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  1. That was my exact reading of this interlude on my 2nd readthrough.
  2. Man, if shardblades screamed when held by humans, think of when Odium's minions start using their captured blades.
  3. My thought is that figure was of Shallan's invention rather than something real. It combines the horse figures she had seen at one point in Urithiru with the Midnight Mother's influence on her drawings.
  4. Hmm... “My spren claims that recording this will be good for me, so here I go. Everyone says I will swear the Fourth Ideal soon, and in so doing, earn my armor. I simply don’t think that I can. Am I not supposed to want to help people? —From drawer 10-12, sapphire” Excerpt From: Brandon Sanderson. “Oathbringer.”
  5. OB Day! I didn't read a word until it arrived this morning. I will admit, though, that the itch was getting to me, especially after reading some of the spoiler-free reviews. I was thinking well...maybe just the prologue, the day before. But I was too busy yesterday to succumb to temptation. So...who else made it?
  6. Though, the horse itself also does keep replacing the horsehair...
  7. Forgive me, but it seems like you're leaping past any counter-arguments made elsewhere, assuming that your idea is correct, then asking what everyone thinks of all the moral/philosophical conclusions you've drawn from that idea being true. I think you're skipping a step and making conclusions based on a very shaky supporting structure.
  8. You may be correct about Jasnah's intentions, but you may not be. Nobody can disprove your point, but neither can you prove it. There's just...no smoking gun here, nor in the other thread.
  9. I had this problem too. If anyone else has this issue, there are many web-based doc -to- epub converters that work for free. I used one of these to convert White Sand, then it can be read in any e-reader.
  10. You guys are thinking too small. Guided Shardmissile Discussion Ahh. Good times.
  11. On course, steady as she goes. I've read WoK, with a WoR re-read waiting in the wings so I'm primed and ready to go on release day. Between them and for something different, I've been reading "The Ends of the World" by Peter Brannen. Despite the fantasy-sounding title, it is non-fiction - still a fascinating book, although slightly depressing. Haven't been hit with the desire to read spoilers like I was with WoR, I think because I felt pretty strongly that it lessened the experience for me last time,
  12. I think Lightflame is right on, but also want to add one piece. These things are called "Dawnshards" - which rather strongly implies they came first. The sprenblades were imitations of the honorblades - meaning they came after. Sure, the honorblades could have come before dawnshards, but then why the name? So beyond just literary/narrative reasons, that alone to me suggests the dawnshards are not the same as shard/sprenblades. Disclaimer: as a member of the "No Oathbringer Spoilers Support Group", I haven't read one word of that book, so any illumination that text brings is as lost to me as the dawnshards themselves.
  13. Wow. Where does one get such power?
  14. Wow, I mean, I may be insane, but that's crazy!
  15. I'm with you. I failed when WoR was released, but this time I've avoided even the prologue. I'll be happier reading it all through at once, just need to resist temptation!