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  1. So at the moment I'm about halfway through The Catcher in the Rye, and I've just started reading The New Oxford's Annotated Apocrypha fourth edition. It unfortunately only has the pre-New Testament Apocrypha( so no book of Mary or John's Apocrypha). The Catcher in the Rye is fine. I think of it as a little like Kvothe living in 20th century America with a much more privelaged childhood. And no magic. The Apocrypha is fine so far, I haven't used the footnotes or annotations very much yet. I'm thinking I'll read through all the books straight, then some time in the future I'll re-read it using all the notes.
  2. Just finished re-watching One Punch Man. Really can't wait for the second season, the show is just SO good. How's the second season of Attack on Titan? Anyone watching it? I'm really not sure if I'm even going to watch it when the whole season is out, but I know that I can't take weekly episodes of AoT. I tried that with season one, and it's just painful. The show becomes less coherent and far more boring to me when there's only about 18 minutes of actual episode, and the middle of the season really dragged. Obviously, that's all my own experience, and I assume if I rewatched it on Netflix with the better translation it would be better.
  3. Ooooooo, I didn't know Thrawn was out already.....I really need to get to a good library.
  4. So it just got announced that Sony is producing the Wheel of Time tv series!!!! Link Here Unfortunately it looks like Red Eagle managed to keep its name on the thing, but hopefully they won't be involved in the development at all. So far, it looks like good news. Harriet's gonna be involved, they have experienced people working on it, there's definitely potential. Here's hoping it works out
  5. Actually, Dalinar mentions the NightWatcher as well, but what he says only seems to confirm what Baxil says.
  6. I agree. Reading the Qu'ran was a lot of fun. The first half especially. It can be far more beautiful than say....the Old Testament. Even when I believe a doctrine different from what is given in the Qur'an I still find the instructions on day to day life, being respectful and peaceful to people or being sober or the need for humility before deity, to be really awesome. In my translation, I think a lot of that stuff is presented far more clearly and elegantly than corresponding instruction in the Bible. If I didn't believe in my own faith so much I think I would probably be a muslim
  7. I just finished a small book on Turkish history and culture, and I liked it I suppose, but it wasn't great. I also read vol 3 of the Sandman, and it was excellent. I see why these books are considered so important to the comic world and the horror/paranormal fantasy genres. I'm listening to Hamilton: the Revolution, the book all about how the musical was made. Every bit that I learn about the show makes me love it more.
  8. So far I like it, except for part of the unread feeds update. I'm not sure if the design was intentional or unintentional, but every time I want to look at the unread stream, so whenever I click that button, I have to then select exactly which stream I want to look at. I always use me custom stream that cuts out a lot of stuff, so it's a little annoying to have to click on that one, instead of it just being my default unread stream. Is there anyway to set a default unread stream, or do you have to select a stream every time? I'm honestly glad that you're getting some good ads. I've felt bad knowing that the admins pay for the server costs along with everything else ya'll do, and it'll be nice to be able to contribute. I'm so hyped that the top member list is back!
  9. I went to gamestop on the way to picking someone up yesterday and I found a 3rd party xbox 360 corded controller for a bit under $20. It took me a good two hours of fiddling with the driver software and compatibility to get my laptop to recognize the controller, but it works well now. The controller is much more comfortable than the logitech gamepad my dad uses, although the buttons are a little clicky. All-in-all, I'm pretty happy with it. Now that I have a controller I'm actually getting into Jade Empire, and it's quite the good game so far. Interesting world, decent combat, and excellent roleplaying opportunities so far.
  10. Not neccesarily. We often think that if someone turns traitor in a story it means that they are also deffecting to the other side and will support them no matter what. For an evil or demonic being, and I don't know if the unmade truly count as one of those, turning traitor could simply mean they wish to pull a coup or start a civil war so that they are the most powerful on their side. If an unmade had an intent like Greed, and we don't even truly know if unmade are sprenlike enough to have intents, I could see the unmade willing to take advantage of Odium being tied down with limited power to try and take over the shard from Rayse.
  11. So I'm planning on getting a corded xbox controller to hook up to my laptop for the many many games I have on steam that don't work well for WASD. Been asking my friends if they have any old controllers they want to sell because I'm trying to be money smart and don't want to pay shipping on a controller I order online It's almost yardsale season so I might be able to find one in a sale if I spend enough time looking. I might check my local gamestop and walmart, but I doubt they have any corded ones, and if they do they probably won't be cheap. Jade Empire really needs a controller I'm finding, and a laptop's touch scroller is not nearly as good as a mouse. I'mma look for a mouse too, but again, don't want to spend much. I had good luck with FE H, summoned 5* Lucina, Merric, and Sheena, along with some lame 3*'s that I can inherit skills from. Lucina and Merric definitely weren't my preffered summons, but I am liking them the more I train them up. I'm probably never going to use Sheena, I might convert her to feathers so I can promote Hawkeye.
  12. They are counterparts in that they are highly invested beings with special gifts and top placement in shardic minion hierarchy in a shardic conflict. I'm not saying one group was made to oppose the other or that their powers are compliments or related, just that they, at least symbolically and in many practical ways, are counterparts.
  13. I like the idea, and it would be interesting for Brandon to have a traitor on the bad guy's side. Too often in fantasy, Evil seems to be this perfectly unified force while the good guys are a scattered and in-fighting rabble. It'd be good to see both sides struggle. I think it's likely that the Traitor could be a herald however. They are counterparts to the unmade, so they wouldn't be out of place in teh 2nd drawer, and I do think it's likely one is a traitor.
  14. Well I've spent the last two hours working on building my second mixtape. My first mixtape didn't take nearly this long, and I haven't even ordered the list yet I'm trying to decide whether to add Imagine Dragons doing 500 miles or Hozier covering Arctic Monkeys' Do I Wanna Know, or either Hendrix or U2's cover of All Along the Watchtower. At the moment it's too late at night for me to be able to decide which will fit in the best, and I've probably forgotten some songs that maybe would fit better. When it's complete and ordered I'll post the list.
  15. I've got the spring version of Xander...Not my fav I've almost got enough orbs for another full summons, so with the rewards for the voting gauntlet I'll have enough to do two full summons. I really want Takumi or Hawkeye 5*. At the moment I'm maining Lilinia, Female Corrin, and Seliph ( all five star) and swapping in male Robin and Tiki (Four stars). They're all at the level cap and inherited some pretty good skill sets. Takumi I want for obvious reasons. Hawkeye is supposed to be on of the best 5 star axe users aside from Camillia and Hector. I'm not a fan of Knights, and Camilla seems to have too many weaknesses. I'll have enough feathers to upgrade a fourstar soon, so I'll have to decide between Tiki, Robin, and my level 30 Hawkeye.