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  1. No one has ever needed the help of a chicken to be that.
  2. A wild thought. Could the Everstorm has done something to the nightwatcher herself? Or does it bring "connection" and "identity" to reverse her boons/curses? Navani should be trying to find out if anyone else is currently having their boon/curse affected. oh snap. Taravingian.
  3. If i remember right, The parshendi transformed into Stormform during the last highstorm before the weeping began.
  4. So the yellow spren is guiding groups of parshfolk towards Kholinar in a great hurry. Syl thinks a highstorm is due in ~ 2 days theory time: the voidsperns want to repeat what Eshonai did with the Parshendi, a mass conversion into stormform. The uncertain assumtion I am relying on here is that a highstorm is needed in order to summon stormspren en masse.
  5. oathbringer

    I know who I want to show up and... Interact with Hoid. May cause some spoilers for any who have not yet read "Mistborn: Secret History"
  6. You callin' us chiggens? What kind of chickens? Possibly, what Shallan has done this week will lead to... nothing - but where is the fun in speculating about that? Imagine if we had read all of WoR this way, and had to wait a whole week between Kal's chapters and prison and his next POV. I for one would have crafted some dark and disturbing theories about his inevitable descent into the dreary depths of the dark side. But seriously, that moment when Shallan is not sure whether or not she killed her brothers and fabricated for herself all spanreed conversations with them, you do not find that alarming? Or Pattern's reply "that's not the lie". What then, is the lie? *** On a completely different track, I hope Kal gets the spanreed back and finds some way to communicate to Dalinar that the "Voidbringers" are not what he thinks they are. Otherwise, Dallinar's diplomatic negotiations will continue to go no-where. He needs to know what is really going on. Why had he sent no one to investigate what became of the parshmen that lived in the war camps?
  7. Again (with hopefully more clarity), Shallan uses stormlight (and the illusory selves it helps her hide in) to dull psychological pain. What is going on is not healing, not in any healthy way. She uses stormlight to control how much physical pain she feels. She does not heal her hand, but she savors the knowledge that she could do so anytime she chose. That pain is completely under her control (she thinks). She can drink however much alcohol she wants and only get as drunk as she wants to be. ... She can say and do whatever she wants and feel no embarassment or reprecussion: she can just become someone else. Ok, not yet on the last one, but I see her heading that way. She is coming to depend on the sense of emotional and physical immunity that stormlight grants.
  8. Isn't Shallan getting addicted to stormlight itself? Throughout the chapter, she engages in self harm, and then undoes the pain/discomfort with stormlight. Getting rid of the unpleasant (they can be right good and nasty) effects of a bout of heavy drinking - using stormlight to remove physical pain, while using stormlight-crafted illusions to dull psychological pain. The next time she finds herself without a ready source of stormlight, she will be in some serious aguish.
  9. I want to see Kaladin get a puppy. What? I don't care if dogs fur-hounds don't exist on Roshar. Wit should bring him one.
  10. So May is a high-born Alethi light eyed lady, pretty, and in her early twenties. That means that Adolin has already tried to court her and it ended in disaster. Right? Well, the odds are good, no? It will be interesting to hear of her through his point of view.
  11. I've been doing a re-listen to WoK and WoR, and today I heard the Lhan interlude. In this chapter, the "Hall of Memory" - what is obviously the Kholinar oathgate is described. The Ardent also observes the same patterned strata layers in the Rock formation around the city, especially the Windblades, and posits that a drunken god had crafted the whole thing.
  12. I dread the reunion between Shallan and her brothers. Those guys... they are not well. The one that tortures cremlinge especially. I fear some more heart-rending family trauma there. I really hope my fears do not materialize.
  13. Wow, Pagerunner & Feather, you guys have AMAZING eyes. How do you even? Calderis, methinks you need a B there...
  14. Why even bother with a magical illusion? Put Adolin in some scruffy clothes, dye his hair, give him some eye-darkening drops and forbid him from bathing for 3 days. No one would ever suspect it's really him. Possibly, he may prefer death to this treatment.
  15. It may not come to 'punishing' Adolin. If Dalinar deeply dissaproves of what Adolin has done (still an if) and has a personal feud with him, that by itself could be worse (from Adolin's point of view) than any 'punishment' Elhokar could impose. One of Kaladin's issues (one amongst many) is his (not at all unfounded) belief that he is a dissapointment to his father. I do not really want to see Adolin face the same feeling, but fear that it may now be inevitable. "I had hoped you would do better than me, son". sigh.