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  1. Thanks man. Still want to try and make it look more like the other ones
  2. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine ever since you said you'd you wanted to see a straight on version of the parshendi I've been drawing I've done about 8 different versions this really doesn't look that much like the other ones but this is the only one I either didn't give up on or thought was decent enough to actually show people
  3. From the album Rlain

  4. From the album Rlain

  5. I read Brandon Sanderson's The Wheel of Time Books first due to the fact that I was a huge WOT fan once I saw what he did finishing my favorite book series of all time at that point in time. SA has now surpassed WOT as my favorite though there's only 3 books to WOT 14I was like I have to read this guy otber books The Waking ogf Kings was my first cosmere.
  6. Never even thought that could be a option great idea
  7. Embarrassed I didn't think about doing the whole art instead of just the book cover I love your points I'm thinking that the Way of King shardplate guy maybe a generic shardplate guy because it was so new to Michael Whelan he didn't have enough details but maybe he reads a whole book before it doesn't cover I don't know his process
  8. All the covers are beautiful in their own way I feel like Oathbringer is the best cover due to the fact I fell it depicts one of the most epic scene so far in the series The Way of Kings cover to really doesn't depict any scene within the series but still a beautiful cover. Words of Radiance cover is nice but I was never a huge fan of it. I really hope that Michael Whelan will be able to do the rest of the series covers but if not the artis that did the 2nd set of endpages his first name Escapes Me by believe it's last name is Lyons.
  9. So you think they are some type of hybrid or am I mistaken at your point
  10. From the album Rlain

  11. From the album Rlain

  12. Good point about her touching thingsand carrying stuff
  13. Sorry to ask but whats AD&D