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  1. I knew someone would ask about the sexuality question... I put it in the "romance" section Good update on question 8), it makes it more precise. I have just thought of another question about May Aladar How much attention should we be paying to May Aladar? I added your two questions. I think we have somewhat of an answer about the Jasnah/Elhokar one. Hmmm it makes me think of those "other branches of the Kholin families" which are "less numerous" than they were... I want to ask of Gavilar killed them all
  2. I do not expect all of these questions to be answered within the future. For instance, the Ialai question might give us an indication if Brandon has future plans for her character or if we have seen the last of her. This is definitely one I feel he would answer and would definitely steer our discussions. Questions on the romance should be answered as well... For instance, if the love triangle is definitely over and if Brandon believes he has written an ending for it in OB, he should be inclined to answer it. A RAFO however might mean more development. All questions with respect to how Adolin feels should also be answered because those elements have already happened: we just never got to read them in the book. Evi's death is an event I believe could become important or a Red Herring. It might be another "Kaladin murdered Helaran" story arc where it is being made public, but forgotten immediately. An answer to this question might help us figure out which one it will be. What do you mean? Do you want me to add more questions or to rephrase the ones I have put in? I am not sure by the wording you are using... I do feel there is much else to say about Evi's Plate, but this too could be one of those story arcs falling into the cracks. If I am right and it does fall into the cracks, then Brandon might answer us and give us more insights. The question about Adolin not being made a Radiant despite being a Kholin is very relevant. Readers are basically split on the question and it is not well-explained into the narrative. We are left trying to guess and it'd be nice to stop guessing. My impressions of Radiancy is it remains more a matter of luck than of being "the right type". The Kholins were picked not because they are more outstanding than others, but because they are standing at the center of events and they have a lot of agency. I wish to have more insight as to why sprens chose EVERY Kholin but Adolin. Is it a matter of all sprens not finding him suitable? Of a non-broken spirit? Brandon ought to be give better clues, if asked. I agree Oroden's eyes are most likely dark, but it seems pointless to have Hesina's parents being lighteyed if none of her children is inheriting at least one lighteye. Brandon recently said his initial plans, for Elhokar, were to have him turn bad and have Dalinar being forced to kill him. He's been doomed from the start. I will however add a speculative question as to how he might have grown, had he not die in Kholinar.
  3. This was quite a mayhem today on the thread... I'll admit it has, at the very least, accomplished the purpose of distracting me from the crushing failure my life seems to be these days This being said, I think we all got very defensive of our opinions (I include myself in this even if I did not partake into the latest discussion) and, for reasons still unknown to me, Adolin's character seems very polarizing. I thus decided to try to unite instead of divide and offer an alternative to the endless pit fighting. There is one aspect of story telling I believe all of us are going to whole-heartily agree upon and it is we all enjoy character related discussions. We all have an interest into this particular discussion and Adolin's fate with Maya is not leaving many voiceless nor opinion-less. It certainly is a passionate debate and, from my personal's perspective, each side is not finding the other side's arguments compelling nor convincing enough to change their mind of their speculative outcome. Hence, I have started an initiative with is the Grand List of Character related Questions. My purpose with it is to increase awareness over character-related questions and theory making. I am hoping to get more people to ask character related questions at signings in order to get more WoB tackling the subjects we all are interested in. I has gotten to my attention, a long time ago, how few questions regarding character development were being asked. I thus wish to encourage readers to voice their interest into characters and to ask such questions. I put in a few with are relevant to this discussion. Please, feel free to add your own, to comment on the existing ones, as long as it is all related to character arcs. I see a lot of disagreeing in how to interpret Adolin's character. This isn't new: perhaps it is worth to find a way to ask Brandon so he could clarify a few important elements about his character. Based on what I read today, I will add questions to the list.
