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  1. Anime?

    I'd be willing to agree to that, and I really don't know why it is. There are some things that I love about Japanese entertainment, but there are some things that I dislike strongly, and others that I just DON'T understand.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    I've been getting back into Legends, a show where so far Sean Bean hasn't died. Ive been thinking about starting Longmire, but I don't really know much about the show. Anyone seen it?
  3. I just finished The Heart of What was Lost, a brand new novella by Tad Williams immediately following the events of Memory,Sorrow, and Thorn. It was a very, very good novella, and I can't wait for the new trilogy. The first one comes out right around my birthday, so happy birthday to me!!!
  4. Anime?

    I don't know that it's Just japan. We have Game of Thrones and many other shows that have incest story lines. That being said, in anime it definitely feels like it's taken as less...disturbingly. Anyway, I'm working on finishing Cowboy Bebop, and can't wait for One Punch man season two.
  5. The book I bought today is

    I wasn't expecting to buy a book today, but my library had a sale on random fantasy novels today, and I couldn't help myself. I saw a bunch of malazaan books, but I never finished book 2, so I decided not to get them. I did buy the Earthsea trilogy by Ursula Leguin though, because I've seen it mentioned here so often.
  6. The Official Thread of Relationships

    Not that long ago I put up a question on friends and friend groups, and I'm seconding Delightful's sarcasm on the second point... But yeah, we do definitely talk about other kinds of relationships, it's just a smaller proportion of the topic.
  7. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    Happy singles awareness day!!!
  8. The Official Thread of Relationships

    Preach it! Honestly I think I'm going to be too busy and enjoying the weather too much to remember what day it is, but still....Ugh. Really looking forward to the day when I'm excited about Valentine's day so that I can do something special for someone special. But yeah, on my agenda for tomorrow is lots of school, a run, and some DC TV afterwards. Yay.
  9. Random Stuff X: Something Weird

    I thought of a new cosmere themed pick up line while in the shower. Are you experimenting with some new form of allomancy? Cause when I saw you I felt a huge burning inside me.
  10. I just scored a 92% on a test in my AP stats course!!!!! That is by far the best score I've gotten on a test for this course the entire year. It's been a very bad year with me and stats, but I think I might finally be getting a bit better at it!!!
  11. Mistborn Shardblade

    I don't see how the amount of investure in a shardblade makes a difference when it comes to burning it. When you burn s metal you're effectively opening a cognitive/spiritual door to let investure flow through you. The molecular design of the metal determines the shape of the door, similar to how Aeons work. (I hope I'm remembering WoB here and not speculation). Highly invested metal minds can be burned easily. As long as it is metal it should metal it should theoretically be burnable by a mistborn. There might not be any effect though, much like when Vin burned sazed's metalmind. Or it might do something crazy. It being invested should make no difference. Let me put it this way. Powerfully invested objects are highly resistant to other investure affecting it. That's why it's very difficult to push/pull/surgebind on spikes and shards. Burning an invested object isn't forcing investiture on the object, it's letting power run through the object into the user. When it's a metal mind you get compounding effects. We still haven't seen what burning a spike, dor invested object, awakened object, or a shard would do, but i think it will do Something.
  12. The Official Thread of Relationships

    @Kestrel Say whaaaat? You've got a pixie cut? I ADORE pixie cuts!! I think they're the cutest thing ever. I also think that mainstream/stereotypical beautiful is over rated. I think it's a waste of energy to worry about fitting that mold. I see plenty of girls who I know fit the typical "hot/beautiful" mold, but I don't actually find them attractive. Personality is really important to me, and then what I find attractive is just slightly different than maybe the average male's. I think that there's a Lot of guys like me who are fine with the kind of average typical beautiful, but who also really are more attracted to people that don't fit that mold. I don't know what you look like, or how old you are, but it does sound like you're still young. You'll grow into yourself Almost nobody looks good when they're young. I had horrible hair, and walked around town wearing really high white socks, shorts, a really baggy t-shirt or baggy button up shirt, and bright white sailor hat, and was slightly overweight. Most of the people I knew then didn't dress that badly, but they still didn't look that great. Now, we all look much much better. It all takes time. All that being said, I'm really sorry you don't feel comfortable. It sucks to feel that way. It can get a lot better, it really, really can get a Ton better. For me, things started to get better when I found good people who would let me figure out me, and when I just started trying new things. The more new things you try (minus stuff like drugs, crazy parties, shady stuff etc) the more you can figure out what makes you happy and comfortable, and you can be a lot more comfortable and confident in yourself Hope this helps!
  13. What are you playing right now?

    So I'm not usually a mobile gamer, the simplicity in mobile games irks me and the constant ads drive me up the wall. But I've found s game that I'm really really enjoying. It's Nintendo latest branch into the mobile market, fire emblem heroes. It's a tactics/strategy game. The plot is pathetic, but who cares, it's all about the gameplay. It's not on par with a real fire emblem game obviously, but it's still got depth and you do have to think very tactically. It's good in bursts or stretches. I definitely recommend it if you need a time killer app for your phone.
  14. The Official Thread of Relationships

    Yeah, I've had enough experience in a distance relationship to ever look for another. Thst being said, it's been long enough since my last break up that I'm done loathing the idea of a relationship and miss snuggles.
  15. Sherlock

    It had a few good moments.... But yeah, I think I'm mostly going to remember Sherlock as a wonderful three season show.