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  1. This is Perfect !
  2. You are welcome maybe when you're all done maybe you can make it possible that people can download the whole digital comic hahah
  3. I check out the gallery every day now for your comics.
  4. This is one of the best Dalinar I have every seen. I love it.
  5. Could the spern revault
  6. This one is the best in my opinion
  7. I love the clothing
  8. From the album Rlain

  9. From the album Rlain

  10. Thanks man. Still want to try and make it look more like the other ones
  11. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine ever since you said you'd you wanted to see a straight on version of the parshendi I've been drawing I've done about 8 different versions this really doesn't look that much like the other ones but this is the only one I either didn't give up on or thought was decent enough to actually show people
  12. From the album Rlain

  13. From the album Rlain

  14. I read Brandon Sanderson's The Wheel of Time Books first due to the fact that I was a huge WOT fan once I saw what he did finishing my favorite book series of all time at that point in time. SA has now surpassed WOT as my favorite though there's only 3 books to WOT 14I was like I have to read this guy otber books The Waking ogf Kings was my first cosmere.
  15. Never even thought that could be a option great idea