  4. Not necessarily... Everything with respect to Evi might be a Red Herring, it might not be important and, as such, it may be something Brandon will allow to slip. I agree the Plate question is probably going to be a RAFO, but a RAFO remains interesting, it means we should be asking this question. It means we may be right to theorize on that. I do agree Navani's comment seem to indicate the Plate probably belonged to family, but if this is the case, then why were Evi/Toh running away? Why is it said they stole it? So many questions here... if we ask carefully, we might get a really good answer. I do think 12) is a very valid question to ask and I would love to hear what Brandon has to say on the matter. You say it is "obvious" because he lacks the required qualities. I strongly disagree Adolin has NO qualities ANY spren wouldn't want. Take Elhokar, what extraordinary qualities did he possess to justify his Nahel Bond? The only selfless action he ever did was when he saved his son and voiced out his first ideal, but by this time, he had already attracted a spren... Hence, he must have been deemed suitable. Why him? Why not Adolin? What makes Renarin SO suitable? He doesn't try to be good at anything until he is well advanced with his bond: what did he do so outstanding which attracted Glys? See my point, it is absolutely not obvious why anyone was picked over anyone. We get Renarin/Elhokar/Jasnah were all probably chosen because they are Kholins, so why did sprens skip Adolin? This is absolutely not self-evident nor is it explained within the narrative. I personally love this question. About Oroden, probably dark, but the fact Hesina's parents were lighteyed makes the question interesting. I am not sure I understand the question...
  5. I think there has been some misunderstanding as to what the initial questioning was about. The question was why aren't in-world characters, given the knowledge they do have, asking about Adolin being left out of the Radian bandwagon. My reasons for thinking it is odd are the following: 1) Every single individual bearing Kholin blood is or was a Radiant. I include Gavilar as we do have a WoB stating he too was on his way to become a Radiant. Arguably, Dalinar doesn't know about Gavilar, but he knows about Renarin and Jasnah. Surely, he has been told about Elhokar. 2) Based on the in-world knowledge, nothing precludes Adolin from becoming a Radiant. Dalinar started bonding the Stormfather while he was still bonded to his beloved Oathbringer. Renarin bonded Glys while being bonded to a dead-Blade. Elhokar attracted and bonded a spren all the while being bonded to yet another dead-Blade. While it is true some sprens, such as Syl, have an intense dislike for Sharbearers, we have seen others either able to rationalize it isn't such a terrible thing (Pattern) or not care at all (Ico). Hence, our characters have no valid reasons to rule out Adolin as a future Radiant. There are no "self-evident" reasons why Adolin has been left out while everyone in his family was picked. 3) More over, Adolin has skill sets which will be crucial to fighting the Desolation. Even better, he has skill sets no other Radiants are possessing, but he is clearly out-matched during the fights due to his lack of surgebinding and stormlight healing. They are going to need fighters, military leaders and cold-headed pro-active people like Adolin within their group of Radiants if they are to stand a chance. He's probably the one Kholin who'd be the most effective with a Radiant bond, not to say others aren't effective, but they do not have his fighting experience. 4) All Radiants seem to have their moments where they feel they were wrongly chosen, where they aren't up to the task. Why aren't they wondering about who would be, still according to themselves, better candidates? If Teft, for instance, doesn't think he was rightly chosen, then who would he picked? So far, the only explanation I find helps put this question in better perspective is the one stating it probably didn't crossed anyone's mind to question the process. I find it weak because it seems baffling a man like Dalinar, seeing his son as a splinter of Honor himself (slight exaggeration on my part here, but you all get the gig), being terribly war oriented wouldn't have wondered why the sprens didn't pick his most efficient son. It is just one aspect of the narrative which wasn't broach: either because the author doesn't think it is important to answer those questions or he plans to answer them in future books.
