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  1. It was definitely one of my favorite scenes in the whole entire book .
  2. I love the shardblade
  3. Man I wish I was as good of artist as you are with that said I wish there a little bulkier but I understand you drew them before seeing the official sketches. Just amazing work
  4. I'm a lover of redheads Haha Haha. I really like her hair it looks thick is if it's like Scottish. Hopefully that makes sense I really like the dress she's wearing as well great work
  5. I really like how tough and gritty you got him looking. Way to many people draw him looking way to pretty in my opinion
  6. This is great. For some reason as soon as she stakes that Parshind in shades are I this lady pooed in my head
  7. This is Perfect !
  8. You are welcome maybe when you're all done maybe you can make it possible that people can download the whole digital comic hahah
  9. I check out the gallery every day now for your comics.
  10. This is one of the best Dalinar I have every seen. I love it.
  11. Could the spern revault
  12. This one is the best in my opinion
  13. I love the clothing
  14. From the album Rlain

  15. From the album Rlain