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  1. So this isn't really a spoiler for orthbringer but the dust cover is amazing. After looking at it multiple times it came to me what could be on the other side of that dust cover a epic painting of all the characters together that's my hope.
  2. Ok good points i kind of hope there are alot of subspecies of Listeners.
  3. Are the new Parshendie that Kaldin is with A different race or subspecies from the Voidbringers.
  4. I am absolutely loving reading these chapters every Tuesday I don't think I've ever been in my phone as much. Well that's a lie cuz I'm obsessed with my phone. But well reading Shallan chapters she and when she's talking about her art I keep on hoping is going to be some new art do you guys think we will not get any art until the actual book comes out I kind of prefer that. What about everyone else
  5. @A_Hux_Table thank you alot
  6. I would hate Adolin to die. But It would change things up. Kaladin getting mixed up in the rebellion makes me think of Star Wars hahah. But I wabt him back with Dalinar as so as posibel. Syl and Pattern fighting would be cool to see. Shallan gaining the knowledge that Kaladin killed her brother will hopefully end any idea of them getting together. Im a sucker for a good lovr story but do not want Shallan and Kaladin to ever be together. Shallan and Adolin need to be together in my opinion. I want Shallan to be the only one Adolin tell of what he did at the end of WOR
  7. @Figberts Syl and Pattern fighting makes so much sense to me but never thought about it I vaguely remember them sensing each other in the arena during the duel I believe that could visually be so cool looking even though I know it's a book. Maybe Shallan could drive because it would be so spectacular looking. @Iridium Savant Odium transforming humans into Sunset bird freaky monster sounds excellent something new and different than the void Bringers Maybe this could lead into the leader five books at the KR and voidbringers have to unite to fight them.
  8. I have been thinking about Dalinar in the latter books. I think the KR will be able to live for a long long time. It would be cool if they can live well into thier 100s.
  9. My thoughts exactly I cant see Dalinar dieing between book thats such a crap way for my favorite charter to go out. If he die it will probly be in the climaxes od book 5 and I hope it fing glories epic death. Dalinar has bevome my favorite charter in all fantasy I just love the dude.
  10. Is it going to be two separate desolatiod. It's a 15-year gap between the two books correct I can't see it being two separate desolations I have never been mad when a character dies in a book but I think I'll be pissed if Dalinar dies .
  11. Hmmmm with Renarin as a flashback character in the later 5 I wonder if his flashback scenes would be prior to the original five books or between the two sets of 5. It also gets me worried that the last set of five going to have all basically brand-new characters I know we've met some of them in the previous five books but I love these characters and don't want them all to die and have new characters in the second half of the series
  12. @maxal who are the 10 flashback characters so for ee have had Kaladin, Shallan and now Dalinar next book is suposed to be Eshonia right.
  13. You guys are on another level then I am. When I read these comments you guys seem to know so much more in-depth stuff and I do. I love this book series so much but sometimes I feel like I'm so in the dark compared to the knowledge that some of you have.
  14. No its a cool idea. I dont hate the idea i would just hate the thought of Kaladin mother being a part of that group. If it was his father it would not bother me as much