  6. I think people are too afraid of RAFO... A RAFO can sometimes be a very interesting answer. For instance, when someone asked if Shallan would eventually visit Scadrial, the RAFO Brandon gave us sounded a lot like a YES, but not so soon. So while it is true some of those questions might get a RAFO, I'd love to point out character related questions, on average, almost never get RAFO. Readers just don't ask them often enough, but the few we have have done wonder for our speculations. Need I recall everyone how we found out Adolin's Blade was an Edgedancer Blade throughout WoB? How we found out it was possible to revive Maya via another WoB? How Kaladin's grand-parents being lighteyed was also given away as a WoB? One thing is certain thought, if no one asks character related questions, we will never get any answers. Good questions. It makes me think of an additional one on Rock. Maybe there is a glyph which says" Mam"? Good question though. This is why I started this topic I thought if we made a great list, then readers would perhaps be more inclined to pick those questions. I personally do not find most realmatic questions to be interesting for speculation purposes, they rarely tell me something I actually cared to know. Talking to a few people, I realized others felt the same, hence the list. Hopefully it'll catch on. I don't think so... I feel there are more RAFO with realmatic questions than there are for character related questions... Often, readers ask questions so precise, Brandon does not even have an answer, but he ought to be able to tell us if Maya would have picked Adolin under normal circumstances. As I said above, I've rarely seen character related questions getting RAFOed not to say it never happens, but it also happens for a non negligible chunk of Cosmere related questions.
  7. Yeah, this is a popular one, but I felt latest discussion geared more towards the Evi/Dalinar relationship. I'll add it though, it is a good one.
  8. My initial focus was Adolin because I was answering a post which referred to him. I do agree it is interesting to ask bigger questions as to why our characters aren't questioning the Radiant process more. So while yes, there are some soldiers on their way towards becoming Radiants, there are no officers. Every single squire or Radiant started up as a low ranked soldiers: no one among the upper ranks, apart from Dalinar, was ever chosen. No one was chosen within the other warcamps, yet, but I suspect this will change in its own time. Considering Dalinar himself complains over lacking officers, considering he is very war oriented, him not questioning nor voicing the need to officers Radiants is odd. It goes hand in hand with the all-acclaimed notion being a Radiant is a substitute for experience as Dalinar doesn't shy away from sending untrained teenage girls and his young son into battle now they are Radiants. I personally do not think it is self-evident nor do I think it is consistent with Dalinar's character nor to ask any questions. Are they, as you are suggesting, not wanting to hurt Adolin? Hard to say, Dalinar has a lot of viewpoints, he could have reflected on it without voicing it out loud. It is the lack of wondering or thoughts on the matter which I find peculiar. I can understand it never were a public thing. I also do not think it is "self-evident" why Adolin was not chosen by any spren just as I don't think it is "self-evident" why Elhokar was. I don't think it is self-evident for in-world characters either. Kaladin doesn't act surprised to see Elhokar bond a spren and yet... he doesn't think much of him. Will it come into play? I have no idea, but I do not think not broaching those questions is a good idea for the narrative.
  9. Throughout my time onto the 17th Shard, it has come to my notice while a lot of our discussions are character oriented, very few character related questions are being asked. I never knew if it merely were a consequence of "character oriented readers" being less numerous or less inclined to attend to one of Brandon's signing events or just pure happenstance, but I have decided to try to do something about it Hence, here is the very first cohesive and coherent list of characters related questions. I wish for this thread to be a place where all readers can post any character related questions they might have. I intend to update this post with all questions being submitted in order for us to have a full list. This way, I hope, with a complete list of such questions, character oriented readers will be less shy about asking those questions to Brandon. Perhaps other readers will find one or two of those questions interesting enough to ask. Either way, my goal is propagate my love of character related discussions and to help our fandom garner more interesting answers such as to fuel or kill our various speculations. Yes, I know, we have "other lists of questions to Brandon", but the greater majority of those questions aren't character related. It's also intimidating, character readers, on average, aren't likely to submit their question, thinking it is "not interesting". I know I am intimidated by it Hence, I thought a separate product was an interesting idea, sorry if it isn't. Maybe it'll catch on and become a big thing, maybe it'll die next week, but I thought it was worth trying. This isn't a thread