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  1. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I was going to counter this, but then I remembered that a Florida county I applied at had a Chief of Mosquito Control. And they made $65K per year.
  2. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Any advice for carbon-based ones? Particularly, how to initiate the Coming Out program without accidentally installing Awkwardness 10.0?
  3. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Heh. If Oregon was honest, they'd make their state bird the mosquito.
  4. You know that weird "salad" that someone brings to every church potluck, the one that's like pineapple, whipped cream, pistachios and pudding all got into a street fight?



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    2. Edgedancer


      And just yesterday I saw a spot for actual chocolate pizza. The cravings seem to be taking over.

    3. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      @Sunbird I found a couple recipes, but I'm actually allergic to most commercial brands of instant pudding, and the ones that I'm not allergic to are fairly expensive. The same goes for the whipped cream. I don't want to spend a fair chunk of money to satisfy a craving that'll probably be gone in a couple of bites. :P 

    4. Darkness Ascendant
  5. Random Stuff X: Something Weird're saying I should go out and get an emergency significant other...?
  6. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Does anyone have "Deflect Flirting Without Causing Damage" installed?
  7. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    Elderberry cough drops are seriously magic. And they don't make me woozy the way menthol ones do, so those might be worth a try.
  8. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    When Bruce wants to play a game, he hints by going into the other room and staying there.
  9. Obliteration's Identity

    If you're adding something new to a conversation, it's usually fine.
  10. Dreams

    My brain decided to film its own MCR music videos last night.
  11. Hello, Class, and welcome to Enunciation 101. 

    Today's lesson: If you are performing a radio commercial inviting people to a restaurant, it's good to name one of your house specials. But be aware that if you choose a homonym for a common childhood pet and fail to enunciate it properly, you might make people across the city wonder if this restaurant really does serve goldfish. 

    Remember: only two letters separate Gulf Fish Pontchartrain from Gold Fish Pontchartrain. 

    Enunciate. Don't serve goldfish. 

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    2. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      you gotta be codding me

    3. Flynn


      i wouldn't go to that restaurant if i were you. there's something fishy about it that i just can't quite put my fin on...

    4. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      Fillet me out of here.

  12. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    You'll pull through this. Look back. Look at all the stuff you've gone through so far. You can make it through this, too, and find something better on the other side.
  13. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Bruce's rope toy fell apart yesterday, so…..
  14. Having a Bad Day?: Get 'yer Hugs here!!

    You from East or West Texas?
  15. Pet Peeves

    People who take verbal swipes at others in their presence. You want to talk rust about me, you say it to my face. Don't stand there and go on about how SOME PEOPLE are this and SOME PEOPLE are that. Especially when the reason you dislike the person you're swiping at is entirely your own fault.