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  1. Definition 1 is the only one that actually mentions affecting how something progresses, and that's used as an example. The other three are variations on what I said; removing something unnecessary. The act of pruning is removing things you deem as unnecessary. The purpose of that pruning is where how it progresses comes in(sometimes), but the "why" is not necessary to define pruning. See above. Fair enough. But "suddenly losing a huge part of who he was"? Even though you're pretty much right, you sound like a hypocrite, since you've dismissed me for trying to use something like that as an example before. It actually does. He forged himself into that man, because and only because he had the menories taken away. If they werent taken away he wouldnt be that person.. [...] What your saying is basically if they found hitler today, and he spent the last 70 years working with disadvantaged kids in argentina it makes up for what he did, no it doesn't. He still is who he was and deserves to be punished for who he was regardless of who he became. It really looks like you are ignoring what I'm saying sometimes. I know you probably aren't doing that, but I'm starting to get that vibe from you again. And is the Dalinar who left the Nightwatcher's Den the exact same person as he was just before he began regaining his memories? No, he isn't, because you are, yet again, ignoring the fact that people change over time. Man devotes many years of his life to war and combat. Man gets struck by lightning(as one example) in foreign country, suffers head trauma, and loses large swaths of memories of his past, including most of the bloodshed. Man starts living the quiet life while recovering, settles down and starts a family. Many years later, the man's country gets invaded, the man sees a bloody battle and is horrified by it. War goes on and the man sees many more bloodbaths. Man decides to devote himself to preaching peace because "nothing could be worth this." Is the man who he is now because of that memory loss? Technically, yes. Is it possible for this change to happen in people who have not lost their memories? Yes. The pathway that Dalinar's life took after losing those chunks of his past was decided by Dalinar. The man in my example didn't suddenly become a pacifist because of the memory loss. That decision was his own. I could rewrite the example with the man to show it without memory loss: How many survivors of WWI do you think abandoned war entirely in the face of the horrors of chemical warfare? They didn't lose a chunk of who they were like Dalinar, but they made a massive 180 anyway. Had Dalinar encountered an experience that shook him to the core like that, then he could have become the man he currently is without the memory loss.
  2. That's an... interesting way of putting it. Your idea sounds reasonable, but as much as I want to support it, I'm not sure I want even more complexity to Hemalurgy. It's bad enough as it is.
  3. I'm aware that they can become Blades too(we have a WoB saying as much). The usage of the word "didn't" though... Had he said they "normally couldn't/didn't normally have blades," then I might be less hesitant. But on its own, "didn't" implies a little more certainty to it, which is why I don't think they have had blades at all in the past.
  4. Where do we know this from? That sounds right, but I'm struggling to remember why... Resistance to Emotional Allomancy. Though, would TLR have allowed them that? Resistance to getting taken over by others is resistance to being taken over by him too. Koloss control works just as well with Soothing as it does Rioting, and who would they even be Rioting in most situations? Some of them might have double Brass and no Zinc(stronger soothing could work for controlling Koloss, perhaps.) It'd still be 6 spikes for the base powers, so it's not that much of a big deal, but it's something I just thought of.
  5. Team Sanderson has potentially backpedalled on their Hemalurgic qualities. Assuming they are still Hemalurgic in canon, the charge would've been decaying for a while. I'm pretty sure they also broke the bracers down into smaller portions of Atium , which would cause extra weakening of the charge inside(even if they didn't, whoever they sold them too would have so it'd be in swallowable beads). It's entirely possible that they didn't have much of a charge in them anymore by the time they were eventually burned. Marsh's spike granted F-Atium. If it was made from TLR's bracers, that means either 1) the bracers granted extra F-Atium power to TLR, or 2) the bracers were converted into a spike that stole F-Atium later on, making their original charge irrelevant. 1) TLR using the Well to become a powerful Allomancer is Canon. (Many of use are against him using Nicrosil at all because there was no mention of an "unknown metal" found on his body, but that's not relevant right now) 2) I still don't understand why Zane got precision from his spike. As has been pointed out before, Marsh's soothings are still blunt beyond belief, so he didn't get skill from his spikes. Is it Steel only? Does it only enhance a power you already have? Etc..? There are too many unknowns here. 3) Very bad idea. Koloss and the Chimeras from Era 2 are examples of what spiking in Human Attributes do to a person. Even one would probably noticeably warp TLR. 4) What else is there to steal, and how would he know?
