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  1. Then the Stormfather is mistaken.
  2. It's the Unmade wiki page that's in error. Dai-Gonarthis is hyphenated in the Death Rattles page, Dai-Gonarthis's page, the Epigraphs pages for both books, and within both books themselves. All other hyphens and lack thereof are correct and have been consistent in every iteration of their names within the books, the wiki, and the WoBs.
  3. WoB's. Read them.
  4. Do we have confirmation about the hyphen-sapience idea? I thought it was still just a theory and/or coincidence with the names. Other than Dai-Gonarthis still being a "potential" Unmade rather than confirmed, that's the only thing that stuck out in your post.
  5. Why would they need arms? Reread WoK Interlude 9. Szeth specifically despawns his Honorblade so he has both hands free to grapple/infuse the soldiers. He didn't need his blade out to use the powers it gave, so it stands to reason...
  6. He can take in Stormlight to sate his body. It's the primary reasons he's even on Roshar. Because they are the norm, like every human in the Cosmere. The Returned are the exception to the rule. We don't know the proper details of why, but Returned need to consume breath to keep their body alive. A living human has natural bodily processes to stay alive. I can't give you answers regarding the Heralds(although they used to be directly fueled by Honor, which would satisfy the Investiture needs. And then there are the Highstorms, as Deval pointed out, which is presumably where Vasher gets his. No answers on Threnody or Kelsier. No idea, but there have been a few theories(pre-OB) that the Heralds take over bodies in order to return for Desolations. So.. maybe?
  7. Preservation did imprison Ruin to make it more likely to succeed, but several things were luck and happenstance. For example, TLR was instrumental in keeping the plan afloat, but he only managed to take the job because Ruin got tunnel vision.
  8. This I'd like to see. We've known about the Iri visiting multiple worlds, but the Alethi?
  9. Venli is her sister, so it could showcase the dynamic between the two and let us learn more about both of them. Brandon could even do some/half of the Flashbacks from Venli's PoV and the rest of them from Eshonai's(though I'm not sure if he'd do this). The thing about the flashbacks is that they tell a mini-story of their own, and that story is relevant to the larger book(sometimes extremely, as in OB). That story needs to be told, and if Brandon thinks the story will still work best from Eshonai's PoV, then I'm willing to give it a chance.
  10. I'd make a statement about having too much time on my hands, were it not for the fact that 74 of these took under an hour to come up with... might be a record. Oathbringer Spoilers abound because today, we're discussing the Unmade: 81(9x9) Questions. (84 now. New questions marked with *) I'm not that up to date with the Q&A/Signings from the Oathbringer Release Tour, so if any of these have been answered already, feel free to inform me. Edit Log:
  11. Preservation knew quite a bit about it.
  12. Just because he is on the Dawnsinger's side, doesn't mean he necessarily sided with Odium. Make inferences:
  13. Per our resident Aimian: And per our resident Scholar:
  14. Maybe it was released from the Fabrial. I imagine that bonding with the Stormfather and the others would be more of an agreement(normally, Dalinar excluded). Whomever made the City-Fabrial could have made a deal with the Sibling, rather than forcibly trapping it. There's an epigraph mention of some of the cities functions not working anymore, perhaps due to the Sibling being released?
  15. On the reason for the Weeping... given that there is a Highstorm in the middle of the Weeping every two years, I don't think it's about gathering up Stormlight. I think it's better to look at the Weeping as part of the pattern of Highstorms. There are also a few other WoB's people don't bring up enough: