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  1. Dang, son. That's cold.
  2. I'm not convinced that Hoid grabbed that spren for himself. It almost doesn't make sense for it to be otherwise, given that he snatched up that bead of lerasium with no qualms whatsoever about--what? 300 years prior to this? It seems like collecting a radiantspren is just something that he would do. But I don't know. We never know how invested Hoid is in what is going on around him because he's been alive for so long. When you've seen whole worlds rise and fall, the apocalypse doesn't affect the way it everyone else. It's just that Elhokar's arc was almost disappointing until his spren turns up at the end, meaning that now it wasn't all for nothing. It seems like that Cryptic could be meant to play a role in this story still. Probably not, though. This is probably just an account of how Hoid collected another couple of powers and someone to keep him company consistently on all of his crazy journeys.
  3. Lift clearly has a lot of powers outside of what is typical for an Edgedancer. Even the Stormfather is surprised by her ability to jump into visions as she pleases. Anyway, we can discuss those at length, but I noticed a particular ability on second read that I missed at first. Now, to be fair, this does seem to be a different version of what she does in Edgedancer, where she can immediately speak weird street slang that she's never heard before, and I think it's probably a standard Edgedancer ability, not something special. On page 652 of the US hardcover (chapter 65, when Dalinar goes to Azir), Dalinar and the Stormfather are talking: On the next page, Lift asks him, "You said something earlier. About men?" and Dalinar explains. But he didn't say anything about men. He said, "About what?" and, "I..." Even if Lift can listen in on the Stormfather, no one ever said the word, "men." And yet Lift knew that was what they were discussing and asked about it. EDIT: Okay, I was ignoring Dalinar saying, "The contests of kingdoms are supposed to be a masculine art." I guess this is Les of a profound observation than I thought. But still, it seems like Lift picked up on more than one might expect from that.
  4. It's from Elantris. People on Sel use that expression a lot.
  5. How do we know that Felt is from Mistborn? I strongly suspected him to be a worldhopper (heck, anytime a character thinks someone looks Shin, they're probably looking at either a Herald or a worldhopper), but I didn't have any clue as to his identity.
  6. This is something of a tangent, but it was mentioned above at some point that the Fused don't seem as good at using the Surges as Radiants. I think we're probably basing that on how the ones with Gravitation seen less nimble than Kaladin. The thing is, they practice with Gravitation all the time, and they've been doing it for waaaaaay longer than any current Radiant. I think that they just seem more clumsy because they are Connected to Braize, and the gravity is stronger there. They lurch around more because that's just how it works when gravity is that strong. Anyway, carry on--that's just something to consider.
  7. [EDIT - tl;dr: (at least of) The Fused might be from Yolen. Original rambling thoughts:] I refer, of course, to the Fused. Are we sure that they're actually resurrected Parshendi heroes? I mean, I'm not saying that Hoid couldn't have had some worldhopping adventures that featured dancing with a Parshendi lady thousands of years ago, but... I don't know. Doesn't it seem to have the same flavor as the comment about Tanavast being a good guy to get a drink with? Then you've got Heralds swearing by Adonalsium... Things might be pointing back to Yolen, somehow, in this series. Now, I'm not saying that Vatwha was human, necessarily, when Hoid danced with her. There was a third sentient race on Yolen, after all, and I don't know that the species we see in Dragonsteel Prime (based only on the chapters released on Brandon's website) is going to be it. But I do suspect that it happened on Yolen.
  8. @Aminar The word you're looking for is "thunderclast." I believe there is some controversy over whether what Renarin did there was really Illumination or not, but it sure sounds like Illumination to me.
  9. I knew that name seemed familiar! I was too excited by the constant awesomeness to stop and look things up every time something tickled my memory.
  10. I think that this probably happened not too terribly long after the Shattering. The Heralds swear by Adonalsium, suggesting that they were around in those days. When they say that the humans' wold was destroyed by Surges, they could just mean that it was destroyed by magic and lack any other word to describer such powers. Honor and Cultivation may have even shown up around the same time as the humans. The Dawnsingers apparently worshiped spren, stone, and wind--no mention of anything that would even indirectly point to Honor and Cultivation.
  11. Huh. Well, if we're sure it's going to be Eshonai (which, as we all know, can change, given that we all thought OB was going to be SU for a while), then I have no idea what the book will be called. I think Szeth's book should still be Stones Unhallowed--that's a cool name--but Eshonai's book has to have an especially good title, being such a special case and all.
  12. As I understand it, it's not that Vasher doesn't know how to Awaken on Roshar--it's that he doesn't know how to use Stormlight to do it. I don't see any evidence to suggest that Vivenna can do that either, but she still has Breath from Nalthis that she can use for Awakening. In Vasher's case, I don't think we know whether he can Awaken or not--only that he has failed to discover how to fuel Awakening with Stormlight. Naturally, if he currently only has his Divine Breath, then he cannot. I don't know whether or not his ability to sense Kaladin coming in his WoR interlude could be explained without extra Breath, but I think so. Even a suppressed Divine Breath should still give you that much.
  13. Your profile pic indicates otherwise, you deceitful Cryptic-lover!
  14. I have been thinking all along that because Nightblood is essentially an artificial spren, he ought to be able to form a bond on Roshar. That doesn't really seem to be the case at the moment, though. Szeth's powers do seem to come from a highspren. I'm getting the sense that things don't quite work the way that we've been thinking--at least not for all of the orders. The highspren seem to have a different relationship to their Knights than the other orders. If the others' spren are like their childhood friends to them, then the Skybreakers' are like a work friend, the kind that you are friendly with on the job but never consider hanging out with outside of work. On the other hand, maybe Nightblood's constant prattling has kept the not yet fully sentient, newly crossed over highspren at bay. Most of the newly crossed spren seem very timid, as well as being total dunces, so it would make sense for one to keep its distance with a frankenspren about.
  15. All right, have an upvote--but I really shouldn't be encouraging such behavior.