  6. "Bondsmiths didn't have Blades"
  7. You should really look up the definitions of words before you misuse them. To Prune is to remove unwanted or superfluous parts from something. That's it. If I removed unwanted weeds from my garden(and did nothing else), am I guiding the growth of the other plants in my garden? No. But I am still pruning my garden. Mowing the grass doesn't influence/guide the growth of the grass in the slightest, but I am still pruning. i am removing unwanted parts(long/uneven grass) from something(my yard). I can prune without guiding. I can prune with guiding. I can guide without pruning. I can guide by pruning. They are not mutually exclusive, and doing one does not, and should not, imply doing the other. But I'll indulge the question anyway: If I put a barrier in the ground and cut away every bit of the plant that crosses that barrier, I'd say that I "guided" the plant to grow in a different direction. Dalinar's memories are the part of him that crossed that barrier, and they were cut away. With that old path now lost to him, his personal growth went along a different pathway. I'd consider losing something as minor as a few memories as the slight change, as opposed to losing one's sight/hearing/limbs. One's limbs or eyes are just as fundamentally part of who they are as their memories, if not more. You'd have to go about life quite a bit differently if you went blind, or if you lost an arm. But we lose memories all the time as we get older, and that doesn't change us that much by comparison. This sentence literally accomplishes nothing. If he changed himself into a good person because he chose to, then he still became that person. If he changed himself into a good person because of societal pressure, then he still became that person. If he changed himself into a good person because someone convinced him that he was wrong before, then he still became that person. If he changed himself into a good person because he couldn't cope with being a bad person, then he still became that person. If he changed himself into a good person because he lost his memories of being a bad person, then he still became that person. I could do this all day. All you are doing is changing the middle of the sentence, while the start and end are what matter. Dalinar was still Dalinar(mostly) after the visit with the Nightwatcher. From my understanding, there wasn't anything "magically" in place to prevent him from going back into battle and back to conquering if he so chose. He made the decision to seek out the Nightwatcher, he made the decision to try and become a better person. All Cultivation did was get rid of the hardest hurdles to get over on that path to becoming a good person. But it was Dalinar who walked that path, and it was Dalinar who chose to walk that path. You are acting like she gave him complete memory loss and turned him into a blank slate, which is definitively not what happened, and I am very confused as to why you feel this way. Feel free to point me towards passages from the book that support your view to correct my understanding, as that'd end this argument real quick.
  8. When you have a time-gap, things happen during it. We all know that, but that's not really the issue. The issue revolves around what you want to happen before and after the time-gap. If you want to showcase the heroes getting hit with a devastating defeat before the gap, you lose out on showing how they recover from it. If you want to show the heroes recovering from a resounding defeat after the gap, you lose out on actually showing that defeat. A good example of the latter comes from the tv show Falling Skies. Minor Spoilers, I guess: We got some decent snippets of exposition during the show through some of the dialogue, but all we really saw was the aftermath and how they dealt with it. We did get to see the battle in the form of a comic/graphic novel series, but that was outside of the main story, ie: the show. That doesn't seem like a Brandon thing to do, especially given how "big deal" we want this battle to be. If Brandon starts Book 6 with them recovering from a big defeat, then we wouldn't actually see that defeat. Brandon is a very good writer, but without any flashbacks, even he is limited in what he can really "show" us, and it risks distracting from the current narrative. If Brandon ends Book 5 with them suffering a big defeat, they'd either be back to normal by Book 6(making the defeat less relevant), or rebuilding almost from scratch due to successive defeats because Odium won't stop at just one, not when he has the advantage. These are the options you have when the in-world gap is ~15 years. Take your pick on which one you prefer. On a side note, I kinda want Book 5 to end with something much less "grand" than the rest of you do. Battle of The Tower Battle of Narak, Kaladin vs Szeth Battle of Thaylen Fields, Kaladin vs Amaram, Dalinar's "ascension" 1, 2, 3, in more ways than one, huh? If we keep on this track, Book 10 is gonna be "epic ending" for all 1,500 or so pages, with no room for a start, a middle, or a story. At some point, he's gotta settle down and say "this is enough." Maybe even bring it down a few pegs for a while so he can bring it back up with more impact later, rather than the marginal increases we've been getting so far. Additionally, he's gonna be leaving Stormlight alone for several years while he writes MB Era 3 and possible finish the Elantris Trilogy. He's probably gonna want to give SA 5 an ending we'll be talking about for years, and you can't do that by simply making it "epic." Brandon knows his fanbase, and knows that to keep us talking, he's gotta get us thinking: I think Book 5 is gonna be filled with a lot of revelations and theory-fuel for the Back 5 to explore in detail, and for us to discuss eternally in the interim. There'll still be a big battle to give that epic feeling, but it doesn't have to top Thaylen Fields when most of us would be fine with something on the level of the Tower or Narak.
  9. Brandon, Circa 2008. Brandon, Circa 2015.
  10. Personally, I wouldn't word it that way if I wanted to say that, but I don't think I can say whether or not Brandon would. My "normal inquisitors had 9" line is from HoA, which is definitely after Vin learned Marsh had 11. Granted, Marsh's MAG page says that he had 10, so I don't know. They are more than likely Savants in those metals on account of high usage of Steelsight. Most Inquisitors have extended lifespans, which would make them from a less weakened generation of Allomancers. A few began as Mistborn. Also, some of them had A-Duralumin. I think some combination of those things should account for a reputation of being "particularly strong" without necessitating double spikes. Why not? Steelsight works with one spike, and we know that people with no spikes can learn to use Steelsight. I don't see any reason that having two different eyespikes would interfere with Steelsight. I'll direct you to the Inquisitor Builds thread from last year. I believe in specializations. Also, I'll echo hwiles' point about Tin: We know that "Not all Inquisitors had the same spikes" so some will have F-Gold like Kar did, others will have A-Duralumin, etc.. They didn't even all have Atium. With Tin potentially out of the picture, and several spikes being non-standard, I think it's entirely possible for them to manage 9 spikes. Hrmm, I got the impression(from someone's comment on here, possibly) that at least a week passed. Still isn't enough time to "master" it, but it's better than nothing. He doesn't need to see perfectly, just well enough. The Inquisitorius are a secretive community, and they've all gone though the blindness phase before. Perhaps they help the recruits practice to get them out in the field faster? Just throwing out ideas here. You make an interesting point about mirrors, I haven't considered that before.
