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  1. The post was not the exact answear that Brandon gave... just an aproximation. Maybe Chouta can clarify the meaning of what was actually said if he can I seriously doubt that Vasher went to Roshar prior to the events of Warbreaker... We were in his head for a lot of that book and he probably would have thought about it at some point
  2. I have always felt that the oath that Kaladin broke was the first one... "Journey before destination" Killing the king because it might be better violates that directly... For a Radiant, the ends never justifies the means! Doing something wrong to MAYBE achieve something good is against the radiant´s motto And i think that is valid for all orders, seeing as the 1st ideal is the same for all.
  3. Hello Peter, Any news on the next anottations for the Alloy of Law book (which i assume is the final shardhunt item)? Not that there is any hurry and i´m not trying to pressure you, just wondering if there is any information Thx
  4. The timeline should be: The Heralds fight the initial desolations alone . . . . The Radiants are formed with Ishar´s help . . The Heralds and the Radiants fight more desolations . . Prelude, Taln is bound alone to the Oathpact . . The Radiants fight something (desolations?) "alone"... Why didn´t Taln appear? . . Imo, Nohadon writes "the way of kings" . . More fighting . . Recreance. . . No more desolations until the Everstorm so Has there been any desolations since the heralds left the honorblades? If there were, why didn´t Taln appear? Were the honorblades ever used to fight? If there weren´t who were the Radiants in Dalinar´s visions fighting? Is it possible that his visions are from a time before the Prelude? Sorry if i couldn´t make myself clear... english is not my 1st language
  5. Oh right, i got it now. Thx for the explanation
  6. If TLR wasn´t burning his bracers for youth, why did he got old so fast when they were pulled out? shouldn´t the metal he had inside of him keep him young for a bit longer?
  7. I don´t think he knew that Ruin had so much power over hemalurgy. Especially while he was confined in the "Presevation prisionTM" otherwhise he would never have created the inquisitors/kollos/kandra the way he did. He needed the metal to pierce his skin so that he could burn it for youth... remember, he used the atium as an alomantic and feruchemical metal, so it needed to be outside of him to charge and inside of him to burn there has to be intent to be hemalurgy, so no, the metal doesn´t have to be hemalurgically charged, but the person spiking (or Ruin himself) have to be activaly trying to use hemalurgy EDIT: trying to quote the parts i was replying to in each paragraph... but can´t seem to make it work EDIT2: Actually, i´m not sure if the metal HAVE to be outside the body to feruchemically charged... does anyone know?
  8. Thx, i posted my question there
  9. Do we have a theory (or an actual explanation by Brandon) on why szeth lashings makes him cold/freezing while kaladin´s doesn´t? It probably have something to do with the honorblade, but i mean something more specific about the mechanics...
  10. Hey guys, i´ve only posted once more than a year ago, but i´ve been lurking this forum all along. There are some amazing discussions here! I wanted to know if there is a place where i can post quick questions instead of creating new threads for every minor thing i want to ask such as: Do we have a theory (or an actual explanation by Brandon) on why szeth lashings makes him cold/freezing while kaladin´s doesn´t? It probably have something to do with the honorblade, but i mean something more specific about the mechanics...
  11. Hi guys, This is my first post, please be kind I've had this theory for sometime and i couldn´t find anything like it searching the site. Taravangian (there must be a simpler way to refer to him... Mr.T perhaps) asked for the capacity to save the world and i think he recieved that as the blessing, but not in the way he thinks. I believe that he can save everyone when he is in his most stupid/mercifull state. It's said in the books that when he is like that he has an easer time to unite people and make them like and follow him. That way he could unify the all the people to fight against the desolation. I think that the super smart is actually his curse, and that following the diagram will bring the opposite effect of his wish and destroy the people. what do you guys think?