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  1. Sure, but that makes me think that articles like the one you linked may actually prevent a Basilisk. Let the knowledge of it guide you to the people who subscribe to that kind of fatalism, and prevent them from being involved with AI projects. Ta-da.
  2. I....didn't find this to be all that scary. At all.
  3. You get to live in a partial steampunk novel? Lantern-lighter, usually. Or just "guy who lights the lanterns."
  4. HOW COULD YOU FORGET THE GREATEST FILM OF THE 21st CENTURY It's from The Emperor's New Groove.
  5. @Darkness Ascendant You know the movie Inception, where they plant an idea in someone's head and risk it growing out of control? I'm blaming you for that. I'm now considering putting that random Who/Potter crossover up on a fanfic site despite having no title, summary, plot direction, or idea where I'd host it.
  6. I think I love him.
  8. 13 upvotes? Good Gandhi. Thanks, you guys.
  9. While it's true that many writers, directors, and other creators use Nazi imagery as lazy shorthand for "These guys are EVUL, fear them!!11!!" that isn't what Pink Floyd is doing here. You probably know this already, but in addition to their crimes against the Jewish people—which absolutely deserve their place in infamy, and are aptly named one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century—the Nazis also did a lot of damage to other nations of the world. In Germany, they left a scar across their own national history, one so pervasive it, in the words of Eric Metaxas, destroyed the past as well. Denmark, France, Poland, and many other countries spent years under Nazi occupation, resisting the invaders though resistance could mean death. The US sent millions of young men to fight the growing threat, many of whom never came home, or returned with severe PTSD. And in the UK, where Pink Floyd is from, the nation's choice to resist the Nazis meant its citizens were subjected to years of privation and terror, in addition to many civilian deaths from bombings. The Nazis are a part of world history, and as such, Nazi imagery can mean many different things, depending on the images used and the surrounding context. In the Pink Floyd video, the band seems to be harkening back to the forced conformity the Nazis implemented, through programs such as Hitler Youth. I don't think they're saying that British education is the same as Hitler Youth—they'd be rightly laughed out of the country if they did—but are rather using imagery of one of the most chilling forced conformity programs of the 20th century to point out that, hey, our schools aren't helping our students learn and grow so much as they are draining them of individuality and life, forcing them to fall in lockstep with an ideology that, were they given the option, they might find distasteful or even abhorrent. They're turning kids into tools who will do whatever those in power need them to do, and this isn't right. It's true that Nazi imagery is often used as a lazy writer's code for "See Nazi Germany? This is the same as that," but not always. The Nazis did a ton of damage—and the worst of it was directed at the Jewish people—and a skilled writer can harken back to that damage, not to say "These guys are as bad as one of the most evil regimes of the 20th century," but to say something far more interesting.
  10. Haha, thanks. The only caveat to the Tumblr thing is getting anyone to pay attention to me there. The site is huge and most blogs seem to be buried in a sea of gifsets.
  11. Yes, but some people were super-sheltered as children and may or may not have seen the music video in question until today. Some people. Let's not name names here, especially not ones that rhyme with PlyMightDansLarkle. Edit: Woohoo! Just passed 50K words!
  12. Thanks. Wow. I definitely consider that high praise. I do still have it saved on my computer, though at the moment I don't have any plans to continue. Thanks.
  13. Out-of-context quote of the day: 

    "My name has too many letters! Why couldn't you have named me something simple, like A?" 

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    2. Slowswift


      Er, no, actually. :P Though I confess I actually didn't know who that was until I looked him up.  :unsure:

    3. Jedal


      I am so disappointed in you.

    4. Darkness Ascendant
  14. No worries. I'm basically just writing this one for fun, anyway. Ive actually taken that one down, simply because 1) I wasn't updating it and 2) I've incorporated some elements of that story into an original fiction story. The original fiction is still very much under construction, though I know I'll need gamma readers later on, after a few revisions.
  15. @The Honor Spren @Darkness Ascendant @bleeder @Quiver