  11. I'm fairly certain that it stopped during Wax's era. So he would be weaker, albeit probably not by too much. I even found a WoB(eventually) The default strength of Mistings are shown in Alendi and Wax. TLR artificially strengthened the system with the Lerasium, and it's been trying to revert to normal ever since, and they're returned to that by Wax's time. They aren't getting any weaker anymore. Your total is a bit high. Per Vin, TLR's Inquisitors normally had 9 or 10. Once Ruin got free though, they all got an extra 2-4(except Marsh, who doubled his Spike count). I'd put it more on the lack or normal sight distracting them than on the Bind Points. Here on earth, the deaf can gain great skill in lip-reading, but it's a lot tougher for you and me because we are so dependent on our ears. Allomancers will be similarly dependent on their normal sight. Inquisitors no longer have that distraction, so they can focus their efforts on their Steelsight. The same reason that [Warbreaker Spoilers] got killed by Vasher: Shock. Marsh had killed his Inquisitors, and had betrayed him. (More the anger & betrayal than shock, but that's tipping his emotional balance) Vin had recognized who he really was. (That would shock him, given how much effort he'd gone to to wipe that name from legend) His Armbands were quite literally ripped out of his skin. (The wound isn't the biggest deal to him, but the loss of Metalminds would do something) Someone had actually hurt him, and in a way that F-Gold could not heal. (This would be more on damaging his immortal self-image) TLR's body was rapidly going from age 25-30ish to age 1050. (I'd think this would be a shocking, and probably uncomfortable, experience) Any number of these things could have have shocked him into not thinking straight. Also, given how Invested Vin needed to be to push on them, I don't think TLR could have just Ironpulled his Armbands back to him. Speed would probably have worked, but I don't think TLR is experienced enough to deal with shock. TLR was essentially immortal, in more ways than one, and had been that way for 1,000+ years. That sort of power doesn't really give him many situations where he'd be shocked/in danger, and the overconfidence doesn't help matters.
  12. I don't have WoBs for you(surprisingly), but I do like the first comparison to Savants. I'm pretty sure the "matching the intent causes less pressure" idea is a pretty popular one around here, but the idea that it's because some intents are more "human" qualities is new. Not sure I agree, but props for originality.
  13. Skaa-Noble interbreeding got rid of most of the differences between them(the ones that weren't just exaggerated/fabricated by the nobility). The ones that Harmony talks about were to deal with the ash.
  14. It's from late in the Roshar vs Scadrial thread. Roshar has lower gravity, which should theoretically allow things to grow taller. Something to do with spinal compression and the like, I believe.
  15. Random thoughts from half-asleep me before bed last night. Backstory: Sel is basically all one magic system. In AonDor, the Aons(from the Aonic language) have powers associated with them. Dakhor Monk bones resemble Fjordell Runes. Logical conclusion: Fjordell Runes are the Dakhor equivalent of Aons. From a magical perspective, are the symbols from the Fjordell language functionally equivalent to Aons from the Aonic language(IE: granting power based on their shape)? Can a Dakhor Monk be created with bone patterns of Aons? If yes: Where would it have to be done: Elantris, Fjordell, or somewhere in-between? If yes: Can it be done without hacking the magic system? If no: Is that an "absolute" no, or a "not without hacking the system" no? Can an Elantrian use Dakhor symbols as Aons? If yes: Where would those be stronger: Elantris or Fjordell? If no: Same "if no" as Q2. If an Elantrian used the Dakhor symbol for granting say.. physical strength in AonDor, would it grant the same power? Would the same be true if a Dakhor Monk used the Aon for strength in their bone patterns? If the power is changed: Why is it changed, and what would it be changed to? If one changes, but the other doesn't: Why? If both change, are they changed to the same thing? If not: Why not? Would there be some sort of magical consequences if a Dakhor Monk had bone patterns of both Fjordell Runes and Aons, or could the magic symbols coexist? In the same vein, could you do the Dakhor bone transformation process on an Elantrian? What effect, if any, would that have on the Elantrian's ability to draw Aons? Can a Dakhor Monk be taken by the Shaod? What effect, if any, would that have on the powers granted by the Monk's bones? Elantrians can make use of Aons "drawn" onto objects(Ex: Tia Plates). Can the Dakhor makes something that does the same? If yes: Could a non-Dakhor person use them? If no: Does Dakhor absolutely have to be bones then? On that subject, is there a way to make Aon plates(or the Dakhor equivalent) usable/activatable by normal people? If yes, can it be done without hacking? (I've got a few ideas with Aon Coding, but...)