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  1. Nvmnd. Please delete.
  2. ... after the end of Oathbringer, when Shallan got married and Jasnah became queen? Does anyone know? I would have really appreciated an on-page sorting out of their working relationship.
  3. heralds

    Are you calling it a silly meta argument? Naladin? Jezeredin? Isharidin? Talanidin? Come on now! None of those work!
  4. heralds

    Might have something to do with him sharing a name with the main protagonist. Which other heralds could it have been? 1. Taln. Back in damnation, so out. 2. Jesrien. The leader, also, the designated source of exposition in this scene. Out. 3. Nale. Shows up first in interludes as an antagonist. Better not give him a sympathetic view point before that. 4. Ishar. In the main story he styles himself “god king” and generally behaves like a mad primmadonna. He is also out. The other 5 are the female heralds, and it would be strange for a man in genderist Alethkar to be mamed after a female herald (Seriously, the other boys of Hearthstone would have teased him about this endlessly).
  5. I don’t really want to see a roantic relationship develop between Kaladin and Syl, but if such a thing is to happen, I do not think Syl will become fleshy. Rather, Kaladin will become less corporeal and more “cognitive”. Maybe he can take over her dad’s ‘business’.
  6. It’s a bit well, rude, to hijack a person’s dying words (to their loved ones, comrades in arms, or whoever happens to be near) to broadcast some cryptic oracular mumbo-jumbo.
  7. Just to add, I love the little Easter egg where Kal finally tells Azure who he really is, and that his full name is Kaladin, and she responds "Ah a regal name"*. Yeah, you would like that particular name, Azure. *Quoted from memory of audiobook, so, not exact.
  8. Kal and Rysn anybody? Anybody want to board the good ship Wondersail? (Or is it Wandersail? Hard to hear the difference on the audible version) Anybody? I was so hoping Rysn would get to meet and interact with the main radiants when they were all at TC. At least she sort-of met Dalinar.
  9. Ok, Imma put this here: 200 broams sez Hesina was originally from Karbranth. Better yet, let's say Kal was actually born there. Choose him as Honor's champion, Odium can't touch him. King T saves the world.
  10. @randuir But of course! Please credit me, if you would, I'm Zea mays there too. Also, feel free to PM me with any changes you would like to the pic.
  11. Wow, I'm surprised. I really expected her to live. Oh well. Rest in peace Eshonai, we barely knew ye, and you set the whole plot in motion.
  12. From the album Cornyness

    Order of the Stick style Jasnah
  13. But...but all that other stuff was fun!
  14. I thought it was rather unnecessary either way. We already know the book comes out in a few days They already published a spoiler free review. This is just... eh.
  15. Yes. We poor unfortunate souls In pain In need Damnation where can I find a sea-witch to trade my soul er voice to for an early OB copy?