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  1. So I only finished the first two books in Shadowmarch and the first Otherland book. Shadowmarch is great if you want something that's kind of in-between Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and ASoIaF. It's grimmer than MSandT, but not so much that I couldn't read it. I did give up just because I found other shorter and easier books to read and couldn't bother to jump back in. Otherland is....incredibly hard to describe. There is the whole computer simulation thing going on, but it's nothing like Ready Player One, SAO, or other stories with a cyber world. It is a LONG burn. It's a sci-fi mystery with fantasy and social studies elements, and...yeah. That's the best I can describe it. So, if you want a more traditional fantasy, do Shadowmarch. If you want something that really defies genre and can deal with a long burn and uncertain pay off, go for Otherland. Or, if you're a Dresden fan, you could go for the Bobby Dollar books. I haven't read them because of the large amounts of cursing, but I've heard they're pretty good.
  2. I actually stopped book 2 for the same reason as @Sunbird . There aren't tons of uses of F's, but there's still a lot if you're already the kind of person who is very uncomfortable with vulgarity. I usually stop reading a book if the author uses more than 2, or if it's obvious that it's going to continue through the series. The one exception I've made is Morning Star, the final book in the Red Rising trilogy. I went ahead and bought a copy so that I could black the words out so I can re-read it whenever I feel like it. I know curses are just a part of life because far more people use them than don't, but I do avoid it with the things that entertain me. The Witchwood Crown is pretty good so far. I'm about half way through. There are a Lot of PoV changes, which helps with the epic feel, but also means that there are a Lot of characters to remember. There's about 700 pages, but the word count per page feels very large. I wouldn't be surprised if by word count it's as long as tWoK. Tad is definitely setting a lot of foundation for the rest of the trilogy right now, hopefully he won't pull a Rothfuss/Martin and stray from his usually decent writing speed.
  3. So after 7 weeks of binge watching I finished That 70's Show. I feel like crying. I can't believe it's over Aaaand I have a braize of a shift today. Lifeguarding for five hours, than I have to teach two over booked classes of swim lessons. The curiculum I HAVE to use is absolutely horrible, so I feel bad even teaching it. I try to ditch it as much as I can, but I still feel really bad for the kids cause the class is twice as large as it should be so I can't teach them as much as they could learn or give them enough time to perfect what they do learn..... But at least this is my last day!!!! After this they aren't Ever gonna see me walk in there again. They'd have to pay me three times what I'm making, and even then I doubt I'd take it. It's been over a year and a half, and I'm finally gonna be freeeeee!!!!
  4. Storms, that's amazing! This year I passed basically everything, which I'm super hyped about. US Gov: 5 Psychology: 4 Stats: 3 (I'm still super psyched that I managed to pass in the first place) Calc BC: 2 (and happy that it wasn't a 1) AB subscore 3 (YAY!!!!) So that means that I've now passed 10 AP classes Now I'm moving on to college, should be great
  5. Well I'm not going to claim that we Don't use napalm for our BBQ..... Also, Mestiv, your signature seems to have progressively decided to stop figuring out where I live. It got pretty close once, but then it got less and less accurate until now it just says the US. What's with that?
  6. It's actually a re-read. I liked it better the first time. It feels like a slightly grown up Rangers Apprentice this time around, and mehh. It's fine, it's still a fairly generic fantasy book. I'm planning on reading book 2 sometime after Witchwood Crown.
  7. I finished Sandman 6, basically finished Theft of Swords, and am almost a hundred pages into The Witchwood Crown, the latest Tad William's in Osten Ard. I'd forgotten how densely he writes I have to read a lot slower than I have during the last several...months of reading.
  8. I tried walking into a store and buying a pair, and it didn't end super well. Apparently you can't walk into most glasses stores and buy a pair off the shelf unless you have a prescription, even if all you want is a pair for fashion. I'm really very clueless and inexperienced when it comes to eyeware. Thus, I'm going for just ordering a pair off of amazon to cut out all the restrictions and weird processes of a real life store.
  9. I got a $15 gift card for amazon recently. I want to get a pair of glasses, non-prescription, but I'm nervous about how to get the right size. Is there any way to not feel like I'm just throwing darts at a board blindfolded?
  10. The main lyrics to Thunder are really good, and I like that part of it. It's the chorus that kills me.... I hate the synth voice, and I wish that they could've come up with something more meaty than Feel the Thunder. I'm hoping for an acoustic version that doesn't have that synth voice, a bit like the one they did for Shots.
  11. I mostly really like it. I still don't like Thunder, but in the context of the album it doesn't bother me as much. Walking the Wire is amazing, and Believer and Whatever it Takes are awesome. There's a couple songs I'm a little on the edge about, like Dancer in the Dark, but overall I do really like the album. I'm hoping I'll be able to go to a concert this fall. Anyone else a little confused about the new direction the Killers took with The Man? I like the song, but boy, it's different.
  12. I probably almost wore my disks out, I had played it at least 16 times. My sister played it three times I think. I ended up selling it ages ago to pay for Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. I got a free copy of it when I pre-ordered Tales of Zestiria on steam though so I can experience all the joys of Lloyd and company once again.
  13. Yesterday I finished Revelation and Authority, a book on Jewish theology and scriptural study. And today I finished Nothing Left to Lose, the last John Cleaver book. It was good, and yet somehow unsattisfying. It was....too happy? Like, Dan Wells was in just too good of a state of mind to really get into writing another John Cleaver book. That and most of the mysteries in the series were mostly wrapped up in the last book. Next up I need to read some more Sandman.
  14. I'm a little less than half way through a re-play of Tales of Symphonia. It's been years, and I'd forgotten how much I loved this game. I'd also forgotten how frustrating the dungeons can be and how difficult it can be without proper preparation. My dad got a steam link and several games over the summer sale, so as soon as it gets here I think I'll start playing all the games that my laptop will struggle with at school. I'm thinking Dragons Dogma will look excellent on the big screen