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  1. Shoulding the needing to text homies the slang.....
  2. Alright, season finale reviews are here: Flash: Arrow: With all three shows having their seasons done I'm going to rank them by best current season and by best series over all. This year's shows go as follows: Legends for it's huge comeback, great villains, pacing, adventure, and more likeable heroes. Arrow in second for it's huge comeback as well but poorer pacing and a re emphasis on felicity that no one wants. Flash in third for a better season, but one that was still filled with flaws and had a weak beginning. Over all: Arrow for two fantastic seasons, one very good one, and two poor ones. It's hard to be a long running CW show and not have rough spots, but Arrow has done pretty well for itself and shown that it can still shoot true. Legends for a pretty mediocre first season with nice highlights, and an absolutely Rocking second season that had very few flaws. Flash comes in third because the second season and beginning of the third season were just SO bad, and it hasn't improved enough yet to redeem itself.
  3. I finished Sins of Empire yesterday! Dang, Brian McClellan has gotten even better. The worldbuilding is strong with this one. The magic played second fiddle to characters in this latest book, and honestly that's probably a good thing for the series. The multiple factions and characters were juggled better than I've seen in most books...maybe better than Brandon can do. It was really quite a delight to read. Currently I'm working on Thrawn, and it's been pretty good so far. Sandman is coming along too.
  4. Mate, we've got an arrowverse thread for this kind of discussion. We'll probably all start talking about it as soon as we've caught up with the Arrow finale. There's not need to make a new topic.
  5. When you post selfies with windswept hair and a sweaty complexion after a 5k run on the beach, but don't mention the huge amount of food you had for lunch or the third of a pack of oreos devoured
  6. She could possibly be a good Vin. She would have to play the character with a lot less spunk than she plays Selena, but she could work. She's probably the perfect age Right Now, which is unfortunate since cameras probably won't be rolling for idk, two years? More?
  7. Oh man, I've tried Gene Wolfe too. I made it through the Shadow of the Torturer, but I hated it.
  8. I actually hate reading Bradbury. I've tried....three or four of his books, gotten at least fifty to seventy pages in to all of them, and then had to quit because I couldn't understand the writing. i wish I could read his books because they are so highly respected, but I find the writing incomprehensible. It's really kind of sad, because I can read Milton, Cervantes,and Dante fine, slowly but fine, but I struggle with a more modern American author.
  9. Welp...I managed to binge a season and a half of That 70's Show since Wednesday. It kicks the crap out of Frasier. The show is gold. It walked on soooo many fine threads between cliche blegh and too awkward to be funny, and it's managed to nail it every time so far. Considering the challenges of having really a very large cast, just 24 minute episodes, and being a comedy, it's managed to build extremely strong and reletable characters. I think what's even more impressive is that it created such good characters in two generations. Red and Kitty in no way play second fiddle to Eric and pals. There's soooo many things about the show that I could rave about, it's really kinda crazy.
  10. The beast in the cave. I got a collection of 7 lovecraft stories and it was the first one in the collection.
  11. I've never read anything of Lovecraft before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I did notice far too many descriptions in the story, but had hoped that it might just be the fault of the individual story and not the author in general.
  12. The Tearans are dark skinned actually. I don't think they necessarily were intensely black, but still black.
  13. On the drive down to Florida for a much needed vacation I listened to the autobiography of Geronimo, as well as a HP lovecraft story. The autobiography was awesome, but the Lovecraft was...exceedingly meh. It was just a short story though, so perhaps a longer one would be better.
  14. I liked it. I didn't live through the 80's, but I'm really into that era. The book is fun, the references are cool, Steven Spielberg is working on adapting it to a movie, and it's a pretty quick read. It's not literature, and after reading Armada I realized that Cline isn't actually a very good writer, but Ready Player One is pretty fun. I think that it's worth your time to at least try it, and maybe you'll like it and maybe you won't. I reckon you're more likely to enjoy it than not.
  15. See, I've always figured that the cut off date for a millennial was 2000. I mean, why put millennial in the name if it doesn't actually bump against the thousand year mark? In which case, since I was born in 1999, I should still count as one of the youngest millennials and not a Z. There isn't really a consistent definition for the age range, so I tend to stick with my definition. I've seen some put the cut off as early as '94 and one as late as 2004, so I'm happy with mine.