meant to discuss any theory linked to any of the questions nor to pass judgment on questions some readers might find interesting to ask. You hate Szeth and you think a question on him is wasted? Here is not the place to say so, here is the place to register the question on Rysn you feel is meaningless, but you really want to ask anyway. I'll start with a first list of questions based on the numerous discussions we have here. Those questions have for purpose to help our speculations and our discussions, give us additional clues and, well, satisfy my personal curiosity Feel free to add your own or comment on a given question's wording. Please add question with respect to other characters, this isn't the "list of Adolin related questions" , this is meant for all characters nor is it meant to be the "list of questions which interest Maxal". List of Questions (Edit in Red) Romance 1) Will Kaladin eventually have a romance arc? 2) In Oathbringer, when Kaladin states he'd rather have Shallan as a friend than a lover, was he honest with himself or was he resigning himself to her having chosen Adolin? 3) The love triangle, is it over, over? 4a) You once said the love triangle was a mimicry of something which happened in the past... Can we say Adolin is Evi and Shallan is... Dalinar? Are we on the right track or were you referring to something else entirely? 4b) You once said the love triangle was a mimicry of something which happened in the past... Is it meant to mimic the Dalinar/Navani/Gavilar former relationship? If so, how is Adolin Gavilar? They don't seem to have much in common. 5) Adolin's issues with relationships were never really broached in Oathbringer, have they disappeared simply because he met Shallan and he loves her? Or are they still existing? 6) On a scale from one to ten, how unworthy of Shallan would you rate Adolin still feels, ten being "a lot" and 0 being "not at all"? 7) Would say Shallan loves the idea of being with Adolin more than Adolin himself or would you say her love his genuine? 8) Adolin does not think about Shallan much in either WoR or OB, and he notably does not think that he loves her or tell her this (on page) before their marriage. Is Adolin in love with Shallan or is she just the "latest girl"? 9) Adolin spends a lot of time thinking and admiring Kaladin in OB. Is there any chance Adolin is gay or bisexual? 10) Is divorce permissible in Vorinism? 11) Is there birth control on Roshar? Unfinished Story Arcs 1) About Adolin murdering Sadeas, you once said there would be people to think what he did is totally, totally and totally wrong. However, in Oathbringer, we haven't meet anyone react negatively to either Sadeas being murdered and/or Adolin being the culprit. Is this arc over? 2) Will Adolin ever face consequences for having murdered Sadeas or has he really gotten away with it with none? 3) You once said a character couldn't murder someone else without it leaving scars. How come Adolin has no scars for murdering Sadeas? 4) Had Dalinar really forgiven Adolin for murdering Sadeas or will this hang in between them? 5) Ialai is presented as a cunning and dangerous woman, but we have never seen her act it within the narrative. Are we going to see her again? Is she plotting revenge? 6) Did Mraize tell the truth about why he was "watching" over Ialai in Oathbringer? 7) Who will raise little Gavinor? Navani? Jasnah? Adolin/Shallan? Bridge 4? 8) Will Adolin go to Rira? 9) The Shardplace Evi stole did it belong to her family? 10) How high ranked was Evi in Rira? 11) Is Toh Evi's blood brother or was he acting as her brother the whole time? 11) Is the truth about how Evi died and who burned Rathalas going to be relevant to the future narrative? 12) With everyone having Kholin blood now being a Radiant, why hasn't anyone asked about Adolin being left out? 13) When Adolin starts communicating with Maya, is it because a Nahel Bond has started to form in between them or did it happen for "other reasons"? 14) You once mentioned there used to be many branched of the Kholin household, but not so much anymore. What happened to them? Did Gavilar exterminate them when he took over the princedom? Random character questions 1) Which color are Oroden's eyes? 2) Are we going to see Toh again? 3) Is Adolin broken? He never acts like it, but is he hiding it? 4) Had she been alive and free to bond any human of her choosing, would Maya have chosen Adolin as her knight? 5) Why did Nale decide to side with the owners of the land now instead of in the past 8 thousand years? Or even on the past 4500 years, as he has been insane for that long? 6) Why does Rock keep hiding so much of his past from Bridge 4? Its not as if they haven't all shown to have big pasts, huge things to be ashamed of and not really be who they first pretended to. 7) Rock appears very broken at the end of Oathbringer which contrasted to his state earlier within the story. Can we say he broke down when he killed Amaram or did he have a broken spirit web before? 8) How happy is Nightblood with his current holder? Why is he withholding his name? 9a) May doesn't seem like a very Vorin name, especially for someone who is a high-ranking lighteyes. Was May Aladar's mother from a different country and if so, where? 9b) Is there any connection between the names May Aladar and Mayalaran? 