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  1. Thanks for the shout out! My theory on the nature of the Heralds is a different thing altogether. I believe that Ishar went to honor after the first desolation of the singers, it had likely been a long time as humans had managed to take over Roshar by this point through their own desolations, but after they took over they turned away from Odium and his parasitic nature over time, leading to the ten kingdom's. So after facing a pyrrhic victory against the new voidbringers Ishar knew they needed to stop the war, so he went to Honor and the made the Oathpact, a pact that turned each of the ten into a splinter of honor, allowing them to persist after death in the cognitive realm, (something established in Secret history) by aligning them to the ten different forms of honor (how much cultivation had a hand in this is unknown, but I'm willing to believe that at least the initial Oathpact did not involve her). After being aligned the investiture they were granted to represent their form of honour manifested as the Honorblades, it was this investiture that investiture that prevented the voidbringers from leaving Braize, forming a barrier made of the 10 Honor blades, however of one of the Heralds broke to torture and summoned his blade to fight back, then the next desolation would begin. What the heralds did in the 'last' desolation was simply leave that barrier one sword wide, never 'fortifying' it further with their own blades, this left either the most honorable (or perhaps just the most stubborn) of them to stop the gap alone, and he did so flawlessly for 4500 years. How the heralds get new bodies upon the desolation is beyond me, they may have to find vessels or something, or they May just form one, we haven't been given enough information yet.
  2. This is an interesting though a little off topic. it seems likely that across the different forms of investiture different materials will be required to makes spikes, as metal is the prominent form of power on Scadrial then metals the main ingredient used on Scadrial, however, it may be different on other worlds, for Roshar I personally prefer the use of gemstones.
  3. Indeed, but when ruin created it he did not care who did the destroying or where, so long as it is being done intentionally, this makes the laws of hemalurgy basically universally available to be used with any magic system anywhere by anyone, so long as they know what they are doing.
  4. I personally believe that hemalurgy is not the only way that this can be achieved, fabrials and forging also come to mind as possibilities, though I am more interested in the discussion of the repercussions of this Act than to the rest of the world than only the possibility of a single step to achieve it.
  5. an interesting point but did do you consider... Mistborn spoiler I see this as an interesting flaw in the theory but not insurmountable, the intent for Hemalurgy could come from a whole bunch of place and perhaps the person who made the knife knew what it was intended for and his intent to "make a knife that steals souls" is enough.
  6. True, but perhaps the intent that was needed in this case was the intent to kill a god? It seems like the knife itself might have had the intent of stealing something from Jezrien as it killed him.
  7. It does, but Odium strikes me as someone who likes redundancies, you can never have too many back up plans, and can't be out played if you are already planning for your own failure.
  8. I wonder if the spike would even be permanently necessary, perhaps just shoving the spike into him and letting it bond with his soulweb would to the job, no need for spikes in subsequent reincarnations, maybe the next step is to just kill him with the spike.
  9. This is a theory founded on Moash's last acts in Oathbringer, and built considering that Odium is in desperate need of a champion that cannot lose. The theory is really pretty simple; What if Odium had Moash kill Jezrien, and gives him Jezriens sword, not just for the sake of killing him or for poetic symbolism, but because he intends to have Moash take Jezriens place in the Oathpact? Becoming a man that can be killed Physically only to be sent to 'damnation' with the only way out being the conscious act of betraying mankind (something Moash seems all too comfortable with)? The main queries for this theory are both how and why Odium would do this. The how could be done in a few ways, using the knife that killed jezrien as a hemalurgic spike is the most messy and obvious, the gem on the knife might also be used for this, or might also have its own purpose. The next is somehow having Moash absorb Jezrien's soul and meld with it, making them basically the same individual, and thus making Moash=Jezrien=Herald, if you guys can think of other ways that this may be achieved than please explain, I would love to hear your theories. The why is also rather simple, Odium needs a champion, and he needs one that cannot lose, he had a planned in place for this already, Dalinar fusing with the thrill entirely would have given him an unstoppable force for battle and ruthless tactics, undefeatable in combat through sheer skill, knowledge, and decisiveness. This theory suggests a back up plan, a champion that is an immovable object, if he can jury rig Moash into a Herald than that gives him both an immortal champion and someone to always hold the door open for his minions, because the only way for the ancient voidbringers to leave Damnation is for one of the Heralds to crack and manifest on Roshar to either escape or to willingly bring a desolation (the circumstances to the requirements for this are unclear, do they have to begin a desolation to manifest or does their manifestation begin the desolation?) But either way Moash could just keep coming back. with both Jezriens soul and his sword in hand I feel like this is an interesting next step for Odium, perhaps he even intended it for Dalinar, but is using a promising new tool in his stead due to lack of options or desperation
  10. I don't Know if I agree with the title of 'godspren' for the bondsmith's spren, they are powerful and each seems to be related to the shards, but I feel like 'oathspren' is a more accurate term. Dalinar refers to the stormfather as "a spren of oaths" more than once and the fact that it is the stormfather that decides whether an oath is acceptable or not even for other orders of the Radiants suggests that it is linked to his intent. The nightwatcher also seems to be about binding people to their word, though in a more sinister way in some cases. I feel like oathspren is more precise description of them than 'godspren'.
  11. I'm happy I wasn't the only one who noticed it! It's nice to finally have a representation of what 'three overlapping diamonds' means.
  12. THIS, though maybe not quite so aggressive, perhaps "I will protect those I have vowed too, even if they are threatened by those I love." this seems to be a Direct continuation of the third Ideal, because if he has agreed to "protect those he haters so long as it is right." then what if someone he hates is directly threatened by someone he loves? This shows in what happened when he froze, he couldn't choose a side to protect because he was too close to everyone involved, with Saa and Beard, Moash and Ehlohkar, he "loves" or at least sympathises with all of them and couldn't see who he was supposed to protect, which in the situation should have been Ehlohkar who he told Dalinar he would protect with his life.
  13. To Me one of the funniest moments is When the Stormfather gets genuinely angry at the Night Watcher/Cultivation for what she did in making Lift, he seems Mad that she isn't restricted by the storms and the "She goes to Far!" line had me laughing, as well as Dalinar's downright confusion as too why his spren was suddenly sulking.
  14. I like this! The idea that their is something about the city that confuddles people who can't infuse, it's a good thing they have bridge 4 doing the scouting then. This could also link up to why Shallan is having trouble drawing it, and why their were so few records of it to begin with, it can't be drawn in a realistic way to prevent the dissemination of maps.
  15. A spren of Oaths? That is an Interesting way to describe the stormfather Dalinar, but it clears the question as to what kind of spren bondsmiths bond, Oath spren, though the stormfather is definitely has a large piece of the shard of honor, and likely even some of Tanavast's memories, but that doesn't mean he can't be a spren as well, one with an intent as tunnel visioned as the others