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  1. Would this be OK for an character for the Role playing game? (I Haven't written short story yet



    Name: Phoenix


    Phys Des: Tall, 20 years old, has blond unkempt hair, hair and hazel eyes. Always has a cigar and tends to take it out before a fire blast. Male

    Des: Generally a good guy. Tends to be arrogant.


    Weapons Summoning: Can summon two flaming katanas.

    Fire-Blasting: Can shoot fire out of hands and mouth.

    Incorporeal: Can change body into fire reflexively and on command.


    Chemical Burns

  2. Been like 4 months :( Missing you.

    1. Walin


      I agree with Darkness.

  3. Thanks, Del. You're the best.
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT: I will no longer be posting chapters of that Who/Potter crossover here. If you want to read it, I'm hosting chapters on Quotev.
  5. Yes. I'll post it there. Now just isn't the best time to remind me, all right?
  6. Today sucked. I just want it to be over, but there are still 5 hours left for crappy rust to happen.
  7. Maybe because you should hope you don't run into him?
  8. Thanks, guys! Also, @Mistrunner, I know this is a bit belated, but I've also been compiling the chapters over on Quotev, if that's easier.
  9. I understood you perfectly. (Seriously, I didn't think Trump at all. Not sure what that says about my own strangeness. )
  10. Wait—that's probably not what you meant. Maybe something more like this?
  11. Argue in favor of teaching more enjoyable books, still with literary value, in schools? A few good examples would be William Golding's The Princess Bride as a study in archetypes, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as an example of an epistolary novel with a complex moral argument, and F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby as an example of a book with an unreliable narrator.
  12. So you're not even going to try to see Elsa's side in this?
  13. Please, please don't leave it at that. Please try to see it from Elsa's point of view. Look at this situation from the perspective of someone who has to be in a position of powerlessness, at the mercy of a guy who knows she can't fight back. Because right now, you're siding with the villain here.
  14. Happy birthday! I hope you don't mind if I bring a few friends?
  15. There are a few factors your assessment doesn't take into account, though: 1) This guy is already known as a cremhole, meaning he may or may not have done something like this before. 2) If she did "make him feel worthless," as you say, then his reaction was to lash out and insult her, when he could (and should) have left well enough alone. This does not make him out to be a good person. 3) I agree that the slapping thing was wrong, and I wouldn't have demanded an apology; however, saying he would be justified in hitting her is completely wrong and not okay in any context. 4) Saying he "craves your attention and you are giving it to him" implies that she asked for this treatment. Which she absolutely did not. 5) Back to the "made him feel worthless" remark. Look, he began by reducing her lack of enthusiasm at seeing him to her menstrual cycle. That's a tactic commonly used to brush off a woman's emotions, to invalidate her anger or frustration by chalking it up to hormones. Not only that, but he did it as a means of insulting her in front of anyone who was listening. This would be like a woman insulting a man, then brushing it off with "You're a man, you only have like two emotions anyway." In conclusion, I can see the point you're trying to make, but this guy is not the sort of person who deserves sympathy or to be defended.