9c) How much attention should we be paying to May Aladar? 10) In Oathbringer, Elhokar died tragically. Had he survive, what would his life have looked like? Would he have learn to be a better king? Which truths would he have spoken? 11) Shallan became a Radiant at a very young age, years before she was forced to murder her mother. Knowing a broken spirit web is required to form a Nahel Bond, what caused Shallan to meet this criteria as a little girl? Is her past still hiding more tragedies than the ones we already know of? 12) Why did the Nightwatcher chose to help Dalinar? Was it because she recognize he was being groomed to become Odium's Champion and, as such, she wanted to damage his plans? 13) Can you tell us something yet untold with respect to the Dalinar/Adolin relationship? 14) Had his life evolved differently, were there any chances Adolin might have become a Blackthorn? 15) Can you spare some words on the "perfected version of himself" Adolin sees when Renarin heals his wrist? 16) Did Adolin and Elhokar have a good relationship growing up as cousins? 17) Did Elhokar and Jasnah have a good relationship growing up? 18) We do not know much about Dalinar's parents apart from his father suffering of disillusions towards the end of his life. Can you spare some words on who they were?
  10. But this isn't about whether or not Adolin should or should not become a Radiant or his story arc or anything of the sorts... It is a legit question as to why in-world characters didn't ask the question. If Dalinar feels pride for the son being elevated to the status of Radiant, a very natural reaction, then shouldn't he wonder about the one who wasn't? I wouldn't go as far as to say I am faulting those characters, I am musing as to why it wasn't asked in the narrative. It seems to me there were more reasons for them to ask the question than not to ask it. Pushing it a bit farther, it is odd they aren't asking themselves why there are no Radiant among the regular soldiers nor the field officers, not just Adolin, but everyone. Truth is, their small contingent of Radiants are ill-prepared and inexperienced to face battle. If I were a war leader, I'd wish the sprens would chose individuals better able to help on a military point of view.
  11. At the Thaylenar battle, Dalinar doesn't bother himself with Adolin: he only focused on the Radiant, he didn't even think he also had Adolin as a resource. I would thus not argue Dalinar is not Radiant focused. Adolin was presented as a capable military leader, I never said he was brilliant, you did, but Dalinar does complain over having lost too many officers. In this optic, why isn't he looking out to get Radiants officers does strike me as odd. I also never said anything about Dalinar valuing Adolin less, though he did leave him out of the battle.... They need Radiants. Humans can't fight the Desolation. They can't defeat the thunderclasts nor the Fused. It isn't a matter of what Dalinar thinks of Adolin, but a matter of him needing more Radiants, having his entire family being Radiants except the one son having the most military inclined abilities. He is going to need Radiant officers... He ought to know this, so his lack of questioning remains, odd. This isn't about Adolin's future or what Dalinar thinks of it or myself, this about the elephant sitting in the room and no one is actually speaking about . When everyone in a given family suddenly gets super-powers, isn't it normal to ask why one was left out? It isn't about thinking Adolin has no more future or is irrelevant, it is about observing the fact all Kholins are Radiant, except him. It is normal for humans to ask themselves questions. In Oathbringer, our characters didn't ask many and this is one questions no one asked why was very obvious to me. This was very odd, to me at least. I see no one else thought it was odd, but it wasn't very realistic to me they didn't question the process more. This is all.
  12. One of Dalinar's priority is to get more Radiants and to train his Radiants. He beamed with pride when he learned about Renarin: end of the world or not, he knows he is going to need many more Radiants if humanity is to have a chance. As a military leader himself, he ought to know he'll need Radiants able to lead armies. The fact he is spending time thinking of how bad it is they lost Sadeas's military mind, but not thinking why no one more military inclined was chosen is very odd. As for Adolin, the fact he was left out is so blatant, end of the world or not, it would have been very human, realistic and normal they would ask themselves why. They all think very highly of Adolin. Kaladin needed Syl to tell him before he started understanding... Many of them have reflected on the fact they were too flawed to be Radiants... Our characters also know so little about the various orders... I don't buy the argument they have some sort of "sixth sense" which makes them never ask the question. It is not even a matter of thinking Adolin deserves it, it is more a matter of having every single Kholin being a Radiant, except him, is so blatant, it is odd it didn't register into anyone's mind. Had no Kholin been a Radiant, had we only have Dalinar or just Jasnah, I wouldn't be making the commentary, but there are four of them, if we count Elhokar. It also isn't within Dalinar's character not to ask the question.
