the skaa hymns? And it would be easy to take the hymns from church to the field, especially ones that have a beat to them that help the work. From there, it could absolutely develop into its own forms, aka the "slave songs" of the south that birthed jazz. There would be a historical precedence for syncopation in music, and this provides the culture that really makes it. Post-HoA, it would absolutely be a working class musical style, since the nobility would still be stuck trying to move past 'proper' Baroque music. Since Scadrial's culture is a little stunted, it takes a little longer to develop from spirituals to blues and ragtime and THEN to jazz, and the nobles won't try to take over the form until right before the big band era (the difference between say, Louis Armstrong (jazz, primarily a black musical style) and Caro Emerald or George Gershwin (big band, white people trying to make it pretty)). I also think that the Church of the Survivor would end up creating gospel music. It has to happen. Mmm, did I miss anything?