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  1. I like this! The idea that their is something about the city that confuddles people who can't infuse, it's a good thing they have bridge 4 doing the scouting then. This could also link up to why Shallan is having trouble drawing it, and why their were so few records of it to begin with, it can't be drawn in a realistic way to prevent the dissemination of maps.
  2. A spren of Oaths? That is an Interesting way to describe the stormfather Dalinar, but it clears the question as to what kind of spren bondsmiths bond, Oath spren, though the stormfather is definitely has a large piece of the shard of honor, and likely even some of Tanavast's memories, but that doesn't mean he can't be a spren as well, one with an intent as tunnel visioned as the others
  3. Even if that was his goal he the whole situation still feels poorly considered to me, as I said, they were alone and Adolin is in an obvious position of power in this situation, so how stupid do you have to to be be to provoke someone in that situation? The discussion of how broken one needs to be to be a KR is kind of an act of futility, as we have to few examples to go by. Kaladin and Shallan's are people who in our society would likely be under serious mental care, especially Shallan, now it is this brokeness in them that allows them to infuse, but are they really a good example to set as a baseline? I see them as the extraordinary potential radiants, the kind that requires some serious effort and reflection to say each ideal but are that much more excellent at the end for that effort. I do not think that Every Radiant suffered in life as much as they have, so it isn't really worth disqualifying potential radiants because they 'aren't broken enough' they are still growing and we do not have a good example of exactly how mentally ill they need to be to be considered broken.
  4. Couldn't agree with that statement more, honestly the whole situation of Sadeas's death could have been prevented by Sadeas himself, not that that is justification for killing him. But what on earth made Sadeas think it was a good Idea to provoke a younger, stronger, more skilled, and emotionally strained enemy Alone on unfamiliar territory? if you ask me that action is basically asking to be murdered and left in a deserted hallway.
  5. INTERESTING! Yes Renarin, go find out what you can do so you can be useful in this book! From what we have seen of his abilities in the past it seems they have something to do with seeing the future, as shown by the words he wrote in accompany with the countdown in WoR. Adolin seems to be Channeling his panic at the moment, part of me wanted one of the bridgemen to spot Oathbringer in the gardens where Adolin threw it, would be great to see Teft or Sigzil bond it as a precaution, can never have too many Shardbarers about. So squire lose their abilities when not with their Radiant? Interesting, it suggests that they very well might be able to surge bind as well, as the restriction seems kind of harsh otherwise. Dalinar can experience visions whenever he wants now? Well then he has a great advisor in there by the name of Nohadon, as long as he can convince the man that he is from the future and needs his help than perhaps he could give Dalinar some advice from a first hand perspective, as someone who actually faced a desolation, though I don't know if that would work the visions being recordings and all, he may be like an AI program with only set responses for set situations, like a magical SIRI. Nothing from Kaladin or Shallan yet, though Shallan's presence in these scenes shows that the revelation at the end of WoR wasn't completely crippling for her, and we have the reading chapter of Kaladin that I am very much looking forward to the end of. All in all was worth staying awake till 11pm to read, I'm going to hold off on the flashbacks until release, just to give listening to the audio of part one some meaning then.
  6. preservation

    I highly doubt any of the original 16 would relinquish their shard for the amount of time it would take to make the swap, if all of the 16 were created by Adonalsium than their connection to each of his pieces would have been the same at the beginning, but after holding the power for any amount of time I'm certain that would change, as can be seen with both Ati and Leras the intent of the shards is heavily influential in the holder, with Kelsier calling Ati a mere puppet of ruin and Leras being basically unable to intentionally harm people.
  7. It isn't guaranteed that Sadeas's murder will be found out in some huge way, and even if it was I doubt Dalinar would treat Adolin unfavourably. We have president for Dalinar cleaning up for the mistakes of the younger generation, most notably the way he handled the Roshone matter, although this is more high class than that it was done with some much more noble intention, mostly the fact that Adolin did it both to protect his father and Alethkar from the division Sadeas would cause but also because Dalinar would definitely understand the thoughts in Adolin's head at the time All of this comes down to whether Adolin outright confesses the murder to his father as it is something important he should definitely know.
  8. I like it! I also think that Dalinar is going to Resign his position of Highprince to Adolin in order to make the Radiants a more neutral force. This would leave Adolin having killed Sadeas as Highprince and Amaram who is a distinctly dislikable man, not to Mention that Roion also needs a new Highprince, so we are going to be getting a lot of those.
  9. Any scene from the perspective of a spren, preferably Syl or pattern, I am very curious how they see the world.
  10. Granted but they only work at the loudest possible volume I wish for A mistborn Anime done by Studio Bones.
  11. Becoming a shard is actually a viable option, it is a proven way to be immortal.
  12. granted, you return, now you have no memory of your previous life and will die in 8 days. I wish to be a beta reader for stormlight 3.
  13. Yeah i was thinking this was the viewer comparing it to the one room Skaa tenements that were scattered throughout the final empire.
  14. could also be an electrum ferring, determination is something I would find useful while programming.
  15. It is distinctly possible that the hold that trell has over our good Mr. suit might be enough to prevent harmony from taking that walk with him. I am saying this as the devils advocate, but it might just be the case.