  13. @StormingTexan got it right: I am not questioning why Adolin was not made a Radiant. I am questioning why the in-world characters aren't asking themselves why? They do not have our knowledge. They are barely aware of the "broken criteria", they don't really know why one is chosen and not another. It is odd there aren't asking themselves more questions. My post has nothing to do with Adolin deserving it more than Renarin: it has to do with why Dalinar isn't thinking it. Why Renarin isn't thinking it. Not myself, they. I never said Jasnah was not deserving, but we can't pretend she has anywhere near the field experience of Adolin nor his military knowledge. She can't. She isn't a soldier. She wasn't raised to be a soldier. No one we know in-world was raised to be a soldier like Adolin. I think you completely misunderstood my post. Yep. This is exactly it. Why aren't they wondering about it? Why aren't they questioning why Renarin was picked? Sure we, the readers, are able to rationalize it, but in-world characters? Based on what they know? Those questions are unbelievably logical and yet, they were skipped. They don't know it is their flaws which made them Radiants... Kaladin knows, to some extend, but not Dalinar. Not Renarin. Not Shallan either. They don't really know. And considering the number of viewpoints we have on Radiants, if they had an inane sense as to why they were chosen, they'd speak about it. On the contrary, Teft doesn't understand why he is chosen and not someone else. The Radiants are nearly clueless and given they know so little, their lack of questions is odd.
  14. I agree there might elements within Adolin's life which made him unsuitable to the sprens having chosen to investigate his family (though apart from the classic "he's not broken enough", I really don't see what he doesn't have he'd need to have for one spren to pick him, considering he is a Kholin), but in-world characters are practically clueless as to why a given individual is made a Radiant and not another. Considering every known Kholin is a Radiant, I found the fact no one questioned why Adolin, of all people, was left out a bit odd... It seems to me it would have been within Dalinar's character to question why his "deeply honorable son walking the path he set for him" wasn't picked. Why Renarin? Why not Adolin? As for Renarin, it is odd to he isn't wondering why he was chosen over Adolin, the brother who can never do no wrong, the brothers who always knows what to do? Why isn't Renarin not wondering why he and not Adolin was made a Radiant? The lack of in-world questioning was bizarre. Even if not Adolin, I feel Dalinar should have wondered why no higher ranked officers was chosen, no Highprince, no individual with the military knowledge to make a greater difference onto the battlefield. No one seems to think it matters Adolin is not a Radiant and this too was odd to me. It would make a nice question for Brandon... Why aren't in-world characters, especially Dalinar/Renarin, not asking why Adolin wasn't made a Radiant?
  15. I don't know why you put this in spoilers, it wasn't required... I just wanted to say I did found it odd no one commented on the fact Adolin was not made a Radiants... Here they are, about the fight an endless battle against the Voidbringers and not one, besides Kaladin, of their Radiants is actually a field soldier, a general or someone having any valid military knowledge. Pretending Jasnah knows everything is cute and everything, but no way has she anywhere near a tenth of Adolin's field experience: the boy was raised in a warcamp. I thought it was bizarre Dalinar didn't reflect on it, didn't wonder why her perfect son wasn't chosen while is sick one was. Or didn't think how useful it would be if one of those Radiants could have been a ranking officer... Or thinking it would be more useful to have Adolin have surges than little Lift. On the squire comment though, it isn't just up to the Radiants to decide who becomes a squire... A squire first needs to become one and it is clear Adolin has no intention to turn himself into a squire. He admires the Radiants, but he thinks they are up there and he is down there. He is no squire because he doesn't want to emulate any of the Radiants, unlike every single other squire.