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  1. Sorry I skipped out, something came up last minute and I stayed home. I look forward to seeing ya'll next time
  2. Meh, half my friends st that age were girls and I remember crushing on at least two of them by the time I was 8. It stretches plausibility, but I think it's within the realm of possibility.
  3. I'm going to Rippleglyph's game on Wednesday. I might be able to do Friday, but I was planning on going to the international cinema.
  4. Guess I should probably say pretty much the same thing. I'm moving in next week for thing, then moving in for real a few days after that. Looking forward to getting to know y'all!
  5. Meh, the first Runelords book is good. The next two weren't nearly as good. Four was eh. I couldn't be bothered to continue after that.
  6. I finished Assassin's Price last night, the latest Imager book by L.E. Modesitt Jr. It was better than the last two books in the trilogy because it was far less derivative of the series as a whole. It may be the first time Modesitt has ever written a non-magic user as the main character in his fantasy novels. It's at least the first one that I've come across. It was a good change in any case, and definitely a breath of fresh air. This afternoon I read volumes 3-5 of Psyren. It's one of the best constructed and thought out manga I've read, although the paneling is weak and it's taken me a remarkably long time to get the characters straight. What's impressed me the most is how they've managed to take kind of stock shonen characters, plot, action, and setting, but make them feel far more grounded and unique than a run of the mill shonen series. When people get hurt, they really get hurt. Characters have a very human mix of logic and emotion. It's all very unusual for the genre, and while the paneling and art can make some things confusing( and a meh translation doesn't help) it's still a very impressive series. I'm definitely going to go to the effort of finishing the series.
  7. I've been exploring Queens of the Stone Age's work. It's got some sounds that I really like, and some that I don't, and they've been around long enough that it'll take me a while to really get to know what songs/albums really stick out to me. I've also really been enjoying listening to Angels and Airwaves' I-Empire album. Out of all the music Leto has worked on, that album may be my favorite. I know 30 Seconds to Mars is more popular, but Angels and Airwaves appeals to me a lot more. I'm very impatiently waiting for The Killers and Hozier to release their respective albums....
  8. I finished the main questline for Breath of the Wild this morning. I had completed all the Divine Beasts before going after Gannon, had the Master Sword, and a complete row of hearts. I had forty shrines, and two stamina upgrades. I didn't work at the Koroks at all. There's a TON of things I haven't done, but I'm going to just leave it alone until I come back home during Christmas break. I'm currently planning on getting back into my re-play of Kingdoms of Amalur, and enjoying the DLC I haven't explored yet. I'm also probably going to start getting back into Civ V. It's been several months and that itch to play has started to get strong again.
  9. It is hard, but it's mostly that old school, keep trying till you don't die kind of hard that is a lot of fun. There aren't a lot of games that just give you that kind of challenge without having to adjust difficulty levels, and it's a great feeling. I love a game where you have to try a ton of different methods before you get one that works. If you aren't dying than the game developers weren't even trying.
  10. So I'm about fifteen(?) ish hours into Breath of the Wild. It really is a fantastic game. I just hope I can rush through the main quest line and finish that before I leave for BYU next week...
  11. I finished Arrested Development. Do I still have some Netflix episodes of AD to watch? Yes. I don't think they truly count as Arrested Development though. I havent picked out out a new show to watch yet.
  12. I finished Deadhouse Gates. It was very hard to re-start the book halfway through, but I made it through and I think I understood everything. I'm going to take a quick break and read Assassin's Price, then if I have the time I'll start on Malazan 3. There's a good chance I simply won't have the time to finish it before I leave for school, so I may just wait to start until I'm settled in school and then grab a copy there.
  13. Almost finished season two of Arrested Development. Excellent show.
  14. I'm loving the two new songs by The Killers. The Man is seriously hypnotizing my thumb to punch the repeat button every time I listen to it....it's bad. Its honestly really weird how Paramore and the Killers are going similar directions musically, with sounds I never would've expected to enjoy, and yet I love After Laughter and the two songs The Killers have released for their new album so far.
  15. So I have had the best 24 hours of my life I think. I've been at a thing in NYC at Columbia University debating the ethics of war and terrorism for the past two weeks. I've never been to New York before, so I want to soak up as much as I can while I'm here right? So yesterday Steven Spielberg's upcoming film The Papers was shooting On campus. So I camped outside the set to see what I could see and hopefully catch a glimpse of Tom Hanks or Spielberg. I didn't unfortunately, but it was still a ton of fun and I loved watching the extras. During the afternoon I spent aproximately an hour arguing the merits and reasoning for torture in war in order to finally make my point that I think that torture is both wrong and an unwise strategic resort. That evening I went to Wicked. I've grown up on the soundtrack and have SO much emotional investment in it, and I've never gotten to actually see the musical, so it was one of the biggest emotional pay offs I've ever experienced and it took me to tears at least three times. Than this morning I was able to attend a free Imagine Dragons concert in Central Park. They are BY FAR my favorite band, and both their music and their real lives have helped me and comforted me in the worst parts of my depression. I missed going to one of their concerts on their last tour, and I was worried I'd miss them on their upcoming tour as well, so I really can't describe how excited I was to be able to go. We did some more cool things while debating war and stuff today, but I won't go into detail right now.